Tsvangirai's wife overstepped mark

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai’s life has been a roller coaster since the death of his wife Susan.

He became Prime Minister, remarried after some liaisons and lost an election.

The latest episode relating to separation with his new wife, Elizabeth is only a sequel of the MDC leader’s turbulent private life.

That he aspires to be our next leader is about the only legitimate reason we should subject him to scrutiny rather than celebrate his personal misfortunes.

For a presidential aspirant, it is most unfortunate that negative private affairs about him have often spilled into to the public domain to the detriment of his political career. 

Sometime last year, I wrote that Tsvangirai had become too susceptible to attack from his opponents and he should consider stepping down as MDC leader.

Nonetheless, we should not regard the latest revelations of marital rupture owing to a “medical issue” or “bedroom issue” as personal misdemeanour. 

The so-called medical condition, a source of derision in some circles, would not be something he deliberately invited upon himself nor has it any bearing on his capabilities as leader.

It is his political and personal judgements — some argue his marriage to Elizabeth, daughter of a Zanu PF senior official, is a reflection of such impaired judiciousness — that have spawned misgivings about his suitability as a national leader.

In this latest episode, there is cause to sympathise with him if reports about the medical issue are true. It is a measure of our own civility as a society how we treat victims of medical misfortune.

In explaining the estrangement, Elizabeth overstepped the mark, contradicting herself in the process.

She stated she did not want to discuss her private life in public.

Yet she went on reveal a sensitive matter. The publishers of the original story say they hold details of the medical issue.

She went further on  to state, rather unnecessarily, that Tsvangirai’s visits to a well-known Nigerian prophet had been motivated by this condition.

Tsvangirai has pointed out he is in good health although it is unclear whether that also discounts the “bedroom issue.”

The story about his estrangement was fleshed up with comments of an unnamed source suggesting Tsvangirai wanted to marry another woman, Leah Mhundwa, a relative of his late wife, in order to resolve the “problem.”

If that is the case, Elizabeth has legitimate reasons to be angry. But unless the idea had been actuated, one would also ask whether mere contemplation to marry another woman is sufficient cause to desert a husband.

Furthermore, it is most objectionable for anyone to go public with another’s medical condition.

Medical conditions are private matters. If medical staff are bound by confidentiality on medical issues, it should not be acceptable for anyone either to make such revelations. 

Elsewhere, Elizabeth and publishers of the story would have teetered on the brink of legal infringement if the revelations are true.

In most States, you can be sued for publishing private facts about another person, even if those facts are true, unless the

issues are of any legitimate public concern.

It would be stretching the imagination to argue that Tsvangirai’s “bedroom issue” is a matter of any legitimate public concern.

It is noted, however, that the  publishers have been responsible enough not to reveal the purported affliction. Still, the publicity has triggered public speculation.

Elizabeth will probably argue she had to deflect public criticism that she had walked out on her husband because her wish to become First Lady had failed.

Of course, she has the right to respond to claims she considers false.

Furthermore, if medical conditions become determinants of whether matrimony subsists or not, disregarding the avowed maxim of “in sickness and in health,” then a lot of marriages would fall apart.

Marriage would become a woefully weakened institution.

Finally, we should subject Tsvangirai to moral and political scrutiny as one aspiring to lead us. If he has suffered medical affliction, we ought to sympathise with him.

It is, however, most regrettable that his private affairs have frequently attracted media attention at the expense of the the party’s programmes.

