Majome takes on ZBC

HARARE - Jessie Majome, MDC  legislator for Harare West, has refused to pay her radio and television licences to  Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBC)  saying the channel does not give her value for money.

Majome has approached the Constitutional Court seeking to enforce her rights after ZBC licence inspectors had visited her home in  July and demanded that she produce a TV licence within seven days.

The inspectors, who were accompanied by police officers, warned her that failure to do so will lead to her prosecution.

Majome, a senior member of MDC,  argued that she is not prepared to pay  for the licence as ZBC is not impartial in its dealings, particularly regarding the coverage of events, positions and programmes of political parties operating in Zimbabwe on its television and radio stations.

“ZBC  is openly biased towards Zanu PF party which is led by President Robert Mugabe,” Majome said in her court application.

“The bias applies in its general reporting, news casting and programming. This bias towards Zanu PF is detrimental to other bona fide  political parties, particularly MDC of which I am a senior member.”

She argued that the court should declare that non-compliance with sections 38 B2 38c and 38D 1-4 of the Broadcasting Service Act does not constitute a criminal offence arguing those sections were themselves unconstitutional.

“By virtue of partisan programming 1st respondent (ZBC) infringes section 58 (2) which guarantees my freedom association,” Majome’s court papers say.

“ZBC compels me to associate with Zanu PF by forcing me to know and hear at least something about Zanu PF and its programmes and policies each and every time I watch ZTV or tune into any of its four radio stations.

“It is my right not to associate with Zanu PF but I am unwittingly forced to associate with it in this manner. I am also entitled  to  enjoy my right to watch television and even watch ZTV if I chose but I  should be protected from  1st respondent’s sustained efforts to indoctrinate me with Zanu PF ideologies and mantra.”

She added: “Given my personal background, political involvement and persuasion as I have highlighted and ZBC bias towards Zanu PF, I submit that a law that compels me to pay ZBC for a television licence makes an unwilling and unwitting supporter of a political party which I am personally and officially opposed to.”

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Surely why should I pay for something that I do not enjoy! I pay my Dstv every month and it includes a ZTV Channel, so that's enough. Therefore ZBC should try and raise cash and monies for salaries from other sources.

Zuruvi - 27 November 2013

ZBC is no longer offering public service but Zanu PF propaganda and indoctrination. It is more of a PR company of Zanu PF. Therefore Zimbabweans should not pay licences to a party broadcaster. We may as well pay Star FM and ZiFM licences or any other radio/TV station that beams into Zimbabwe. It's time the Constitutional Court stops this daylight robbery of Zimbabweans. Where there is no service - no payment. ZBC should also cease to call itself a public broadcaster because it is not. It cannot compare itself with the BBC, a true public broadcaster that does not favour any political party, whether in power or in opposition. The way forward is to dispose ZBC to private institutions. Zanu PF or MDC and other interested parties may even buy shares. Zimbabwean companies have to learn that No service - no payment.

Nkosi Mambo - 27 November 2013

Zuruvi, i concur with the point you raised that, by paying for DStv which includes the ZTV channel, you have paid for ZTV. Otherwise it will be double dipping on ZTV end to collect from both DStv and veiwer/individual level. So, probably those with DStv should be exempted.

JSC - 27 November 2013

handiteereri izvi

chatunga - 27 November 2013

I wiil never pay them for what Mahoso and company even those workers who are not being paid it is good they need to be paid by Zanu because they are working for the party not us even going for 10 months it is music to my ears how do they explain failure even to screen local matches can i be worried that Rueben and Judith are not paid.

DAVID - 27 November 2013

Jessie is just trying to be relevant after the massacre by ZANU PF on July 31. She should concentrate on satisfying Promise Mkwananzi!

godfrey gudo - 27 November 2013

Take them on,I support u from the graves,vakajaidzwa

matthew Rusere - 27 November 2013

I will never pay for that rubbish.Jessie is very correct and I will support her in this cause.I watch Dstv Channels from SA.I do not want to have anything that has to do with this dead bc.To hell with zbc. I will never pay,come arrest me now if you want.

josefa chinotimba - 27 November 2013

Gudo, you are just a Zanu PF 'internet thug' hired to launch personal attacks than discuss issues.

spraga - 27 November 2013

I wanted to pay but whenever I think of programmes like 'ZVAVANHU' by Tafataona Mahoso and team, I feel baffled to an extend that I am prepared to go to jail

gungwe - 27 November 2013

Kana ini handibhadhare licence reZBC.Why should i pay ipo pachingoitwa zve Zanu pf chete every time? Kurasa mari chaiko ikoko.Kana car radio handibhadhare nekuti handitombonzwe zvimastations zvavo .Let us all rally behind my good sister and take on the bull by its horns.

chivadye - 27 November 2013


JAYJAY - 27 November 2013

I will never pay ZBC. Im prepared to go to jail for that.

