Prophet Angel speaks out

HARARE - Prophet Uebert Angel has gained worldwide attention through his prophesies.

He granted the Daily News (DN) a rare no-holds-barred interview in which he responds to a number questions about him which the public has been raising since he rose to prominence.

The interview was conducted by the DN crew soon after his Exodus Night at the City Sports Centre on December 31, 2013 attended by thousands of people, some of them foreigners.

DN: Why is it that you rarely grant interviews and the few times you do, some people have claimed that you mix extreme arrogance and extreme humility.

Angel: The level of arrogance I exude is proportionate to the level of stupidity thrown at me by some circles of the media and as for granting interviews, that might be next to the word ‘oxymoron’ because I am granting an interview right now.

DN: So who is Uebert Angel and where did it all start?

Angel: I don’t like talking about Angel because he died when Jesus rose, so let’s talk of Jesus Christ if you have the time.

DN: You have answered the first part of the question but some would want to know where it all started?

Angel: If you insist Prophet Angel is the fulfilment of Ephesians 2:8-9, God chooses grace rather than works. If God had chosen works rather than grace you would not have had the need for this interview for there would not have been a Prophet Angel to talk about.  I would not have been chosen.

If you read Jeremiah 1:5 Prophet Jeremiah was called before he was even formed in the womb.

This is my answer. It is simply election by grace.

Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife, Beverly, second from left, arrive by helicopter for the Exodus Night on Tuesday. Pic: Ndakaziva Majaka

DN: You have become a world renowned Prophet and at the same time an enigma to your enemies.

What do you have to say about your enemies?

Angel: First of all let me say, I don’t have enemies whatsoever.

There are millions upon millions who love me with a great passion and then there is this insignificant number of people who hate me, so it is profound to note that enemies become enemies when you also hate them but I don’t hate anybody.

You see there are no enemies of Angel on this earth for I love everyone with the love of Christ.

As for being known around the world, that’s aforementioned; It is election by grace not by works.

DN: There are reports that you are worth about $60 million. Can you elaborate on that.

Angel: Real money doesn’t talk and those who are worth that much don’t give figures.

That was another rumpling of a tramp a journalist picked up and pocketed. If you really knew my calling you would understand that figure is too little to claim for any man of God because with Jesus in us, we are worth more than the $60 million dollars you mentioned.

DN: So how did this $60 million dollars come about?

Angel: You are the one who asked the question so you are better placed to answer that.

Anyway to clear the air, I was invited to make an appearance at a business symposium by one of this country’s up-and-coming young businessman which he was hosting at Midlands State University and on our way the organiser of the symposium was called by an international magazine claiming that I was worth that much so he made a passing comment during the symposium about the call and even reiterated that I denied the claims.

When my turn came to speak and give some students Angel Foundation University Scholarships, I felt it crucial to address that and I literally called it “a lie from the pits of hell” but Angel’s name sells so lies where spewed to the public and some gullible people ate the lies like medium fries.

I should add that if people believe God like they believe some news agencies, then the world would be saved in one day.

DN: It is a well-known fact you are very rich.

Can you tell us how much you are worth?

Angel: My ‘worth’ is aforementioned.

DN: Some people think that many men of God use church funds to fund their flamboyant lifestyles what is your comment on that?

Angel: Titus 1:15 says to the impure everything is impure so to a thief everyone is a thief and to a conman everyone must be a conman.

Those who say such are really not commenting about me, they are simply exposing the impurity of their hearts.

They know if they are put in my position they would misappropriate God’s finances so it becomes an enigma to hear that Angel is not doing what they know fully well they would do if they had my position.

Let me also add that Angel has well performing businesses around the globe that actually fund the work of God so Nay Sayers should just shut their mouths and move on with their lives.

DN: Some assert that your prophecies are too accurate resulting in some questioning if this is the work of God or of the devil himself.

Angel: I thought it would be reasonable enough for God to be more accurate than the devil. My accuracy should be proof enough that God is at work. Read your Bible on real prophets and then do the maths. I leave it at that.

DN: What about those who doubt your prophecies completely?

Angel: As you know, chickens make a lot of noise when an eagle passes by.

Even if the eagle is not looking for prey, the sight of it makes chickens make noise.

DN: You dine with presidents, heads of state, millionaires and billionaires alike. How do you meet them and what do you really discuss?

Angel: Presidents and rich people are souls like you in need of salvation.

When they come to me they don’t come as presidents because that is simply their job description and title so I simply treat them as souls.