Comments (29)

So lithi undoda lo uyagula, awau shame madoda. kwaze kwanzima bo ku Tsvangirai. Maybe bamthakathile njalo njengoba laye ungani uyayidedela izipha yakhe hayi kancane. Hayi asethembe ukuthi ukhona ozokhona ukumelapha

Ndlangamandla - 7 January 2014

a lot has been reported in private press about the President's alleged medical conditions without anyone raising legal flags. Such revelations, true or falls are part of the collateral damage public personalities especially politicians face, that is why there is parliamentary immunity to protect politicians from being sued for whatever they raise in parliament against others

ALEXIO - 7 January 2014

Takazvitaura kare izvi kuti Tsangirai choice yevakadzi vake haisi right.Mukadzi haisi motor yaunoti ndinotenga yakanakisa kuti ndiwoneregwe navanhu. Mukadzi wekurowora untsvaka ane hunhu akadzikama kwete zvaanongo kukurana nazvo izvi. Chasara kurwara manje.

zuda - 7 January 2014

Elizabeth is right. Tsvangirai is the fool, he can keep his zip closer. what did u want Eliza to do. maybe he had started moves on Mhunda Leah

Alexion - 7 January 2014

Elizabeth is right. Tsvangirai is the fool, he cant keep his zip closed. what did u want Eliza to do. maybe he had started moves on Mhunda Leah

Alexion - 7 January 2014

iyo MDC T zvayine intelligence section sei vachimusiya achitamba nepoto dzakawora.

shurushuru - 7 January 2014

Remember Tsvangison once said"main actor haafe,that's why l survived the accident which too my wife,"infact he is indeed a main in a drama series,mati maoneyi, the actual intertaining scripts are yet to be played.Miraika muone ,aaika muchanyatsoonerera nekunzwirira imi.Michero yemusango vanaEriza wakazomboroorwa kupi kani,3kids with 3 different fathers!hezvoka!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 7 January 2014

Remember Tsvangison once said"main actor haafe,that's why l survived the accident which took my wife,"infact he is indeed a main Actor in a drama series,mati maoneyi, the actual intertaining scripts are yet to be played.Miraika muone ,aaika muchanyatsoonerera nekunzwirira imi.Michero yemusango vanaEriza wakazomboroorwa kupi kani,3kids with 3 different fathers!hezvoka!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 7 January 2014

Comments here are mere hatred of the man Tsvangirayi. How do you feel your wife moving around telling everybody that you are sick. Fine Mugabe's sickness has always been said but not by Grace Mugabe, no but by us people. Elizabeth being a money changer she was, could have brought part of the sickness kana tikanyatsozvitarisisa futi. Of course after Susan Tsvangirayi made many mistakes in the women he dated. Anga ave a macho now he is being machoed.

Maita Manyuka - 7 January 2014

After the publication of Elizabeth's contacts with her former boyfriend, it would be obvious that their relationship was strained. Those reports greatly discredited her. No sane man would want to imagine his wife bedding another man as what we were made to believe in those reports. To save her face, she would try to play the innocent. Morgan realized this and did not throw the linen. Surely after whatever period they have been together what prompted her to leave him if there were such problems. Wouldn't these have been issues of her concern from the word go. Shame on her.

Gushungo - 7 January 2014

For sure bedroom issues are secret we must not play around this area and when it is about a President of a successful party like MDC it becomes embarassing. I really feel sorry for this man and if people scorn him like that without sharing the grief with him its more pathetic.

ndendende - 7 January 2014

That is the role of the media for that matter things have changed in the media landscape cdes and friends. Like one writer has said, if the president is sick, why not report on that. If the former Prime Minister messes up, again, why not write about that story. That what we were crying for in the new constitution is it. Freedom of expression, association and blar blar. You are free in to hook bitches in the hotels and lodges or shebeens in Bulawayo but if the media catches you, then freedom of the press will be enjoyed by the journos. So you can comment what ever you need but still the media will continue to inform, educate and entertain the readership......So what the hell is all about the Mugabe's death or Morgiza's sexual dyfunctional or marrying his wives.....life goes on adn the as media, they will highlight on that ........Fuck your ass noise makers. Live Morgiza and Mugabe alone and media is there for business where you hate is or not.

