I have nothing to do with Gumbura's arrest: Chitsinde

HARARE - Godwin Chitsinde, the Spoken Word Ministries founder, has denied masterminding the arrest of Independent End Time Message pastor Robert Martin Gumbura.

Gumbura, facing multiple rape charges, had alleged Chitsinde was behind the plot to destroy his image because of church rivalry.

But Chitsinde told the court that he began receiving reports of Gumbura’s sex escapades in 1988, before receiving information in 1997 that he had raped his cousin.

The 61-year-old pastor said he first knew Gumbura in 1978, after baptising him in Westwood, Harare.

Chitsinde denied ever influencing anyone to report rape charges against the embattled clergyman.

“We are not rivals,” Chitsinde said. “We are not in the same league. My ministry does not depend on his (ministry).”

Chitsinde said he was a busy man, with no time to frame charges against Gumbura.

“I am a farmer and I preach three times a week on the television. I baptise 100 people every week,” Chitsinde said, adding that crafting such claims against Gumbura would make him a “genius.”

He said that he felt sorry for Gumbura over the multiple rape charges he was facing.

Meanwhile, another witness who testified prior to Chitsinde gave an emotional testimony of how she was sexually molested by Gumbura.

She told the court that she stayed with Gumbura for 11 years, since she was 17-years-old, until she fled to South Africa in May this year.

She said she was abused together with other girls who stayed at Gumbura’s Greendale home, before he transferred to Marlborough.

The woman told the court that Gumbura would show her pornographic videos and ask her to take the same sexual positions during the abuse.

She said she could not report the matter to the police, since Gumbura’s home was heavily guarded, and she was afraid to be cast in the hands of Satan.

“I was brainwashed, indoctrinated and threatened by the accused,” she said, adding that she was aware of certain people who had died, sacked from employment, involved in accidents, lost their minds, after being placed in the hands of Satan.

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God Bless You Pastor Godwin Chitsinde....

SkyBlue - 18 December 2013

if i had it my way, Gumbura would rot in jail.

saxon - 18 December 2013

Whatever the case Spoken Word is full of thieves. They have been fighting for zvigaro ever since. Split after split. Whether those who believe in polygamy or not its all after money they are after. I see Chitsinde is hurt bcoz Gumbura akambomudonhedza some way back inhema here vachitsinde. Ist a pity handichapinda zvangu chechi iyeyi but vana Gumbura they have better church properties in Gweru than Chitsinde's in Harare. If Bro.Branham was alive ndino vimba vairamba kufamba nemi mose. Ndino ziva kana ndafa mapere haazo regi boka. Shame on you Chitsinde newe Gumbura vafundisi vanoita zvino nyadzisa zvikadaro. ndochii chamuri kuita ichochi. Mari yakaipa akomana. Hapana chakambosiyana Gandiya/Chitsinde Vs Kunonga/Gumbura munotadzisa vanhu kunamata imi nekukara mari. better be politicians at least people wl appreciate. Newewo mukadzi I can see its sour grapes bcoz ungaende kubasa wodzoka kuzorepwa mangwana mangwana. Iwe ndiwe murwere or dununu remukadzi who ever was couching you did not do it intelligently. a lay man like me can see kuti uri fake witness

Asi chii nhai vatendi - 18 December 2013

If you bear false witness you will also be condemned. Chitsinde was in the same league now that he wants those women to himself he has turned to be a saint. Vakafura vose kumakura uko tinovaziva.

Maita Manyuka - 18 December 2013

chitsinde said lot but said nothing. can someone explain why Chitsinde was disposed & Innocent Gumbura took over the church , what had transpired-angatyora magwaro here or what

ARCHIVES - 18 December 2013

It was a serious mistake for the Gumbura crows to fly their filthy wings all the way to the Pulpit. Your Innocent is guilty of the same crimes as his paedophile brother Gumbura.Further he has been and is still infecting young girls with AIDS.All these Vultures encircling Pastor Chitsinde trying to point this and that, you will always be bazards until your smelly bodies go to the grave.How can cling so tightly to an exposed paedophile and rapist and try to defend him.It just shows you are birds of a feather.The other thing you are just jealous of Chitsinde.Why don't you work hard if you want money.You very well know that Chitsinde does not depend on tithes for a living nor does he steal from anyone like these Gumbura Vultures.This case is about a rapist and not church politics.Lets leave church politics for another day and concentrate on Martin Gumbura's rape case.

Contributor - 18 December 2013

Va Godwin Chitsinde you said Martin Gumbura raped your niece in 1997, did you report him for committing that crime? You must be charged for complicity mudhara. You have said it through your own mouth.

SHAVA - 18 December 2013

Point of correction, he raped his cousin

SHAVA - 18 December 2013

Isnt this the same Chitsinde who this very year breathed fire in national newspapers judging and demonizing miracle money prophets. His tone from day one proved he is typical of a cult, as cults 1.. view only themselves as the only true worshippers of God 2....see their church doctrine as a necessary gateway to heaven thereby relegating Christ 3...threaten parishers with hell if they fail to comply with the strict word of their cultic leader. Hezvo nhasi Gumbura.. Can somebody monitor that church b4 we hear worse stories...

