'All female parishioners belonged to Gumbura'

HARARE - An Independent End Time Message former congregate sensationally revealed yesterday that all female parishioners in their church belonged to the founder Robert Martin Gumbura.

Innocent Nehowa told the court that no woman could be married without Gumbura’s consent, as all women belonged to him.

He was some god or deity, according to the church doctrine.

“There is a teaching that all women at church belong to the pastor,” Nehowa said. “When you want to marry someone, you ask for permission from the pastor.

“You are given the woman on loan and the pastor can request to have her at any time he wants.”

He said anyone who defied his laws would be cast in the hands of Satan, a move that would see Gumbura praying for bad things to befall the “rebel”. Some of the bad things included losing employment, divorcing or dying.

However, Gumbura’s lawyer Rekai Maposa said there was bad blood between Nehowa and her client. She said Nehowa was being used by Pastor Godwin Chitsinde from Spoken Word Ministries in a plot aimed at bringing Gumbura down.

Nehowa, who fellowshiped at the church between 1990 and 2000, said Gumbura was not being prosecuted but persecuted.

He said he left the church after having a fall-out with Gumbura over the pastor’s abuses.

Nehowa later formed his own church.

Another 45-year-old woman later testified how Gumbura raped her in April 2010 after inviting her to his office, where she was to collect money that had been sent by her husband from South Africa.

He allegedly caressed and licked the woman’s neck before raping her.

The woman said Gumbura gave her lectures, claiming he was in a position to provide her with money, accommodation and even sex.

He also said he had power to do anything he wanted with her, because he was her pastor.

She said she only reported the matter to the police this year, after reading a newspaper article.

After reading the story, she said, she discovered that it was possible to bring Gumbura to book, after he had threatened her that nothing would happen, even if she was to report the matter to the police.

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Immoral conduct by "men of God" appears to be the rule rather than the exception nowadays. As Zimbabweans let us keep an eagle's eye on the conduct of church leaders. If they start deviating from the scriptures let us lock them away. The govt needs to protect the general public by alerting them to signs and symptoms of Satanists masquerading as Christian leaders. Even if it means using loudspeakers to educate the public let it be so!

Dammit - 13 December 2013

The selective application of the law has created an impression that they are untouchables in our country. Sick

Ziziharinanyanga - 13 December 2013

If any man is faces allegations of such cases he should be tried and if found guilty should be judged accordingly.The spiritual realm types the physical and what is being done in the earthly courts is also being approved in the heavens.The witnesses on earth type the holy spirit which witnesses everything which you do and your behaviour will not go unpunished regardless of whom you may think you are.

The Eagle'Eye - 13 December 2013

Vamwari vanonamatwa vakasiyana he is the faithful trusted son of Devil.mwana wasatan anoonekwa nemabasa ake .

vengai - 13 December 2013

Varume, this is an evil cartel, these people must be removed from society.Ngwarirai machurch anopindwa nemadzimai nevana venyu.

Don Wezhira - 13 December 2013

this guy deserve life in prison,if the law does not take its coarse ,then we appeal to our Excellency to intervene into these sprouting churches ,that have brought into our society.machechi machechi i repeat again. taneta nazvo izvi,takuda machechi anotaura zvekudenga hatidi mari ,isu we work to get money hatidi mari dzemishonga yana Gumbura

wenharo - 13 December 2013

1) Court dismisses HIV-positive man's application for review of decision not to defer removal from Canada. Abstract On 7 July 2008, Wilson Gumbura sought judicial review of a decision by an enforcement officer not to defer his removal from Canada until a decision had been made on his humanitarian and compassionate application. Source HIV/AIDS policy & law review / Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network 13:2-3 2008 Dec pg 32 2) Johanne Marange church buys stolen vehicle The suspect, Innocent Gumbura, has since been charged with theft of a motor vehicle – a Toyota Sequiera. During the same period, Gumbura, who is Chatyoka's relative and was staying at her house, took advantage of her absence and lied to Svotwa that she (Chatyoka) had authorised him to collect the said vehicle and sell it on her behalf. 3) 'Rape pastor' remanded in custody Harare pastor, Martin Robert Gumbura, who is accused of raping seven women from his church on different occasions has been set for Monday next week. What is so special about the Gumburas? Zimbabweans are aware this is a house of crooks, criminals and rapists. If I can prove to you that among the four brothers, they have 80 known kids, would you believe it.

