Opposition parties hail Gono

HARARE - Opposition parties have showered praises on retired Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono, calling him the best governor since 1980.

Gono resigned from the central bank on Saturday, ending an eventful 10 years at the helm of RBZ.

The former governor, who has interests in farming, real estate and media, appointed his deputies Charity Dhliwayo and Khupukile Mlambo to act as governor on a rotational basis until a substantive candidate was found.

In the wake of the resignation, opposition parties have heaped praises on the former governor.

Nhlanhla Dube, spokesperson for the Welshman Ncube-led MDC, said Gono was an exceptional governor who did the best during his tenure.

“Gono did the best that could have been done,” Dube said.

“He was a good governor who had his feet firmly on the ground. There was an economic collapse and he made policies based on that and as such, it was not an easy job for him. I can say his tenure was very colourful and challenging.

“He did the best but in some areas he failed, but we also have to note that he was handicapped by the political realities of that time. All in all, we can say Gono’s tenure was characterised by the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Job Sikhala, opposition National Constitutional Assembly member and former MDC-99 president, waxed lyrical about Gono.

“Gono was a governor during the most difficult of times and there is one thing that the people of Zimbabwe do not appreciate about the man. He was a fighter of the fighters,” Sikhala said.

“He fought during the difficult economic times. When things were bad he never played the blame game but implemented measures to address the situation. He is the best RBZ governor since 1980.

“He was a people’s governor who served people with great humility. He was a man of exceptional adulations who served all despite political colours. I know of MDC members who were helped by him and as such, he was an exceptional man.”

Former Finance minister, Tendai Biti also heaped praises on Gono last week, describing him as a man with Zimbabwe’s interests at heart.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, the ex-finance minister described his former subordinate as a patriotic man who served Zimbabwe well.

“Gono has the nation at heart although some people wanted to use him and they indeed used him and just dumped him like that,” Biti said without giving details.

“We first had challenges, but eventually we had a very good working relationship. He (Gono) had the nation at heart,” Biti stated.

Gono, born in November 1959, was appointed to head the central bank in December 2003 and said he took the job because he relished the challenge.

Gono was re-appointed as central bank governor for a second five-year term in November 2008, the term which expired last Saturday.

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If asked to vote, I would vote him one of the best. He did the best under politically manipulated economic conditions

Mar Ire Commons - 3 December 2013

"Gono resigned from the central bank on Saturday, " did he resign or his term came to an end.

mhandu - 3 December 2013

The opposition figures quoted in the story have made fools of themselves. How can any sane person praise the fellow under whose watch the central bank engaged quasi-fiscal activities which precipitated the nation into hyperinflation of unprecedented levels? Remember those quintillions of dollars that Gono printed without the courtesy of the then Finance Minister Hebert Murerwa who resigned out of frustration? Gono started robbing the bank accounts of individuals and organisations to buy fertilisers and tractors for his ZANU PF colleagues who had invaded commercial farms. Vehicles were also bought for the junta using the loot. Not even a single user of the RBZ equipment and vehicles paid for the free use of such resources. No mechanism was put in place to recover the incurred costs. Some of the war veterans given tractors were seen parked at beerhalls and some even engaged in pirate commuter services using the tractors and vehicles. Gono also introduced BACCOSSI that was aimed at benefitting his pals who supplied the products to RBZ. The list of Gono's faults is endless and if he claims to have been pushed he is lying as there was the option of resigning.

Boorangoma - 3 December 2013

Gono cant be the best but the waste. He really don;t know whats is economics. he saved the political part by looting ZIMBABWEAN ASSETS. Imagine my age I worked for 29 years serving my beloved country yet this man just printing $10 000 000 000 000. No the waste in the World. So I do value as the worst Governor. What do you expect from ZOU products

scorpion - 3 December 2013

Gono could have retired earlier rather allowing him self to be used by his ZANUPF thieves .At one point Gono was the president of zim and we exprienced the waste grievous policies stupid quasi-fiscal policies ,paper worthless money printing leading to hyper inflation trillion percentage ,robbing citizens the monies,banks ,pensioneers . Centralising foreign currency to himself &ZANU people at the expense of majority poor suffering citzens ,foreign currency shop licences to zanu people ,baccossi to zanu ,wasteful farm machinery for Zanu pf thieves .You praise such a person open your eyes guys tell him the truth .He looted together with his ZANU PF looters he is the thief waste thief in the history of zim not at governor doesnt deserve any praise.

trueman - 3 December 2013

Gono was the waste. A many times I failed to access my full salary and forced my family to have one meal a day because Gono would dtect how much of my salary would be made avaialable to me after a hard month's work.

mambo - 3 December 2013

Gono never resigned but his term expired and ZANU PF was reluctant to renew it. If they wanted Gono would embrace that. Gono is like Mugabe only that he doesent have power to endose himself. Go back to Buhera and take care of your bearer cheques we don't want to see them again.

cloudius - 3 December 2013

Poor politicians. What a shame! What good did Gono do to serve the people of Zimbabwe?Stealing from the poor is what Job Sikhala and Biti are praising? Sending his casual labourers from RBZ to ambush poor women, young and old trying to cross the border with a few Rands and Pulas received from struggling relatives from Botswana or South Africa, to buy a few groceries. I refuse to be part of such thinking .Is it amnesia? He made his money period. Who does not know how he made his money. People can forget what you did and people can forget what you said but people will never forget how you made them feel. Insensitive is the word to describe his actions

SHAVA - 3 December 2013

Gono will go down in history as the guy who saved this country from economic slaughter from the imperialists as they fought us on the economic front. He fought a very very good fight and no other man in this country would have achieved what he did. Granted there was a lot of collateral damage and a lot of suffering but that should have been expected in the war we were involved in. Well done Gideon and enjoy your rest . Indeed you are a hero.

