Govt clueless on economic crisis: Makoni

HARARE - Opposition leader Simba Makoni has scoffed at claims by Patrick Chinamasa, the new Finance minister, that his spending plan ushers in the birth of a new economy, and the death of the old economy.

The Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD) leader said for the largest majority of Zimbabweans, life will remain as difficult in 2014, as it was in 2013; if not worse.

A former Finance minister in President Robert Mugabe’s government, Makoni said in spite of all the rhetoric about the $4,1 billion 2014 national budget being “policy driven”, there were “no rational, viable, coherent policies that can guide citizens, especially players in the economy, to plan for the future with clarity and confidence.”

Chinamasa announced that informal traders, small scale miners and small scale farmers will be the anchor of the new economy.

“This new economy is characterised by market stalls in every open space in the urban areas, and small, crammed and darkly lit shops; selling vegetables, trinkets, used clothes and other wares,” Makoni said in a New Year message taking a dig at the December 19 delayed budget.

“The country is one big supermarket for products from other countries.

“Power and water supplies are worse than they were twelve months ago.

“Two national referral hospitals were reported to have run for weeks without piped water. In the last quarter of 2013, headlines screamed warnings of typhoid and other disease outbreaks; signalling further collapse of health and sanitation services.”

Makoni, former executive secretary of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc), said corruption remains endemic in all spheres of life.

“We hear loud declarations of `zero tolerance’ of it, by the highest public officer, and a coterie of others in high offices,” Makoni said.

“In spite of threats of tough action against its perpetrators, nothing is being done to demonstrate the zero tolerance.

“On the contrary, everything that’s done shows maximum tolerance, if not active encouragement, of corruption.”

Severe food shortages continue in almost all parts of the country, he said.

“Whilst acknowledging the food crisis, and making statements that `no Zimbabwean will die of hunger’, the government has yet to unveil concrete plans to save lives,” Makkoni said.

“Worse still, there are no plans to revive agricultural production, from the current season, into the future.”

He said the industrial sector continued to bleed, with a growing number of companies ceasing operations.

“As with agriculture, there are no plans to arrest the haemorrhage, let alone restore growth,” he said.

Job losses in the formal sectors of the economy continue unabated. Makoni said even though they claim a “resounding victory”, Zanu PF and its government were completely at a loss over how to take the people of Zimbabwe out of poverty, fear and insecurity.

“Into 2014, we shall continue our efforts to work with those in government, and others in politics, business, the professions and civil society; to find ways to alleviate the many hardships confronting the people every day,” Makoni said.

“In this regard, we commend and thank players in civil society, and the international community, for their sterling efforts to stem the humanitarian crises caused by food shortages, HIV/Aids and other diseases, domestic and gender-based violence, crime and corruption, and state ineptitude and heartlessness.”

He said he would strive to invigorate Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD) into the “a party of choice” in order to “generate hope among the people, that they can create a better future for themselves.

We remain convinced that our vision, values and principles form a solid foundation for the economic, social, cultural and moral recovery of our nation, and future progress for all our people,” he said.

“We are committed to creating a grand coalition of like-minded citizens, to lead our country out of crisis.”

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Ignore them all Cde Patrick. Biti was clueless. He failed to secure more than 10% of diamond revenues for the state. But you'll have to go further than increasing taxes on petrol. We should follow the example of the workers paradise of Cuba. For 60 years you needed a permit to buy a car. A permit for a Peugeot 206 went for $50,000 and the revenue was used to develop public transport. A bus transports 60 workers for 10% of the fuel, uses 10% of the resources and creates 10% of the carbon footprint of 60 SUV's transporting their lordships in splendid isolation. Our conspicuously consuming elites ape Blair and Bush's obscene motorcades, casting all aside as if afraid of regime change. We demand the return of the Zim $ yesterday

John Banda - 3 January 2014

Nothing less than the return of the Zim $! The born-free generation of cadres demand their day at the feeding trough. It is time for the old guard to share the spoils of exclusive access to the Post-Imperialist, Neo-Colonialist dollar. I am sure I speak for all 3 million diasporans when I propose a 51% indigenization levy on all the filthy dollars remitted back into Zimbabwe. Give Pats a few months and we will only be accepting progressive currencies like the North Korean Won and the Venezuelan Bolivar

John Banda - 3 January 2014

Fools will always be idiots how can a sane person still be calling for the resurection of bearer what what what which is valueless . Wait and see in next few months all the economy which was revived by Biti will be gone .Remember the farmer you chased away frmo Zimbabwe has become the corner stone of Zambian economy ,who is fooling who zanu is fooling those who are idiots

Dibulaanyika - 3 January 2014

@John Banda: You are nothing but a naive COMMUNIST. Although you mean well, the ideology failed, so I fail to understand why and normal human being would want to implement policies that have proved themselves failures. Name me one state that prospered with such policies. As for the Zim dollar, again, I reiterate the aforementioned notion: FAILURE! Increasing the supply of the Z$ will stimulate economic activity yes, but that comes with the inevitable demon of inflation, that started this mess in the first place. Moreover, there is no gold to back this Z$ you so desperately seem to want. At least Chinamasa, sees this and has said that it will not come back anytime soon. Lets base our thoughts on pragmatism not idealism, please, ndapota hangu baba.

