Mugabe back under spotlight

HARARE - An asylum application by outgoing Zimbabwean ambassador to Australia Jacqueline Zwambila has brought back President Robert Mugabe’s 33-year rule into spotlight, after she labelled the government “illegitimate”. 

Zwambila is a member of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC and was appointed an ambassador during the country’s four years of unity government.

However, the unity government was dissolved following Zanu PF’s victory in the July 31 heavily contested harmonised elections.

The Zanu PF-led government has recalled some of the MDC officials that were appointed as envoys in different parts of the world.

Only two non-Zanu PF ambassadors Trudy Stevenson, who is posted in Dakar, Senegal, and Hilda Mafudze, Zimbabwe’s top diplomat in Khartoum, Sudan survived the purge by the new government.

Three more envoys including Zwambila, Hebson Makuvise (Germany) and Mabhedi Ngulane (Nigeria) failed to survive the chop.

Zwambila has since applied for asylum in Australia, claiming her life will not be safe if she returns to Zimbabwe.

“I am not going to be returning to Zimbabwe. Once elections of 31 July were stolen by the current government, which is illegitimate, I knew that this is the end of the line for a lot of things, end of the life for the people of Zimbabwe, because their will has not been done, once more again, the end of the life for people like me, who were appointed or rather nominated by the ex-prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, as I belong to his party,” Zwambila said.

Over the past 10 years, millions of Zimbabweans have travelled to Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other neighbouring countries, where they sought asylum, claiming human rights abuses by the Mugabe government.

According to the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, over the years, several human rights abuse cases were recorded in the country.

“Since 2004, the number of total abuses has increased, from 2 656 in 2004, to 4 170 in 2005 and 5 063 in 2006,” reads part of a survey on the forum’s website.

However, a number of Zimbabweans came back to the country between 2009 and 2013, during the subsistence of the unity government, which brought about substantial economic stability.

“Although in 2013, cases of politically-motivated murders, abductions, disappearances, torture and intimidation had been lower than in previous years, the overall situation was still far from perfect.

There were on-going serious human rights abuses, including the selective application of the law, massive corruption and tight control of electronic media. The military loomed large and constantly threatened that they would not accept any transfer of power away from Mugabe’s party, Zanu PF,” the forum said.

However, the Zwambila case has brought back into spotlight Mugabe’s rule, as the country’s economy continues shrinking, four months after his re-election.

Zwambila said she feared for her life, and would rather stay in Australia.

“Basically, for me to return after so many things have been done to me, since I have been here in Australia, the smear campaigns and the threats about my being, there is no way I will feel safe to be in Zimbabwe,” she said.

Zwambila came into spotlight after she was embroiled in an alleged sex scandal involving another party member.

MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora, yesterday told the Daily News that he was not able to tell if Zwambila’s fears that she will be persecuted were founded or not.

“This is because she has been subjected to a lot bad treatment by the State, including false allegations of indecorous behaviour in respect of which she has now won a court case against the State agent in question,” Mwonzora said.

He said Zwambila had been accused of flirting with former Rhodesians in Australia, adding that it was only the State, which knew whether it was going to persecute her or not.

“It is up to the State to give her assurance that she will not be persecuted,” Mwonzora said.

He further said if government could give assurance to Ghanaians, who were allegedly involved in a $6 million diamond deal that they will not be persecuted, it can do the same to Zwambila.

Zwambila has reportedly moved out of her residence in the Canberra suburb of Red Hill and was expected back in the country on Tuesday.

Her claims that the election was stolen might further stretch relations between Zimbabwe and Australia at a time when affairs between the two countries had significantly improved.

Zwambila said she worked hard to improve relations between the two countries, following a decade of hostility.

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This Jaqueline woman can stay in Australia if she wants to, but this certainly will have nothing to do with her relationship with the Zimbabwe government. There are thousands of people resident in Zimbabwe who do not support Mugabe, and most of them publicly say so, but it their right to support or not to support Mugabe and Zanu pf. They live well in their country of birth. Jacqeline can lie all she wants, and enjoy the idiocy of the Australian government, just like thousands of people lied to the UK govt that their lives were under threat from Mugabe, when actually their brothers, fathers and mothers were high ranking CIO officials. We wont deny Australians, Germans and the British, their right to remain gullible and idiotic. Happy new year.

