Jonathan Moyo's full statement on the Zanu PF politburo meeting

HARARE – Below is the full statement issued to the Daily News by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Jonathan Moyo, who is also the Zanu PF politburo member:

1.  As Minister responsible for, among other things, the media it is important to me that the media in our country is not only depolarised but that it is also enabled to have full and balanced information about goings on in the ruling party and in government in order for it to be in a position to publish all viewpoints in a major story of public or national interest.  The decisions of yesterday's extraordinary meeting of the Zanu PF is case in point.

2.  It is neither true nor correct that the confirmation of the Zanu PF provincial elections in Manicaland, Midlands and Mashonaland Central means that the Politburo endorsed a real or perceived faction against another real or perceived rival faction. That assertion is nonsense. The Politburo is an organ of the party and not an organ of a faction. Any attempt to factionalise the Politburo is doomed to fail because it will be resisted by the Zanu PF membership which is solidly behind President Mugabe as the leader of the party, government and country.

3.  As a matter of fact, yesterday's Politburo resolved that the announcement of the Mashonaland Central provincial election result without prior notification of the national leadership and confirmation of that result by the Politburo was wrong as was the attempt to hold elections in the remaining seven provinces when the President was out of the country.

4. Also as a matter of fact, the Politburo resolved to confirm the disputed provincial election results in the Midlands and Mashonaland provinces not in favour or against any real or perceived faction but in order to foster the closing of ranks in the party by letting bygones be bygones. When you let bygones be bygones, it does not mean that there were no irregularities or problems but that you are consciously deciding to move forward together in pursuit of a larger objective of unity and progress which the Politburo decided to do. This was done because the Politburo is made up of the national leadership of the party and is therefore responsible to the entire membership of the party regardless of what real or perceived factions elements of that membership may belong to.   

5.  Still further, and also as a matter of fact, anyone who cares to carefully audit the results of the Zanu PF elections in the Midlands and Mashonaland Central provinces they will be immediately struck by the reality that the results are too close as to warrant any fanciful suggestion that any real or perceived faction won against a real or perceived rival faction. This fact was not lost to the Politburo hence the decision to close ranks by not allowing a contest in the remaining districts that did not vote for the sake of unity demanded by the closeness of the results in the two provinces.  The same is true in Manicaland where, while the margin was huge between the contestants for the position of provincial chairman, the overall results were also too close such that no real or perceived faction can claim to be on a runaway train.

6.  The bottom line is that while the ongoing Zanu PF provincial elections are necessary to hold in terms of the party's constitution, their timing has indubitably unsettled Zimbabweans who are tired of elections and who would like to see both the ruling party and government putting all their energies into uniting and moving the country forward by focusing on Zim Asset to improve the livelihoods of all Zimbabweans. In this vein, it is important to outline and underscore the fact that President Mugabe has just been elected for a five year term as the leader of Zanu PF to run the government and that, therefore, there is no vacancy in the leadership of the party, government and country. It is also important to note that the Zanu PF provincial elections are not succession elections and that anyone who thinks they are will only have themselves to blame.

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This is putting the record straight, as opposed to an idiotic article in the Newsday which focused much on hallucinatory data.

reason - 25 November 2013

That's Jonso for you, breaking party protocol on the grounds of "public interest". Since when has the selfish green snake in green grass called Jonso worried about public interest. The Chimurenga war deserter who later abused donor funds to establish the TALUNOZA trust is now pretending to be reformed? What nonsense. True to his sell-out nature, Jonso just wants to destroy ZANU PF from within!

