Tsvangirai wins MDC battle

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who has been shrugging off calls by his top lieutenants to step down, is receiving overwhelming support from the rank-and-file of the MDC during his ongoing meet-the-people meetings.

With an escalating push for leadership renewal  under way, the  opposition leader had found himself in a tough spot. Still licking his wounds from the July 31 presidential loss, the MDC leader has quickly got off the mat to prove his credibility not only to a weary electorate but also to his own fractious members.

In the wake of the presidential blowout, the MDC leader is doing everything he can to reassure the millions of citizens who cast their ballots for the opposition challenger of the MDC’s prospects in the next elections.

Tsvangirai has embarked on a nationwide tour of theMDC’s structures as he seeks to reinvigorate the party.

Amid reports  top officials including treasurer-general Roy Bennett and former organising secretary Elias Mudzuri were leading rival factions reportedly seeking to replace the veteran trade unionist, Tsvangirai is winning endorsement from virtually all organs of the party. Secretary General Tendai Biti’s name has also been thrown into the fray.

So far, the Women’s Assembly, the Youth Assembly, diaspora branches and at least three provinces out of 12 MDC provinces have solidly backed Tsvangirai, rejecting calls for his ouster.

While officials such as Mudzuri have publicly stated their intention to challenge Tsvangirai in the next party congress to be held in 2016, the MDC party is coalescing around the 61-year-old leader like never before.

Bennett on the other hand says Tsvangirai should go and has won backing from former Marondera legislator Ian Kay. But Mashonaland East province has roundly condemned Kay, dismissing him from the party in a display of loyalty to Tsvangirai.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, described the atmosphere characterising the meetings as “electric”.

On Tuesday night, Tsvangirai visited Harare South, Epworth and Hatfield and yesterday he visited Mabvuku and Harare East.

Tsvangirai is on a mission to consolidate his support base  ahead of the party’s congress.

“The atmosphere is electric and people are happy to speak to him directly,” Tamborinyoka said.

“Imagine people in the grassroots no longer speak to him through the provinces because he is meeting them directly. In all the meetings we have had so far, from Chivi, in Masvingo to Harare, there is consensus that the past elections were stolen.

“Everywhere we have been, people say they are behind MDC and will stand behind the leadership of Tsvangirai.”

The Daily News is reliably informed that Tsvangirai supporters are demanding an extraordinary congress in order to deal with the succession issue and “show the rebels their place.”

“Supporters want the blood of Bennet and Mudzuri; they want to deal with these people who have been publicly challenging Tsvangirai,” said a party insider. “In some meetings the likes of Biti have been protected by the president as some supporters demanded explanations from them.”

At one meeting in Chitungwiza, an MDC stalwart Felix Chihoro, a former Zengeza East chairperson, told Tsvangirai that they were solidly behind him.

“President we are much behind you,” he said.

“We are united behind you and we are not going to let you down.”

Structures are telling Tsvangirai that candidates were imposed from the national executive hence the party’s poor showing in elections. There is also a sense that the vote was stolen.

On Monday at a meeting in Warren Park, angry party supporters bayed for Mudzuri’s blood.

He was protected by Tsvangirai who told them that a person has a democratic right to express his views.

“All in all, the president is going to visit 210 districts where he will have a no holds barred meeting with the people. This is a listening tour where people’s voices will count,” Tamborinyoka said.

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The democratic principles we initiated Tswangirai to, demand that when you fail, just once, you leave others to carry on. daily news is slipping in the ratings because it is now clear what they are trying to do. This is not a Public Relations internal Tswangirai paper please. Tswangirai go. What more can you do? Zimbabweans are not honest face to face. they lie, so you will never know how much support you have until you are beaten by Mudzuri let alone Biti. Forget Chamisa, Zimbabweans are not babies.

Sigodo Phenduka - 21 November 2013

You are right, Sigodo. Relying on Luke Tamborinyoka's version on the popularity of brother Morgan is stupidity at its best. Luke is just like Tsvangirai's buttocks !

