Gono breathes fire

HARARE - Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono, yesterday came out guns blazing, lashing fiercely at his one-time aide Munyaradzi Kereke and the State media.

The Harare businessman, who has been taken to court by Kereke on allegations of gross corruption and abuse of office when he was at the helm of the central bank, said he was prepared to stand trial on any charges that were levelled against him.

“Unlike some people who cannot be brought before, or have no guts to face the courts even for glaring and serious allegations of violence against women, property and child sexual abuses because they are allegedly well-connected in circles that deal with such matters, I am happy to stand trial for each and every misdemeanour I am accused of and the sooner the better so that we can get on with delivering our other developmental promises to the people at this very trying time without these irritations,” Gono told the Daily News yesterday.

This was an implicit reference to the pending rape allegations against Kereke in which an 11-year-old (now 14-year-old) victim’s attorney, Charles Warara, has petitioned the police to act on the alleged sexual abuse, saying the justice system that should be protecting her was letting her down very badly.

“I have been a silent victim of several unfounded accusations including allegedly causing the disappearance of someone’s wife and child — a matter that has been buried and never heard of since it was widely reported last year by Kereke,” Gono added, in apparent reference to claims by Kereke that his wife and daughter “just vanished” on September 13, last year.

“It would be nice to find out from the authorities why in some countries, the disappearance of even one child results in a massive public drive to find that child but here in Zimbabwe, the disappearance of a whole mother and child does not cause alarm or public comment by authorities who are supposed to look after us all...or interviews with suspects.

“Where are our women and child protection groups? Why are they not concerned by the reported disappearance of a mother and child? Are they alive? If dead, have their remains or graves been identified?

“Why haven’t I been asked to account for those disappearances since I was fingered? These and many more false allegations shall unmask who between us is mentally demented or being used for political ends. Why and by who? I have asked Kereke to prove his allegations against me for this and many more,” a peeved Gono charged further.

He also alleged that there were people  who were using the State media to settle scores against him.

“For now, therefore, let those who cannot resist the temptation to use the State media at every turn to either influence public opinion against me and my family or attempt to usurp the role and powers of the courts continue to have a field day undeterred, even though the risk is very high that those being used could be adding to their financial woes and digging their economic graves with their teeth as time will come and come soon for them to account for their actions  in our courts for their over-zealousness,” Gono said.

Turning to the issue of him hiring MDC lawmaker Tendai Biti as his lawyer in the case brought before the courts by Kereke, he told the Daily News unequivocally that it was his “prerogative and constitutional right” to hire a venerable anyone he wished to, to deal with the barrage of headline-grabbing graft allegations that had been made against him — including damaging claims that he compromised the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) by offering its commissioners undue inducements. On the allegations that are before the courts, Gono said: “Unlike some people who are charging, pre-trying, convicting and pre-sentencing me before the courts have even started their job, I’m not going to mimic their weaknesses and act like the evil that I’m fighting against by speaking or pronouncing myself to the media on any matter that is before the courts.

“To do so would no doubt be regarded as being in contempt of our court and judicial processes. It is basic knowledge that matters before the courts are sub-judice. Let us therefore allow due process of the law to take place and after that we can talk at liberty and interpret my actions with facts”.

However, he was happy to say that he had not done anything wrong and that he would fight the accusations and prove his innocence.

The 54-year-old Gono who has a pending $10 million defamation suit before the High Court against Kereke said the 41-year-old maverick businessman was levelling many accusations against him with the intention to harm him and his interests.

He said that he had asked for trial dates in the defamation case against Kereke, which was being handled by Edwin Manikai of Dube Manikai and Hwacha, since June last year, without success to date.

“Yet the same person I am supposed to take to court and for whom I cannot get a date, wakes up in the morning, recycles the same old allegations against me and in the evening the state media is already pre-judging, taking sides and convicting me,” Gono said.

The State media has questioned the Buhera Senate nominee’s suitability for a legislative seat and also questioned his choice of Biti as legal counsel, casting aspersions on where Gono’s allegiances lay.

“The team or who I choose to be my legal representative is my prerogative and constitutional right of choice  so long as that team or person will, in my judgement, best serve and protect my interests without being compromised or intimidated by forces behind some of those making allegations against me for reasons that are far removed from facts, but rather, for political expediency,” Gono said.

