Prophet Magaya's breath-taking miracles

HARARE - The last quarter of 2008 and early 2009 saw the advent of new and fast growing religious movements in the country.

The subsequent years were to witness the dawn of a new era for most Christians.

The movements changed the face of Christianity altogether.

This new school of thought (with emphasis on the prophetic and prosperity) stole the hearts of many.

Breaking away from the conventional Gospel which focuses on heavenly prosperity, the focus of the new movement is on the here-and-now. It promises wealth to its followers.

It is punctuated by flamboyance as opposed to the humble lifestyles led by Christ and Biblical prophets. 

It claims that where possible every Christian must be worth millions.

Money is everywhere as the watchword is prosperity (on earth).

The irony though is that Zimbabweans remain a poor lot in a country where fiery speakers continuously declare blessings upon their lives week-in, week-out.

Reportedly, the dead were raised and fresh wounds were healed instantly.

As a consequence, most Christians left their traditional churches en masse as they pursued this new phenomenon.

Most worshippers seemed to have been deprived of basic tenets of their faith in the traditional churches and this new dispensation promised restoration.

The number of worshippers which flocked to these prophetic and prosperity movements was alarming.

I recall motorists having to wait for over 30 minutes to make way for multitudes trooping to one well-established miracle church in Harare in 2009.

I also recall how commuter omnibus operators made big business owing to the crowds wooed by these movements.

On the other hand, to say that traditional churches were left depleted is an understatement.

A number of my pastor friends admitted to the negative effect that the movements had had on their congregations. Most pastors fought a futile battle in an attempt to control the “damage”.

Today, as 2014 kicks-off, it would appear that tables are yet again turning in proving the trouble and futility of miracle-based gatherings.

A new prophet has emerged in town and worshippers are flocking to him as never before.

The same worshippers who left their churches in droves are yet again gathering in crowds at the new spectacle.

The Bible actually records that Simon was an extremely popular ‘prophet’ in Israel. Brethren, prophets of God are not simply anyone who can work miracles.

Jesus actually rebuked people who flocked to him for miracles and not for the word that he preached.

Prophet Magaya founder of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) is reportedly drawing larger crowds than his predecessors.

Having read about the development, I had to personally attend one of his sessions and discovered that indeed the majority of his followers are deserters from the previous movements and they number in the thousands.

His sentiments were echoed by many miracle-lovers I mingled with in the mass gathering.

The exodus to Magaya’s church was fueled by a miracle he reportedly performed on a Chitungwiza mad man.

He restored the man’s sanity after 30 years of mental instability.

It is further reported that Magaya, after healing the man, built a house for him and furnished it in typical today’s prophet style.

He also assigned two people to monitor the man’s welfare at the house.

And just like his predecessors, Magaya’s wife is also a prophetess.

The history and rise to prominence of Magaya started in 2012 when he visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations(Scoan) in Nigeria where he received a prophecy from TB Joshua.

Typically, his predecessors also have a spiritual father who hails from Nigeria’s neighbour — Ghana.

But, is Magaya’s ministry going to be the last ministry to perform breath-taking miracles?

Are these worshippers following God or men?

Another million dollar question is: Does it necessarily mean that God’s power is obtainable only in West Africa? Why do pastors come back with “power” after visiting West Africa?

These questions continue to beg for answers my friends.

Miracles however, need to be taken with great caution.

The Bible puts it in the clear that miracles do not come from God alone.

Miracles themselves do not indicate the authenticity of a prophet at all.

The widely held view that someone cannot perform miracles unless they are anointed of God is a very dangerous assumption because we are told in the book of Exodus that pharaoh’s magicians and "prophets" where veritable miracle workers.

They could counterfeit miracles done by God.

These men would also help the Pharaoh with predictions.

Such men helped King Nebuchadnezzar with interpretation of dreams and visions.

They actually lived within the King’s quarters.

No incident in the Bible casts a darker shadow on miracle-workers than the account in which Apostles Paul and Silas met one sorcerer called Simon“…who mesmerised the whole of Israel with his miracles”(Acts 16:16) yet he was empowered by an evil spirit.

Note well: the Bible referred to Simon as a sorcerer but Israel (people) regarded him as a prophet.

In his rage he said (about miracle-lovers), ‘…a wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign.”(Matt 6:39)  It pained Jesus to have people who chase after miracles instead of the Word of repentance.

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Vanhu havanzwe! minana minana.. chiiko? Hudofo here? Kusaiziva here?