Le Chef - 3 January 2014

Le Chef, You missed the sarcasm

mukwerekwere - 3 January 2014

U failed yourself simba. just shut up

crocodile squad - 4 January 2014

@john banda makajaira zvekuburner z$, why a u crying for it when u know that it does not work?

bhoramusango - 4 January 2014

Chinamasa hero basa

Mari Manyemba - 4 January 2014

Sarcasm my foot! Paddy has only been in office a month. He is planning the replacement of Mercs and Hummers with 323's and R4's. He is only awaiting Bob's approval to abolish the wailing motorcades, and get around like the Queen of the Netherlands on a bicycle. He will drastically cut the size of the cabinet. The UK cabinet of 29 is considered bloated to oversee an economy of $2,500 billion. That is 86b per minister. Zim's economy is $10.7b with 26 ministers. Soon Patrick alone will administer it all for 6 weeks of the year and for the remaining 10 1/2 months take unpaid leave. Sell off all the parastatals, sack the politburo, put the military back in their barracks and yes, the Z$ will fly again

John Banda - 4 January 2014

A candid, accurate and comprehensive statement of the state of affairs of our country! The Grand Coalition is the only hope for the emancipation of the suffering people and political leaders should achieve full consummation of the idea long before the before the next general election! It does not help to talk about a huge idea like a Grand Coalition a few days or months before the elections.

Alois Matongo - 4 January 2014

ZANU PF chefs are in power to enrich themselves. Recovery of the economy is not on their agenda, they do not care about the poor ordinary Zimbabweans. ZANU PF chefs are soooooo power hungry that they will be rigging the elections again in 2018, and they will win again and they will not improve the lives of poor Zimbabweans.

Sinjonjo - 4 January 2014

John Banda is right,Zim$ must come back like yesterday,but not feit currency.We want pure diamond and gold coins with real value.Surely every one want gold and diamonds.Money with intrinsic value is the only way out.

samuel Gweshes - 4 January 2014

Clueless Simba Makoni On Wisdom ex finance minister and a political leader as you claim to be,even though not recognized by the people,you must watch your tongue,we expect you to advise the minister on how best we can move forward rather than lifting peoples anxiety,sorrow and pain.Stop Donor Fund politics and be Zimbabwean!!

samuel Gweshe - 4 January 2014

Le Chef, you missed sarcasm

jungamuti - 4 January 2014

No offense spot on Dr Simba!Calling a spade a spade. It's folly to expect the Liberation movement's old guard to do anything different to save the economy. Expecting a "eureka moment" for the economy from Zanu,is like expecting to navigate the treacherous twenty-first-century landscape using eighteenth-century compasses. it simply does not work! The challenges of the twenty-first-century are humongous and requires sober people who act without prejudice. The only successful liberation movements are those that have seen, read and understood the writings on the wall that the it's no longer about themselves. And have allowed for their organisations to evolve and allow for twenty-first-century leaders to rise to the occasion and provide leadership and guidance to their countries.

African - 5 January 2014

My foot Makoni, from SADAC guru to Tsvangirai stooge. Cant take you seriously after your having wanted to be catapulted by Chematama. Get out of your bitterness shell then we will concur with your input maybe.

Patriot - 5 January 2014

Spot on Dr Simba Makoni,after all the revered Dr is well vexed in Business/Economics unlike the stoogie Patrick Chinamasa ,Lawyer risingagone Chirungu.U really wonder how Chinamasa passed the bar at the University of Rhodesia?????.Dr IBBO MANDAZA correctly pointed it out that Matibili & his Cronies are very much illiterate in Business/Economics matters.Zim once again is headed off to the Economic doldrums.

Dr ZVICHAPERACHETE - 7 January 2014

Wann endlich beginnt das Volk sich mit einer neuen Befreiungsbewegung zu wehren gegen die alte Garde. Ihr müßt in vielen Ländern Vertretungen gründen, die dafür sorgen, daß Zimbabww wieder zum internat. Thema wird. Der Druck auf die kurrupte Regierung muß erhöht werden !

Siegfried Speer - 7 January 2014

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