Chamu - 27 November 2013

ZTV Kana kuvharwa l dont mind l will not pay my hard earned cash too such nonsense programmes.nxaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Oriental spot Inn - 27 November 2013

Dai vati we should pay kuti masai sai avo asasvika muma TV edu I would be the first kunobhadhara. The last time I watched ZBC TV there was a soccer match, funny u wldnt differentiate the ball from spots caused by showers. Pathetic, kuswero paridza Chimurenga 34 years later. Munhu asingazivi may even think the war ended last week. Kana ndimiwo vaMahoso..

madhunamutuna - 27 November 2013

Other nations have closed their national broadcaster as a means of cutting costs. Since 99.99% of Zimbabweans do not like the programming at ZBC. i guess the ZBC channels can be closed and no one will notice that they are off air. The non payments of salaries to its employees, just validates my point that ZBC shut be shutdown

chipolopolo - 27 November 2013

Kana ndiriseni huyai musunge henyu.

Haruna - 27 November 2013

Tibhadharisei kuti tisabate Ztv tokupai mazakwatira.

CHUCHU - 27 November 2013

ZBC should do like DSTV..If you do not pay they switch you off. That will force those who wanna listen to them to go and pay for their licences. Have you ever seen a DSTV licence inspector walking from door to door looking for licences? I remember when people used to queu to pay for their licences out of their own free will when ZBC was a true national broadcaster and not a party mouth piece. I just hope Jessie will win this case

Tichaenzana - 27 November 2013

kkkkkkkk. Macomments they are wonderfull bt the people who are meant to read them will read them @ all.

chekaz - 27 November 2013

i remember when i was still a ZBC staffer during the mid 1990s we used to train personnel from sabc, malawi and botswana, btv. some of these stations had just been established(btv and malawi) or were in transition sabc (after the demise of apartheid). but now 20 years later DEAD BC oops ZBC is lagging behind these stations that i have mentioned both in terms of programmes quality, equipment and creativity. what we need now is not just 75 percent junk local content but quality, see how sabc and even btv are doing it, they have local content but its quality. so while we strive to achieve the noble idea of 75 percent local content lets blend it with regional and international content. at the moment there are no plausible reasons why i should part with $50 for a tv licence because i last watched that station when i was still with ZBC in 1998 during transmission of the tv news bulletin(i was a news producer).

cde churu - 27 November 2013

zbc should incript it signal so that people make a choice

dennis moto - 27 November 2013

Majome! Unofanirwa kugariswa pasi nhaika.

Nyarudoh - 27 November 2013

ARREST her,she must compalin after paying is she getting the best deal from ZESA,ZINWA,HARARE CITY COUNCIL,or anywhere else we can mention here,whilst her argument on quality is valid she must also be aware of the law..she is a legislator after all..what message is she trying to portray.

Chibwa2013 - 27 November 2013

Jessie, continue this fight. It is an insult for anyone to pay to be insulted. ZBC treats Zimbabweans as if the whole population is made up of ignoramuses who pay to be abused. It's like paying a torturer to torture you and your family every day, 24 hours a day. In fact, the whole nation should refuse to pay the licences. I will never pay it. I stopped paying a long time ago. Iyi ndiyo hondo yerusununguko manje iyi. A luta!

Chenjerai Hove - 27 November 2013

The only way Dead BC can come back to life is if we all pay our license fees. Surely, how can the quality improve when there are no funds to improve it. This Majome lady must be arrested and taken to Goromonzi for trying to instigate an uprising amongst those of us that faithfully pay their fees. Just out of interest, did Majome ever go to court to stop paying her council bill becoz the gabbage is not being collected or the street lights are not working. Lets be serious pliz and stop wasting the courts time with such frivolous and vaxacious applications. The case must be dismissed with costs. I also suggest that going forward there must be a Dead BC tax introduced for every person over the age of 18!

Viva Zanu, Viva - 27 November 2013

I salute you Jessie. Uri shasha mumwe wangu.