Boorangoma - 21 November 2013

Endorsement by a show of hands by the youth, womens and other groupings will not validate the Tsvagirayi presidency in the face of challenges from colleagues. His only validation will come from congress..he should move post haste to the special congress or risk another 2005 split and this will be the second time this will have happened giving credence to what his colleagues are now beginning to say loudly that he is life president not the democrat he says he is. Action as they say speaks louder. He should put the matter to bed by bringing congress forward. By doing this, he kills two with one. He is reconfirmed and rids the party of clowns pulling in a different direction!

gutter poet - 21 November 2013

Hmmmm Tsvangirai. Wava ku resister leadership change in your party. How ironic. Are you not the one who was among people pushing for leadership change in Zanu PF. Anyway, there nothing wrong about leadership change, but Mr former PM you have got double standards.

OBSERVER - 21 November 2013

So daily news was specifically created to put foward the regime change agenda. So I believe becoz reading the story above you can actually say it was written by tamborinyoka. But the truth shall remain, ONLY a zimbabwean party to put foward the interests of zimbabweans shall rule after ZANUPF. All what tsvangirai is doing now "kubvisa nyadzi" since he is coming from a deadily heavy punch that sent him off balanced. And to those cheering him at his so-called meet the people talk shows are those who were benefitting through donor funds and they are hoping that his trip to britain will bring them more benefits. But I am sorry maitiro hatisi kuzochinja. The only presidency for tsvangirai is in mdct so regai atorambe akabatirira ipapo ndiyo democracy yaakadzidziswa kubritain.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 21 November 2013

keep on keeping on Morgan. you started this revolution and you are still spear herding it until you dethrone that old man then you will be free to pass on the button. At the moment if you leave before you acheive those goals the same people who are after you head and want you out will turn and say you chickened out. In Senegal Wade tried for 29 years before he brought democracy. At times do not listen to these people for they mislead you. Pamberi newe kusvika zvanaka. Asijiki

Gwenaz - 21 November 2013

It's not about getting support. It is about the principle of searching the right candidate when one has failed. We are yet to see a leader who can even work hard to identify someone better to take over. What he should be doing is encouraging debate and being open that he will leave before 2018.

ziso ramwari - 21 November 2013

President Morgan Tsvangirai has never resisted leadership change. This has to be done in 2016 in a Congress. lt is not true that President Tsvangirai is suppressing debate. He has opened that debate. Who ever wants to lead the MDC has to contest for the position in 2016. Why do people want him to step down before the Congress. This is Zanu strategy to throw the party into turmoil. The masses are refusing that and that's it. EMatebeleland sithi UTsvangirai ngenkani. Ongafuniyo kayekele. We cannot change the commander in the middle of a battle.

Mzwazwakankoviyo - 21 November 2013

This is very good news for ZANU PF. As long as this dull politician is at the helm of MDC, then it will always be thumps up for ZANU PF. Who really needs to support demi literate reject.

reason - 21 November 2013

I am 100% behind you Mr President.

raymond chimbunde - 21 November 2013

Those calling for Tsvangirai ouster are not sincere,this is clearly a Zanu PF strategy to compete with a weak MDC canditate in the next polls.They know Tsvangirai has given them sleepless nights.Who else commands mass appeal in MDC.Tsvangirai has not finished the job at hand and anyone wanting to take over ndimuchekadzafa.Why Tsavangirai when leaders of other parties have been at the helm for 33 years now?Yes we have other capable leaders in MDC but do they appeal to the masses?You dont just wake up and be popular the next day.Political leadership is not an event,its a process and one has to go through all the winding trenches and to reach the top.If people at the grassroots are rooting for him,then let it be.It is the grassroots people who matter most in a political landscape not a few intellectuals,how many votes do you get from intellectuals and how many are they?Lets be careful not to play into the hands of our opponents who will be the first to laugh and tell us "you made a blunder by removing so and so"It takes longer to correct a mistake made by someone than it will take to let the same person correct their own mistake.Anonzwa ngaanzwe.

