It's a bedroom issue

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai’s family members are set to approach their in-laws in a frantic bid to save the marriage of the former premier to his estranged wife Elizabeth Macheka.

A family representative, Casper Tsvangirai,  brother to the former Prime Minister, spoke out for the first time yesterday on the separation between Morgan and Elizabeth and revealed that the problem between the two was a “bedroom issue” which he said he could not reveal.

However, he indicated that there were plans to mediate and resolve the impasse.

Casper told the Daily News on Sunday that as far as they were concerned, the two were still husband and wife going through a rough patch.

“As the Tsvangirai family, we know that they are still married,” he said. “The problems they are facing are bedroom issues between two people, inyaya dzemubedroom mavo, (it’s personal issues between them) I cannot comment much on that.

“But as a family, we are concerned on what is happening and we need to sit down with Elizabeth and Macheka family to find out what is the problem. There is a family structure that we follow to resolve issues troubling our family, and it is quite normal for us to try to help and solve the matter.”

Tsvangirai, 61, and Macheka, 36, wedded in September 2012 but did not sign the legal marriage register due to a legal challenge to their union by the opposition leader’s ex-lover Locardia Karimatsenga.

Tsvangirai’s first wife, Susan, died in a tragic car accident in 2009, and his new wife is divorced and a daughter to Joseph Macheka, the Zanu PF central committee member and former mayor of Chitungwiza.

Casper also strenuously denied State media reports that his young brothers had been spying on Elizabeth, a development which could have contributed to the marriage breakdown.

“I don’t know that one of my brothers have been following Elizabeth, she is my amainini (sister-in-law) and we helped in her marriage to Morgan so why should we follow on her?” he asked.

“I only read media stories that one of my brothers has been stalking her. She must mention the person so that everyone can know the person, but I can tell you that there is no truth in that.”

He added that even their mother, who resides at the Tsvangirai family homestead in Humanikwa Village in Buhera, had not been informed that the two had separated or divorced.

“We understand that the two are supposed to be living together at their house that they bought together, but of late I have been reading in the press that  Elizabeth is no  longer living with Morgan,” Casper said.

Asked to clarify reports that Tsvangirai was contemplating marrying his late wife’s younger sister, Leah, he retorted; “On the issue of Leah Mhundwa, we know her as the younger sister to the late Susan Tsvangirai and nothing more to the issue.”

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai brushed off claims that there was an undisclosed but sensitive medical issue that had contributed to the marriage breakdown.

Tsvangirai, through his official spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, said he was keen on resolving his marital problems in a dignified manner.

“The (MDC) president respects the institution of marriage and is dealing with this issue in a manner that is dignified, mature and respectful to the sanctity of marriage,” he said.

“Remember, he was married for 31 years to his late dear wife Susan.”

But Elizabeth insists Tsvangirai was out to solicit public sympathy, claiming that she will not be drawn into a public discussion of her private life while at the same time talking to the media.

The two now live in two separate houses, with Tsvangirai still ensconced at the government-owned Highlands house while Elizabeth has moved to the couple’s house in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale.

While the State media claimed the root of the couple’s problems was “medical”, Elizabeth told the same paper the problems were “personal and circumstantial.”

But Tsvangirai yesterday refuted the medical claims.

“We put it on record that the (MDC) president has a 100 percent clean bill of health and subjects himself to regular medical check-ups,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson said.

“The president will not be distracted from the issues affecting the country by this issue. He is concerned with the economic decline, the liquidity crunch and other problems facing the country.”

