Tsvangirai reveals Mugabe's fears

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says President Robert Mugabe confided in him that he wanted to retire but fears his party would disintegrate.

Tsvangirai, who shared power with Mugabe for almost five years in a fractious coalition government, told mourners during the burial of his chief of security Benson Muchineuta that the succession dilemma was one of the major reasons why Mugabe was sticking to his job.

“Shamwari yangu inoti netseyi. Ndakaibvunza mumwe musi ndikati muchasiira ani chigaro? Zvikanzi ndogosiira ani, ivo varume vaunoona? Uchazviona kuparty kwako, maroverano avanoita ndikapamumwe. Zvino ndingaite munhu anomedza musangano? (My friend is in trouble, I once asked him (Mugabe) whom he was going to anoint as successor and he said there will be ugly fights if he ever appoints a successor.

He said I would witness the same crisis in my party. He does not want to destroy the party when he leaves office),” Tsvangirai said.

Tsvangirai was responding to his organising secretary Nelson Chamisa who had asked why some people reached an advanced age in power.

Chamisa said sometimes God keeps such leaders in power to demonstrate the folly of their ways.

At the funeral of his security chief, Tsvangirai, who has been the butt of Zanu PF jokes because of his lack of a university education, said he was “a far much better leader than those who boast of numerous degrees.”

Over the past few months since the elections, Tsvangirai and Mugabe have been witnessing public fights erupt in their own backyards as their close lieutenants look beyond them.

While Tsvangirai appears to have survived the latest threat to his throne, Mugabe, who is not facing any apparent challenger, is witnessing his party disintegrate into ugly fights as rival camps seek to influence the outcome of provincial elections due this weekend.

Didymus Mutasa, the Zanu PF secretary for administration, said the succession issue was never closed.
“It was never closed and President never said he does not want the issue to be discussed. How (Tsvangirai) does he speak to the president on Zanu PF matters?” Mutasa said.

Provincial chairpersons hold the keys in Zanu PF ahead of a crucial congress next year.

And there have been behind-the-scenes-battles to ensure that loyalists are elected as provincial chairpersons by rival camps.

Both vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa have denied harbouring ambitions to succeed Mugabe, while Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo has dismissed any link between the provincial elections and the succession issue.

Just before the July 31 elections which Tsvangirai lost, the opposition leader told thousands of his supporters that there was a faction of hardliners in Zanu PF hell-bent on preventing a rule by either him or vice president Mujuru.

On Saturday last week, Mujuru, widely regarded as a moderate, emerged from the party’s extraordinary politburo meeting the biggest winner after the party’s highest decision making body outside congress endorsed the controversial polls in Mashonaland Central, Midlands and Manicaland that saw her cronies romp to victory.

The other faction had been pushing for a rerun of polls and also a postponement to next year of elections in the remaining seven provinces.

Zanu PF is plunging into elections in the seven remaining provinces with no voters’ roll availed, raising fears that the elections could be as disorderly as the first three polls.

Several provincial chairpersons told the State media yesterday that they are going to the vital polls without the voters’ roll, raising alarm that the polls could be rigged.

Last week, Mugabe and his politburo resolved that polls in the remaining seven provinces would be held this Saturday.

The ruling party claimed that it had ironed out sticking points and would ensure smooth elections.

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Tsvangirai kutaura kwevasina musha kusvika rini uri kunze makore mashanhu 5 years in waiting unege wapera mira uone zvatichakuita ZANU PF ino ranga mapenzi sewe

Colonel - 28 November 2013

“a far much better leader than those who boast of numerous degrees.” at times degrees are important Mr Tsvangirai...in the statement above you made two mistakes which a person with a degree could have not made 1 we far better not far much better 2 we don't say boast of .....

Chief - 28 November 2013


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 28 November 2013

we are tired of Tsvangirai and his revelations. It's now a tired story.

black Crow - 28 November 2013

ichi chimukuyu, mufushwa we news, takazvinzwa karare muna march chaimo. thats why i buy the herald kwete this foreign funded papers

maduru - 28 November 2013

Colonel,Chief and you Nyundo bloody idiots.Is the herald not a zanu pf newspaper?No one is forcing you to read or swallow news in the Daily news okay.So if you don't have anything to do you better shut up,empty zanu pf vessels.Stop attacking Dr Tsvangirai and the Daily news okay.Bullshit Nyundo,Colonel and Chief.

josefa chinotimba - 28 November 2013

Ana tsvancry,kuita kweashaya kutsvaga uta mugate.Zvine basa rei izvozvo.Ziva zvekuviga kamubhurakwacha kako ako.Vanhu ve security unovaziva iwe?Iwe josefa uzvibate wazvinzwa.Nzeve dzinomisa bhazi,idiot.

Sabhuku Vhara Muromo - 28 November 2013

Nyundo,Colonel and Chief munofunga nekumashure. Saka hamusikuona zvirikuitika muZanu? Hiding your BIG heads in the sand hee?

