New twist to Chiyangwa divorce

HARARE - Harare businessman Philip Chiyangwa has not been served with summons of the divorce to his wife Elizabeth, his lawyers indicated yesterday.

The media yesterday published Chiyangwa’s divorce issue which his lawyers say was done before their client had been served with summons.

“We have been instructed to place it on record that, as at the time of publication of the article  and the delivery of this letter to your offices, our client had not been served with the said summons,” Addington Chinake of Kantor & Immerman said in a letter written yesterday to the Registrar of the High Court.

Chinake said the flamboyant businessman was concerned that his personal affairs have been splashed in a national newspaper “at the time the proceedings are essentially confidential between the parties and the judicial system.”

“We will be taking further instructions in that regard and our client’s rights are fully reserved. We request authority to obtain a copy of the said summons to enable us to take full instructions from our client, since this matter is already in the public domain,” the seasoned defence counsel said.

In addition to Chinake’s views, Chiyangwa gave the clearest indication that he was not going to consent or allow the divorce.

“Forget the divorce,” he told the Daily News by telephone yesterday.

“It is not going to happen. Put away your champagne bottles because the so-called divorce is a nullity. I still love my wife and will always love my wife. There are no celebrations at all for those that are plotting to celebrate,” the swaggering businessman said.

Observers said it was quite curious and interesting why the Native Investments Africa Group founder had hired a commercial lawyer to handle the divorce case, although the former has reportedly handled Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema’s separation from his wife Louise Nkomo.

According to court documents, Elizabeth not only wants 85 percent of Chiyangwa’s properties, but stands to gain $204 million of the $240 million worth of properties she listed in her papers.

“The defendant shall pay the 85 percent value in cash to the plaintiff within a period of 90 days of the decree of divorce, failure of which the deputy sheriff shall, by public auction sell those of the assets mentioned in the inventory as shall realise cash proceeds equivalent to 85 percent of the value declared by the evaluator and pay such portion of the proceeds thereof as is equal to 85 percent of the declared value of the estate to the plaintiff,” Elizabeth said.

She further demanded $83 000 per month for maintenance from the date of the granting of the decree of divorce for 120 months.

The court documents revealed the politician has over 100 immovable assets worth over $270 million.

The properties’ values range between $200 000 and $75 million.

Court documents also show that the businessman has interests in 40 companies, including Pinnacle Property Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Total Communications (Pvt) Ltd, Jetmaster (Pvt) Ltd and Glory Car Hire (Pvt) Ltd.

Elizabeth revealed that the businessman has a fleet of state-of-the-art cars including a Rolls Royce Phantom worth $450 000, a $350 000 Bentley, a Mercedes GL6 worth $300 000, a $120 000 Jeep, several Mercedes Benz and other expensive vehicles.

His household goods are valued at $200 000 according to the summons.

According to court papers, Chiyangwa and Elizabeth got married in 1986, before solemnising their union on November 11, 1988. Elizabeth, who has two children with Chiyangwa, claims in the court papers that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and that there were no prospects of restoration.

She said Chiyangwa was sexually involved with several other women and that had necessitated the marriage break down.

“The defendant continuously neglects, emotionally and physically, abuses the plaintiff in a manner inconsistent with a normal marital relationship.

“The abuse is to the extent that the plaintiff lives in constant fear of the defendant and her continued living with him is out of submission as opposed to consent, a situation incompatible with a normal marital relationship,” Elizabeth said.

She further said the properties she listed were acquired by the couple over the years but registered in Chiyangwa’s name or names of some companies linked to him.

She demanded the court to appoint an independent professional auditor to determine the exact extent and particulars of the estate acquired by the parties during the subsistence of the marriage and compile an inventory of the properties.

Elizabeth told the court that the parties involved in the divorce should equally pay the appointed evaluator and forensic auditor.

Comments (23)

Money is the source of all evils.Iri ndiro demon re Africa chairo rokuti tikaita mari torambana nemadzimai atakatanga nawo kuti tizoenekwa takwirira.We need God' s intervention in our marriages as a nation right from the top man to the bottom man. We put the pride of our nation at stake when we find ourselves in this kind of behaviour.We need God loving men who honour their marriages and families.Mwari pindirai especially to those pple in leadership roles.Tinoramba kusvibiswa kwenyika nokuda kwemablessings atinokumbira atinotadza kuzoshandisa nenzira kwayo.