machakachaka - 30 December 2013

Agona Zwambila ko unoda azvikande muzhara kumusha adzoke azotambira $2 . Chokwadi hapana zvaanoitwa akadzoka asi nyaya yezhara uye zvinomuitira nyore kuti awane basa seAsylum seeker . Tinoziva vazhinji hama dzedu dzirikushandisa zhira iyoyi kuti urarame munyika dzavaranda . Tete magona itai mari murizii zvenyu . kumusha hakuna mabasa isu kuno Mberengwa tongotarira denga zvimwe mvura ine tiwane hedu sadza nokuti zvinhu zvakagozha

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 30 December 2013

Idiotic woman Zwambila uri imbwa yemunhu. Duzvi chairo. Dzoka kumusha hauoni MDC yoenda kumavere dzoka kumusha tibatsirane Kubvisa Mugabe anetsa. Vaguta mari yavanga uchivana isu tichifa nezhara. Ndohumbwaka iwowo. Bratifuru hure rechembere musatanyoko.

zvamai - 30 December 2013

Idiotic woman Zwambila uri imbwa yemunhu. Duzvi chairo. Dzoka kumusha hauoni MDC yoenda kumavere dzoka kumusha tibatsirane Kubvisa Mugabe anetsa. Vaguta mari yavanga uchivana isu tichifa nezhara. Ndohumbwaka iwowo. Bratifuru hure rechembere musatanyoko.

zvamai - 30 December 2013

I have one word for this woman, FOOL!!!!!

santa - 31 December 2013

Shameless woman. Maybe there is another Zimbabwe other than this we know. Kana uchida kugarako gara kwete kunyepa. Inga Tsvangirayi ari muno achingohumana asi hapana chiri kuitika kwaari. Geza chembere dzoko wakati zii.

Gogodera - 31 December 2013

I welcome Addie Cross views about poverty in Zimbabwe( 28/12/13)Thank you for acknowledging that you are not a Zimbabwean by nature.You originate and belong somewhere out of Africa.Your grand parents abandoned your birth/natural right in pursuit of robbery mission known as scramble for Africa.They physically and psychologically plundered the native son of the soil by the use of firearms and misinterpretation of the bible,you enjoyed the loot long enough to convince yourself that you have the right of ownership and entitlement of the stolen property.I thank God so much for you Mr Eddie Cross,for discovering yourself and your roots.Its high time for you to track like a prodigal son, how you lost your natural right to property, when your grandfather was forced by the love of wickedness and whatever other forces to run away from your inheritance.According to the SUPREME LAWS OF THE LAND,the possessor of the stolen property have no legal right to it.Zimbabweans discovered themselves and booted out the plunders.Go you therefore and boot out your plunder in Europe and claim what is yours.You can not wage war with nature and win.What is naturally yours is yours.Nothing is powerful than natural rights.It is not about how many you are,its about nature.Because of nature the issue of property right especially land is naturally clear and resolved. Hoping that thing will go the other way round in Zimbabwe is simply acceptance of slow death.Zanu Pf is too tolerant to allow you to lead on foreign ground,this is but for the moment.Soon no foreigner shall be allowed to lead in another country.So track your roots whilst there is still time.Or let the blame game mislead you.Zimbabwe is naturally for natural Zimbabweans,not by man made birth rights ,but by nature.Any Gvt that attempts to do things the other way round commit genocide and violate laws of nature.It can not with stand patriotic force/uprising to follow lead by nationalists like me.

samuel Gweshe - 1 January 2014

asylum? What asylum ? Not sure what qualifications she has but the Aussies woukd be better off giving her a job. She could also try being Tsvangisons' next wife since Ms Macheka is also on asylum.

muvengwa munondivengerei - 1 January 2014

Zvakaoma tichafira rungire.tichingoti zvichanaka .takamboti mirai tiite constitution.tikamirira maelections. tikanzi mirirai maMP agadzwe akagadzwa .zvikanzi president vagadzwe tikamira .zvikanzi budget iitwe tikamiririra.izvozvi zvakunzi mirirai 2018. chasara kungonzi mirirai mufe tongomirira kotingadiniko vanavezimbabwe ngatingomira zvichanaka muna2215

junga - 2 January 2014

You need to respect yourself you hoar Zwambila nobody cares who you are stay there if you want but don't lie we don't need problems on top of our problems Zimbabwe is bad don't make it worse

trickster - 2 January 2014

hama yangu junga wapedza. musiyei zwambila uriyo isu regai tihomirira pazvichanakira ndipapo

yello - 3 January 2014

Munyepa kana muchida kugara kunze garai.isu tiriko asi hatina watapomedzera.zanu/mdc havachinji hunhu hwako

chibidi a - 4 January 2014

Zwambila is a leader and won't come back home for fear of her life? Really, what of the people she claims to be leading. Don't they need the same asylum too?

Clear Opportunist! - 7 January 2014

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