Inside Gumbura's empire

HARARE - Judgement in Independent End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura’s rape charges could not be delivered yesterday after Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya asked for an inspection-in-loco of the controversial pastor’s Marlborough mansion.

The inspection revealed Gumbura’s flamboyant lifestyle, showing some modest glamour amid filth.

Clad in prison garb, he toured his premises, that portray him as a modestly “rich man”.

The premises are heavily secured, with a three metre pre-cast wall and a gate that leads into the compound.

Gumbura, in prison garb, with court and prison officials during an inspection-in-loco of his Marlborough mansion, Harare. Pictures: Ndakaziva Majaka

Besides his main residence, there are several other cottages dotted around the compound, while a 25-bedroomed one-storey mansion, with four lounges, is still under construction.

A big gazebo close to the gate completes the compound’s structures, while a big hall currently being renovated makes up part of the structures at the premises.

Inside his main house is a glitter of accessories, comprising of modern furniture, a jacuzzi, an office, while the floors are either carpeted or tiled.

CHAINED...Gumbura, who is facing multiple rape charges, is escorted by prison guards for an inspection-in-loco at his home.

The yard is littered with cars, while a big generator hummed just close to the entrance.

Gumbura is currently on trial, facing multiple rape charges.

Prosecutor Jonathan Murombedzi closed the State’s case on December 20, after leading evidence from 12 witnesses, before Mujaya postponed the matter to yesterday for judgment.

A jacuzzi in Gumbura's Malborough home.

However, Mujaya yesterday said he wanted to first see the place where the alleged sexual abuses took place.

The inspection-in-loco was action-packed, as prison officials whisked Gumbura away from the Harare Magistrates’ Courts to his residence in a white single cab Ford Ranger.

Armed police officers followed in their vehicle.

Scores of people gathered outside the courtroom, waiting to see the man who made headlines during the last quarter of 2013.

One of the lounges at Gumbura's home.

The crowd ran out of steam, after they only saw cars speed off from the court’s holding cells, with the “man of the moment”, who boasts of 11 wives and 30 children, ensconced in the truck.

During his trial, Gumbura told the court that he plans to have 100 children.

While at his premises in Harare’s Marlborough suburb, Gumbura looked unmoved.

“Surely gentlemen, you should have waited for me to put on a suit,” Gumbura said, as  photographers snapped him.

“Why did you allow them (journalists) to enter? I prefer those from The Herald because the Daily News hates me,” Gumbura chuckled, as he led court officials to the gate.

He maintained that his place was always occupied by many people, making it difficult for him to rape anybody, without raising alarm under the circumstances.

After a tiresome inspection of the premises, Mujaya remanded the matter to today, where two of the police officers who collected information constituting the basis of the rape charges, are to be cross-examined again, before judgment is delivered.

Gumbura is denying the allegations, claiming the women were fabricating stories against him under the influence of Spoken Word Ministries pastor Godwin Chitsinde, a rival.

He believes he is being persecuted and paying the price for being a “Good Samaritan”.

Several accusations have been made, with claims that the pastor was involved in sex orgies and was in possession of pornographic materials.

He reportedly believed in the power of placing church “rebels” in the hands of Satan.

Gumbura, who has been a pastor for the past 35 years, however, told the court that he lived an unblemished life, as he was in love with most of the women that claim he raped them.

He insists he was a victim of church politics.

But, the church women, who alleged they were abused, claim they were heavily indoctrinated and feared to be cast in the hands of Satan, hence their failure to report the criminal acts on time.

Gumbura is represented by Rekai Maposa and Emmanuel Samundombe, while Jonathan Murombedzi and Kudzai Chigwedere appeared for the State.

Comments (35)

Truly this is the son of god!!!!

mariyangu - 9 January 2014

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. Eph517

Mighty Gentile Warrior of The End Time - 9 January 2014

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. Eph517

Mighty Gentile Warrior of The End Time - 9 January 2014

We know this man is going to go free because of the corrupt system but believe me he is in trouble with God. Watch his life, He Is in BIG trouble. God is not mocked.

Tendeukai - 9 January 2014

This is church politics, uGumbura kalacala enhlabeni well ngingazi ezulwini. Inkosi qha yiyo eyaziyo ngokwase Zulwini. Mdedeleni ahmbe, angimboni elecala lumuntu.

Tata Mageza ndebele - 9 January 2014

Tendeukai he has [problems with his God but definitely he never broke any country's laws. All the said things like nude pictures and porn videos where secured away frpom the public, all the women vakanyengererwa vakabvisa vega mabhurukwa, dai zvainzi ukanyengerera mukadzi akabvisa bhurukwa rake akakupa i rape dai varume vazhinji vari mujeri. I don't even see the reasons for the leg chains.

Maita Manyuka - 9 January 2014

hapana rape apa let the man free. what is meant by 'were heavily indoctrinated' were they below 16. please set him free so that he achieves his 100 children target. ndoo vanonzi varume ava.

mabhunu muchapera - 9 January 2014

Its easy for all of you to say Gumbura is innocent because you have never been raped. For us its very difficult to accept this verdict. Saka imi munoti vakadzi vose vari seven vari kunyeba? Zvinorwadza sei veduwee. Let God be the judge.

Tendeukai - 9 January 2014

Hapana nyaya sekuti murume wese anotoita kunyengera/kunyengerera kuti mukadzi/musikana abvise burugwa and thus not rape veduwe spicie inonzi murume ingawanikwe mujeri chete.

mama - 9 January 2014

gumbura vadhara chaivo tarisai bhurugwa rakazvimba neshato, regai ade vakadzi vakawanda murume akatakura uyu

mageza - 9 January 2014

Why? Why? and why? Who is fooling who? Gumbura is filthy rich and abusing women while the masses in his church are toiling paying those tithes while their bellies are empty. Its a shame. thank you to the magistrate for giving us the opportunity to see what Gumbura is doing with people's money.

