ZBC boss case: Tip of the iceberg

HARARE - Across the country hundreds of thousands of people must be busy compiling their CVs at this very moment.
CVs for the position of domestic worker in the employment of the CEO of ZBC, Happison Muchechetere.

This must surely be the job any of us would jump at: free accommodation; no transport costs, free water and electricity.

All this in exchange for domestic duties which probably include cleaning, washing, ironing and maybe cooking; all for a return of $2 500 a month.

That’s apparently the amount that Muchechetere is allowed by his ZBC board for domestic workers and surely he doesn’t have more than one?

The remuneration for Mucheterere’s services as the head of ZBC are staggering in a country where at least 80 percent of people are unable to get formal employment and nearly a quarter of the population are in need of food aid if they are to survive to the next harvest. 

The deputy Information minister outlined the CEO’s monthly package and its extravagance was shocking: basic salary  $27 000; housing allowance  $3 000; home entertainment allowance $3 000; domestic worker allowance  $2 500; unlimited free fuel;  five business class air tickets a year; three regional business class air tickets a year and unlimited local air travel.

The allowance for just his domestic workers is five times more than a qualified teacher’s  monthly salary not to mention the pittance earned by  thousands of university graduates who sit on pavements selling trinkets and air time to survive.

Last week’s sensational Daily News headlines: “I don’t care” left us even more shocked at the despicable state of affairs at ZBC.

Muchechetere apparently said he didn’t care about press reports of his massive $40 000 monthly pay package which comes at a time when other ZBC employees haven’t been paid for six months.
It also comes at a time when ZBC has a debt of $44,3 million and 500 workers are facing retrenchment in what’s being called a restructuring exercise. 

Asked by ZiFM radio if he was resentful about people looking into his affairs at ZBH,  Muchechetere said: “I’m not bothered with poor souls.”

That’s an ironic choice of words coming from the man whose colleagues are literally poor souls since they haven’t been paid for months.

ZBC apparently has a monthly income of $275 000 and with the CEO taking almost 20 percent of this for himself every thirty days, it’s no wonder the national broadcaster is in such a shocking state.

ZBC is apparently paying out $1,6 million in workers’ salaries every month so there’s obviously a serious crisis of income over expenditure and Muchechetere can’t be alone in receiving a big pay packet.
Muchechetere is the tip of the iceberg; one of the nouveau riche who has emerged from the country’s collapse. 

We question how they amassed such wealth in a country crippled for a decade.

The can of worms has been opened and Zimbabweans should demand a full parliamentary investigation into the packages of the CEO’s of all parastatals, including GMB, Air Zimbabwe, NRZ, Tel One, Zesa.

Despite the country’s shock and outrage at the huge package being paid to the ZBC CEO, we must question why the ZBC Board approved it, why the ministry of Information turned a blind eye and why the GNU failed to expose it while they were in office the last four years. 

Muchechetere is now on suspension on full pay and for every day that this drags on he is earning a cool
$1 333. 

We wonder if he’s lying on his couch watching ZBC TV?

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its not muchechetere who is the problem here but the board. ndaikumbirawo the responsible minister kuti iye cuthbert Dube kuPSMAS kwaari CEO nevamwe vake vari kumbotambira marii bcoz I feel PSMAS is being fleeced same way ZBC is. surely surely these people should be made to pay back what they robbed ZBC of. Iwo maBoard Member aimbo piwa marii yemasitting allowance kuti vaite aprove such salaries. vese ngavaongororwe kwete happison chete.

No to corruption - 18 December 2013

I think you are right, No to corruption. The board was led by Mr Cuthbert Dube, who on numerous occassion was able to bankroll ZIFA from his personal pocket. He allowed Happy son to do what he is doing at PSMAS

why?? - 18 December 2013

If they are serious they must suspend his salary too.

Maita Manyuka - 18 December 2013

Surely me and you cannot blame this guy alone for this great train robbery.what qualification does guarantee this pathetic reward every month ooh my foot! what we need to do is find out why the presiding board approved this scandal and what they are getting themselves.To say the least this guy have the guts to mention the poorness of souls of those who work tirelessly day in ,day out for him to harvest.do you really think his servants back home are or were getting what he claims from this struggling corporate.And what i know about this Cuthbert guy he is a harvester of our medical contributions from that medical institution.

mashotopiyana - 18 December 2013

The probe must be extended to CEOs of GMB,NRZ,Air Zimbabwe,Zesa,Tel One and if the Parliamenary Portifolio is mandated to investigate, the Nation is going to get a shocker.

mambo - 18 December 2013

dont forget to probe state universities ceo too. you will find there is no solution to this rot. reason is corruption starts from the top- they will not prosecute because they are doing it also- the police are ripping drivers - does anyone know where this money is going simple calculation tells that if there are atleast 20 road blocks in the country and each steals $1000 from motorists ===that is $20 000 into state coffers per day , that is close to 1/2 a million dollars per month----- and you tell me the the boss gets nothing? how to you expects all the other security lot to survive- loot the parastatals ----- this week i read minister obert mpofu invested 23 million into the allied bank- where did he get this money from the government salary and small businesses he has- the diamonds- and we hope zimra can have it now so it benefits everyone?

ceos - 18 December 2013

Zanu PF must not pretend as if they didnt know about this. Happison had been doing a good job for them and they saw it fit to reward him handsomely. Remember propaganda is the the most powerful aspect of any dictatorship

Sachin - 18 December 2013


XX - 19 December 2013

This is a clique, the Board members are earning huge sums in their companies. Dube is alleged to be earning $250 000 (more than 6 times what Happison was earning) at PSMAS. Ironically these people are funded off money that is collected from low income earners through ZBC Licence Fees and PSMAS premiums. I wonder if they were not collecting money for other people through their salaries? Corruption is now so endemic in our country to kill it some people have to resign.

Taneta - 19 December 2013

Not just Happison, all managers were living good. Morally corrupt people. There was nothing wrong if they ensured all employees were getting something from that income or that the entity was able to generate that much money. No morals. Shame.

Baba T - 19 December 2013

The problem is ZANU PF. Mugabe has direct influence on the appointment of CEOs of parastatals or board members. These are sinior members of ZANU PF. When appointed its their time to eat - the board members give the CEO horrific packages whilst the CEO looks aside when board members loot the parastatal. There is no single parastatal in Zimbabwe that has been spared and Mugabe is still smiling. The country is dead.

Edzai - 19 December 2013

You are all as usual missing the point. Please remember the whole snake just follows where the head leads. Look for the head of this whole corrupt system. There is your answer.

Funga Futi - 19 December 2013

Dube Cuthbert is getting $250k per month at PSMAS, tisati tatanga kutaura zvema allowances, thats why they do as if they have sport at heart by their so called donation. vanenge vachibira varombo kutivasimukire. How on earth can a board with sane and other employees at heart can approve such package and for that matter at ZBC which is crippled like that.

Tinei - 19 December 2013

Time is fast approaching when somebody must examine our qualifications. This looks like a Hollywood movie.

tawanda - 25 December 2013

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