Masvingo 'totally behind' Tsvangirai

MASVINGO - The Masvingo province leadership of Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC said yesterday it was fully behind the opposition leader amid a push to oust him.

The Masvingo provincial leadership, flanked by members of the youth wing, told a news conference here yesterday, that Tsvangirai cannot be singled out for blame in the July 31 poll defeat.

Tongai Matutu, MDC Masvingo secretary, labelled those pushing for leadership renewal “saboteurs.”

“Masvingo province is totally behind the MDC president Tsvangirai,” Matutu said.

“The issue of leadership renewal is not about targeting one individual but the whole leadership. Why would people want one person to go after the election loss induced by rigging?

“MDC was defeated as a team, not him alone so if there is need for renewal, it must affect everyone, starting from the branch, not only one person at the top.”

Matutu challenged those who are calling for a new leader to first present new ideas and a strategy that can win elections in future.

“If there are those who say they have better ideas or strategy, can they bring them up, but if they have, why didn’t they contribute them to the party during the elections? It means they sabotaged the party as a whole.”

Matutu said the party cannot afford to lose Tsvangirai at this juncture.

“The man Tsvangirai commands great support in the grassroots, who can go into the rural areas and address villagers like him,” Matutu said.

“We cannot afford a new leader who does not have such attributes and who needs time to be mentored  so that he will be able to address the grassroots. Actually, I do not see any one in the leadership besides him who can do that, there is absolutely no-one, so why lose him?” he said.

Oliver Chirume, MDC Masvingo youth chairperson, also affirmed his wing’s loyalty to Tsvangirai.

“As youth, we are in agreement with our provincial leaders’ position,” he said.

“We condemn in the strongest terms those who are calling for the removal of our leader under the so called ‘plot to ouster Tsvangirai’.”

Chirume blasted party officials calling for Tsvangirai’s ouster as “power hungry individuals who are bent on derailing the revolution of change.”

“We are against over ambitious power hungry individuals who blame one person for what happened during the elections,” Chirume said.

“What we need now is redemption not reduction, we should re-organise and prepare ourselves for the future with all the strength we have as a party so we do not need to lose anyone, let alone our great leader Tsvangirai.”

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The Masvingo province also lost to Zanu and should have been the first to go instead of protecting Tsvangson. The whole Party leadership at all levels starting at the cell needs renewal and not just Tsvangson and the sooner everyone realises that the better for the country otherwise if things don't change they will stay the same.

Pretty - 22 November 2013

the headline should have been a masvingo gangster totally behind tsvancry.

reason - 22 November 2013

Fine,that's it Mathuthu,I am encouraging the youth from all the Provinces in Zimbabwe to show their support for this great man,Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.Infact all the branches and the women's league should rally behind President Tsvangirai.We want to see those rebels who are advocating for President Tsvangirai's removal what they will do.The youth should start now making noise on the issue of President Tsvangirai.No one in the leadership must say the President must go,infact those people are the one's who should leave the Party.Mr Tsvangirai suffered for all of us here including the rebels,now they are making noise saying Mr Tsvangirai should go,honestly it will be a bloody bath at the Congress.All the youth should invade the congress on this particular day and warn those peceived to replace our dear Father Morgan.I will contnue supporting him from here right to the end times because he suffered for many.Surely what can Mudzuri do as compared to Tsvangirai?This is no joke at all.We will only start counting his term of office after he becomes the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe only,but for now he continues to be President.Together we must our common enemy zanu pf.

josefa chinotimba - 22 November 2013

Sando dzenyu kuMasvingo, i think this must be made clear that those who are tired of Tsvangirai must leave and we stay put. he will RULE

garwe - 22 November 2013

GARWE...tsvangirai to rule what?? you are a day stupid...tsvangirai is your dead -wood.........

silungisani ndlovu - 22 November 2013

Kanabadzi zpf ichirikungoti RGM nesuwo MT chete.Who is that fool failing to understand that on 31 July 3013 an election was stolen ?

jacob tavengwa - 22 November 2013

President Tsvangirai is no going anywhere for now!!!!!*

Mudhiniwe - 22 November 2013

Ndizvozvo vana vezhira kusvika tasvika Canaan Save tinavo hatiii zvinoda ZANU PF ngavazive chete chikara chavo ndiani

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 22 November 2013

tsvangirai for president. those who think he must go shud ask sikhala. mutambara and ncube. kuti tsvangirai ndokuti mdc. save vachaonga chete

ndini wenyu - 22 November 2013

That's it let's get it going.We must make noise clear and loud that Save is there forever until we remove mugabe and his henchmen.Save will rule,zanu pf is having sleepless nights with this man.Tell your neighbour to say "Yes for Save" and "No to rebellion."