Contributer - 13 December 2013

Contributer you really made a good research for yourself. If this was a dissertation i would give you a distinction. The rather unfortunate part of your information is that you are reallying on what you have read or heard. If you were a first hand witnesses i would have bought your piece of work. The other thing is that we dont know your family lineage. Otherwise you are a house of prostitutes and murderers. So let the courts do their work. Pastor Gumbura is yet to be proven guilty by the courts.

Contributer 1 - 13 December 2013

Plz Publish Gumbura's Picture timboonawo zvaakaita

P. DZindikwa - 13 December 2013

Nehohwa came from Gumbura's church after he was disgruntled because Gumbura would not let him have a free ride on any woman he chose - one wonders what happens ku church kwake. Its a question of time before we see him in the dock like his former master. Akomana - madii kunyenga like everybody else if you want to have those goodies - kwete zvematricks izvi. Munofira kujeri.

skuzapo - 13 December 2013

But some people are very stupid indeed. Why would someone continue attending "church" when the "pastor" threatens to pray to the devil for one's demise? There is nothing like that. If one prays to the devil then they are nothing in the eyes of our dear Lord, our God. Kuswera uchikwirirwa mukadzi wako nekuti hanzi ndokunamatira kunaSatan. Very stupid indeed.

Collin - 14 December 2013

Below are Video attachments in which Gumbura tells his congregation that all women are his. 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abDftmZNbVw&feature=youtu.be 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrKcmbaBK20&feature=youtu.be Quite interesting....This was in August 2012....Hanzi "Adelight uyu ndewani?" (That's a single girl in the church he is referring to)....and the congregation answered " Ndewenyu Pastor". Zvikanzi "Ko Chipo uyu ndewani?" (referring to another single sister who was about to get married to one member of the church and she finally got married about 2/3 months after this) and the congregation answered "Ndewenyu pastor" ....then the "Pastor" Said....."Saka ndikakupa wava wako manje...Rubbish".......Meaning the man believes that he owns the women and he is the one who gives you....After giving you the woman she still belongs to him and he can sleep with her any time. And with this Chipo girl he is referring to, the man who married her was forced to sleep with her before the wedding (contrary to his teaching). This he normally does kuti ufunge kuti ndaitirwa favour yet kazhinji kacho the girl will be pregnant already saka kuitira kuti pakuverenga maDates zvisazonyanya kusiyana..The girl is under a serious vow never to tell the man otherwise hanzi " I will curse you or putting you in the Hands of the devil"........Baba vematangwe martin gumbura

Contributor - 14 December 2013

Gumbura you are such a disappointment. Are you a psychiatric case or what? I just cannot understand your lust for sexual gratification. The way I see it Gumbura raped many women in his church but some of them will prefer to remain silent as a way of saving their marriages. This is horror at it's worst. It feels as though one is reading Stephen King's horror novel. He had become an enemy at the gate to the church. A resident evil. No word in any dictionary of any language can best describe this monster's evil deeds. I'm short of words ladies and gentlemen. My million dollar question is - Ko vane madzimayi arikunamatira ikoko varikunzwa sei nezvizvi, I know they are traumatized vanhu ivava. The entire church is bound to be in a state of shock, panic, disbelief, anger and hopelessness. Kune madzimayi aye anoti kwatikwati na pastor zvadai tichaziva sei kana vakapukunyuka. Sorry guys vese vakashandwa na Gumbura

SHAVA - 14 December 2013

Gumbura's Picture for you: 1 .https://www.facebook.com/martin.gumbura 2. Gumbura Videos for you: a) Ndatsanya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QV_WCZaqYQ b)Ndakazvambarara: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVKSDWV91hU c)Makongu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDKWFEeubGg d) All the women are mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrKcmbaBK20

Contributor - 14 December 2013

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