Repent or Perish - 9 January 2014

Vanhu havanzwe! minana minana.. chiiko? Hudofo here? Kusaiziva here?

Repent or Perish - 9 January 2014

I do not know about the visit to Nigeria but I remember Prophet Angel calling out Prophet Magaya at a conference meeting at Prophet Makandiwa's church at the Acquatic Complex in Chitungwiza .If the Prophet wanted competition he could have just kept silent about him but he did not instead he picked him from the croud and pointed him to his ministry.

jacob nyika - 9 January 2014

Itai zvenyu tione, hatinete kutarisa nekunzwa

Taurai Zvenyu - 9 January 2014

As you know anything from outside the country is more important than the local that is why it is easy to ignore our local talent for the one in Nigeria.One thing I know Prophet T.B.Joshua acknowledges our local prophets more than us .

nomsa moyo - 9 January 2014

As you know anything from outside the country is more important than the local that is why it is easy to ignore our local talent for the one in Nigeria.One thing I know Prophet T.B.Joshua acknowledges our local prophets more than us .

nomsa moyo - 9 January 2014

God bless you Prophet Walter Magaya.I personally felt that this is a man of God who is truly gifted,his sermons are powerful;the miracles and prophecies he administers through the power of the Holy Ghost are so real and accurate.I salute this man!!

Masiziba - 9 January 2014

The good thing about the things of God is that even if they are looked down upon they will always show up and show -off like miracle money and miracle private parts enlargement,zvakabhadhara veduwee.

Langton Chikohora - 9 January 2014

kana nyagadzi yekuparadza yamira panzvimbo tsvene anorawa ngaacherechedze. jesus said, "waporofita vazhinji zhinji wachaburukira kunyika wenhema uye wachaita minana mikuru zvekunayisa moto kubva kudenga asi imi mukanzwa kuti wari uko kana apo musaendako, mwari wawo idumbu rawo, ko maonde angatanhwa paminzwa here, muchawaziva nemabasa awo

bamethu - 9 January 2014


harare - 9 January 2014

It is evident our good reporter was after something albeit good when he visited this church. Without preconceived standpoint he could have seen things differently and his report would be different. What you should have also gone on further to tell us are the testimonies of those people who had lost hope and have finally been delivered from various afflictions." Satan delivering people he had once possessed" a kingdom at war with itself. The bible says in the last days "I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh......joel 2 - 28" I would rather the people of God comment nekuti vemapepa munokanganisa vanhu.

Albert Duwariti - 9 January 2014

I vividly remember the Prophetic Conference hosted by Prophet Makandiwa this man was given a prophetic word by Prophet Angel and was told he is a man of God and he was going to be used by God. It is good that he hearken to the word spoken to him by the man of God Prophet Angel.

Cde Hecho Charira - 9 January 2014

I would like to Thank Prophet Angel for making me go and install electricity at Prophet Magaya's office. I was able to be in the presence of these two men of God. I don't understand journalists who want to portray as if these people of God are in a competition. No! no!no! they visit each other and talk to each other . I am a witness.

Jet Electrician - 9 January 2014

I pray: let the Word of God be magnified above any other name, even above the name of The Lord. Amen Psalms 138. vs. 1 & 2

SOLOMON - 9 January 2014

Mbiri kuna Jesu bcoz we have Grace of all time thru baba Prophet Magaya

Aaron Chitanda - 10 January 2014

Ko ichurch here inoti vanhu vane zvirwere zvakaita seshuga, BP ngavachiregedza kunwa mapiritsi kana mishonga? if so Mwari ngavatibatsire.....

Blaz - 10 January 2014

Most of the people who go to these churches are women. Regai vandosvigwa, mapenzi

Danai Pazvagozha - 10 January 2014

end of days the prince of darkness is among us manifesting himself in these so called prophets

jimy hlongwane - 10 January 2014

If the journalist doubts Prophet Magaya, then the prophet is a true man of God. - " for you shall be persecuted for the name of Jesus Christ". Keep up the good works baba. May you please pray for the one who wrote this article so that we may hear his testimony soon and many may repent for the salvation of their soul. Mabasa makuru ngaaitwe. Why muchirwadziwa nekusimudzwa kwechirema muzita raJesus Christ ??