MABASA EMARI - 30 November 2013

why 15/85, why not 50/50? zvazvipi izvi tigare tachenjerawo isu vamwe

simba - 30 November 2013

Mabasa Emari, l think your comment is misplaced, its not the man divorcing the wife, but the opposite. May be you are just bitter about man, but that wont even help you.

ele - 30 November 2013

Maiguru you are not going anyway we have clearly stated that we love you yes we are to blame a very big SORRY

Colonel - 30 November 2013

Its obscene that a few well connected politicians own half of the land in Harare.I think we need another armed struggle. This outright bertrayal for those who fought and died equality,fairness and justice. We now have feudal vampires grabbing everything for themselves from businesses to land in the name of empowerment.The cartel can all connected or related to the President will protect the ill gotten wealth in family trusts.Hehe Chombo Family Trust,Hehe-heObert Mpofu Family Trust, he-he-Chiyangwa Family Trust.This is outrageous greediness and you can see the houses prices in Harare to see that Feudalism is now at play.Forget all these divorce cases the real issue is for all these greed bastards to account for their wealth.Smith was better this is the worst case of corruption and the use of politics as a facade for accumulating wealth by deception.How can one man own 10 farms.

Squarebasher - 30 November 2013

this is a sad development,i think both parties should respect their union and ask GOD to give them the wisdom to overcome this difficult time

sure tofara - 30 November 2013

i do agree with you only GOD can make away out of this shit.

uz - 30 November 2013

Ko nhai Phillip uri kunyatso tsvaga pakaita sei? My brother gutsikana nezvauyinazvo. The world is too big my brother.

Sekuru Chakuchichi Botaremhunga - 30 November 2013

Ben - 1 December 2013

Cimmissioner General Chihuri batai mnhu. Where and how did chiyangwa get all these things. We can not condone a situation where an individual owns 3/4 of Harare whilst the majority of the populace is languishing in poverty. kana munhu ashupa Batai munhu!!!!! vakomana

zvazviri - 2 December 2013

Why would this woman want 85% nd on top she wants 83000 monthly maintenance, ndakambotaura kuti ukaona mukadzi achida kukufikisa anongpotsa kukuponda chete but anenge atoona chitunha pauri. Well we don't know what is happening I just hope it is not true because where in the world as a divorcing part gotten away with all the loot?

Maita Manyuka - 2 December 2013

im always appalled by people who diverge from the core of a story and start creating their own stories !! i dont see the link between how Mr Chiyangwa got his wealth has to do with the divorce ,stop complaining work hard get connected and then tokuonai kana maita mari kuti muchataura zvamurikutaura here .Vanhu vanongorambana everyday whats so special about this ??

kayz - 2 December 2013

the wife only looked at the assets what about the liabilities

star - 2 December 2013

Probably half of the assets are mortgaged, which means she can only claim 85% of 50%.

Munhu1 - 2 December 2013

guys wake up don't trust no woman always have a marriage out of community of property I learnt the hard way

bruce - 2 December 2013

@ Star you are right the courts or lawers should also make the wife takeover some of the liabilities. preferably 85% as she suggests for assets. I guess they picked up these liabilities together as hubby and wiffy. Toda kuve fair.

Mutongi Gava - 3 December 2013

Zvinobatsirei kuwana zvese zvenyika mweya uchitambura.

Mpofu - 3 December 2013

tichayenzaniswa nekufa chete.

comrade - 4 December 2013

But its not about kuita mari women these days have become androids, downloading whenever they get the opportunity, how long has she lived with him and what has changed. he has womanised for time long known and she never raised alarm now that someone advised that other politicians' wives are living large from loot from their husbands she wants to follow suit. Marriage institution if not guided by God has become a pain and may soon disappear because who wants to live with a woman arikumutaimira.

Maita Manyuka - 4 December 2013

yes go ahead and fix him,claim what is yours,taneta nemi varume abusing us and we just keep quiet.

natasha - 6 December 2013

Take heed , and beware of covetousness: for a man`s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possessseth. Luke12v15

THE END IS HERE! - 6 December 2013

takatomirira chimoko chinenge charamba murume icho tobva tachitora tobva tapfumawo kikikiki !!!

DAIRAI DAIRAI - 6 December 2013

I agree with you squarebasher, not only land grab, but they don't even pay those farm workers, or any of their employees from their other business. How does God bless. He brings a curse upon himself and spends thousands of dollars looking for a witch doctor to reverse the curse. it simple do unto others as you would have them do unto you. chete chete!

Tendia Chinengerara - 11 December 2013

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