MDC official mad: Mutasa

HARARE - Zanu PF has scoffed at claims made by outgoing Zimbabwean ambassador to Australia Jacqueline Zwambila, who is seeking asylum claiming that she will not be safe if she returns to the country.

The party’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa yesterday said Zwambila was “mad”.

“She should tell us what she is afraid of,” Mutasa who is also minister of Presidential Affairs said.

Zwambila is a member of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC and was appointed ambassador during the country’s four year coalition government.

But with the dissolution of the coalition government following Zanu PF’s victory in the July 31 heavily-contested harmonised elections, most MDC officials appointed as envoys in different parts of the world have been recalled.

Only two non-Zanu PF ambassadors Trudy Stevenson, who is posted in Dakar, Senegal, and Hilda Mafudze, Zimbabwe’s top diplomat in Khartoum, Sudan retained their posts, while Zwambila, Hebson Makuvise (Germany) and Mabhedi Ngulane (Nigeria) failed to survive the chop.

Zwambila has since applied for asylum in Australia, claiming her life will not be safe if she returns to Zimbabwe.

“I am not going to be returning to Zimbabwe. Once elections of 31 July were stolen by the current government, which is illegitimate, I knew that this is the end of the line for a lot of things, end of the life for the people of Zimbabwe, because their will has not been done, once more again, the end of the life for people like me, who were appointed or rather nominated by the ex-prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, as I belong to his party,” Zwambila said.

Zwambila said she feared for her life, and would rather stay in Australia.

“Basically, for me to return after so many things have been done to me, since I have been here in Australia, the smear campaigns and the threats about my being, there is no way I will feel safe to be in Zimbabwe,” she said.

However, Mutasa said Zwambila should explain what she did wrong that warranted her persecution.

Foreign Affairs Permanent secretary Joey Bimha said Zwambila should not tarnish the country’s image to satisfy her personal interests.

“If she wants to stay there, she must do so without lying or putting the name of the country in disrepute. She is safe here just as any MDC official or Zimbabwean is,” Bimha said.

Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi told the public media that Zwambila’s antics were mere cheap politicking.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but her remarks are surprising because all the leaders of the MDC-T are here. Some of them are members of our Parliament,” Mohadi said, adding that there was no reason for Zwambila to be afraid of returning home.

“We grant security to everyone. Our mandate is to ensure that law and order is there. If she is threatened by anyone, she should tell us as we are responsible for security here as central Government,” Mohadi said.

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Zwambila is a senior officer of the MDC..she should be clear what it is she is afraid of..and shouldnt other less MDC officers in the country not all also be afraid? She should tell us and the world WHAT it is she is afraid of. I however do not agree that she is tarnishing the country's image, the government officers do this very well on their own! Yah, Madam, tell us what it is you are afraid of..if not the poverty which is evenly being dished out here in all directions..

gutter poet - 30 December 2013

Its called the donor syndrome. you cook up stories of harassment and persecution and you get what you want. They use this dull trick knowing how gullible these western countries are where allegations are made against Mugabe and his government. This is how most donors have been fleeced by these so called Change proponents and defenders of human rights who have crowded the MDCs over the years. So much money has been pumped into the country by these gullible donors but very little of it has found its way to the intended purposes with most of it being pocketed by crooks such as this lady. Same as those who mask themselves as the "true custodians of the people's revolution" but surreptitiously engage in escapades of shameless looting and plundering of public assets. Thieves, thieves, everywhere in the country, and greed, greed, greed of epic proportion. Cry the beloved country. Possibly these are signs of an imminent social revolution.

Deception - 30 December 2013

Zwambila,you just a liar.Who wants to kill you here in Zim?You cannot come because your mind if full of the propaganda that people are slaughtered like beasts in Zim.Tough luck dear.Stay there and be an Autralian.

alloys - 30 December 2013

She has all the rights to ask for asylum so just leave her alone. Dydmus can do the same too just like their kids who used other people's surnames to learn at USA and UK universities.