Gwenaz - 9 January 2014

This was rape bcz he used his position and influence as church leader to get these women to sleep with him. If u understand issues of faith and religion you will understand what exactly transpired. If he walks free then the justice delivery system will have let women down. This case shld serve as a warning to pastors to stop taking advantage of church members and abusing their positions of influence. No doubt if he doesn't repent he will have a casevto answer naMwari but pano pasi he also has a case to answer.

Mai 2 - 9 January 2014

@Sherpherd Madzingira. Mubvunzei kuti aiimbeyi mukomana uyu. Nhasi ndiwe votungamira maJournalists uchida kuparadza Shumiro yaMwari. Ndiko kushaya nyasha chaiko kuripachena uku!!

Maremekedza Shumiro yenyu Mwari - 9 January 2014

@Rangarirai Gwendere. Where is your devil and we will show you our God of Polygamy. kkkk. vadzvatsvira barubaru boy....!!

Mywish 'Ndinoda kuvaka JHB' - 9 January 2014

to me it seems like he took advantage of peoples trust in him obva ava rape but moral guilt

harare - 9 January 2014

This story does not at all deserve the publicity that it is being given. Hapana here dzimwe nyaya dze development yenyika dzatingataure?. This man is very innocent from the legal (constitutionally) point and the he has since suffered most humiliation in the hands of courts. If indoctrination (brain-washing) is a crime, then hapana angasara,chero zanu-pf said 'varungu vaizodzoka kana mdc ya wina in 2013, and voted against the return yevarungu kuno kumusha, saka inganzi imhoswa. Kwete mazano ekunyenga aya saka zvakavharana. Mwari pachavo vachaonana naye kwete isu vanhu, coz mhoswa yake its btwn him na Mwari kwete vanhu, nekuti madzimai aya were not forced at gun-point. enereyayi mberi zvenyu vagumbura neproject yenyu yekusika masoja enyika (100 chldn).

Vanhu - varashika mungara - 9 January 2014

there is no evidence of the story took too long to be reported this is internal church problems created by rivals to destroy gumbura tichanamata newe gumbura kunyadzisa satan apinda mumba mako.

Themba - 9 January 2014

sin Yes but Rape no. vakadzi avo vaizvida

malcom - 9 January 2014

....fambai navo mufundisi....ngavapinde vanofundisa vamwe unhubu

tozvireva - 9 January 2014

let him go handina mhosva yandaona ini pamurume uyu

barnes - 10 January 2014


JB - 10 January 2014

"We were heavily indoctrinated...". What nonsense! These women had relationships with the pastor and didnt realise that he wasn't stopping at one woman. How do you get raped every weekend at a place you VOLUNTARILY visit? Every weekend uchienda hako! Only God has something to do with this pervert. The rest of you feeling sorry for these women must wake up and start seeing how this is happening in so many churches. Women must not idolize these pastors then claim to have been forced into sex when they no longer get the attention they wanted to themselves. Gumbura will walk free and do it again and again and again, ad infinitum, ad nauseam...

truthbetold - 10 January 2014

the man said it all. he prefers journalists from the herald. hey the man is innocent! can't you see? he is zanu pf

dexter madhodha - 10 January 2014

you can get away with it on earth but in heaven you cant, ndezvepasi izvi even if yu use money here but in heaven there is no bribe

chitova 2 - 10 January 2014

kutaura chokwadi hangu handiona chiri wealthy pane zvese zvandaona pamba apa, vakadzi ava dzingori imbwa dzemahure chete

matufenge - 10 January 2014

This is supposed to be a man of God, who dutifully preaches us to obey the ten commandments, and he sleeps around like there is no tomorrow.I cannot trust a word he says. Verdict: Guilty as sin

Feya feya - 10 January 2014

its only vanhu havangazvinzwisisi, but kana paita anoti akandimanikidza chimiraika tinzwe dare nehumbowo hwevanhu vacho. its embarrassing kuti mufundisi aite zvinhu zvakadaro. vaanodya navo, uye vari pedyo naye ndivo vangada izvi nekumupa support. if its rape, let it be. ngatongwe nenyaya yake. kuzvitaura kureva kurwadziwa kwevanhu

moyo - 10 January 2014

We agree namai 2, This trully was rape, he used his position and false doctrine. if i were the judge presiding over Gumbura"s case i would have he locked up and the keys thrown away

Vanamai - 10 January 2014

do nt judge coz u wont be judged in heaven kutonga ndekwaMwari ivo vakadzi vacho vakandini kureporta pavaka repwa pacho

Happy - 11 January 2014

Murume uyu agumbura vanhu sezita rake, yes God is one who judges, but this man has a case to answer in the court of law and what he has done is not good, just give him a prison term.

WINSER - 11 January 2014

Ndoda kunamata imi Apostle Gumbura kana mabuda. Apa hamuna mhosva.

Jeke - 13 January 2014

Gumbura must be castrated and hanged. Hapana zvemurume apa. He used the same scare tactics that teachers use everyday to deflower your little daughters and you are busy saying haana mhosva. Mwari akubatsirei. His church must be banned and that house turned into state property

kmsaungweme - 13 January 2014

Pastors , you must go for deliverance to the prophet TB Joshua because most of you are in this mess!

deliverance - 13 January 2014

let God do the judgement coz imi makatadza zvingani zvisina kuonekwa?

zvoda munamato - 13 January 2014

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