Mujuru poised for takeover

HARARE - From lowly beginnings as a school drop-out, Vice President Joice Mujuru has risen to power and become a leading candidate to succeed the president.

Mujuru’s camp is ecstatic following an emphatic victory last weekend that saw the camp crushing their rivals in the Zanu PF provincial polls.

Candidates aligned to the Mujuru faction cruised to convincing wins, as the battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe rages on between the Mujuru faction and the rival Emmerson Mnangagwa-led faction.

A senior politburo member said the Mujuru camp was “very, very happy” with the whitewash.

“We are now waiting for the politburo to endorse the results but I am certain that they will be endorsed,” he said. “The people who deserved to win, won and this makes us very, very happy.

“We wanted eight provinces and we got nine and this is a whitewash. Everything went according to plan.”

Announcing the results at the Zanu PF headquarters on Sunday, Simon Khaya Moyo, the Zanu PF chairperson, said the results were not final as they awaited confirmation and endorsement by the politburo.

Didymus Mutasa, the party’ secretary for administration, told Daily News yesterday that the date for the politburo to sit has not yet been confirmed.

“As of now, l don’t know when we will have the politburo meeting but we will notify you as soon as I know. We will give you updates when the time comes,” Mutasa said.

Since romping to the vice presidency in 2004, Mujuru has emerged as one of Mugabe’s closest officials, and the one in charge whenever the President is away.

She has taken a leading role after putting her cards on the table, declaring that she was ready to take over when the time is ripe. 

A fierce loyalist of Mugabe, speculation swirled that Mugabe was poised to name Mujuru as Zimbabwe’s presidential candidate ahead of the July 31 vote, but Mugabe chose to fight and won.

With a fresh five year mandate, it is highly unlikely that Mugabe can stand for re-election at 94, meaning Mujuru is poised for a takeover.

That Mugabe trusts Mujuru with his most important assignment is corroborated by insiders who suggest the VP may be at the top of the list because of her fierce loyalty to the cunning political veteran.

The two have a long history, going back to the liberation struggle.

Mujuru has already spent 33 years in Cabinet, an unprecedentedly long spell in Mugabe’s administration.

Insiders say Mujuru is a more pragmatic leader than others in Zanu PF, which might be necessary to keep the party from fracturing during the transition.

It may help her to prevent infighting within Zanu PF given her status in the hierarchy as second secretary, which could avert serious problems in addition to any opposition challenges the transition leader will face.

Moreover, Mujuru has become a strong leader, establishing strong ties with grassroots.

This may be critical, as recent news stories have shown that maintaining that relationship will be a key expectation of any Mugabe successor.

She has popular appeal as well, and charisma than her rival Mnangagwa lacks, observers say. She has fared better than other Zanu PF members in polls when pitted even against opposition candidates in her Mt Darwin constituency. 

Mujuru’s profile within Zimbabwe has continued to grow as she routinely appears both in pictures and videos next to the president.

In fact, many analysts believe that Mujuru’s  best shot at the presidency comes at the 2014 congress which will decide leadership changes. Now it appears that she is slated to run for president in 2018.

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These political analysts and journalists who are always quoted in the press what do they base their facts on? These stories about plots and succession battles between factions in ZanuPF are nonsense. Mugube lives only for politics. For as long as he is alive he will be President and nobody else. This is all nonsense that Mujuru and Mnangagwa are fighting to succeed Mugabe. Mugabe is a control freak and will not allow anyone to challenge his position which he has always wanted since he was aged 10 years. Mwanasikana, Bona, is the one who is being groomed to take over from daddy not these plots by factions in ZanuPF being reported in the press. All the speculation about Mnangagwa or Joice Mujuru succeeding are wide off the mark. Joice Mujuru is not up to the task. If I was in charge she would not be get a job to make tea in my office. Running a country is much more complex than what people think. There's nothing special about Joice Mujuru. Just because she dropped out of primary school to go to Mozambique does not make her suitable to be President of such a fragile economy which needs a pragmatic intellectual not this “liberation war” nonsense.

Musona - 3 December 2013

Zanu pf is in charge wheather it is Mujuru,Chiwenga,Munangawa or Chinotimba we will still defeat Morgan Tsvangirai

Colonel - 3 December 2013

guys don scrape pasurface tell us which Provinces did she win and which ones did Munangagwa win thats wat gud scribes do otherwise you pu the profession into disrepute

Prince Far I - 3 December 2013

Ko nhai Colonel, Tsvangirayi apinda papi munyaya iyi?

JSC - 3 December 2013

'Colonel' is typical of ZPF loyalists, no clue, always off-topic.

