AFM members want defrocked pastor reinstated

HARARE - Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) members yesterday held a peaceful protest against the suspension of the Harare East province pastor who was suspended because he divorced his wife.

AFM parishioners accused the church’s Overseer Amon Chinyemba of being dictatorial in the management of the church.

Chinyemba fired pastor Patson Munyengeterwa three weeks ago because he had divorced his abusive wife.

The church members claimed that Munyengeterwa was dismissed from his position unconstitutionally.

The Waterfalls pastor was said to be  a victim of domestic violence at the hands of his wife of 17 years and decided to end the union. The matter is currently before the courts.

When the Daily News crew arrived at the church yesterday, congregants were demanding an apology from Chinyemba and the reinstatement of the suspended pastor. They accused the overseer of acting arbitrarily.

Placards inscribed “Munyengeterwa paPulpit”, “Satani Pakadoma”  and “Church haitongwe nedictatorship” were pasted on the church walls both inside and outside.

Soon after Chinyemba apologised, he bolted out of the church after the congregation demanded he brings back their pastor, prematurely ending the service. A few parishioners remained in church though.

Richard Mhlanga, a member of the church, said Munyengeterwa had every right to divorce the abusive wife.

“How can a man endure a marriage that he does not enjoy to be in?” he asked. “A marriage marred with physical abuse and multiple bodily scars some of them knife marks?”

He said the church wants their pastor to be reinstated otherwise the Waterfalls church will not be able to conducts services.

Martin Moyana, another congregant,  highlighted that there was nothing in the church constitution that states if a pastor is divorced, he could not conduct his duties.

“After the firing of our pastor we looked at the constitution to find if there was a clause that states otherwise but we did not find it,” Moyana said. “The only possible excuse is that this was an agreement between the elders that if a pastor divorces, they are given three months to sort out the issue.

“If the matter is not resolved, they are suspended pending a decision from the church on the way forward.
Even that is not binding as there are other pastors who are practising despite taking a second wife. Do they want him to die in the marriage before they realise that it is not working for him?”

Moyana said Munyengeterwa’s case was different as technically he was already a single man.

“He does not enjoy conjugal rights with his wife, let alone sleep in the house,” Moyana said.

“He is constantly beaten. The woman neither cooks nor cleans for the man, surely, that is not a marriage.”

Emmanuel Manyika, secretary for the Harare East province, said the church has rules and regulations that needed to be followed.

“It is stated in the church laws that if one divorces they should step down from the reigns of being a pastor,” Manyika said.

Comments (45)

Overseer Chinyemba should act like a grown up man. he needs advisors, its simple the people r saying they want their pastor bt he is the only one denying, this man must be having a hidden agenda. bring bek munyengeterwa and all the noise will b over.

Obrigadho - 6 January 2014

Chinyemba uyu ndeupi?Anotungamira sangano ripi tisimudze dzake nyanya.

makwembere - 6 January 2014

The rot in the church must be nipped in the bud. Whilst the details regarding pastor munyengeterwa's marriage are best given by the two in the marriage, the problem with our church leadership is that they always shy away from the truth. As a matter of fact Chinyemba has several cases which he has selectively handled showing his dictatorial acumen but with very dirty hands. He is well aware of pastors in his province who are in second marriages and some with children outside wedlock (to the extent that they are still cheating on their wives) but chooses to target pastor Munyengeterwa because of a perceived threat against his overseership in the next elections. One is inclined to believe that there is more to it than meets the eye. How many girlfriends does chinyemba have and how many scandals has he been implicated in yet he remains in office??? For argument's sake let Munyengeterwa's case be handled in the proper manner but for all I know, Chinyemba is the one that needs to be investigated; his closet is full of skeletons, to say the least.

Truth always - 6 January 2014

Can a divorcee be a pastor according to the bible. Can someone who has remarried(who is an adulterer) be a pastor?

tichaona - 6 January 2014

Iye mwari pachake anovenga chatanuro kunze kwekunge mumwe abatwa nechikomba. by the way ndiyo AFM yandinoziva here coz these people they brag vachiti ndovanonamataka chaizvo, imi denga rine nharo iri nhau yekunamata iyi haizi yechurch asi dungamunhu hezvoka.

Chatanuro - 6 January 2014

This article is shallow. Hellen should have checked with the AFM constitution to bring all facts to light. A pastor is selected by the board of Elders not the congregation. Overseer Chinyemba is only doing his job. Devorcees can not be Pastors, neither can they hold leadership positions in the church. There is no story here. This is the work of people who want to disturb the church. But they will not succeed.

Pastor - 6 January 2014

Deliverence first before marriage,wheather you are a postor you need delivetrence. The woman is a good wife if she get delivered. She had the spiritual husband.We have witnessed macases akadaro pastor achishungurudzwa nemukadzi but kana adeliver anotoita munhu kwaye.Church ngaifambe ne the holy spirit not kuputsa dzimba .Vanhu ava ngavadeliver munoona marriage yavo ikamira zvakanaka.