ShallBeHatedBy TheWorld - 11 January 2014

Thank you Learnmore for this article people should talk over certain things if there is need.Miracles are not the evidence that it is from God n'angas can do the same thing and how then one can distinguish.The Bible is the major prophet of all prophets and it clearly prophesied about the coming of real prophets and false prphets.So if someone wants to move together with the current events let him read the Bible Spiritualy.1 John 4:1 clearly asks you to test every spirit and not to just believe anything that comes your way.These spirits are tested by the same Bible which fobads women to preach,to wear trousers and other immoral dressing,to cut their hair,face and finger manicure.Go into the ministries of these so called prophets you will be welcome by all these nonsense.

Bible View Point - 11 January 2014

this is all hogwash.poverty has led people to believe in these prophets of doom.these are money makers not prophets.jesus is the key to inner satisfaction.this zimbabwe we live is faltered so my kinsmen let us try jesus's love.what we see today is a manifestation of the devil;s power.letus be careful in giving mortals too much praise.jesus christ is the beginning and the end.magaya engels makandiwa are disciples of lucifer.i ask why all this suffering if they have the divine power, food for thought

mukadota - 14 January 2014

You are all ignoring the one fundamental question. What did the journalist go to Prophet Magaya to do? He was investigating. He was looking for a way to discredit the Man of God that he is not a Man of God. You prayer and prophecy are spiritual things that mere man can never understand. That is why some of you are quick to discredit Prophet Magaya. Its your choice. If I want to visit and worship there, even if i make a mistake, how is that your concern??? If you dont believe then keep your misbeliefs to yourself. Let those who believe, believe. Kana ndikanyura you lose nothing. And its a lie that most congregants are women

kmsaungweme - 14 January 2014

Iwe mutendi rega kutevera minana. Kana uchinamata kwazvo unoteverwa neminana kwete iwe kutevera minana.

eh zvedu - 14 January 2014

This is my view. Not yours. Varikuchema varikuchemera chii? Ini chandinongoziva chet ndechekuti I am delivered of my iniquities and now I can see. Pa tsvakiridzo yandakaita ndakaona kuti muZimbabwe mune ma Chechi maviri. Yekutanga type yacho ndeye chechi yevadzidzi 9 vakasara pasi pegomo ( Jesu achinoita Transafiguration) poita imwe type yevadzidzi vatatu (3) yakaona Moses na Elijah in the presence of Jesus). Hazvifanane hama dzangu. Power yacho inobva yasiyana.

MINANA.COM - 14 January 2014

@jacob nyika,hey, magaya was in nigeria last year and when he came back,the whole harare was full of big posters written "back from scoan" and they were dishing out dvds for free.ko simba rinobva ku nigeria here kana kuna mwari?these western countries?hameno.

gulaz - 15 January 2014

Mwari waAbraham nyika yavakuguma. ndizvo zvirikutaura izwi mumuranda waMwari Paul Mwazha weAfrica. Tendeukai mutende Evhangeri . Jesus is coming any time from now. People need to get prepared vasazokandirwe mugomba remoto nezuva rekupedzisira

nick - 15 January 2014

@ kmsaungweme you are totally lost.the truth is,even if you go to any church here in zim and anywhere out side,you will see more women than man in churh.been working in a church in botswana for the past 8 years and we had more women than men.this not a surprise at all.lastly,rega ma journalists aite basa rawo,whether muchurch kana pai.KOCHINOMBOITA KUTI WESE ANOZVITI PROPHET AYENDE KU NIGERIA CHII UYE MUKADZI WAKE ANZIWO PROPHETESS CHII?

GULAZ - 15 January 2014


funman - 15 January 2014

Well written article, well done !!

john - 17 January 2014

Please someone help me how to find the PHD CHURCH I want to visit this Man of God am from Zambia.

PROPHET T MADUBEKO - 23 January 2014

I wish l could attend services there and be delivered from the bondage of the devil but lm scared, my life is a mystery even to me. l always watch services on Bostv and lm inspired by the word of God deliverd through the Prophet Magaya. l need deliverance

Musa Ntonga - 30 January 2014

I have seen the mighty power of God thru Prophet W Magaya.PHD is indeed an arena of Liberty.

Batsirai Chiunda - 14 March 2014

Tinoti mbiri kuna Jesu Christu,nokuti ndivo vanoponesa.Prophet Magaya havanakuti ndivo vanoponesa asi Ishe Jesu ndivo vanoponesu. Even pa time ye delivarance vanoti tendayi kuna Ishe Jesu Kristu kwete ini. The fruitful tree is always having stick under neath. Musa dzokera shure. Your success as a messenger of God is a threat to some people. Your success in deliverance healing and prophetic has annoyed a lot of people.The results you have produced have attracted a lot of people. You get attacked because you are producing results. Welcome to the planet Earth. Your success had encourage others to trust God Keep it up Prophet Magaya LM Gwini PHD IT and MEDICAL DEPT

LOVEMORE GWINI - 9 July 2014

I have a six years old son and he never walked or talked since he was born. I need help from Prophet Magaya.We are form South Africa.I will do anything to meet the Prophet.