Boorangoma - 25 November 2013

Mujuru Kata .................

rojasi - 25 November 2013

Jonathan is causing harvoc within zanu. He has an agenda and before the old people of zanu realize it he will have finsihed destroying whats left of this revolutionary party. He was specifically told to leave party commenting to Gumbo but here we have the Egg head still meddling in party business. I support you though Jonso on ZBC

chemhanza - 25 November 2013

This is full blown war in ZANU-PF. I mean its all clear now that the Politiburo meeting just hardened each side in the succession war. For most people this may seem destructive to ZANU-PF but for RGM, this is what he wanted all along, two camps duking it out for his blessing. Means he will die in office with no potential threat from his own to step down, because they are scared of being criticized by the other camp for power hunger. In my opinion, this scenario underscores what a tactical politician RGM is. Keep your enemies closer and keeping them guessing. Keep them ass licking and often

tino - 25 November 2013

this is typical ofr jonso's orwellian double speak to fdeliberately disguise and distort the truth in order to deceive people into not thinking that joyce is on the ascendancy to the throne (chigaro chamambo). he is obfuscating reality to evade reality and at the same time trick people that the current party provincial elections are inconsequential when it is just as clear as daylight that the provincial heads shall vote for the party leader at the next elective election. infact the party constitution says so and boggles the mind why jonso as the chief government spin is hiding this truth from the generality of zimbabweans. obviously has an interest in the whole issue, but the truth is joyce has already bagged three provinces and saturday he will have another three to have a touching distance to the throne.

cde churucheminzwa - 25 November 2013

zvituta waistin time our economy ichifa hamungaitongi zim .magono ose anonyaradziwa nemukadzi baba vangu save iwe

gakachu or damage controller - 25 November 2013

jonso does not know what he is doing, watch him, our media is poor, what is he doing, he wants to cause havoc in Zanu PF, Watch him

figo - 25 November 2013

you think you can control this zimbabwean economy musina MDC T, you are liars, Chionai bugdet yegore rinouya kwayanzi inobudiswa, izvi kuvanhu vanogona kuongorora sesu vanotoona kuti kwava kukundikana. Let them rig this economy, ndingavatya iniiiii!!!!! Vanongokudza history yehondo, he takarwa hondo, he vamwe vakazosara kwakati, asingazvizive ndiani zvokuti zvingaramba zvichitaurwa from January to December paZBC (Zanu PF Broadcasting Corporation)

figo - 25 November 2013

Yah Jonathan; zvaiwana ngwarati,admit that this time you lost.Its a pity you have decided to sweep the dust under the carpet.By 2018 Mugabe will be incapacitated;so all you are doing is giving yourself false sense of security.In fact you started the fire talking about how oudated the concept of hierarchy is bla blah blah.The truth is that for Mugabe to be President it was the late General who made it possible.Perhaps its lost on you!Me thinks you need to put your tail between your legs for now and enjoy the powers NIKUV bestowed on you.Stop dreaming about becoming Vice-President to Mnangangwa in 2018.

Squarebasher - 25 November 2013

Zanu PF is nonsence, vakatanga zvakanaka ndokupedzisira vava kuvava segavakava, tichashungurudzwa tikanzwa zvedu! dai 2018 yasvika taona imwe plan iri nani.

figo - 25 November 2013

NIKUV yakatiuraira nyika. Yawedzera kutiuraira maIndustries edu nezvayakaita, but its not Nikuv, its Bobo and his stupid party, they do not care about people of zimbabwe, varikuda kuvhara mhosva dzavo chete nekurambira pazvigaro, nonsence!!!!!!!!

figo - 25 November 2013

Moyo is doing himself a disservice. In the next Cabinet reshuffle coming towards end of next year he will be reduced to Minister of Psychomotor where it will be difficult for him to use the state media to prop up his Mnangagwa faction. Why does he issue a statement on a party issue? He is a power-hungry moron?

Jonathan Moyo - 25 November 2013

You are entitled to your opinion Jonzo or shall I use the well established nickname my friends call you "Musorobhangu"

Bingo Wajakata - 26 November 2013

Way to go Jonso. Kawuraye kaparty kakafa aka.

fokolo - 26 November 2013

Jonathan must learn to desist from using such expletives like . He is a national leader and words like "nonsense" "stupid" etc. It is childish and cries out for maturity. The statement he issued still shows deep fissures in ZANU PF or it makes people perceive fissures. eloquence is no substitute for fact or efficiency just as education and knowledge may not necessarily be the same

CHIKENEN'ENE - 26 November 2013

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