Kennedy - 18 December 2013

These thieves like evry zimbabwean thief uses zanu pf to get away with murder. Muchamama nekuti mhosva hairove...rgm wont live forever.

Mightyman - 18 December 2013

Brahnam was a man of God by every standard. But hey his followers think salvation comes through their strict observance of the law thereby making salvation a mans prerogative and not Christs. Which is a wrong doctrine.... All are sinners and Jesus Christ is the only saviour.

Mukarati - 18 December 2013

Chits indie is just a cunning dealer who does farming ,subtle politics,preach for cash and does hot cars among many others.But he doe sent do as much women as this gumbura maniac

Holy See - 18 December 2013

i also have a question mark about this Chitsinde pastor.

Tichaona Revai Sithole - 19 December 2013

i also have a question mark about this Chitsinde pastor. He must be involved in this nasty game,

Tichaona Revai Sithole - 19 December 2013

In answer to contributor-it appears you are a new convert to this ministry led by Chitsinde that you are so blinded you don't see that this just retalliation by Chitsinde. Can i take you way back late 80s. Who was leadind End Time message then? Why did Innocent Gumbura took over? Why did the church split? What had happened to Chitsinde then? Into the 90s How many end time message church did we have in just Harare alone? what was the cause of those splits. to unite only when Bro.Branham's children come to visit. I am not defending Gumbura, no not all. All I am saying is Chitsinde and Gumbura are the same, wolves in sheep skin, ravening wolves on the loose. Ask those who know these guys. Its a pity they are still to repent. I wonder if Chitsinde does not have an under hand in this. Am happy I left this church long ago....Branham prophecied well..going back to the mother! thought you would escape. Just like the rest in the church ages did, those reformist, same way you are sliding because of greedness. Chitsinde does not survive on tithes? kikikikiki what a fool you are? open your eyes and see?

Asi Chii Nhai Vatendi - 19 December 2013

What do you know! Gumbura anogumbura sezita rake ,God has visited him for his iniquities ,becoz he is evil now trying to drag innocent people with him. Chitsinde chitsinde kuita sei , aive naye paaita rape ne ma concubines ake! Beta keep quiet guys if you dont have anything to say, Chitsinde's life is open and his doctrine is open ,he preaches openly,tell us where does he differ with the bible.You failed to live up to the message standard now want to say nonsense.

believer - 19 December 2013

the bible said there shall be falling away first before the appearance of Jesus Christ so gumbura is just one of them falling but remember that does not take away the authenticity or the truth of the message of the hour which is vindicated through the ministry of BR bran ham in these last days don't try to defame BR chitsinde because of gumburu / gumbura was lost long back but because of his evil heart he has molested many women like Judas who betray GOD, making the word of god of non effects but remember mUkombe wake wakasara zvino to face the Roth or anger of God , you will reap want you saw leave the men of GOD along who are still trying to make the true light of the word GOD shine . remember they are more of true believers even now true saints of God . the true true church of GOD WILL STAND ANYHOW ; TO THE BACKSLIDERS CLOSE YOUR MOURTH AND TOUCH NOT THE TRUE ANOINTED ONES OF GOD , GOD IS SO JELAUSE OF HIS WORD SO RESPECT GOD THROUGH HIS SERVANTS NO MATTER THERE ARE SOME WHO ARE SO EVIL STILL MAN OF GOD ARE THERE STILL ETTA CT AND FULL OF THE TRUTH AND WORD,,, GENUINE WORD OF GOD ,

chimuti - 22 December 2013

lets focus on Christ and the third pull, a brother must not be happy to see a brother perishing

bro siphosami - 22 January 2014

Gumbura must rot in hell

div - 28 January 2014

whoever is posting anything here i think the best way is to post things that you are sure of, because we are going to conderm the right person and be found guilty. Look these things happened some of us we were not even born yet, so we are not sure exactly what happens, the word of God said, "Love you anemies as your self." But if you someone not in the right possition and then you start throwing anything aganist him already you are in the wrong way please let us follow the procedures of the word as for me yes I know Gumbura is wrong but I am praying for him

emmanuel sakupwanya - 28 December 2015

dear Zimbabweans friends don't ever try to be a news or a comment fan because urikuda kunzi unonyora zvinonakidza vanhu handikutendererei hama dzangu only God knows Pastor Chitsinde what you're talking about is only lies about him hear me and hear me well i stand a no to all bad you're talking about my pastor ndinotokushuwiraiwo revelation yandakasangana nayo yakandisanganisa nemufundisi akadai havana nguva nemari yenyu zvachose 1 murume akandizivisa basa remufundisi so gumbura haanei nechekuita naVaChitsinde kana mukazogara kana muchiti ndopupura nhema bvunzai mwari mbune

AO.Tech - 3 March 2018

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