Mugabe lays into Tsvangirai

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday renewed his rivalry with former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by declaring he would never be buried at the National Heroes’ Acre, because he was a “sell-out”.

Mugabe shared power with Tsvangirai for four years in a shaky coalition government which ended on July 31 when Zimbabwe held polls won by the Zanu PF leader amid claims of vote-rigging.

But at the burial of the late diplomat, brigadier general Misheck Tanyanyiwa, Mugabe took a dig at his former partner ridiculing him saying “there would be no need for the politburo to meet to determine his status”.

“Vakanaka vatinoisa pano, havangabvi muzvitototo (those whom we bury here are great people”, Mugabe told mourners. “You will never be buried here; it is for our righteous ones, those dedicated to the liberation struggle.”

Tsvangirai has refused to accept Mugabe’s disputed victory and maintains the octogenarian leader tampered with the vote.

Mugabe has not met Tsvangirai since the end of the coalition government and appears to have closed the door on the MDC leader for talks aimed at discussing his “exit” package, including possible purchase of a mansion which the ex-Premier occupies.

The Zanu PF leader said Tsvangirai and his cadres did not qualify for the befitting honour of being buried at the nation shrine which is reserved for illustrious sons and daughters who would have made a significant contribution to the country.

Tsvangirai and pro-democracy groups accuse Mugabe and his Zanu PF colleagues of unilaterally deciding who should be buried at the national shrine.

Mugabe insists there will be no opportunity to honour those outside his cabal, since his Zanu PF party cadres fought for the liberation of the country from colonialists.

The MDC is among those arguing that there should be a complete paradigm shift in the way national hero’s status was being conferred exclusively by Zanu PF.

National hero’s status is usually conferred on liberation war veterans and comes with benefits such as a state funeral, burial at the national shrine and assistance to the surviving family members.

However, the Zanu PF’s politburo, the party’s highest decision making body, has since independence from Britain in 1980, monopolised the determination of who qualifies for the ‘revered’ status.

Zanu PF has since denied hero’s status to genuine liberation war veterans such as James Chikerema, Lookout Masuku and Ndabaningi Sithole, whom many felt deserved the honour.

Mugabe said Tanyanyiwa represents the “rare” breed of patriots that unreservedly qualify to be accorded the honour of burial at the national shrine.

The Zanu PF leader said the July 31 harmonised elections that his party won with an overwhelming two thirds majority had shown that the white community in the country did not have a stake in Zimbabwe.

“What the July 31 election result means is that Zimbabwe and all that is beneath it belong to the African Zimbabweans, and that we have to take control of everything.

“We do not care whether you have money or not we will not sacrifice principle on the altar of expediency, never, ever,” bellowed the combative Mugabe, adding that despite Ian Smith’s vows that no black man will rule Zimbabwe in his lifetime – he lived to see a black government.

He however, said Zanu PF cannot afford to sit back and relax, especially after winning the July 31 election.

Mugabe said the party’s pledges to the electorate have to be fulfilled.

So far, Mugabe’s government has failed to live up to the pre-election promises.

The economy has shown serious signs of receding while foreign investors remain sceptical of committing their funds in the early months of the Zanu PF government.

Share prices on the stock exchanged have nosedived while an estimated 800 companies have partially or completely closed due to the worsening economic situation.

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa is yet to announce the budget in the face of dwindling revenue and falling exports receipts.

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The issue of shouting at one another will never solve our problems Mr. President. At the moment an estimated 2.2million need food assistance in Zimbabwe but you are busy shouting trush. Remember that heroes acre was built with funds meant for a certain dam but u decided to help with it yourselves. Nelson Mandela spent 27yrs in jail unlike u who spent 10yrs but he does not speak crap. We need money you promised us by year end as civil servants but nothing is coming up Walk the talk baba.

J. Chinotimba - 9 December 2013

To be buried at heroes acre or not to be buried there does not matter at all, because when we die, we all get buried in the sand, Earth's sand. Heroes acre 's sand is the same sand as everywhere on Earth. There is nothing magical about heroe's acre's sand, sand is the same sand everywhere in the world and who knows , in 200 years to come, this heroes acre might not be there anymore. It will probably disappear into the forest , hidden by trees and long grass and will be long forgotten by the year 2313.

Hungry Poorman - 9 December 2013

Cde Bob what's wrong with you? Not everybody is obsessed with being buried at the "Heroes Acre". Any burial ground is good enough, sekuru. Boasting that you and your friends will be buried at Heroes Acre will make people doubt your mental well-being. Please, Bob, stop your fixation on this ghoulish subject.

Feldman Bandura - 9 December 2013

@ Hungry Poorman. Well said,man. Some people equate being buried at the Heroes Acre to going to Heaven. It's not the same thing. You can be buried at Mbudzi and still go to Heaven!