Reacting to the storm over his hiring by Gono, Biti told the Daily News yesterday: “It’s the hallmark of madness. Who haven’t I represented in that Cabinet? My comment is that I don’t comment on client matters”.

High-placed sources said the crusade against Gono was meant to forestall his Senate appointment, which has been seen by one Zanu PF faction as a precursor to his appointment to the finance portfolio currently held by Patrick Chinamasa, a lawyer by profession.

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Gono and Kereke both you are thieves. Honourable Biti show them that you are clever than both so called doctors of evils, They vandilise our beloved economy, Now they are now playing catch and run game. Useless back taught doctors. I alwys doubt their qualifications. Biti cut them half down

scorpion - 19 December 2013

"Gono told the Daily News yesterday" Imwika imwi, this was a press statement given to all newspapers. Why u want to give the impression u were given an exclusive? Kutsvaga mbiri here nxaaa

Michael Michael - 19 December 2013

And how did Kereke become an advisor to Gono given his current age of 41? What sort of experience did he have to advise Gono

Benishto - 19 December 2013

Hats off to Tendai Biti. Representing Gono is what your shows the spirit of bringing Zimbabweans together instead of dividing them ...What Mandela ddid in his many ways to unite South Africans. Only those stuck in zanupf'ss long decayed narrowness see otherwise. You know your preofession which sees no boundaries along political lines. Bravo also to Gono for showing a samblance of maturity over maany of you fellow zanoids and their ever-shrinking vision. Fight thaat corrupt system to reclaim your lost respect when they used you left-right-&-centre.

kadiki - 19 December 2013

Hats off to Tendai Biti. Representing Gono shows the spirit of bringing Zimbabweans together instead of dividing them ...What Mandela did in his many ways to unite South Africans. Only those stuck in zanupf's long decayed narrowness see otherwise. You know your preofession that sees no boundaries along political lines. Bravo also to Gono for showing a samblance of maturity over many of you fellow zanoids and their ever-shrinking vision. Fight that corrupt system to reclaim your lost respect when they used you left-right-&-centre.

kadiki - 19 December 2013

I had not realised that Gono is being prepared to take over as finance minister. It explains everything!

Edzai - 19 December 2013

Biti is a Zanu .PF mole in the MDC it was clear from the on set. Tsvangirai et al were brutilised but he was spared not even astretch. Mutasa is CIO minister and therefore it comes as no surprise he supports Gono and Biti.How could the MDC have assumed power with the likes of Biti around?

chero ndadya - 19 December 2013

@Chero get away with your sick theories.

skuzapo - 20 December 2013

Chero does not even have a theory. Its a hallucination

xx - 20 December 2013

@chero is right, how else do you explain Biti's decision to defend gorora rinonzi Gono? Akadyiswa naGono, and I don't mean muswe wedzvinyu. Mavharwa mese apa

simba - 20 December 2013

it is fair to say Biti changed his opinion on Gono when Gono agreed to allow Tsvangirai to double dip for his house renovations. Draw your own conclusions on the nature of the relationship from there-on ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

simba - 20 December 2013

having failed to get rid of Gono in favour of a puppet governor of his choosing, Biti retreated and be-friended Gono and they both mutually benefited ever after from having joint control of the treasury levers. it became a hear no evil, see no evil relationship

simba - 20 December 2013

bravo Biti

gogo - 23 December 2013

GONO AND BITI? They could have been stealing together. Strange bedfellows. Just like John Bredenkamp and Yakub Ibrahim Mohamed. Multi million dollar shady deals.As Biti gets fatter he will try to let us believe that he is getting the roast beef and pork from Gono. How Mohamed who used to work for a modest company in Msasa managed to externalise millions like Mutumwa Mawere remains a mystery.Ha....Ha....Ha.... USD100 000 reward for arresting and convicting Mawere or Mohamed for exporting hard currency. It all boils down to greed. How much is Biti getting? Mhiribi & Ngarava how much did you get from Yakub?

Augustine Zulu - 23 December 2013

gono imbavha i am sure most if not all zimbabweans know or assume this , kereke imbavha regai zipisane chokwadi chichabuda pachena. something happened at RBZ for gono to fire kereke soon we will know, butter both ways

harare - 24 December 2013

batai munhu

chapwati - 24 December 2013

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