'My brother impregnated me'

HARARE - A Harare woman dragged her cousin brother before a Harare Civil Court claiming maintenance for their child.

Martha Pasipamire told Harare magistrate Milton Serima that her cousin Livingstone Gahadza raped her sometime back when they were at a funeral and the two had a child together.

“He raped me. We had sexual intercourse but I did not want,” said Pasipamire.

Gahadza refuted Pasimamire’s claims and said that he could not have sired a child with his own sister.
He told the court that his sister was in love with his friend (Max) who disappeared after impregnating Pasipamire.

“She was in love with my friend whom I worked with so when she got pregnant she started pestering me, claiming I knew my friend’s whereabouts,” said Gahadza.

“She threatened to humiliate me in front of our relatives and also said that I will take responsibility of the child until I tell her about the whereabouts of Max.”

The sister demanded a paternity test to prove parentage of the child.

“I had sexual intercourse with him and I do not know the one he calls Max,” she protested.

“We were at a funeral and he called me and slept with me. I told him that we are relatives but he insisted.”

The atmosphere got murkier when Pasipamire told the court that her cousin-cum-husband had threatened to kill her if she divulged their “little secret”.

“When I got pregnant he told me to abort,” she said.

Serima said it was novelty for a sister to bring her brother before the court claiming  maintenance.

Serima ruled that Gahadza was the father of the child until the paternity test proved otherwise.

He ordered him to pay $50 in child support and said if the paternity results prove that Gahadza was the father, Pasipamire was free to apply for an upward variation.

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Nyangwe wamwa vuka vuka hama ihama usakanda tsvimbo nyoro pairi . Nyika yoind kumagumo zvokwadi asi chii ko iwe munhu weZANU PF

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 5 December 2013

Do not tell us lies you love your brother. all you need is maintenance for the child.

Solomon Zulu - 5 December 2013

This report leaves a lot to be desired. How are these people related, its not clear. Looks like the reporter did a poor job at investigating the real issues behind this story

Tangwena - 5 December 2013

Mukadzi uyu anenge asitorinawo kunyatsokwana futi

Tangwena - 5 December 2013

I agree with you Tangwena, haana kunyatsoti kwesere. She is claiming for maintenance now, indicating she was raped, akadii kureporta the case then. It looks like she is in deep love with her brother. This shows we are living in the end time days

worried - 5 December 2013

Only GOD knows the truth! Imagine making love at a funeral as If they are at a night club.Such behavior is synonimous with animals. These two must be tried at the HIGHEST TRADITIONAL COURT. Their wild behavior is both un-chritian anti-culture.

Jonathan Kapungu - 5 December 2013

Reporter hakuna chinonzi cousin brother.....at this level we don't expect to read sho-english

jenya - 5 December 2013

@Jenya. Zvako. Ko kungonyora neShona kana zvichinetsa?!

Semhalo - 5 December 2013

They are evil! These are the satanic followers we don't need such people in a moral society.

Regalia - 5 December 2013

To jail after graduating. What a situation. I hope he wanted to acquire experience for his qualification.

charaira - 5 December 2013

This is a case of rape. The sister should have reported the case immediately and have the brother arrested. She would then have received drugs in 72 hours to stop getting pregnant and to also protect her from STIs. What this brother did is pure evil, ndiwo mabhinya apedza vana vedu aya,

Netsai - 5 December 2013

Magistrate should have charged them with incest!! Ndokusaka mvura ichiramba kunaya!!!

Yoweeee! - 5 December 2013

Magistrate should have charged them with incest!! Ndokusaka mvura ichiramba kunaya!!!

Yoweeee! - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013


Mari Manyemba - 5 December 2013

What kind of relationship is called cousin brother. Martha Pasipanodya said she was raped by her brother (or her cousin) . The writer is obviously semi-literate who was thinking in Shona and writing in poor English. A half-decent editor would have edited the abnormal English.

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 5 December 2013

Parufu wo here hamawe! Hnazvadzi; Kana kunzwa kuti zemo, ayas, makunakuna chaiwo. Signs of times.

Mukorekore Mukuru - 6 December 2013

Definition of cousin brother noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary cousin brother NOUN cousin brother pronunciation English; cousin brother pronunciation American (Indian English, informal) a male cousin of your own generation

Mbombi - 6 December 2013

This is one of the many reasons WHY innocent pple go to jail... if she agreed to the act, then where is her problem???

NOTHANDO MABIKWA - 6 December 2013

"and he called me and slept with me" how about this. If this hapened there was due consent. Parufu nhai and you failed to scream. Nhai iwe ndiwe wakatanga Khazi"

ngugude - 9 December 2013

The Judgement is equally worisome to me, "pay $50 maintanance every month pending the partenity results with the provision of upward variation provided positive partenity" how about if the results are negative? I am not sure if justice was served. I think partenity should have been determined prior to maintanance judment.

Chimuswe - 10 December 2013


WASUB PA WATSOMBA - 10 December 2013

he called me and slept with me, strange all those people relatives at a funerals why couldn't she refuse and go straight to the elders with the story

simba jones - 10 December 2013

The learned magistrate did a bad job. He should have directed the opening of a criminal investigation into the allegations and counter allegations by the two. If indeed she was raped which is now difficult to prove then the man should be charged accordingly. If there is no rape then the two must be charged with incest. To turn a blind eye on a criminal matter and trivialize it to a civil case of maintenance shows how low our standards have plummeted. In fact how on earth can a brother pay maintenance to her sister. If that happens then we have become worse than animals. Cousin or brother or both or whatever for as long as there is a prohibiting relationship, kuyayangisa/zvinonyadzisa to take such an issue to the public

mosquito - 11 December 2013


jende kufa - 11 December 2013

I doubt there was any rape here, nor was this the first or last time these two slept together. It was probably the "only" time they slept together without protection, hence she is fingering that particular bout as the conception one. Whilst it is understandable that she would want the father of the child as she knows him to be liable for maintenance, in the same breath she is trying to save face by crying rape. Knowing that this was consensual but wrong, she was better served having gone to their mutual family elders and kept the embarrassment localised than now when it is national. Who will ever employ her?

simba - 11 December 2013

heee uuumm ndatya ini

chamachama pinduzi - 11 December 2013

Ko Netsai wapindwa nei? Ndiwe bhinya remukadzi rinobhinya varume. Enda paGoogle utsvage "70% of cases referred for DNA" ehe dzakawanikwa varume varikunyeperwa gore ra2012.

tadadee - 11 December 2013

'cousin brother' mudaily news here? dai muri muHerald taiti maB.Gezi. so tell us how the two are related

fungi - 12 December 2013

It doesn't make sense to say "cousin brother" because the adjective comes first so it actually sounds like you're using the word cousin to describe your brother. Cousin is a genderless word that's usually clarified by saying he or she in context, or by naming as in "my cousin Jessica is coming". There's no male/female differentiation in the word itself. Editor, hamusi kuita basa! You need to employ people who know English well, this is not Kwayedza!

Onini - 12 December 2013

The victim was not raped because she was suppose to have told the people on the funeral soon after the incident and these people should conduct a DNA test before it is too late.

Sarkozy Makman - 12 December 2013

"cousin Livingstone Gahadza raped her sometime back ..." What year is "sometime back", Mr Reporter?

Gudo - 12 December 2013

The Satanic verses continue to be written. Makunakuna parufu here. Aya manyepo, ngaataure chaipoipo pazvakaitikira iye arikuti akabhinywa asi iye adawo.

Hezvo - 12 December 2013

this cannot be incest,,at worst these two are cousins the word brother is misleading ,,bad reporting

stobbs - 12 December 2013

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