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HARARE - On Thursday the world lost a well-celebrated global statesman, Nelson Mandela.

He was 95.

The iconic figure credited for delivering South Africa from apartheid rule succumbed to a series of lung infections.

In 1994, Mandela became the first black president in independent South Africa, a position he held until 1999.

Madiba, as he was fondly referred to by his fellow countrymen, also served as president of the African National Congress (ANC) from 1991 until 1997.

In 1962, Mandela was convicted for conspiracy to overthrow the apartheid government and served 27 years in prison until his lobbied release in 1990.

Our reporter Wendy Muperi took to the streets of Harare to get sentiments on Mandela’s death. Below are the excerpts:

Zelipha Ndlovu (54), Profession: Educationist, Greendale

It does not matter whether one is a Zimbabwean, South African, American, Mandela was just a great man.  This is everyone’s loss and it is indeed a sad time.

Emily Bosch (28), Former teacher, Avenues

I was surprised and touched when I heard the news this morning. I was not yet old enough to know about Mandela before his release from prison, but I do know he was such an icon.

I know he will be greatly missed and it is such a sad day.

Lawrence Hungwe (46), Farmer, Hellensvale

Death is death, it can never be nice.

But, well, Mandela died a long time ago, I mourned him in 1990 when he was released from prison.

They killed him at Robben Island. That is the first time he died, in prison, spiritually. 

The real Mandela was for the Freedom Charter.

They only released him after killing him spiritually.

That is why you see South Africa has remained the same.

They made deals with a dead man and now ANC has to start all over again.

And, about six months ago, is the second time he died. Now it is the third and formal death of Mandela.

Dennis Choguya (38), Marketing manager, Avondale

I think what is most important is Nelson Mandela managed to build one of Africa’s strongest economies.

In South Africa, we have a great trading partner. It is sad that we have lost him but his achievements were quite remarkable.

Justin Heymans (26), Commodity broker, Borrowdale

It is a very sad thing for such a great man, but you know it is eventually going to come to all of us.

Comments (10)

mandela! mandela! we miss you. Hamba khahle qawe la maqawe. Not even one of the living so-called heros and heroins are even allowed to untie the shoe-lace of this giant. Please fellow SOUTH AFRICANS DO NOT ALLOW MUGABE TO EULOGISE ON THIS OCCASION WE ARE MOURNING A HERO!

BABA NASHE - 7 December 2013

jones2011 - 7 December 2013

Can anyone explain to me, in plain terms, the logic behind Mandela's offering to PW Botha, the world renowned murderer of an African people in S/Africa, a hero status and indeed a graceful resting place at the S/African Heroes acre. Please, excuse me guys but let me air my view - I do not think this Mandela who passed away a couple of days ago is the original Nelson Madiba Mandela who was taken to Prison. When did these unforgiving and unrepentant blood-sucking whites start to praise the black skin- in whichever form it might appear(I refer to the niceties the white were piling on this Mandela like the over-publicised b/day bashes/galas these whites always superintendent-over.

Ganyamatope - 8 December 2013

Wake up and smell the coffee you fraud-prone blacks. Now, this is my thinking: The ever-cunning and colllous devilish white race killed the real (og) Nelson Madiba Mandela soon after committing him to the gallows. Then, they quickly crafted a clone which they used, heavily, to misrepresent real Mandela's and entire black people's agenda in a bid to further their filthy hold on us, real blacks - who do think with a non-cloned brain. Now, it's a pity, they have almost managed, so far, to manipulate a sizeable number of blacks to condemn their African leaders who, these whites, have not, yet, been able to destroy and clone.

Ganyamatope - 8 December 2013

Varume, kana takadyiswa nevarungu ava, ngatiedze kutsvaga "destinations of our choice" kwatingagona kunorutsiswa. For now, allow me to rest my case but before I do that,I will drop you this hint;-Kana kuregerera kwakanaka, ndiudzei mumwe chete akaregererwa nevarungu unless kana muri kuti the arraangement does not operate in a reverse order. Think of the likes of Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King Junior, Osama Bin Laden (killed just a handful whites as opposed to thousands killed by Botha), Marmur Gadaffi (killed by invaders. Reason - to secure interests of the invaders within Gardaffi's land. The invaders are none other than the disgusting white-hided blood-suckers. So, go ahead, praise them but go it alone not with me. To the white's man-made clone, I say, have our dear real Mandela's mask removed before you are condemned to smolder in the chasm of non-stop brazing fire of hell. Thank you, tatenda, siyabonga!

Ganyamatope - 8 December 2013

Thank u Daily News. You allowed my post sail thru, something which ur partner - NewsDay - found too much of a task to do. I do not know if this has happened without ur knowledge or u have just exercised, for once, fair play like the contemplation in soccer

Ganyamatope - 8 December 2013

You know daily news is a great news paper it can allow some confused idiot to hallucinate publicly like idiot cio ganyamatope or dagaboy.Idiot dagamixer how many relatives or those who speak same langauge like are ln SA which was founded by the great Mandela ?Did you want Mandela to introduce gukurahundi to kill his own people remember Madiba fought against white and black dominance.

Dibulaanyika - 8 December 2013

What makes NELSON MANDELA a global icon is the ability to unite a highly polarised country through extending a hand of reconciliation to his erstwhile enemies.Of course there more to be done to empower black people in SA but it should be incrementally not the Malema way otherwise SA will become another Zimbabwe.

Aluta continua - 9 December 2013

Take it or leave it Mandela left a legacy and hisaura cannot be matched by any african. Talk of Nyerere who accepted he messed Tanzania when he was about to die, talk of this Ghanain President famed for forming the OAU yet he was a dictator and he got the reward. Ghadafi saw his fellow countrymen as rats and he was cornered into a rat hole. You may hate whites but its unfortunate they are there and very organised anyway. Just get organised and you will also get the rewards. Nelson Mandela rest in peace though ZanuPf is throwing a party to celebrate not your life but your death, vanofunga mbiri yako ichaenda kuna Mugabe ane mbiri yekungotuka vamwe chete pese paavhura muromo pakazara vanhu.

Maita Manyuka - 9 December 2013

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