Maita Manyuka - 30 December 2013

Zwambila,you just a liar.Who wants to kill you here in Zim?You cannot come because your mind if full of the propaganda that people are slaughtered like beasts in Zim.Tough luck dear.Stay there and be an Autralian.

alloys - 30 December 2013

I don't see any problem with Zwambila claiming asylum in Ausralia.Indeed her life will be in danger after all this hackling and smear campaign from zanu pf,she is right to stay there.It is her own choice and therefore the MDC does not and will never stop her from doing so.Even the Mdc officials and the supporters are not safe in zimbabwe as zanu pf is known for its thuggerism,raping and killing innocent souls.I therefore beg to differ with you Didymus on this matter.bloody idiot.

josefa chinotimba - 30 December 2013

In fact it is you who is mad Didymus.

josefa chinotimba - 30 December 2013

zanu is a mad house and everyone in it

tk - 30 December 2013

Musafarire sadza repanext door madam? Dzokai kumusha and fight from within Zim?

shiri - 30 December 2013


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 30 December 2013

She will be killed as soon as she sets foot on Zim soil. Zanupf os in revenge mode because she has a case against a CIO operative. What safety is there when 1000s of MDC members have been butchered to death mercilessly by Zanupf.

Majaira kuuraya - 30 December 2013

Mr.Mutasa do you need any reminding that just a few days ago, your leader said that MDC can go to hell? It's common knowledge that when he rants like that absolute price is paid. You were mourning about those manning the Herald. If you were in MDC physical harm would have visited you. Therefore the good lady is not mad neither is she lying.

Archibald Gumbo - 30 December 2013

Zwambila has always been a marked woman. The trouble started in Australia when Zwambila insisted on opening a "diplomatic bag" which was full of smuggled diamonds. The CIOs posted at the Zimbabwean embassy in Australia were furious and refused that the "bag" be opened. From then on many issues were framed to soil Zwambila's reputation. The fact that she won a defamation case against Reason Panganai Wafawarova, a CIO informer, has made the regime furious. If Zwambila comes to Harare she will be jailed on trumped up charges. Zwambila must stay in Australia for her safety!

Feldman Bandura - 31 December 2013

if Zwambila was recalled back for redeployment was she still going to seek political assylum. why is it the 2 recalled ambassadors out of five are seeking assylum.

crocodile squad - 31 December 2013

Anyway mad people are in ZanuPf. Who does not know that. First they have no solutions but execuses, they wished diesel from a rock in Chinhoyi. they pay more to looters than to the productive sector, they run to destroy viable companies yet never try to resucitate the dead once. wakamboona benzi rinotandanisa rimwe benzi, rinotandanisa ari normal ndizvo zvinoitwa ne zanupf izvozvo. ibenzi ririkutandanisa varikuzvifambira havo muna first street.

Maita Manyuka - 31 December 2013

Of course,if i were her i would do so.She is not a nationalist but she was employed by MDC.She is not a born politician but an employee.thereof as an employee left redanded weigh the pros and cons.Who want to leave greener pastures and join others in the unstoppable poverty train?Not all politicians are nationalists.So ZANU PF nationalists are missing the point by commenting on her issue.She is not known here in Zimbabwe.There some people we must worry about if they do so,the likes of Kaya Moyo and Nelson Chamisa among others.Weigh the impact of her utterance before commenting.Let her represent us there as source of Foreign Currency.she will be sending the much needed green buck home.She is more beneficial to Zimbabwe if she stay out there than here.We reduce consumers of the little that is there.she is right,when you are in a compromising situation you do or say whatever to save the day.Our image is already tarnished by the likes of CNN,BBC among others.her effects shall not change anything.As ministers you must comment about liquidity crunch troubling the country.So you want her to come home and be vagabond?The more you show that you are concerned,the more the World suspect you of ambushing her.

samuel Gweshe - 1 January 2014

zim might not be safe but let us see if she is a heroine. wakanakigwa neku aussie mukadzi uyu. vanamadzore vanongosungwa but life goes on. zim might not be safe but thats not her reason. mutengesi

Chitova - 3 January 2014

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