Clemence Tashaya - 7 January 2014

Zvakataurwa naEliza takazvinzwa, mubvunzo wangu mumwe chete kuna Eliza ndewekuti dai vote isina kubiwa paJuly 2013 wakapinda muState House ungadai wakaramba Save here nekuda kwehurwere uhwu or you would manage to overlook kuti urambe uri mai Zimbabwe? I dont know what your problems are exactly naSave asi semunhu anga apinda mudzimba nhatu zvichiramba this should have been your chance to prove to the world kuti hausi chipfeve chisingagone kumisa imba.

Mai 2 - 7 January 2014

mukuru vakadzi vakanaka munoowadawo ,mukadzi akanaka aka rega kuhura anoba all that gliters is not gold.ishe imbozvibatai kana zvichibvira tauriranai nemudzimai venyu kana zvanetsa garai makadaro uye haatidi nyaya dzenyu mumapepa nhau.Iwo vakaponda mukadzi venyu ndiwo vakazvitanga tinookuregerai save!!1

dofo - 7 January 2014

That's why a leader needs a mature wife,Mandela was advised to settled for Gracia for a reason.Meanwhile Tsvangirai advisers(if they exist) vaitsvaga akatsvuka we shine and they got one nhasi zviripi.Xaaaaaa.

Danger Machona - 7 January 2014

Ndinoti Save kana zvaramba zvaEriza musahla zvenyu ini ndakutsvakirai mumwe wandinovimba muchagare mese kusvika murufu . Ndakuwanira mai Mahofa vepaGutu ndinoti regai kaende muzvitorere simbi mukaka yapa Masvingo kwana Chamisa

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 7 January 2014

Sorry hako Morgan. Kutaura chokwadi ndisingakuvanziri, hauchina chanzi. Wakatopera shamwari. Vakatopedza Newe kare. Hauchina kwauchaenda. Zita rako raane tsvina yawanda, shamwari dzako dzinokuchera nerweseri, mukadzi haachakudi, musangano wako hauna gwara rakajeka, Biti avakuZanu, ZBC haikudi, Chero neni ndaimbokufarira but handingarambi ndichisunda dhongi rakafa. Saka hameno kuti unofungeyi. Wapera mwana waMai. Inonzi ZANU.

Wheels - 7 January 2014

Zim succession now at cross roads. Some former Central Bank Chief, GG is now being thrown into the fray. The politburo recently ascended him to senate, and this was gladly successful, at least one step ahead. But soon after, the other camp pushes panic button and ordered MK to pursue the hot and derailing allegations. Talk of trial and error. The road map has been plotted and is now clear: from senate to finance, from finance to state house, and the nation awakes one morning to a surprise package. Huh? But can this be possible? Its interesting to see how some are really determined to have this succeed. More so when this have the blessings of even the highest office in the land. The opposition finds itself between the rock and a hard surface. How on earth can they volunteer to be the toilet paper used to wipe off their enemy's horrible mess. It's just out of this world. Secretary Gen TB cant just be the man. Of all the people? Huh? The opposition spent the entire GNU criticizing the corruption and murky dealings by GG at the top bank, discredited for the poor current state of the economy. But how on earth can the same people be used to cover up for such alleged evil? Huh? Why cant they see that this is a deliberate plot to cause a fatal division among themselves. Worse after loosing elections, such high level conspiracy will unsure that they become eradicated and extinct, period. TB must either think twice, if he is still a member of the opposition, or resign from the party, suppose he is now part of Bhora Mugedhi. TB will help GG ascend to the highest office in the land. Surely the love of money is the root of all evil. The opposition in my opinion is now dead and buried, his excellency is spot on. Cry my beloved Zim, cry my motherland.

Wheels - 7 January 2014

so...there is no opposition given its 'dead and buried?' 2018

snowden - 8 January 2014

Assasinate Elizabeth! dai kuri kuZANU Eliza taifushira, kufukura hapwa hai haitadaro! munhu ngaapfuudzwe uyu anyanya, CIO batai basa!