Mukorekore Mukuru - 27 November 2013

even mukafadzana zvenyu ,mutemo haushandi uchidaro. ini handisiwo wezvitendero zvinobuda paZBC saka ndoregawo kubhadhara?. handina kumusha ndoregazve kubhadhara rural electrification fee? Aids handina or anyone yet in my family ndoti handibhadhari aids levy?...kwanai mhani. for a fact ZBC programming is not the best but it has to do its duty. who will inform pipo in muzarabani kuti kune mafloods gore rino?. ini Tsvangirai ndakatotanga kutomuonerawo paZTV ipapo. Majome hauna kana njere iwe! munhu wa MP shuwa kuto kakarika kuramba kubhandara a statutory licence? why not argue that in parliament? Dofo!

mwana wevhu - 27 November 2013


terra cotta - 28 November 2013

The pap that Dead BC churns out is not worth a cent to some of us. Hence we have done away with Dead BC. Instead we watch decent news on foreign Tv channels that give us our money's worth. DSTv subscriptions are considerably more than those of Dead BC must Zimbabweans prefer them nonetheless. What with 75% local content! The proliferation on satellite dishes all over Zimbabwe is testimony Zimbabweans don't want ZANU Broadcasting Corporation. We refuse to bankroll ZANU PF propaganda. Well done,Majome.

Joseph - 28 November 2013

Guys, guys, you are all wrong with the MP. THE LICENCE IS NOT FOR PROGRAMMING, but for having a radio tv/ receiver. Even if ZBC does not work, they are mandated to licence people to operate their receivers in this country.

Che Guevara - 28 November 2013

Mazvinzwira wani,chiitai cash power pamabroadcasting stations enyu so that who ever does not pay will not have access to y stations KKKKKKKKKKKKK.

Bra x - 28 November 2013

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Irrigation vs Climate change - 28 November 2013

its either the zbc removes their airwaves from my tv set or if hey fail, iam going to surrender my self to the police to apprehend me for not paying this licence

bhoramusango - 28 November 2013

Ana "Viva Zanu viva", people used to pay before the ZBC became the Zanu BC and people stopped paying. Records are there, go find out for yourself. Then people felt shortchanged, having theior money used to advance ZANU PF and not every License payer's agenda (Guess what, Licenses are were paid by both ZANU PF and MDC supporters). They then stopped watching and paying, hence they cant raise revenue. Advertisers pulled out, because you dont advertise where people dont seed. So its up to ZANU PF to recapacitate the dead thing before people start appreciating it again. Otherwise its dead. Very soon its taxpayer money bailing it out, to advance the same ZANU PF agenda, shortchanging us even more. Bing balanced programs of high quality, thats the turn around strategy needed.

JSC - 28 November 2013

Che Guevara, if that is the case, then Broadcasting Authority in Zimbabwe, the Licenser of airwaves, is better placed to receive the funds, not one biased player (a licensee for that matter) among many.

JSC - 28 November 2013

Even if you dont pay ndiwe unosungwa zvekuti ndinonzi majome ndezvako izvo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ndezvekupenga - 28 November 2013

u are right. anoda kuona ngaabhadhare. asina kubhadhara ngaarege kuona. chii chinonetsa ipapa? u want to force us to pay coz u know u cant attract viewers. that cannot be macdes. no service no payment. hondo yakapera kare but kungoti takarasima nekurondedzera. after all most of those that are invited to narrate are not true heroes. vakarwa hondo nevakaona chaivo dont want to talk about it. the rest kungohumana and for what benefit. Thats where u are getting it wrong. This is not time ti fight but to build and go forward. imi munongofunga kurwa cheeeete. Kurai guys. Oook now that mashaya wokurwa naye you create mock battles and convince the whole world that indeed there is an enemy in Zim who must be fought. Since makatange kuti mabrtitish azodai heee azodai makambovazwa vachipindura? how many pressidents auya achienda in the west and u acused each one of them? they dont anwser coz they are fully aware you are fools. So why waste time and resources kupindura benzi sa Tafataona who has been a fool from birth. For ur own information Tafataona was given scholarship to go and study in America by missionaries. He was supposed to be a black missionery. Instead he escaped and changed program. But today he is busy convincing everybody that the whites are evil but he is a product of the whites. So who is bad? N'anga dzevanhu. kkkkkkkk

ndini uya - 28 November 2013

Ma Zanu Bhadharayi marezinesi acho nokuti munonakirwa kuona anamai venyu vachitambira limping donkey kongonya yavasati vambotambira anababa venyu. Pangu pamba havapapindi nokuti ndakatoudza vana kuti vasasungira imbwa. Bloody Dead BC.

Mutirowafanza - 28 November 2013

Jessy TV yangu haibate ZBC wena handina kana Arial chaiyo. Some of us have DSTV now kwaane Go tv Inscipt signal. No payment no masaisai

potseet - 28 November 2013

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