Sikhosana - 3 December 2013

I do not see the good that Gono did. He stole poor people's saving and pensioners funds thru printing money and gave it to ZANU(PF) thru ridiculous loans. This is partly how many ZANU officials (himself included) became super rich when evryone was getting poorer.

Kondo - 3 December 2013

zimbabweans! wafa wanaka....gono was a huge failure and under his stewardship the reserve bank was reduced to a tragi-comedy. we need to adopt the culture of being consistent as a people in our comments and call a spade a spade....this is the same folly that tsvangson fell into with respect to bob....showering bob with praises while bob was busy engaging nikuv in committing an unimaginable electoral heist....akatadza akatadza..period. his mandate was to serve as reserve bank governor and not zanu pf party financier. grow up.

rodney - 3 December 2013

Didn't Biti once describe Gono as economic al-quaeda? How times change.

Moe - 3 December 2013

Hypocrites. Yesterday they were saying "Gono and Tomana were GPA outstanding issues" and that they must go. Today they are heaping praise after praise for Gono. They will obviously praise Tomana when he finally leaves office. Nonsense. Chakashata chakashata chete. Gono messed up big time

Mukorekore Mukuru - 3 December 2013

I think Gono should be tried for fraud, Do not ignore what Dr Kereaccused him of.

George Sojo - 3 December 2013

@Rodney True...tine culture of fearing the elders even if they are crapping on our heads. We bow and say 'ndi...baba'. Typical beaten wife behaviour,

Garanga - 3 December 2013

the worst thief Zimbabwe ever had! Gono is a political prostitute, he beds both sides. ZPF & MDCs plus Rhodesians. how can he be responsible for 45% of RBZ's debt in just 5 years??we all know that during his 2nd term hapana chikwereti chaakazoita. the other 55% debt dates back to even before 1980.

mwana wevhu - 3 December 2013

From RBZ, Gono should have been sent to a maximum prison, 15 years in jail subject to extension. Gono was as good as a murderer. Gara waenda kuBuhera kwako ikoko, tikakuona futi muma-banks edu tokudambura musoro.

Kauchy - 4 December 2013

I do not believe for one moment that Gono was a good governor. Far from it, if anything he was the worst this country ever had. You have to give credit where it is due though, he was one hell of a PR man and the government could make use of him in this capacity rather than just kick him to the kerb. He could be the link between government and the IMF, World Bank, and other multi-lateral donors or lenders..In fact he could be one hell of a good Foreign Minister ..the current one is tired and he seems to believe being bellicose is a good substitute for making friends..How this Minister guy arrives at this conclusion is a mystery that those gifted with incisisve analysis will probably spend a lifetime trying to unpack! Yah, give this 'vacant post' to Gono.

gutter poet - 4 December 2013

he dd the obvious and was extra vagant and talker while we dd al his dirty jobs, nw he left un-paid and jobless 1500 man and women on the streets and failed to honour his pledge to pay packages, then you want to call him a hero for what? when he caused many suffering, his a thief and he cant honour his word, then no intergrity there

EX rbz Manager - 4 December 2013

Gono pfutseki akaita kuti tingova mbwa munyika yechisikigwa zvaita zvaenda .His quasi -fiscal policies destroyed the economy ngithi hamba Gono hapana zvawakaita asi wakagonera vanaChombo vawipa matractor nembeu isu tichingova shuro . Why shld i give praise to an Alqaeda terrrorist who destruct the economy to zero . Zvimwe akagonera imwi vana vemaShevu eZanu pamapiwa madiesel nembeu muchitengesa

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 4 December 2013

Gono Gono aidzinga ma bank ,managers pa TV aizowonererwawo futi but he was abused and he realised it too late when he sat over 100 zillion percent inflation and a lot of printed bond paper a.k.a money a.k.a bearer cheques. Mr Quintillion go well. The nice thing he saw the folly of stealing other people's investment renaming it indeginisation. There he stood like a rock regai tione achapinda apa. Votoisa Kuruneri wavakambo persecutor.

Maita Manyuka - 4 December 2013

Rinoziva haro garwe kudhonza jira richisiya munhu.chiripo chauraya zizi haringafi nemhepo chete.Gono,Gono muroyi wemunhu,he sustained a dying horse from collapse kuti rirarambe richingotitambudza until now,

zvafa - 4 December 2013

I welcome the opposition parties appreciation of an individual who has done well - as Christians we believe in forgiveness, all those who think Gono affected them should forgive so that they can have a vision of their future there is no reason to hold on to the past when future can provide you what you lost in the past

G W Phiri - 4 December 2013

forgiveness and saying someone did well and was the best RBZ governor since 1980 are 2 different things. The later is what we call halucinations! The guy destroyed our currency, destroyed the central bank into a tuck shop buying mafuta nemabar esipo for pple under baccossi...was overzealous in covering his theft with long speeches sprinkled with some words of "bravery"...kwani kwaingova kuba chete and dishing monbey dzaraidwa maaccount edu to his fellow theives including Mugabe!

Crub - 4 December 2013

I am baffled and speechless to say the least. How on earth people can commend Gono? The man who turned RBZ into a fly by night foreign currency dealer. Tried to repeat the money printing that was at one time employed by Germany years back to their own downfall. The man who resorted to trial and error tactics which brought the country to its knees. We lost all our savings, our insurances cover and people have guts to commend him. Zvinoshamisa chokwadi by right this man must face trial.

Gwenaz - 5 December 2013

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