Mr President, I am a patriot too

HARARE - I hope you enjoyed your Christmas in the East were you usually spend your money Mr President, commander-in-chief of the Defence Forces and head of State.

I hope this time you learnt one or two things from the eastern patriots especially the Chinese, who have since realised that contemporary challenges facing the world need young leaders, when you look east Sir please take the best practices not the opposite.

They change their leaders to give the country a new impetus but we don’t, these Chinese patriots look everywhere be it west, east or south.

They are investing in the British energy sector as well as Zimbabwe’s extractive industry but the Zimbabwean patriots are looking one direction.

When I tell you this you label me a sell-out but I am a patriot, Sir who wants the best for this country.

Being in the Diaspora does not mean am not Zimbabwean.

My being in Auckland, Sydney, Jakarta  or Bombay were your 30 years of misrule sent me does not mean I am a foreigner, can you please tell your boys to indigenise me in your policies.

I am told you are trying to indigenise me through ZimAsset and the budget statement by the minister without finance ? Pari-tricky Chinamasa.

You want me to send at least $100 a month such that you will raise $5 billion a year.

You have forgotten Mr President that a few years ago you disowned me, just a few months ago you denied me my democratic right to vote and choose who will govern me.

Have you forgotten that I ran away from over 30 years of your misrule?

Is it a secret that you labelled me a sell-out?

Now that it’s becoming difficult to fund your budget you conveniently remember I am a Zimbabwean who must contribute to the development of the country through remitting funds that I have earned through doing menial jobs according to you commander-in-chief.

The BRICS, your excellence are outward looking and very aggressive in the global market, your government commander is inward looking, a gatekeeper state that thinks of enriching an elite few who invest in foreign lands like Hong Kong, yet you call me to remit my money, have you ever thought that if your boys remit 10 percent of their loot to the treasury we could turn around this economy, who is not a patriot Sir me and your boys?

What has happened to you Mr President that you are collaborating with regime change agents for nation building by asking them to use resources that they have been given for selling out our beautiful country.

When did I become a citizen, a Zimbabwean Mr President? Do I become one in times of trouble, your excellency?

Do I become a patriot now that you want my money?

Mr President Sir, what is it that you have done to protect my few Benjamins from your thieving boys?

Yes, I am a patriot too Mr President, and I shall send money back home only through unofficial channels, so that I don’t fund the government that has disowned me and to protect my money, remember Gideon Gono took some foreign currency in bank accounts a few years ago that is yet to be paid.

I have been sending money back home sir it’s only that the clueless one does not know.

Mr President am officially telling you here and now that as a patriot I will send money back home to my mother/father in Chiendambuya, Njanja, Holly Cross, Entumbane and Kanyaga, but not to the clueless one and your government.

I will only send through official channels when you accept that I am a Zimbabwean and patriot too, but I differ with you, when you operationalise accountability structures and systems to stop leakages, when you realise that State/nation building needs all of us not the people of Zvimba alone.

You told us Sir that Godwills  Masimirembwa had stolen $6 million but he is still roaming the streets of Harare scot free, yet there are innocent people that are languished and are languishing in prison for just telling you that they want good governance, rule of law and food on their tables, Solomon Madzore, Morgen Komichi, Last Tamai Maengahama, Rebecca Mafikeni ? may her soul rest in peace ? are no less Zimbabweans than Masimirembwa Mr President they are patriots too.

Why reward economic saboteurs yet calling us to fund the same?

When you realise that running State affairs need a Constitution and constitutionalism, but the nation state you preside over is devoid of this.

I wonder if the “patriots” running the country ever respect the people who spoke so loud through referendum that they needed provincial governments, but sir you have ignored the Constitution on the establishment of such structures of governance.

And worse to see that the clueless one has not given any budget vote to the establishment, as a self proclaimed patriot Mr President why are you not following the supreme law of the land.

I am reminding you because I am a patriot too and you seem to have forgotten.

Sir, as a patriot your policies should speak to the national development goals.

During the GNU era sir, Tendai Biti used to tell us there is no money coming to Treasury from diamonds and you accused him of lying now that Pari...tricky has started parotting the same and calling for accountability in that sector is he a sell out too?

Mr President Sir, I don’t think Zim Asset will work if you do what you did with land reform, copying without a strategy for its proper implementation I know you were merry making sir because you got you bonus and my father didn’t, but am not sure if I can say our 2014 will be prosperous with how you have ended the year.

Yes, I am a Patriot too, Mr President.

*Mashoko M Matonhodze is a councillor and a provincial youth chair for the MDC T writing in his own personal capacity.

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Sounds like Wananchi blog

Mad Madhunamutuna - 6 January 2014

Correction The headline should read ( where the president spent OUR money ) and NOT his money. Thanks

ronaldos - 6 January 2014

matonhodze's writings is just full of hatrade. he sees nothing good about mugabe. they must visit resettlement areas like in headlands where people have since started to enjoy the fruits of mugabe's so called land grabe programm

mambo - 6 January 2014

when the bad outweighs the good then you must know that that person is good for nothing. that is the likes of mugabe who support and promotes thieves instead of sending them to prison where they rightfully belong. there is no hatred in exposing the bad that one does.

tk - 7 January 2014

Real - 7 January 2014

This is a rubbish piece.

godfrey gudo - 7 January 2014

Mambo there is nothing good in Mugabe, point one. We were fighting in the bush he was staying in a surburb in Lorenzo Margues a.k.a Maputo, he was wearing suits whilst we wore camouflage, we are toiling now after the war he is galivanding across the globe, our kids go toschools with no teachers his go to the best schools in the world, we go to hospitals with no medicines he goes to be enlivened in foreign hospitals, his ministers loot he gives a blind eye, so what is good of him tell me Mambo?

Maita Manyuka - 8 January 2014

You want Bob to go? Beat him in an election, and he will go. If he beats you, he rules. Its simple.

machakachaka - 8 January 2014

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