As for what I discuss with them, that’s between me and them. I will never reveal what we discuss.

Even if it were you, you wouldn’t want me to do the same.

DN: But many claim that these rich people and presidents  give you the vast of your wealth?

Angel: People are entitled to their conclusions and in many cases entitled to their confusions too.

One time they say we steal from the church and the next it’s the presidents and rich people that are close to me that give me money. You see their confusion and hatred goes deeper than what meets the eye.

The Bible says in Mark 12:31 you can only “love your neighbour as you love yourself” so the level of their hatred towards me exposes how they hate themselves not me. I am only their mirror to see how they hate themselves.

DN: But is it ok for a man of God to be rich?

Angel: Show me one man of God from Genesis to Revelation who walked with God and was his friend and was poor and I will show you a great lier.

DN: But some say if men of God were not rich, they would attend church?

Angel: So they would want me to be poor so that they attend my church?

The reason why I will never yield to that request, besides the fact that it is contrary to my calling, is because there are so many poor pastors around the world yet these people you refer to are not members of their churches.

It is the most profound expose of their hypocrisy.

DN: On another issue, you had an Exodus Night on December 31 that many people attended from all over the world, can you elaborate on what’s in store for the nation in 2014?

Angel: You should have attended the Exodus Night yourself sir.

There are free DVDs for people like you who missed it.

DN: Thank you for your time but before you go, there has been widespread rumour that you prophesied about a English Premier League giants, Liverpool winning the title this season. How far true is this?

Angel: If you are at the top you become the topic sir. Maybe there is another Prophet Angel who prophesied that.

As for this Uebert Angel, he never gave such a prophecy and if Liverpool wins then thank God but never give me credit for prophesying something I didn’t.

Comments (260)

those are real words of wisdom that man is a real man of God blessed are those who bless him and cursed are those who curse him one word of advice if you dont know about these spiritual things shut your mouth up to avoid curses to prophet i say thank you pliz read Hosea 4;6 and 1corithians4;3-6

khumalo david - 2 January 2014

The book of Ephesians 2:8-9 does not promise a prophet and therefore it is the wrong scripture to back up your ministry.Lazarus was a poor man,called a friend of Jesus,and he died twice in his poverty.God is for the rich and for the poor.Mr Angel you stated that you died when CHRIST rose from the dead, thats wrong because the bible said we died with him on the cross.I find Angel to be way too arrogant to be a faithfull servant of God.God despises a haughty spirit.

king77 - 2 January 2014

Thank you Prophet Angel for the wise words.Jehovah Chikopokopo

humphrey - 2 January 2014

Criticism is very good.For every article to enter into the hall of fame it must pass through the hall of critics.I dont think God is there ready to kill,curse and maim anyone who asks scriptural questions about dubious prophets.A ministry that seeks to threaten people with unspecified action if they question it is of the DEVIL.Khumalo David there is no scripture that says keep quiet about spiritual things.It says prove everything.Intimidating the people and instilling fear in those that seek to criticise is diabolic. I condemn it in the strongest terms.

king77 - 2 January 2014

kikkk, haaa prophet ava vakadziya, maiweee zvangu!!! Anyway I didnt see or feel anywhere in the interview that the person who was being interviewed was a clergyman!!!

kitsi - 2 January 2014

There is only one Major Prophet i know who stands on the principles of God and not of man. Thank you Papa for leading us into 2014 during the exodus night

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka - 2 January 2014

Why is he afraid to mention that he is from Rudhanda area in Zaka, about 15km from Jerera growth point. if it is true that he has businesses, why are these a secret. Also, how many people have emerged 'rich' or 'richer' from their gospel of prosperity? also, why is it that about 90% of people who fall down during healing so called sessions are women? the truth is that you are and your do-a-like are fleecing people of their money through trickery. But I think you are right to teach people a lesson, because black people are so fond miracles because of their laziness. tell them that tomorrow they will get a benz parked by their house door from nowhere, and you suddenly become a prophet. if they do not get it come tomorrow, tell them they are not praying enough, or they have not given sufficient money offerings to the church for the miracle to happen. Quote them a bible verse 'try me and see if you can contain my blessings". However, God is watching. You will stammer in heaven.

Danai Pazvagozha - 2 January 2014

The reporter was bleesed to be granted such an interview at the stroke of the new year. A rare opportunity and as usual Emeritus displays why he is Major Prophet and we thank God for you.

