'Gumbura solicited for sex'

HARARE - Independent End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura solicited for sex from married church women, Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya heard yesterday.

A former church congregant (name withheld) who testified yesterday told the court how she left the church after Gumbura began making advances towards her, demanding to have sex with her.

Gumbura is facing multiple rape charges involving church congregants.

The woman is an aunt to one of the victims, who told the court several abuses she suffered at the hands of the pastor.

She said she has attended pastor Gumbura’s church since 1979 until 2006, when she left, saying the pastor often reprimanded her and accused her of having bewitched a child from the church who had just died.

“I refused to do that (having sex with Gumbura) because it was not in line with Bible principles,” the 49-year-old woman said.

The woman said the victim had told her about the abuse by Gumbura, but she did not report the matter to the police, because the church doctrine did not allow church issues to be solved by heathens.

She said Gumbura had threatened all church members that if they defied him, he would “put them in the hands of Satan”. She however, said after she left the church nothing happened to her and instead she is getting more blessings, despite having been committed into the hands of Satan.

“We treated him as a god,” she said, adding that when she left the church, she wrote a letter to Gumbura detailing why she had left and had also included the rape allegations.

Earlier on, the State’s first witness had told the court during cross-examination how Gumbura subjected her to group sex, together with one of the pastor’s wives and another woman, who is elder wife to the victim’s husband.

She said she last had sex with Gumbura who has 11 wives and 30 children in April this year.

During trial proceedings Gumbura sat attentively in the dock, donning khaki prison garb, clutching his Bible — while his wives who came in full support of him sat in the gallery wearing blue and white clothes.

Gumbura is represented by Rekai Maposa and Emmanuel Samundombe, while Jonathan Murombedzi and Kudzai Chigwedere appeared for the State.

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Zimbabweans must follow closely the Gumbura case. The issues coming out of the court procedures have been occurring at various churches whether new or established. People need to go to church with their minds alert to the fact that the so-called men of God may actually be men of satan masquerading as Christians. People must learn to understand what the bible says on their own rather than have some verses quoted out of context for them. Look closely at the actions of various church "elders" and "pastors" to see if their words and deeds are aligned to Christ's teachings. If not just stop associating with such people or else you get contaminated with their satanic deeds as the Gumbura church members did.

Feldman Bandura - 11 December 2013

All this stems from treating the church leader/pastor or owner like a demi-god. It is a known fact that the majority of congregants in churches are women and girls. With these new churches sprouting like shoots from the ground, the female gender is easily taken advantage of. A lot of evil happens to women, but for the sake of preserving their marriages most choose to keep quiet. As alluded before, people should read and understand what the bible directs and not wait for someone else to misinterpret it. Advice especially to women: Beware of wolves donned in sheep's skin.

tomasi tohwi - 11 December 2013

Religion is much more powerful than we all realise. Everyone who goes to church is affected to some extent. Its not uncommon to see a husband/wife lying to their partners about donations to the church. Employers donate company money to churches leaving employees without salaries.At the other end of the spectrum you get others flying jets into the twin towers all in the name of religion. Between these extremes you get people who will do anything for religion including disowning or neglecting their own parents.I understand how this effect come about. People are forced by circumstance to make a decision to dusagree with the leadership and leave or rationalise the bad things and stay and they make the latter decision most of the time to avoid to tag of akatiza church. changing churches is not a solution bcoz today's spiritual churches are the same.

zvokwadi - 11 December 2013

A lot is happening these days in the name of church, women and children/young girls being abused,others being fleeced of their hard earned cash,to the extend that a prophet/pastor becomes a multimillionaire at the expense of the poor,all these done in the name God.We have heard stories of church members being asked to buy blessed oranges at $10 each from prophet's gonyeti full of oranges,others buying blessed bricks for $30-$50 each so that they get/buy miracle houses in town.Please Zimbabweans do fall into these stupid things/churches in the name of God. You are being robbed in the daylight.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 11 December 2013

Its sad to note that in as much as God is revealing such ridiculous evil deedss in the church the people are still stupid to hold onto such crazy thinking. They are letting their kids attends such satanic churches and in the end you would come out and wonder if there is God in such churches and the Bible becomes a phony. How on earth would a rapist wave a Bible or have a Bible. We are somehow being cheated. There is something wrong. God did not stand side by side with Dagon. God did not allow Egyptians to prevail and these times its very sad. God has turned his ears against us and so are His eyes.

End Times Crap - 12 December 2013

It is because you go hunting for something else in church if you go to church for salvation you will get it if you go for prosperity that is when you will be exposed to satanic people. Not all pastors are called but find it as an employment opportunity. I visted many churches when I decided to turn to God and I finally got one which tells me kuti Nyaya yangu its between me and God not between me and pastor, me and bishop, me and muprofita no but me and my God. That is where I am going to worship God. These women go to church vachiti havasi kugutswa nevarume vavo woshaya kuti akamboguta kupi kuti ati izvi hazvisi izvi ndizvo. Obvunza pastor anengewo Gumbura woitiswa zvaanoda oti rape.

Maita Manyuka - 12 December 2013

Kutozobatawo bhaibheri kani baba iwe. ah, uyu muapostora wasatan azotinyadzisa gore rino

Tangwena - 12 December 2013

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