I am a good Samaritan — Gumbura

HARARE - Independent End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura says he is a “good Samaritan” and a victim of church politics — dismissing rape allegations as a plot contrived by enemies to cause his downfall.

The pastor, who is facing multiple rape charges, yesterday told the court that the accusations were a blackmail attempt by Godwin Chitsinde from Spoken Word Ministries.

He said there was a “war” between him and Chitsinde, who supports monogamy as opposed to polygamy that Gumbura advocates for.

Gumbura, through his lawyers Rekayi Maposa and Emmanuel Samundombe, told the court that he was having love affairs with some of the women, while the others were influenced by Chitsinde to report rape charges against him.

With 11 wives and 30 children, Gumbura told the court that he used sex drugs that were found in his house to enhance his performance and satisfy his women.

He said pornographic items that were recovered in his house belonged to new congregants and were to be burnt during the church’s annual conference.

“These are malicious allegations meant to ensure his downfall,” Maposa said, adding that Gumbura was being persecuted for being a “good Samaritan”. Gumbura’s women yesterday came in full support of their husband, donning  designer clothes and expensive necklaces.

The court was filled to the rafters, with some of the people failing to get space inside the courtroom as relatives, friends and church congregants followed the trial proceedings.

One of the witnesses (name withheld) gave a sensational encounter of what transpired leading to her alleged rape and abortion.

She said as church members, they treated Gumbura as a “god.” She further told the court how Gumbura raped her on several occasions, using Bible verses to justify his actions.

The woman said Gumbura told her that she could not wed without having sex with him.

“He said he wanted to have sex with me before I get married. He went on to give me a list of girls that he had sex with before their weddings,” the woman said.

The woman later fell pregnant but, Gumbura initially denied responsibility, the court heard.

He later asked the woman to abort, before taking her to doctor Musuka’s surgery.

The woman said that she went with Gumbura and his wife Chipo Mhlanga to doctor Musuka’s surgery, where the abortion was conducted.

According to prosecutor Jonathan Murombedzi and Kudzai Chigwedere, Gumbura is facing 10 counts, involving rape and possessing pornography.

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Should lawyers act like a devil's advocate? Should a lawyer think of 'do unto others as you like them to do unto you'? Or should they empathise with those in unfortunate situations caused by people who have money to pay lawyers to defend them in courts?

Nkosi Mambo - 10 December 2013

this doctor musuka where abortion is carried out should also face the music

rmunemo - 11 December 2013

This BOGUS PASTOR Gumbura follows the footsteps of Madzibaba Nzira who raped many women from his church.So what the women are saying is very true,they were sexually abused.Even the lawyers saw it fit that Gumbura had sexual intercourse with the victims.by agreeing that it was through the love of money.Muma churches umu zviri kuitika asi hazvitauriki because vazhinji tiri kunamatira matambudziko.Atinofunga kuti anopedzwa naPastor kana vanamata nazvo.Ava baba vane DEMON rechipfambi.Justice must take its cause.

True Democracy - 11 December 2013

I don't sympathise with these fools. Can she tell the court which verse in the bible he read? He advocated polygamy and that is his right. Saka if Abraham was to walk into your church today will you chase him? he had wives and concubines. if Jacob walked into your church today what will do? Imi?

Maita Manyuka - 11 December 2013

Same same namadzibaba nzira ,vakomana nyika yonanga kumawereee takayeva.nhayi Gumbura hapana akakuudzawo kuti muto wetsenza mumwe chete here.apa uwone danga revakadzi vauinavo wanga wavagutsa here kuzochochora minda yevamwe.kana dziri chokwadi waka zora vakawanda iwe.shame shame shame katatu.

Believe McJoseph - 11 December 2013

Vanhu vangu vanoparara nekushaya zivo. Here is a group of people being led by a Satanist masquerading as a church pastor and up to now some believe he is a man of God!! Nhai veduwee ko kusvinura kozouya riini?? What is more worrying is that the same congregants are sponsoring this satanist's expensive life style. Do these guys read the same Bible that we read???

Isidore Mutungagore - 11 December 2013

may the judge order castration on this man if found guilty, he is just a nonsense to the society. shame on him.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 11 December 2013

ko vakadzi ava musi wazvaitika vakaudzawo varume vavo here zvazvinoita senge havasipo kupawo uchapupu

tongai jesu - 11 December 2013

@Maita Manyuka.nhai hama,does the bible approve the "wives n concubines" of these two partriachs whom yu hv alluded to?besides,Abraham dd not hv wives and concubines as you say.he had Sarah for a wife and Hagah for a concubine,who actually came as a result of his faithlesness.so you r personally advocating a lifestyle that came wen one was not in sinc with heaven.what this guys dd was wrong but tht does not mean he wont be forgiven if he repents and confesses.thats the good news of His grace-God

ndn - 11 December 2013

@maita usadaro iwe why judge others??these people all need deliverance,lets pray for this country this must be satanism@its best.

musadaro - 12 December 2013

We salute all those who have had the courage to take this matter to court to end this polygamous circus. We salute Pastor Godwin Chitsinde of Spoken Word Ministries of taking a Moral Stand against this Polygamous man masquerading as a “Pastor”. We pray for all those who have been affected by Robert Martin Gumbura… The man needs deliverance from demons of adultery and demons of fornication and demons of incest and demons of moral filth… We pray that this matter will be resolved… It is saddening to read how grown up women were deceived by foolish stories of Gumbura… Filth is filth. Sin is sin. There is no justification for the sin of adultery and the sin of fornication and the sin of incest… The Holy Bible condemns all manner of sin including “.. the sin of adultery and the sin of fornication and the sin of incest…”. We pray for the healing of all those who have been brutally scarred by Robert Martin Gumbura… May GOD have mercy on their souls and may GOD have mercy on Robert Martin Gumbura who has lost the right to be called a “..Man of GOD…”. He should repent of his many sins and not be allowed to preach The Word again. Shame on his so called ELDERS and so called DEACONS who allowed such polygamous nonsense to prevail.. A tree is known by it's fruits… These wolves in sheep clothing need to be exposed.

Errol Smythe - 12 December 2013

vaGumbura ihoromori huru chaizvo mharapatsetsetse yababa and we should learn not to have blind faith ESPECIALLY WOMEN. We should not believe in everything the pastors tell and teach us honayi manje munhu wese wemuchurch maGumbura mkadzi wake ndinonzwira hangu varume vechurch iyi nevane vakadzi vanoenda ikoku tsitsi

evila - 13 December 2013

The spirit says expressly that in the latter times, perilous times shall come. Many shall depart from the faith... many shall be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God... Unfortunately many are misled by people who falsely appear as men of God. Hongu, the greatest battle for men is keeping their sexuality under control. Kuve nevakadzi vakawanda nyangwe tikazvitsigira nema verse emubible, that alone is a sign that someone is losing that battle... Mwari ngaabatsire vose vanoda kuramba vakatsungirira pachokwadi. if Gumbura indeed abused these women, I pray that the law may take its full course. Kune vateveri vake vose I say, 'haisi mhosva yenyu, You are simply living under deception. Kana munhu ari deceived nyangwe akaedza sei, haambofi akaona chokwadi until the deception is taken away. Gumbura, even if you go to jail, I pursuade you to look diligently for the saviour, He is willing to forgive you if you repent. But if you insist on laying out a satanic doctrine for your followers, you are fighting against Christ Himself... and I can assure you.. You will not win.

Dosi Mita - 14 December 2013

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