Adviser - 6 January 2014

This is just the Devil's work who causes confusion in the church. the Bible says in the last days Satan achatsvaga kutsausa even vasanangurwa. ivavo vafundisi ndovaanoda coz he noz kuti akabata ivavo becoz they're leaders, vanovateera will think kuti to live a righteous life is impossible. I refer to the comments by 'Truth Always' above, your comments are just to discourage people from following Christ

Intergrity - 6 January 2014

It is imperative to comment using facts that you can prove. If truth always is not being reactive why did he no take the initiative to expose what ever wrong deeds he alleges the overseer is involved. You appear to me a bitter person who is pro the fired pastor. The constitution has to be followed religiously. If it is true that there are similar pastors who are receiving different treatment then there is need to bring those to book as well. God's church is God's church ,you don't fight on behalf of God ask dagon.

Mukomaticha - 6 January 2014

It is disheartening to think or other wise, pastors, bishops and prophets across the church divide are born again cheaters, they hold the highest degree in cheating the congregats, they can do anything for money, so long uchiratidza kuva nemari muchurch zvako zvotoita you are close to these people, they love money, please ipai vatendi a chance, asi Chinyemba hatobvi paCranborne pacho here? ini ndakatendeuka 1992 achingovapo asi ndishe kani? rotate these people mhani.

Murefu - 6 January 2014

Haungagone kutungamira church imba yako waitadza...Church huru mumba mako inga Pauro akasiya ataura. Kana mweya mutsvene uchishanda maari sezvatinoudzwa nevafundisi naiye aifanira kunamatira amai kusvika mweya mutsvene wabata basa. Inga isu vakadzi ndozvavanotitaurira wani vafundisi!

Mai 2 - 6 January 2014

Is this a Christian church? If so, the Bible should be their final constitution. The qualifications for leaders of churches and deacons according to the Bible are as follows: 1 Timothy 3 verses 1 to 13 and Titus 1 verses 5 to 9. According to Matthew 19 and other scriptures, if the suspended Pastor ends up marrying another woman before his wife dies, he will be committing adultery and before God he will be in polygamy as he vowed not to leave his wife until they are separated by death. Not even a high court judge can annul that vow by a divorce order. Jesus said a man can only divorce for the cause of fornication (which is unclean living before marriage). Fornication and adultery are different. Jesus said what God has joined let no man put asunder. The AFM church members clamouring for the return of this Pastor may not be reading their Bibles to guide them.

rano - 6 January 2014

Isu ve ATR dzakateya. We will not interfere with private grief.

Mutongi Gava - 7 January 2014

To Murefu for your own information Overseer Chinyemba is no longer at Cranborne. He is now leading a new church since 2010 which he started from scratch

tanga wabvunza - 7 January 2014

hallo vana vaMwari i understand makatsamwiswa nechiitiko ichi, handipinde AFM i personally feel this is a wrong platform to air your views, this is in house don't you have a forum yekuchurch yenyu yamunokwanisa ku discusser your concerns mega. don't allow anger make you do things u will regret tomorrow above all THINK OF WHAT ALL THIS IS DOING TO THE BODY OF CHRIST. thank you

tsitsi - 7 January 2014

Real - 7 January 2014

Surprisingly, it seems there is more to this

Ashton Banda - 7 January 2014

Pastor Amon Chinyemba and his wife, and Pastor ***** and his wife of AFM **** assembly have actually turned Harare East province into an aluvera trading province people have complained and the matter is swept under the capet. Every sunday after church service they go on to conduct aluvera trading lessons at Prospect primary school, instead of attending to church members who pays them salaries at the end of the month. Are you aware that Overseer Chinyemba actually victimized Vice Overseer Nehanda because he is a threat to his post. On the end he forced assemblies in his province to appreciate pastors 4 times a year instead of 3 times. True this man is a dictator.

Ashton Banda - 7 January 2014

Chinyemba ko bus re ku Cranborne Assembly rakatsakatika risati rauya kwama kari "importer" chechi yabvisa makunun'unu emari uchariziva here? you were the pastor there handiti..... ok, yahwe ndakuona. if a pastor is in an abusive relationship can he continue? huh? its better kurambana panyika uchienda kudenga than to be in a marriage that takes u to hell!

Mutendi wa Jeso - 7 January 2014

The bible tells me in Matthew 19:9 - That : Whosoever shall put away his wife, except for sexual immorality, and shall marry another, commit adultery: and whosoever married her commit adultery. So its not about the constitution of AFM but about God , why do people put their trust in man ? We should test every spirit according to the bible not man . Remember God is coming very soon and he will find you fighting his word .

Alvin - 7 January 2014

AFM People bloody idiots they talk about the church constitution instead of talking what God says. Saka constitution yenyu ikati muponde muchangoita izvozvo despite what the bible says. Shame on you. Taifunga kuti noise yamunoita mu church menyu mune brain yet you are empty vessels

shame - 7 January 2014

Alvin you are right. The bible is the greatest constitution for all Christians. The problem is we do not read our bibles. But people should be careful....God fight for himself.

