Zim introduces E15

HARARE - Zimbabwe has increased the mandatory blending of ethanol with unleaded petrol from 10 percent (E10) to 15 percent (E10) with effect from last Saturday.

Gloria Magombo, Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority chief executive (Zera), advised the public that the   quality specification of E15 fuel conforms to the Standards Association of Zimbabwe Standard: ZWS964 Part 5.

“Fuel importers, wholesalers and retailers are required to comply with the petroleum (mandatory blending of anhydrous ethanol with unleaded petrol) (Amendment) Regulations published in the Statutory Instrument 147A of 2013,” she said in a statement.

Magombo warned that wholesalers and retailers have up to 10 days to clear their current stock after which all licensees are expected to comply with the regulations.

She noted that her organisation will scale up monitoring and surveillance of all licensees in the petroleum sector to ensure compliance with these regulations and fuel quality standards.

“Ethanol blending contributes towards energy security of the country, reduces the fuel import bill, creates employment and increases potential for power generation,” she said.

Zimbabwe –—which introduced compulsory blending of five percent ethanol, a sugar-based bio-fuel with unleaded petrol, early this year — is expected to move to mandatory blending of E20 by the first quarter of 2014.

With the price of ethanol currently set at $0,95 per litre, it is expected that fuel prices will go further down from around $1,47 to approximately $1,42 by year end.

This comes after Zera recently said the country saved about $4 million every month in imports through mandatory blending, or about 10 percent of funds the southern African nation spends on fuel imports.

Sources in the energy sector and economists said that Zimbabwe spends between $40 million and $45 million on importing fuel every month.

Industry experts say the introduction of E15 is in line with global trends in the deployment of bio-fuels in countries such as India, Thailand, Latin America, USA, Europe and Australia where the minimum ethanol blending levels are at least five  percent.

Benefits of ethanol blending include, among others, reduction in vehicle tailpipe emissions, improvement in the octane rating of fuel and energy security for the country.

Zera’s position on ethanol also comes at a time when ethanol from Zimbabwe’s Green Fuel is in huge demand from other regional countries, including South Africa.

It was recently reported that some Southern African Development Community (Sadc) countries are scrambling for the product and have approached Green Fuel with a view to sealing deals.

Green Fuel general manager Graham Smith said the company had been approached by Zambia, Malawi,  Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa.

Smith said South Africa, which introduced mandatory blending, was “a key market hungry for energy”.

Green Fuel is running with capacity to produce 120 million litres of ethanol a year.

“In the next seven years we would be producing 500 million litres of ethanol per year,” said Smith.

Green Fuel’s $600 million ethanol project resumed production of anhydrous ethanol in August for blending with unleaded petrol at its plant in Chisumbanje, two years after it went idle as government contested its ownership structures.

Production of ethanol at the plant was stopped in February 2011 over the company’s shareholding which was not in sync with the country’s indigenisation laws.

Comments (16)

Hya nhaka tinochiona chakatadzisa imbwa kuseka kunyenama ichigona. Our cars are going to breakdown like noone's business. I think ZERA is trying to make itself known here without considering the masses. Ma1 chaiwo. Isn't that consultations with motorists is needed here hama woye. This is too much Zimbabwe. Looking at it closely its only the Government that is saving here at the expense of its citizens. Before mandatory blending E10 was going for $1.40 - $1.42, and Unleaded was going for for $1.50 to $1.52. look now after Mandatory blending E10 jumped to the previous price of Unleaded, leaving consumers reaped off. My conclusion as a motorist is that our Government is so selfish that it does not consider its citizens, more so the damages that is being caused by Mandatory blending. The Country has surely gone to the dogs

Shingi - 2 December 2013

As if violence on ourselves has not been enough this government has now turned at crippling our movement. Most of our vehicles are not Flexible fuel vehicles and are going to face combustion problems using the E85. Definately lots of fuel pump, injector problems, clogging of filters are going to result from this. Standards association needs to carryout local research to determine optimum levels of using these fuels. Getting results published from other parts of the world may not be applicable.