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Talking from experience .I discovered that money,social standing among others, attract woman but prove to be vanity when she is married.The only thing a woman need for her to be proud of a marriage is sexual satisfaction.A man must prove beyond doubt that he is a sex icon.A woman can leave a well known and rich husband and join sexually talented man or pay huge amount of money for the service..So how do you know that you are a real man?.......A real man spent at least 45minutes first round.60minutes 2nd.130minuts third round,none stop coitus time,plus double the romance time and not more than 3 rounds. Plus good stamina, good thrusting power and strong at least18cm organ, elastic,not too liquid like manhood(because poor manhood is uncontrollable and need supplements like contraceptive pills/condoms etc to avoid unwanted pregnant,artificial method they hate so much). A man who is able to search and reach her G4 as well as blowing off her sexual appetite/fire.Leaving her full enough to go for a week or more without sexual zeal.This kind of man,no matter what she never let go but rather die for and promise whole heartedly ,to be faithful.They don't want sex every day.If your wife demand sex and or want it every day then know that you are failing somehow ,because sex is a draining and long process.If you cannot meet these basic requirements,please do not merry. From practical sex expert lets share/discuss on Google at ZIM GO GLOBAL NET.

samuel Gweshe - 5 January 2014

I dont think an 89yrs man can do that to a woman and that means other men have to do that on his behalf.

Dibulaanyika - 5 January 2014

Morgan has shown how poor his judgement qualities are. The MDC intelligence desk should have done it work on Elizabeth and MRT must know that the intelligence desk is key to success in politics. Ask Bob . Eliza musikana C10

Wenger - 5 January 2014

Lets discuss the first comment with the writer Pnc.S.Gweshe zimgogoglobalnetwork google account

samuel Gweshe - 5 January 2014

Pnc Samuel B Gweshe on Facebook......the author of the fist comment....lets discuss

samuel Gweshe - 5 January 2014

Nyaya iripo ndeyekuti Save vanoda kuita sungawirirano yemwana iye haadi saka unofunga gwosvikepi . Rudo gwemaAmerican kuno hagushandi Eliza ngasunungure Mbereko paite chimwe chiSave chiduku dambudziko rese rinopera . Save kana dzirinyaya dzebonde haisi dambudziko vhunzai Lorcadia kuti idhara . Gadzirisai mutupo chete dambudziko rinopera

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 5 January 2014

OK fine Morgan is not clever because he can't rig elections but why those who are clever and rigged the elections are failing to stop the economy from collapsing? hee!!

Dibulaanyika - 5 January 2014

Save vanyura

Mike Moyo - 6 January 2014

Simbi dzaaitamba nadzo dzakamusunga mudhara uyu. Did you see how he went down abatwa TB Joshua mumusoro? He is in trouble

kokorigo - 6 January 2014

In all fairness marriage is not about sex only it is about love and respect. Any woman who wants 30 minutes of sex is mad. half an hour of squeezing that thing is just not healthy anyway. A minute can be very satisfying. Going back to love and respect, love is natural, and once you love you respect. If you love money then you don't love your man, you cannot love both. If Tsvangirayi had won the elections Eliza was not going to run away. She wanted to be a first lady and when it failed she had nothing to give to Morgan. Morgan did not see that just like he did not see the damage Nikuv could do.

Maita Manyuka - 6 January 2014

So many issues arising from this article. @Wenger above is 2000% correct that Morgan got the wrong woman. Actually he fell for the CIO "honeytrap". It's strange that Morgan was associating with ZANU PF women of dubious morals ever since the suspicious death of his wife Susan. Coming to Casper Tsvangirai's statement. It seems that Casper is a simple-minded fellow who cannot choose his words carefully. It's possible that what he meant and what people are interpreting are different issues. It's possible that when he said the matter was a "bedroom issue" he simply implied that it was a private matter but people are now interpreting it to mean "sexual". My own question is: Is Morgan R. Tsvangirai the right person to lead the MDC?

Nyanisi Ruzengwe - 6 January 2014

Elizabeth must not cheat Save. She must give him a child thats all. Iwo mapiritsi aya akonzeresa mabreakdowns mumamarriages akawanda. Munhu wemurume kana aroora anotarisira mwana. Manje mukana mbereko yoramba iwe mukadzi wonetsa futi what do you expect.

robinsen - 6 January 2014

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