Feldman Bandura - 9 December 2013

So this man is more concerned about who to bury at Heroes acre? Jesus Christ! The nation is still toiling away to re-build itself and you are concerned about a grave yard.. To hell with your graveyard.. We will bestow him the hero status he deserves. Tsvangirai is no-longer in government and you keep yourself busy attacking him.. Hai.. Ndapererwa.

Joyce Mujuru - 9 December 2013

Are those buried at the heroes acre aware that thats where they are buried. Are they half dead or do they hear Mugabe praising them at their burial? Mugabe has gone bananas now.

chimuti - 9 December 2013

Save would never want to be buried among thieves udulterers and murderers. Keep your stinking acres and we will keep our pride.

Mutirowafanza - 9 December 2013

Gentlemen, i think the jury is out to find out who was the best leader between the late Nelson Mandela and the cunning fox. As one stepped down after only 5 years and the other one is still clinging to power 33years later. Talking about the privilege of being buried at the Heroes Acre while the country burns is indicative of the same failed thinking that has brought us where we are today. Uku ndiko kunonzi our economy is on auto-pilot where the supposed pilot has not input destination coordinates. Icho.

The two faces of leadership - 9 December 2013

Why does this ancient man insist on using the burials of his friends to insult people who have not provoked him? His head does not seem to be the right side up these days. Mugabe is so frightened of Tsvangirai I should think even in his sleep he sees all sorts of living and dead ghosts. Soro remusharukwa rashata hama dzangu.

Chenjerai Hove - 9 December 2013

Tsvangirai ceased to be Mgabe's rival after he was massacred in the July elections. Things got worse when Mbeki exposed him as a British puppet. The president is right in keeping reminding him that he is a nothing and does not deserve to be intered anywhere near our our heroes else he soils the place. The Heroes Acre is not for cowards and sell-outs and puppets of Tsvangirai's ilk. Nada taramba!!

Sikhosana - 9 December 2013

Mugabe shuld take us seriously. man we are still waiting for the promises that yu made to the civil servants. izvi zvako zveheroes acre ndezvako. talk about the economy, lets here what is happening and why we are still at a standstill. why are factories closing, why the retrenchments and what is holding back the announcement of the budget. forget abt tsvangirai, he is not a priority at the moment. tiudzei zvinotipa hupeny Mr. President pliz, taneta nerhetoric yenyu. its like mave kuisa tape modramatiza muri papodium. let's here new things. makataura kudhara kuti heroes acre is for the chosen ones but mongodozkorora serecord rafa. fokofu mhani.

haya - 9 December 2013

MDCT made a terrible mistake of resuscitating ZANU PF by agreeing to form a coalition. Look at what is happening now and what they are saying. We tried to stop them but the love for ministerial posts, luxury vehicles and houses carried the day as these guys stopped thinking and only saw packs in their eyes. It is said that a fly that does not listen will follow the corpse to the grave. I thought MDCT must have known that "Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed". No tears for Tsvangirayi. Go on Bob

SHAVA - 9 December 2013

MDCT made a terrible mistake of resuscitating ZANU PF by agreeing to form a coalition. Look at what is happening now and what they are saying. We tried to stop them but the love for ministerial posts, luxury vehicles and houses carried the day as these guys stopped thinking and only saw packs in their eyes. It is said that a fly that does not listen will follow the corpse to the grave. I thought MDCT must have known that "Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed". No tears for Tsvangirayi. Go on Bob

SHAVA - 9 December 2013

lenin's statue was toppled and dismantled in kiev, ukraine......wonder if those who erected it ever thought that one good day it would come down and be reduced to might be the heroes acre today and it could be something else tomorrow.

burning spear - 9 December 2013

paranoid, deluded, arrogant, egoistic, etc, etc. ndozvavari sekuru ava.

mupengo - 9 December 2013

National shrine! What nonsense. It was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 not because Zanu did anything at all. I voted for Zanu in 1980 why should ZanuPF build a special place to bury their cronies. Zanu did not bring about black rule in this country - majority rule was negotiated by others who have been airbrushed out of history. How can they call themselves “national heroes” when it was our votes which got them into power in 1980. Mind you this was the second time black people had voted in this country. The black majority started voting before we voted Zanu into power in 1980. Nothing will ever change this. Mandela is to be buried in his home area as is the African custom not this showing off by ZanuPF to people who got you into power in the first place. Morons. How can you, in ZanuPF, call yourselves heroes when my vote was one of the millions who got you into power?