Emmanuel - 2 January 2014

Uebert Angel's responses reflect a lot of arrogance as well as dishonesty. The journalist asks a direct question as to who he is and how he became a "prophet" but the fellow simply says Angel " died when Jesus rose" from the dead. The truth is simply that Angel was born Hubert Mudzanire in the Zaka district of Masvingo. His father was a village school master at Bota Primary School. After attending his A'Levels in Zaka he later went to UK with his sister-in-law to seek greener pastures. He later established a church organization in the UK which was not successful and he left the UK penniless and dejected. In Harare his church organization thrived mainly due to the gullibility of Zimbabweans who believed in "the man of God" and contributed to "Angel's" upkeep. Very often contributions are raised just to give money and resources to Hubert and his wife Beverley. Those who contribute are advised that as they give to Hubert so shall they be rewarded a hundredfold on this earth. Old Testament verses alluding to the fact that man shall be heavily rewarded on this earth for his good deeds are emphasized over and over. One must also remember that in the Old Testament times there was little belief, if any, in the after-life and reward was deemed to be on this earth rather than in Heaven. This was in conformity to Jewish beliefs and traditions. When Jesus came he de-emphasized the obsession with earthly riches which he said made it difficult for folks to enter the kingdom of God- Heaven. Angel and his gullible followers are mistaken about Christianity, assuming that they are not con men!

Feldman Bandura - 2 January 2014

One muporofita ane staira musarwadziwe vanhu, kana akataura kuti anobva kwarudhanda, so what, akataura kuti vanhu vekwarudhanda havasimudzwe ndiyani, musarwadziwe, kana iwe ndokwaunobva, godo.

Norman Hanga - 2 January 2014

You are wrong Angel. The greatest prophet Jesus was poor!

Johno - 2 January 2014

Miracle TV has been a blessing to me and my family. Keep it up man of God.

Cde Tongo - 2 January 2014

He is arrogant and has no humility.

Maita Manyuka - 2 January 2014

We thank God for the prophet and leading us into 2014. What a night to remember at the Harare City Sports Centre and Papa was anointing people himself. Anenge asvotwa rutsa . We stand by you prophet .

Tariro - 2 January 2014

Kikkkk i like the part he said pose panopfuura gondo huku dzinoridza nhere, thats very true, gondo haritaure, hariite noise,

Kuleke - 2 January 2014

Wisdom. Holy Spirit. Knowledge.

rutti - 2 January 2014

A pure demonstration of Gods Wisdom on this man of God!This Wisdom "bubbles" from his belly ,one can feel it.Makes haters to hate more and lovers to love even more!

Mhondoro - 2 January 2014

those who comment negatively and hate Prophet Angel its because the demon of poverty rebels most when it meets its deliverer. he is not obligated to share his businesses he owns to anyone its his personal life and no one has a right to know what he owns and how he got those things. vanhu vanobatikana vachiti Prophet Angel is stealing church money they are the ones who dnt give even a kobo (cent) in church, if you look at their lives they are miserable. to the impure everythng is impure. if he is stealing let God be the one to judge him. if he is a cheat give him time for with time the devil's work will perish but if its of God the Lord almighty, it will last forever.

emeritus son of Major Prophet - 2 January 2014

In response to "Show me one man of God from Genesis to Revelation who walked with God and was his friend and was poor and I will show you a great liar". Our saviour himself, Jesus Christ was not a rich man. Luke 9:58 says foxes have dens and birds have nests but the son of man has no place to lay his head. In addition when the Devil tried to tempt Jesus he offered him earthly riches. Now would he offer someone rich already riches? Would a rich man have no place to lay his head. Why would Jesus in Matthew 24:19 say what he did if he were materially rich himself? It is sad, that the road to destruction is full of people who are busy storing up earthly treasures but are not storing up heavenly riches, being spiritually rich is all that matters people, lest we all perish because of a lack of knowledge. This world is passing and so are its desires.

Falcon Zengeza - 2 January 2014

Great wisdom from Man of God

Salad - 2 January 2014

Words of wisdom, from a great Prophet. you don't have to hate anyone, let them hate you, not you to hate them, hazviendese kudenga zvekusverovenga munhu.