Takuvara - 2 December 2013

these people are now benefiting at our expense,price isnt going down instead its going up,and given the fact that most cars have a certain percentage of blended fuel that they can do with tokwara gore rino

Gerald - 2 December 2013

nxaa. saka maona kuti ku banner ma Japanese imports edu kwaramba ne ma tall gates then you want them to die fast so we continue to be mingled in a cycle of poverty as every 2 years the person with no disposible income goes back to Japan for another car. Zimra, Zinara, Zera are the beneficiaries. fuel prices have not changed thats the glaring fact so to hell with your blending. You can manage to blend becoz your new cars are compatible but spare a thought for our Altezas, Chasers, Ipsums etc. they are not. they are written Unleaded only.you morons in any event dzikafa hanti tokutengerai dzimwe or we fix them for you.talk of kurumwa nechekuchera. Mavhaire simply becoz you grow sugar cane so we have to get your molases into our engines. Musashandiswa vakomana muchitirasa.zuro uno uchitengesa huni mu garage ra Shushine parank nhasi wayambuswa wotomanya kuni signer matuzvi akadai. haiwa, kurai vakomana

wezhira - 2 December 2013

This is a sad development indeed. Whoever approved this bill of compulsory blending is sick. I wonder if my car will survive this because the manufacturers specify I fuel with Unleaded 93. This ZanuPf government should go asap. They are clearly destructive and they have been like that since 1980

Tash - 2 December 2013

What is happening in this country is uncalled for. People are being cheated of their rights, like what happened in the July elections. The government is not considering a lot if things- If one could travelled from Vic Falls to Byo with a full tank, of unleaded Petrol, he could top up on his way back at Lupane, but with this ethanol fuel someone travelling the same journey from Vic Falls he will top up at Lupane, then at Old Falls garage and send his car to a mechanic to be fixed, lastly take a bus back to Vic Falls. Just wait and see.

tobias - 3 December 2013

if you want E00, time to buy diesel cars

simba - 3 December 2013

Hapana chamunochema apa SA companies are dumping fuel here which is banned in SA because of high sulphur content and no one is complaining of vehicle damages, Government introduces import substitution as a small way of solving the liquidity crunch and u cry. what do we need as Zimbabweans vanoda politics wait for 2018 lets move forward as a country.

mbatatisi - 3 December 2013

Triangle sells ethanol at around 66cents. How does Green Fuel get to charge 95cents

Triangle Employee - 3 December 2013

I think motorist need to come to their senses. If this ethanol fuel is good for the environment then should we forsake it because it will damage your car??? So we save your car at the expense of the environment hereeee?????? Wake up and see the sunshine. As for those who are worried of their cars please do a proper research and know where the danger is. The only difference is that you need to increase the number of times you clean your engine chete so that it doesnt suffer from the rust. Go fork out more money to maintain your cars than to sacrifice our beutiful environment. Mota dzenyu dzakosha manje the the Environment. Abayiwa ngabude, ongogara kwazvisingaitwi

sydney - 3 December 2013

What was wrong with the 'take your choice' arrangement we had - Unleaded or Blend?

Garanga - 3 December 2013

Nhai when will Zimbabwe be. Smith had these same issues, embargoes, sanctions, blend fuel, industry tooling challenges, droughts...you name it. Bob still has the same issues today? When will we change??

Garanga - 3 December 2013

Nhai when will Zimbabwe be. Smith had these same issues, embargoes, sanctions, blend fuel, industry tooling challenges, droughts...you name it. Bob still has the same issues today? When will we change??

Garanga - 3 December 2013

Shingi anf others who are complaining about the use of blended fuel are some what correct. It is fine to go as far as E10 but going beyond that may be problem with most cars on our roads. I would like Shingi and friends to read from this webapage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_ethanol_fuel_mixtures

Stanford - 4 December 2013

I think the regulator should put consumers first before making such drastic decisions. It is a fact that E15 has less fuel lubricity and will lead to premature high pressure fuel pump failures. Also, E15 is even less efficient than E10 since ethanol has lower energy per unit volume than petrol. This will obviously lead to a lesser mileage per tank. The internal engine components which will be in contact with the fuel e.g. fuel lines, gaskets etc. will also be susceptible to corrosion. Bottom line, let the choice be ours - either to go for pure unleaded or blended fuel. What happened to freedom of choice?

MuZezuru - 4 December 2013

The problem with us Zimbabweans is that we believe that things that are made by other countries/people is better than what we have/come up with. Zimbabwe used o run on E20 petrol pre1992. Back then it was good because the white people came up with it. Now black people come up with the same idea, its horrible and all our cars are going to break down chii chii chii. When shall we develop. Though the arrangement is imperfect its still a step in the right direction. Lets build on that and move on.

Roland - 4 December 2013

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