Musona - 9 December 2013

Its true cdes and friends....ZANU PF is such a corrupt institution.....they call themselves heroes.....we shall see where kwari kubaya baba....and ndinopika na Amai vangu vaChigubhu vachamama chete muzita raJesu wedu...Amen

Clemence Tashaya - 9 December 2013

Its true cdes and friends....ZANU PF is such a corrupt institution.....they call themselves heroes.....we shall see where kwari kubaya baba....and ndinopika na Amai vangu vaChigubhu vachamama chete muzita raJesu wedu...Amen

Clemence Tashaya - 9 December 2013

Shame, pliz leave Tsvangirai alone. Has he ever said or indicated that he wishes to be buried among thieves and murderers? Tsve kutaura nezveeconomy, kuswerotaura liberation struggle ivo vanhu vachifa nenzara. Honai economy yange yavepo painclusive yatodeteriorate kuda kutosvika pa2008 nokuti zanu pf is all about history and not about moving forward. Hezvo maiti Biti ari kunyima macivil servants mari zvino gwendo guno muchanyara manyima macivil servants acho kana mabhonus avo kuzoti salary increment gore rinouya hapana maprospects. Zanu yaora

Jambwa - 9 December 2013

leave him and sort the ecomy

mukanya - 10 December 2013

I wonder why Mr Mugabe thinks that Tsvangirai will die first, May be as usual he is plotting to kill him. Mr Mugabe is now mad. He believes the dead buried at zeroes acre are glorified or holy. Mr Mugabe needs psychological and spiritual help. As I once said, he is as crazy as Hitler. The so called righteous include Kangai who stooped so low to steal maize (chibage,magwere,umumbu) of all things, Chikowore who stole the people's diesel and paraffin, and that CIO guy who shot Kombayi several times at close range trying to kill him for opposing Muzenda. We know these things. What kind of hero goes around killing his fellow humans,steals their properties and money, oppresses and suppresses them. This is what Mr Mugabe calls righteous. Mr Mugabe has become so mad he enjoys seeing people suffering, crying and wallowing in pain. Mr Mugabe is very evil. Anoroya chete. His CIO are there to throw you into acid. They are a symbol death not life. But will he live forever? I don't know but chisingaperi chinoshura. VAMUGABE YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DEAD END.

mosquito - 10 December 2013

Mandela will be buried in his rural home, and he is one of the greatest to ever live. You can keep that ZANU PF cemetery and call it "heroes arce" for now. We will re-name it National "Dictators" Acre after you all get buried there.

taps - 10 December 2013

Makataurirwa zvakabaya moyo. Ndicho chokwadi ichocho. The truth was said. Colonialist can also contribute in a free Zimbabwe!

dungas - 10 December 2013

Who in the world has ever ressurected y virtue of being burried at the HURE's Acre? Who on God's green Earth has ever attained eternal life by being burried at the HURE's Acre? If the answer is none, then the HURE's is no honourable place to be interred at. Thieves, murderes, corrupt souls, Rapists, war mongers, racists and tribalists are the ones who get burried at the HURE's Acre. If such people are what Robert calls righteous, then his party is is comprised of Saintly Devils. His is a satanic cult which calls evil good and good evil.

HURE's ACRE - 10 December 2013

Sell outs can never be buried at the heroes acre, and we must continue to remind them.

Shebah - 10 December 2013

Heroes Accre. Whilst Zanu pf has destroyed has ran down the country, that has thrown everyone into abject poverty, they still believe they are horoes.Zanu pf team are no longer fit to be buried at the national shrine.Tsvangirai anonzi haachengetwi pa heroes accre, amboti afa here uye anotomboda here kuendapo. Look, true heroes, Baba Mandela, gamba reAfrica is going to be buried in his home area.Zimbabwaens must emulate that.Tsvangirai has already contributed much more than what these thieves did,so why worry about heroes acre , Buhera yakati tii nzvimbo yokuchengeterwa. true heroes vakatsvetwa paheroes should be exumed vaendeswe kumisha kwakavigwa madzitateguru avo.

D.Chikanga - 10 December 2013

Zvinotipa sadza here zve kuvigwa pa Heroes Acre???

HUREUOES - 10 December 2013

Isu KuBuhera hatidi kuvigirwa mutengesi ....takaviga macdes akafira nyika mumapako anoyera iwayo.