Hendrica Sekati - 16 August 2014

Ive read about you in the Sunday Sun news paper about all wonders and miracles you done people and ive got a bigger problem to ive got a company name Mpumalanga Projects And Shutdown Maintenance (Pty) Ltd ;Ive got no tenders no money my car is broken you know im down on the ground I cant even feed my family help please I need R10 000 000

Pepsi Labuschagne - 18 September 2014

I really need some money about R10 000 000 Help me please

Pepsi Labuschagne - 18 September 2014

Good day. I lost my job in december 2013.since then I have been fighting with my wife who ended up involved with someone.i need your help. i need deliverance so I can get a job to support my kids.please man of God. Help me restore my number is 0769035266.thanking you in advance.

Ndifalini Eric Sibeli - 8 October 2014

Dynamo mission impossible could have been a billionare

tendai goney - 16 October 2014

At least check your scriptural references and give the correct ones, kwete zvinobva zvaita kuti tione kuti musuo we church hautouzivi!

monitor - 17 October 2014


tes grm - 10 March 2015

Dofo ndorisinganamate, isu tiri kutovhaya naJesu wedu pa PHD.

elliot mharadze - 11 March 2015

Cannot the man of God assist the disabled people around Zimbabwe? look at TB Joshua he assist the disabled people in his own country. Cannot Pro Magaya assist us

Brigado - 21 August 2015

Tinoti mbiri kuna Jesu Christu,nokuti ndivo vanoponesa.Prophet Magaya havanakuti ndivo vanoponesa asi Ishe Jesu ndivo vanoponesu. Even pa time ye delivarance vanoti tendayi kuna Ishe Jesu Kristu kwete ini. The fruitful tree is always having stick under neath. Musa dzokera shure. Your success as a messenger of God is a threat to some people. Your success in deliverance healing and prophetic has annoyed a lot of people.The results you have produced have attracted a lot of people. You get attacked because you are producing results. Welcome to the planet Earth. Your success had encourage others to trust God Keep it up Prophet Magaya

KELVIN CHAIBVA - 28 August 2015

God is GOD is uncreated creator of heaven and earth

peter banda - 30 August 2015

kwanzi kana vasingatendi pavanotsiurwa vachawedzegwa dillusion kuti vachanyatsoku believer nhema chaiiiizvooo it is said in the bible false phrophets will come in the last days............. vanhu takunyanya kuda zviro ndosaka kumhanyira minana repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand seek GOD so that you will find eternal life not seeking minana satan and his angels were thrown down with their full powers thus they can perfom miracles the bible says vachatoita minana inodarika yakaitiwa nani nani .... kana nyangadzi yamira unorava ngaacherechedze now is the tym to feed on GOD's word kuti tive nespirit of discernment here are the saints those that keep my commandments and have the testimony of jesus Christ revelations inotaura now machurch eminana aya arikuchengeta here mitemo and vane kupupura kwajesu here take note hanzi variko vachati ingawani taiburitsa mademon nezita renyu wani asi Jesu achati ibvai pano imi andikuzivei guyz lets read the word and prayJESU unouya zve SATAN URIKUDZVOVA SESHUMBA NEKUTI ANOZIVA KUTI NGUVA YAKE YASARA SHOMA SAKA ARIKUITA MABASA MAKURU HANZI HE WILL DECEIVE IF POSSIBLE EVEN THE ELECT

prim faa - 11 March 2016


ROSA - 20 June 2016

prophet w magaya is a man of god .. all those who doubt out there shame on you coz one day jesus is coming back and he specifically said HE WILL JUDGE EACH AND ONE OF US EQUALLY and by then im sorry for you if you havent repented your sins... all you ever do is doubt ..God did not say every prophet will be a fake one he said there will be prophets that i have sent who will lead you to your salvation..but now since all you do is just doubt some of us are going higher receiving our healing and deliverance so SHAME ON YOU coz all you are going to do is watch and you cant grasp your blessing coz u are too busy doubting

jesus is lord - 12 August 2016

we now confused cn u tell us abt his cal so dat we cn find the way forward...isralites prophet had a clear call eg hosia jeremire even moses people to believe may the phd followers explore his cal on internet

wisdom nyamupfukudza - 7 March 2017

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