Mongu - 2 January 2014

Angel: The level of arrogance I exude is proportionate to the level of stupidity thrown at me by some circles of the media. TRUE MAN OF GOD?

what the ef? - 2 January 2014

Matthew 19:24 I meant to say

Falcon Zengeza - 2 January 2014

This angel boy is an idiot and very satanic. Was Jesus materially rich? Where you quote the bible you give wrong intepretations; typical of the devil. For your own information we were all chosen by God through Jesus Christ. Take away money and the Word will spread like fire in this world. Zviprofita izvi matoto avanhu. You do not need money to spread God's Word. Idiot!!!!!

Chokwadi - 2 January 2014

Its amazing to see another man of God criticising another man of God, who do you really worship, if you worship God, does he allow that, beware to enter hell do not know who is of God so shush.

Yolanda - 2 January 2014

@chokwadi: Yah zvinokuendesai kudenga izvozvo, i dont submitt to anyone, but i think you are wrong, why are you talking nonsens, do you know a satanist, dont juss open your mouth, Silver and gold i give to you, why do you need them.

Givy - 2 January 2014

Exodus Night muchiindepi nhai ubert? Where is the spiritual contex of this? A satanic angel on a mission for sure. Why do you accept title man of god when all of us are acceptible and chosen by God through Jesus Christ. The glory should go to Jesus Christ and not you munhuwo zvake anezvinomuremera. Ino inguva yerutendo kwete tumashiripiti twako twenhema utu. Go and hang marara mbava yemunhu

Marara - 2 January 2014

Prophet Uebert Angel is a man who is used greatly by God. A lot of simpletons just like to criticise for nothing yet they do not attend a single church service. As a Christian i have no problem with this man whether you say he is from Zaka , Bindura , Bethlehem ,,,,,,Do I write Like i CARE? NO! I DON'T CARE

Cher Guevere - 2 January 2014

Why should i be poor when i'm a child of God, who said christians must be poor, i dont follow anyone who minister poverty to me, let the prosperity of heaven follow me also, thank you Prophet Angel, for ministering prosperity gospel to us.

Grace - 2 January 2014

Can anyone tell me 1 word of wisdom spoken by the man of God and I will tell you over 10 phrases of empty arrogance he has spoken.

kikiki - 2 January 2014

Whether unobva kwagutu, mutoko, zaka, bikita, mwari anongokushandisa, we thank God for Major Prophet may God be with you

Annabeller - 2 January 2014

Why is it that most of his followers end up calling themselves Chakati Zvekuti Angel , Nhingirikini Angel ? People did not take their names after the great prophets Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Eliah etc & Jesus but na Angel...and why not use Mudzanire ? Pple in real danger of kunamata munhu kwete Mwari !!! Left UK penniless, all of a sudden millionaire ? How ? Now he is going back to UK , running away from Zw poverty ? Emeritus :Retired but retaining an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement. So is he retired or about to ??? Ko shoko anoparidzawo here ? Anoita deliverance here ? or just talks about money, millionaires etc. MUSATSAUDZWA NEMUNHU.

Goritoto Mboko - 2 January 2014

Apa Mwari vakazodza! WELL SAID Senior Major. This is Wisdom @its highest. It is the nature of chickens to make noise when an eagle passes by. Regai vanosvotwa vasvotwe. You are @the top so you become the topic... If the level by which we believe NEWSPAPERS was the level by which we believed God, every person would be close to God right now

CS Ruwach - 2 January 2014

I wish was in zimbabwe to attend the exodus night, God bless you man of God, i head he said he is coming to Botswana in february. our country will never be the same.

BRUCE - 2 January 2014

We thank you Prophet Angel for Miracle TV and your prayer lines a lot of pple are being helped especially my brother was helped some weeks ago when he was under spiritual attack

Barack - 2 January 2014

Thats the only prophet i know who is used of God, zvekushorana igodo chete rakazadzama zimbabweans,

Meadline - 2 January 2014

Prophet of wisdom

Rony - 2 January 2014


MWANA WA ANGEL - 2 January 2014


MWANA WA ANGEL - 2 January 2014

I never see this kind God before wonder wonder, wonder wonder (singing) Its only God who knows his servants kutandadzana kwedu isu kuswero, tukana nekutuka vanhu vamwari.