Don Wezhira - 10 December 2013

hahahaha,that is utter nonsense Mugabe,do you think in your rightfull mind Dr Tsvangirai would want to be buried along side crooks,murderers,rapists and thieves?Shame.Some of those rapists buried there,we will remove them and bury them at their rural areas such as Hunzvi and the notorious Border Gezi.That shrine does not belong to zanu pf okay,bloody idiot.

josefa chinotimba - 10 December 2013

Where did Tsvangido get a PhD, uku kupenga chaiko! PhD yokunzi thanks watengesa

Don Wezhira - 10 December 2013

The question is, who will be buried first.

simba - 10 December 2013

Lets wait for the second coming of Christ the right will meet with him in clouds and the evil will CRY loud ????????????????

hre - 10 December 2013

NXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA heroes arcer my foot even Nkomo didnt want to be buried there I understand he was secretly buried at his rural home . Mgabe is just showing us that he is empty who thrives on insulting tswangirai minded this old man is a night mare to our country.

ranaka - 10 December 2013

being a hero is not determined by where you will be buried when you die...Mdara Bob take a leaf from Mandel's book!

MuZimbo - 10 December 2013

So Mugabe is trying to tells us that that Heroes Acre is a special burial place? Him and his cronies do not even realise that very few people are interested to even visit that place any more. It can be equated to the famous quote about a wretched cold desert in Siberia: "Everyone knows where it is but nobody wants to go there". Pthoooo!!!!!

Hari yo Fanzirofa - 10 December 2013

And when the saints go marching to heaven you will arise and shine from the Heroes Acre?

Kasoro kane Mhotsi - 10 December 2013

Robert Mugabe is an embarassment of the fruits of liberation struggle.He does not have leadership and fatherly qualities.A leader unites people,a leader preach togetherness and harmony.Be a Zanu Pf supporter or not,who needs haterage in our country.Kureva kuti Tsvangirai wacho aisafanira kuita form party here?Democracy chii?Why every funeral sekuru ava vanongoti nanga nanga kunyomba Tsvangirai?We want unit muZimbabwe why cant he keep personal haterage to himself rather than making hate speech that incite violence,hatisikuda zvakaitika 2008,asi iyeye anozviti mukuru ndiye anotanga heee zvitoto zvitoto what is that?Mugabe is a bad leader not only a dictator,ano kudza kuvenga.Haaregereri anovenga zvekuramba akavenga chero munhu afa.Munhu anemoyo wakadai mungati unobva kunaMwari here?Here is a list yevanhu vaakavenga kusvika mukufa just a few Ndabaning Sithole,Patrick Kombai,Edgar Tekere,James Chikerema (his own cousin).What kind of a person who is supposed to be a father of a nation anoita ruvengo kunge mukadzi wechitatu kudaro.Angotadza kuwirirana nezvaanoda iye Mugabe watoo enermy kuitawo sei ikoko.Zvimwe musangosekerera murume anotinyimisa makomborero kuna Mwari anoruvengo rwakashata fani.Ngaachibva pachigaro anovenga ari kwaZvimba uko

Mafiriwanda jaya - 10 December 2013

Please ndapota zvangu. Musashore Hure's acre yedu, otherwise from next term all the schools will be forced to have "trips for educational purposes"

chaibva - 10 December 2013

Thank God Tanyanyiwa got it what about you, will you get it? I doubt very much. The people you are afraid of by not ceding power will be the ones to decide so good lucky Bob.

Shepy Tarzy - 10 December 2013

Shebah sellout ndimai vako vakatengesa kudhla kwababa vako. Saka vanhu vohla kutaura chokwadi nokuti vanozonzi masellout here? Kunyangwe ukavigwa kuMbudzi kana kuHURE's ACRE unoora wonhuwhira vanu saka chii chinoshamisa nenzvimbo yenyu inoradzikwa mahure?

Mutirowafanza - 10 December 2013

KKKKKKK seka hako

munda - 10 December 2013

Varume, as Zimbabweans, I think we need to pray for our president zviri serious even kana kutsanya chaiko kuti Ishe vamupe mazwi ekutaura anokodzera .

rew - 11 December 2013

Heroes acre is not a holy shrine Baba Mugabe and being buried there does not make one a holy saint. The bible records that even those who died in the seas, rivers forests and were not buried will be resurrected for judgement one day. What is important today is to secure a place in God's heaven than at Heroes Acre Baba.

sjambok - 12 December 2013

What worries me are ZANU PF supporters like Sikhosana (who commented earlier). Whatever Mugabe says they cheer without even thinking. The old man is clearly mad. His attacks on Tsvangirayi at a funeral are inappropriate. Tsvangirayi has not provoked him, nor has he expressed any interest in being buried in that cursed acre of theirs. Just because Mugabe says..motokuza. Makakuza while he murdered civilians, mukakuza while he destroyed an economy and made millions poor. Nyatsoteerera unzwe kupenga.....

John Chimindo - 12 December 2013


morgan tsvangirai - 13 December 2013

Who says Mugabe wants to be buried at Heroes Acre ,Mugabe has a better home just like Obama,Zuma,etc,he will be buried at his home.Go back to school ,dont talk lyk your uneducated Morgan Teaboy

cobra - 14 December 2013

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