Kachembere KekwaChivi - 28 November 2013

At least chief can also learn that mistakes are common. what can you say about your statement, "we far better". if mistakes are common to you, so are they to Tsvangirai.

miti - 28 November 2013

Come on brother Morgan. All the stories that Bob was telling you were a decoy. In short, Bob was deceiving you with nice stories he knew were music to your ears. After the elections he was now telling everyone that you, brother Morgan, are a buffoon (chitototo). Remember Bob assigning you to be the govt point man to deal with ZEC ? That was another trick to make you feel you were in charge when you were not. I remember quite clearly when you defended the appointment of Makarau much to the dismay of your longsuffering supporters and sympathisers. By now, brother, you should have learnt not to put any value to Bob's tales of deceit !

Boorangoma - 28 November 2013

We have heard all this before - why does he keep talking about it? Trying to justify his own clinging on to power using Mugabe as an example. Tsvangirai cannot be taken seriously as a leader - he has failed dismally. The man has no tact. A waste of space. Waste of oxygen. Why would a political party go into a coalition with a party you supposedly want to unseat? I cannot think of anything as daft. The only thing achieved by MDC-T was to further strengthen ZanuPF's hold on power. Urged blind followers to endorse a stupid Constitution which is essentially a ZanuPF manifesto. What a fool.

Musona - 28 November 2013

This constant nostalgic references to his good old days with Mugabe is sickening to say the least. People want way foward for his party. His lack of education is a big liability to the change agenda in the country because right now he is focussing on remaining at the helm of the MDC and not confronting Zanu Pf for the stolen election. Miserable leader this guy. Nxaa

Chaitemura - 28 November 2013

Yes, this is to be expected. Morgan focused on Bob's 'confidential' sayings instead of focussing on winning elections. Did Bob's sayings to you get you any closer to state house? Why did you think it was important to concentrate on what you were being told by your competitor? Hamuchalumi babaminini.

machakachaka - 28 November 2013

At Sabhuku vhara muromo,your poor language can really tell me and no doubt about this that you a grde seven drop out,a hard core trained green bomber murderer and a rapist too.Think big fool.You are a shame indeed,small minds,small minds shame.

josefa chinotimba - 28 November 2013

You heat it on the head Morgan we all know that once the partially blind and frail Mugabe goes out of zanu that will be the end of this group of thugs . Not that people love him but bcoz he uses fear and murder to win elections and to keep his party together in crime. As for those insulting Morgan we know them they are cio thugs so people never even take them serious. they had been singing jongwe rakakunda since 1980 they are not normal

Dibulaanyika - 28 November 2013

All of a sudden Tsvangson claims RG is his friend...!!! Thats why he went into the GPA and slept right through in the belief he is in the company of trusted friends. Is he ever going to wake up..?? I wonder.

fokolo - 29 November 2013

mrt is the only man who saved this country to worse economic woes than what we see and has brought some democracy in the country. for you to write what u want it becoz of him. degrees have done little to this country to be honest to other countries yes our degrees have been useful but the reason has been under good leaderships in those countries. say what ever you want abt him reality remains mukono mukuru kudarika all degrees around. did you guys know we had failed to resurface a highway in 33yrs just to pick one item you can mention the rest. before comments please sit and think through carefully

mukanya - 29 November 2013

Imi ve Daily news murinane at least munorova masides ese kwete zvimwe zvatinoona.......

takaruza - 29 November 2013

taurawo zvitsva takazvinzwa kare izvo

bones - 29 November 2013

mrt is the only hope of the country even after forteen years of struggle,some of us his true supports to the grave hav already hav an eye opener that the country is receding back to the most fearce 2008,and mrt wl be called very soon to amend the crisis-riden and never-learning country of ours

mambo chaitezvi - 29 November 2013

The Daily News needs to stop trying to give relevance to this useless Tsvangson. He must realise he has become totally irrelevant to the politics of this country and thus the day to day happenings of Zimbabwe. What he spoke about with Mgabe in the past does not change the situation that he will never ever rule this country, nomakanjani. The rains have come he should go to Buhera ayelima ayekele ukusibangela umsindo thina.

Sikhosana - 29 November 2013

Cdes this is a tired and recycles story so far. If your memory serves you well and if you are a serious reader, Daily News in fact all so called Independent newspapers are recycling this story..Fuck you!!!!!!!

Clemence Tashaya - 30 November 2013

That was an inappropriate question you asked him Tsvangirai. You should have asked him why he doesn't allow you to rule after you won a number of elections.. not to ask about him leaving office to the enemies of the people.

Shepy Tarzy - 2 December 2013

even if it's true i don't thnk mr T wanted to hurt anyone's feelings he was jus saying anyway. these guys shud unite fo the nations sake we don't want our country to be the nxt Egypt van youtube naar mp3 link you tube music van youtube naar mp3 link you tube music van youtube naar mp3 link you tube music

bravo kuByo - 2 December 2013

the struggle begins again, and who suffers? is anyone praying for the betterment of Zimbabweans lives, not ZANU/MDC, just plain Zimbos. to have a normal life, plain normal.

solo - 4 December 2013

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