Mighty Muchindu - 8 January 2014

Tsvangirayi aita munyama wekuroora hure. zvino chero une yakakura sei, ungachemedze hure here ? Kana kuti ungabvise hure u virginity here? Kwete. Ngaadzokere kwa Mhundwa otora mukadzi chaiye asina kumbo rarwa ne Harare yose. Tsvangirayi should learn to find women to marry from his own party , kana KuNdonga uko, Kwete KuZANU PF. Madzimai ezanu anotamba kongonya aya apera zviuno mu ma pungwe umu. By the way, who told you that Tsvangirayi has an erectile dysfunction. Its a medical condition. Pamwe injovhera, Pamwe yakakurisa, pamwe anonyanga ka 20 usiku humwe manje mukadzi zvamukunda. Pamwe anotanga aseva chiweti chake nesadza sezvatinohwa pa chakafukidza. All these, according to the former hair dresser can be classified as "medical".

onslo - 8 January 2014

saka muri kureva kuti anaBiti, Chamisa, Mudzuri, Mawonzera nekudzidza kwavo vese vakatadza kuudza mukuru uyu kuti mukadzi ane vana vatatu nevarume vatatu ipoto yakawora. chionai zvavekuitika manje. zvinopisa tsitsi izvi

shurushuru - 8 January 2014

saka mabattery a morgan haana power................ shame mahwani

harare - 8 January 2014

I truly feel sorry for Elizabeth..here is someone whose star was on the ascendency and now this..She won the Nation's heart when she visited those people who were incacerated at Chikurubi known as the Glen View 29 where she sparkled like a diamond in the sky..She campaigned beside her husband beautifully and she appeared to be the first lady in waiting..then the 31st July disaster struck. This was really a manageable crisis, a stroll really, bar the disappointment..She should have kept her head down..might the reason be that she fired her excellent PR team which had served her so well? Frankly, she does not need this..and who ever has advised her to go to the press with these issues is out to FINISH her off! The PM on the other hand is not faring any better, he should not have stoked the flames with a response..and his brother need not have commented on this issue either. The real disaster this has done to the PM is that while people were quite happy to think of him as one of their own it does NOT help issues that he is still staying in a multimillion residence while his wife is staying at another of his houses in Borrowdale..What does this say to the street? People are not interested one iota in his love life but they expect decency..what might end up REALLY upsetting people is the fact that he is CRYING for the Highlands home and now his estranged wife is living in ANOTHER million dollar house. This display of wanton profligacy is the REAL DISASTER not the love stories.

gutter poet - 8 January 2014

Morgan is a fool we dont hate him he is just to dumb.Not presidential material at.

oskido - 9 January 2014

I wonder if Morgan can actually make proper decisions about a COUNTRY if he cant make for his own personal life.

Tim G - 9 January 2014

When i read all your comments and thoughts i actually feel pity for you the commentators rather than Save.Here we are in acountry with problems of our own which need to be attended to and instead of concentrating and trying to help you are busy wondering what could have been,should have been or can be.Morgan like any other man is a man first and foremost and given his position which woman in all enerst would not want to be by his side?He has feelings and the only problem was his choice of women which did not lead to his downfall but just public scrutinity of his personal life.Now tell me which of you does not have a problem in their homes be it monetary,social or health?All these problems are called zvemubedroom becoz its a private affair between husband and wife.For all you cowards to say he couldnt perform in the bedroom is cheap talk considering the condition was not stated so do we say we are better?I dont think so becoz for all you know some of you are taking care of kids that are not theirs.Elizabeth that was a cheap shot for someone like you to do.So go to where there are no bedroom problems and if that place exists call me and i will give my entire monthly salary.Save learn to keep your zip closed and not that every woman who smiles at you is wife material.Grow up man!

ray mahupete - 10 January 2014

shame shame!Hakuna nzira isina gata

mmunorurama - 14 January 2014

the vagaries of life! Would a granite stone transform into gold if is included in the foundation of a presidential mansion, maybe, but it would remain in every sense that.... granite! With all its strengths and weaknesses! So it is for hapless Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai.

Overman Sanatorium - 14 January 2014

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