josefa chinotimba - 22 November 2013

Matutu is not Masvingo province you one sided paper

mk - 22 November 2013

Just a simple question to those who say Mr M. R. Tsvangirayi should go is : what exactly would they do if they were in Morgan's shoes? I want to know. ZANU PF has got every advantage as they use the state machinery to advance their legacy. The Army, Police Airforce and revenue from Chiadzwa. How about the youths who are promised jobs as soldiers, policemen, Airmen, Prison wardens, nurses and teachers. The list is endless. Pretty tell us what you were going to do. Who appointed ZEC. In 2008 there was Brigadier George Chiweshe as head of ZEC now he is a high court judge. Let us not just blame. ANC in South Africa was led by Nelson Mandela who was in prison. ZANU has had Mugabe for over 40 years. Save ndizvo

SHAVA - 22 November 2013


Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 22 November 2013

MDCt leadership should know that you dnt remove the icon of a revolution before the revolution's goal is achieved. Check thru history. Pane kupedza nguva analysing weaknesses dzaTsvangi ne percieved miss-calculation dzake, they should be proppping him up with wise counsel and mind-blowing ideas and strategies. Gushungo kuramba vari panyanga muZanu pf its becoz there are intelligent and strategic minds in Zanu pf who are willing to work for him e.g. Jonathn Moyo, Mnangagwa, Charamba and a host of well schooled though corrupt men & women. MDC haimire neZanu kana ka1 ikangobvisa Tsvangirayi...the man did his ground work and connected with the masses long back when most of the MDCt leaders were either enjoying mari dzekurima (Bennet & Ian Kay), practicing law in lofty chambers (Biti) or mere students activists or engineers at some company (Mudzuri). Tsvangirai was working to address bread and butter issues and workers (our parents) were busy telling us about their hero, hence Tsvangirayi has a connection and appeal to the masses. Everyone knows that Zanu pf won by using both a combination of intelligent rigging, voter's roll manipulation, diamonds money & Chinese donations to resource their campaigns whilst MDCt could not match it. This is not Tsvangirayi's problem alone but a general lack of quality around him. What matters in politics is not how educated you are or how good looking you are-it's abt appeal to the poor and masses

Political Analyst - 22 November 2013

I fully concur with my homeboys in Masvingo that Tsvangirai is the face of the opposition in Zimbabwe. Those who say Morgan should go are shameless opportunists who fail to appreciate that Tsanngirai alone cannot perform miracles-he needs our support rather than bashing as is happening now. What have the degrees and PHDs done for mother Zimbabwe? Please leave Morgiza alone because he has done lots for this country while most of the armchair critics were wining and dining with ZANU(PF). Muchinyaravo. Isu ve Masvingo tinoti Tsangirai achatonga chete.

Chief Charumbira - 22 November 2013

Ndokunohi kuhwereketazve uku. Save tinavo kusvika zvaita. We will not be misled by the little puppies who are sent by their masters to trash anything positive said by Tsvangirai and the Daily News. Daily News will continue to tell it like it is and we will always read it. Well done Masvingo!

Muvhitori Zvomene - 22 November 2013

Elias mudzuri must resign now or to face tne chop if not the music becz he is an idiot he should just be a card holder or free to go and form his party and start his toyitoyi isu yedu toyitoyi takatoita kare hatichaiti imwe iwe imbwa mudzuri unodakutishandisa kana kuti kwete iwe takakupa u mp asi hauna kanakuita toyitoyi muwarren park unotimuwarren park hamuna vanhu here ndiko kutenda kwacho kwavavekuita ikoko here manje wamama u mp hwapera nhasi hatifi takakupa any post.....mbwa

dofo - 23 November 2013

@political analyst- comment yako yanga yakanaka kwazvo except for one point which needs to be corrected. Tsvangirai was very busy for the past 4years- open zip shut mind. one public girl friend for each year in office Ha! when others were ploting to rig iye anga ari busy kuma bhebhi

madhaka - 24 November 2013

Its very clear that Mudzuri is fighting in Jonathan Moyo,s corner and he is not aware that he is irrepairably damaging his political career. Without Morgan Tsvangirai, ZanuPF will sleep well, if people don't realize that. Leave Tsvangirai to haunt ZanuPF unperturbed until freedom comes!!!

chiremba matombo - 24 November 2013

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