Haruna - 3 December 2013

guys and ladies pliz leave everything to God, who ever thought RGM will be president today, this is God's plan, kusvika mwari vaakuda

makombotology - 3 December 2013

The private media behavior in regards to succession in Zim politics is questionable . Editors beware your staff and you maybe contaminated with bribe money to promote the interests of these so called factions. There is a lot at stake here and we know everyone wants to be heard at all means.

Temba - 3 December 2013

Individuals like colonel are so toxic to society because they are used to raise their voices and intimidate others. You can even tell by reading the postings that in that person's head, he/she is screaming when she/he writes. Whats wrong in people having a civil discussion and even when disagreeing, we don't have to be disagreeable. Colonel, in other words, let others say their point of view and if you have a different view say it, respectfully, and not to try and intimidate others.

tino - 3 December 2013

Despite the excitement, the odds of her becoming next leader are not good. President Robert Mugabe's beloved son Chatunga Bellarmine has all the traits It takes to be a our next Great President.

LiWong - 3 December 2013

If only it were that simple, then people would plan around the lady's presidency..but me thinks this is not over..not by a long chalk!

gutter poet - 4 December 2013

Kohakuchina dzimwe nyaya here zvomongo dzembereka pamakuhwa eZANU. Ndimwi makachemera kodzero yekushambadza asi nhasi zare neZANU. Nyika yose hainavo zvamungatizivisa here zvomongo fanana neHerald. Tapota toda nhau kwete makuhwa asina umbowokubva kare tinokumbiravo kuremekedzwa sevaverengi venhau tinoda nhau

Upenyu Ndishe - 4 December 2013

Zviroto zvemumapepa izvi munoti Gushungo vanoda kusiya vushe kangamwai kunze vatogwa namusiki . Gire aripaduze pavo nokuda kukwira ndege agoti daddy siyai vushe hakuna izvo . Dai vaMugabe vaida kusiya vanga vachasizya izvezvi manje kolwa mfethu kuti vasiire vamwe vuchi inhema .Kwahi Baba Mnangagwa vawa imwi munoita zvokutamba pachava nokutevuka ropa munyika yechisikigwa zvokwadi mirai muone

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 4 December 2013

Who ever comes in must continue with the empowerment of the common folk, as well as make sure that the economy goes back to the 1980s state.

JRN - 4 December 2013

Why wasting time Vice President Joice Mujuru takes over when the need arise.

Solomon Zulu - 4 December 2013

I feel very sory for the above commentators to Mbiba and Gumbo school of thought and opinions. The intention of the above story and writing is intended firstly to destroy ZANU PF be encouraging or really attempting to saw seeds of division. Secondly it is trying to through spanners into works hopping whatever result comes will be adverse to ZANU PF. Thirdly and sadly, is to impress some quarters whose interest is the downfall of ZANU PF. To make matters worse the writers are of a very shallow level to be able to enough manipulate this ideas still hiding the intended sinister motive. Zimbabweans are highly literate in their humanity and academic posture.

dungas - 4 December 2013

The real power and succession battle will be fought when Mugabe dies. It is then that the Zanu monsters will devour one another for the throne. As for now these are just speculations which we create to stir the thinking of the people. I do not see Mr Mugabe stepping down as long as he is alive. He will choose to remain in power even when he is paralyzed. His people are so afraid of him no one will challenge him even when he is dead sick. Mrs Mujuru does not make the right candidate for our president (personal opinion) but then she is the better and softer option for the desperate masses. Mugabe knows this, he will never leave the office with someone naïve as her. He would prefer a strong handed dictator full of sins and crime like himself and when push comes to shove he will do things according to his plan not what we speculate. Mugabe is very calculative, callous and cunning. A simplistic and soft approach on him wont help. In any case, all these people clamoring for the top seat are merely winding the clock towards Mugabe's grand plan. What is his plan ? Mugabe in his wishes wants to leave the throne in the hands of one of his children Bona, Robert Jnr or Chatunga. The problem he faces with this plan is the age of his children( that is politically, constitutionally and legally there are hitches that appear to hinder him). Had they been older they would have long gone into politics and they would be "respected" politicians being groomed to take over the throne. Mugabe does not trust anyone and all of them in Zanu. They may fool themselves with this succession drama but its all folly. Its Mugabe only who knows his successor and most probably its Bona. Sounds crazy but that's Mugabe for you. He will contest and rig in 2018 as she grows further to be a mature woman. Mark my words.

mosquito - 10 December 2013

This is in house issues just like like any other political party.. I don't see this can be intresting,,,, Al we want is united ZANU PF.. otherwise long live and life to my president.

General Demarco - 10 December 2013

The crows will eat well,when he is dead.20th august 2015.hell awaits

reno - 16 August 2015

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