Pastor - 7 January 2014

Shame the AFM constitution was not built outside the bible. The fundamental principles of any BiBLE believing church are in the bible agreed. The bible does not give you the nitty -gritties of your conduct as a church hence the need for a constitution drawn with the bible as manual to enable ease of governance.

mukomaticha - 7 January 2014

mukomaticha. care to tell me what the bibkle says about devorce.

shame - 8 January 2014

Twumacompany twenyu itwi. Hapana zvechechi apa. Pray for revelation and God will guide you to the true church of God which He promised He will restore in this day. Time is at hand. Repent or Perish!!!!!!!!

repent or perish - 8 January 2014

Twumacompany twenyu itwi. Hapana zvechechi apa. Pray for revelation and God will guide you to the true church of God which He promised He will restore in this day. Time is at hand. Repent or Perish!!!!!!!!

Mighty Gentile Warrior of The End Time! - 8 January 2014

Twumacompany twenyu itwi. Hapana zvechechi apa. Pray for revelation and God will guide you to the true church of God which He promised He will restore in this last day. Time is at hand. Repent or Perish!!!!!!!!

Mighty Gentile Warrior of The End Time! - 8 January 2014


Thomas - 9 January 2014

i totally agree with Thomas

ceeyou - 9 January 2014

you spend your time argueing abt who is right and who is wrong but you dont discuss the word of God, tsvagai ruponiso, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

iylet - 22 January 2014

you spend your time argueing abt who is right and who is wrong but you dont discuss the word of God, tsvagai ruponiso, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

iylet - 22 January 2014

It's sad that things had to go out of hand the way they did. We wish that our pastor had not been divorced but what's done is done. God is faithful and all things work together for good. Our pastor is back.

Waterfalls - 7 February 2014

Moyna and crew mucharowha neshamhu yamwari. who are you? wakawana church yakavakwa iyi Ue verenga bible urinzwisise I just wonder which bible do you read. tendeuka mufana nyaya yekunamata haidi dzungu raurikuita iri. inotoda mweya wamwari young man.

TINDO - 10 February 2014

mwari ndivo vanoziva zvavanoda nechurch yavo count from today up to december kuti hapana chinenge chachinja here

TANATSIWA - 7 March 2014

vana tinco basa ku commenter zvamusingazive, dai urimumwe wanyararisa hako, haungazive nyaya yese nekuti waiverenga mupepa, shut up zvamchose

ndoti - 10 March 2014

dzungu ndiani? hapana anedzungu apa zvitori bhoo soo, iwe tindo ndiwe unedzungu, uribharanzi nyarara zvako, tsvaga Mwari nguva ichipo vakuratidze zvakavanzika.

falls - 10 March 2014

doesn't the bible say,'' touch not my anointed?'' Let m refer u to wat David did when he had an unforeseen encounter wth saul, his enemy in the cave.He feared the preternatural anointing that God hed cascaded on SAUL.Thus, allow m to warn those who cast aspersions on pst chinyemba& munyengeterwa. ITS not yor onus to deduce who is wrong and right. No wonder why some of u a not blessed,its because u interfere in pastoral matters.Woe betide Chinyemba if he is wrong. Stop tarnishing his name. Learn to b secretive in church affairs!!1

lloyd murambiwa - 11 March 2014

maAFM munondiyadzisireiko mukadero? do u know that Jesus is weeping on his throne seeing u wreaking havoc around his church premise. your behaviour is tarnishing the image of the church,triggering off unmitigated disrepute &a reflection of lack of gravity towards church matters.

lloyd murambiwa. AFM MEMBER - 11 March 2014

Thats why makandiwa left

dee - 26 March 2014

aya. ndo afm yenyuka iyi inoita basa rekuparidza mamwe machechi ichisiya Jesu. ini zii zvangu toonana kudenga

ini - 2 April 2014

taura hako dee thats why makandiwa left.

hezvo - 2 April 2014

the bible says abatwa achipomba ndiye anogona kuramba mukadzi kana murume zvekurohwa nezvimwee imwee nyaya till death do set you ap[art and munhu wamwari kauyu paainyenga dai ishe wakamuzarurira in i say dont use human eyes to choose a wife nekuti mukadzi akana ka anobva ku na mwariii

dady - 7 April 2014

Kana munhu aramba mukadzi baiberi (Not constitution) says haachakodzera kuita mufudzi so Chinyemba haana problem even if he has skeletons in his closet in this particular case he made the right decision because this pastor akano roora then he is committing adultery. Simple exegesis brethren you dodnt need to go to bible school to know this.

apostle - 2 October 2014

If i am ask are these people real christians or what? If they are not willing to do what the leadership of AFM want they should just leave the church and start their own church.

TINDO - 15 October 2014

Haasiriye mumwe chete here uyu ari kunzi akarova munhu? Church of God, wake up and put you trust in God not in men.

ishe - 18 February 2015

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