Chikiti - 2 January 2014

i saw many thousands of foreigners in town going to his church in one day. I am happy for your God is putting Zim on the world map for good things and "to all Churches of Jesus Christ i salute u"

true - 2 January 2014

Th is is to all doubting Thomases out there, if you want to hear the word of God come to the Spirit Embassy Royal Towers in Harare, on Thursdays,Sundays and Tuesdays the Prophet is always preaching there or if you are afraid then watch Miracle TV and hear the messages. This will dispel some of the rumours that people who have no clue what goes on in this church always spread wrong things . So be a real Man Visit or Watch Miracle TV

Cde Hecho Charira - 2 January 2014

Dai Jesu akararama mazuvano nekutuka kwaaiita achiti in Mat 23:33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers' or even paakataura navo achivatuka in Mat 12:34 O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? Jesus, calling people 'evil' NdiJesu uyu veduwee aidai i bet most of you who criticise would have definately said He is fake, and when He would go stand near the offering place to see how much people are giving maiwee you would have said anoda mari too much!!You are so quick to magnify the devil and say wese munhu ndewaSatani wamuchati ndewaMwari wacho anenge akambonyatsodiiko? I wonder....God help you, for you shall be amazed when you see prophets like Major and Prophet Makandiwa, true men of God who are not afraid to brag about the Jesus whom they have believed in,getting their crowns from God for doing a great job.They are running their races and what are you doing with your own lives, instead of just criticising??

Sammy - 2 January 2014

Jesus was very very very rich, thats why his riding on a donkey became very very big news. Just imagine seeing president Mugabe on a donkey,the whole town will come to a stop coz we all expect him to be in a merc. Even after Jesus's death, they stripped him of his clothes to gamble using the clothes as gambling tokens because they were designer garments. Let alone they were fighting for Jesus's clothes. Note; Jesus only came down to earth so that he could experience the life of ordinary human beings. His permanent home is the mighty Heavens but he came to earth to teach by example and thats why he sacrificed heaven life for earth so that what ever he was doing man wouldnt say aah its becoz he is god. He opted to leave behind heavenly life and come down to earth to experiencing the same life as earthly beings. So this was a great man of great great Royalty and then some one wants people to think that Jesus was poor, aah c'mon. He was a great man of the highest Royalty wearing designer garments. Like him or hate him, Uebert Angel is very eloquent and he knows his stuff. Ofcourse he comes from Zaka District Chivamba T/ship 15km from Jerera. He is an intelligent guy who went to UK for further studies and thats where he got the calling to serve God and now whats strange about this?. Ignorance breeds jealousy. Its the nature of chicken to make noise when the eagle is just passing by. Regai vanosvotwa vasvotwe zvavo.

Zaka Jerera Masvingo - 2 January 2014

I salute you Papa for the arrogance that you displayed to those who oppose the move of God, MORE FIREEEEEE....... Ezekiel 3:8-9 "Behold, l have made your face strong against their face, and your forehead strong against their foreheads. Like adamant stone, harder than flint, l have made your forehead; do not be afraid of them, nor be dismayed by their looks, though they are a rebellious house." PAMBERI NEHUARROGANT PASI NEHUSOFT MUPOROFITA.

pretty - 2 January 2014

Uku ndiko kuti muporofita, I thank God for Prophet Angel I am a huge fan so proud that God has raised a general from our own here in Zimbabwe. I missed the Exodus night does anyone have the DVD would love to see the helicopter landing?

Zodzo - 2 January 2014

Zimbabwe yarangarirwa shuwa now I know that its ok to be rich and be in church, Prophet your teachings are such a blessing for such a long time we were made to feel as if possessing the blessings of God is a sin. But now we are walking in a new light we can celebrate the blessing of God upon our lives. Pamberi new miracle money.

Denga - 2 January 2014

I grew up in Zaka I'm so proud of you Prophet Angel how amazing it is that God would use one of mwanawevhu like this. Don't worry about the haters we outnumber them keep doing what you were born to do we are blessed. Major ndimi!

Gringo - 2 January 2014

Ayayayayayayayayaya Uku ndokokuti Baba mhanii ... Full of sooo much wisdom. My FATHER ,MY FATHER , AHH LONG LIVE THE GREAT PROPHET OF GOD

DieHard Spirit embassy - 2 January 2014

Of course the chickens are already making noise here becoz the eagle passed above them but only fools will never acknowledge wisdom when they come across it. Many people are quick to point out that Jesus was poor, how do you explain that he never got broke when He had a thief for a treasurer? And Jesus' ministry had partners as well (Luke 8v1-3). You quote a verse that says foxes have holes and birds have nests what about this one when Jesus invited John's disciples to his house? Do you think He invited them to nowhere? I live in Harare and if I go to Dubai I will tell you I have nowhere to live but don't be a fool to think I don't have a house.

Mwana Wemuporofita - 2 January 2014

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