Chin'ombe - 21 November 2013

I said this before,I Josefa Chinotimba representing the youth at national level,no one can remove President Tsvangirai.Not even Biti or whoever,it is only the youth that can remove him.Now that the youth have already endorsed him,he remains the President until he removes the murderer Mugabe and his henchmen.I therefore urge all the youth in the country to rally behind President Tsvangirai and resist vigorously any attempt from the rebels to remove him from power.Come congress 2016,the youth will be there to show our support for him.Note any attempt to remove him,will result in a bloody bath.

josefa chinotimba - 21 November 2013

democracy means people and the people are the ones who are endorsing Tsvangirayi

save ka12 - 21 November 2013

President Tsvangirai is the man of the moment!!!!!!!!!!

Mudhiniwe - 21 November 2013

President Tsvangirai is the man of the moment!!!!!!!!!!

Mudhiniwe - 21 November 2013

No to leadership change for now at MDC,regai murume uyu ambotonga he never failed,elections were stolen in all our eyes,what did we do,nothing change doesnt come with Tsvangirai alone it comes with us.kungotaura ndikokwamunogona.ngatipindei mumastreets day and night tichifa tione.nxa mhani

terra cotta - 21 November 2013

@ Chin'ombe. I honestly respect your opinion as you genuinely seem to favour the interests of the party. I however, respectfully, differ with you. Brother, Morgan has made so many blunders during his tenure as leader from around 1999. (Remember Gibson Sibanda was caretaker president at the inception?) Morgan's blunders and miscalculations may not have been deliberate but they do not make him the best leader in our coffers. We have a crop of talented "youngsters" who are in the shadows. For the love of the party, Morgan can do as Mwalimu Julius Nyerere did by realizing that his software was not suitable for the new challenges of the job and gracefully bowed out. Morgan can then utilize his charisma to support the new leader and the party will thrive. Did you see Clinton campaigning for Barack Obama. It was marvelous to watch!

Boorangoma - 21 November 2013

You are all missing the point. Tsvangirai haana kumboramba kubva. He is president till 2016 congress. Kana vanhu vakati abve muchangoona achibva. Asi kana tikati agare sezvichaitika ,anongogara . Vanhu ve Zanu ndimi munouya ne rubbish dzenyu pano, tsve kugadzirisa nyaya dzeka sekuru kari kutinyadzisa nekurara kuma Summit. The will of the people shall prevail. Why should a few individuals decide the fate of the president on behalf of all the magnitude of supporters? Congress shall decide.

nkomo - 21 November 2013

we are the people, we support you our president nomatter what the rebels say, without you Tsvangirai there's no MDC.

Gandanga - 21 November 2013

The MDC is a people's project and whoever takes from Tsvangirai will soon grow to command a huge profile as Tsvangirai does. Hapana chinomboshamisira pa leadership. It comes from the people. As long as the people's desire for change is there the MDC project will remain strong. Why do you want us to believe that Morgan ndiye MDC. hatidi politics dzema cult personalities ndidzo dzauraya Africa. Leaders come and go and it's time for Tsvangirai to go and make way for a new leader. daily News shame on you. Kuti opinion ya Luke Tamborinyoka ndiyo yoita basis of a claim that Tsvangirai has won a battle! Munonyadzisa shuwa.

Yemurai Manunure - 21 November 2013

hapana asingazivi kuti Morgan akakunda musarudzo even Mugabe, Shiri, Chiwenga, Jonso kana Chinoz chaiye dai akatendeka aipura chokwadi ichi. What blunders are u talking about on someone who is not on the throne yet some have been commiting crimes for more than thirty years? What happened to General and the rest of the team that was assasinated in cold blood yet those that committed these crimes are the ones running the affairs of the country. Its not about Richard but MDC

ndini uya - 21 November 2013

Usadherere Save,unokuvara.Iwe this is a revolutionary,MDC war vet

jukwa - 21 November 2013


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 21 November 2013

What do you expect from Stanley Gama(Editor),Chamisa`s friend at Daily News,Gift Phiri(Chamisa`s bootlicker) and Luke Tamborinyoka.We are toking about democracy in its true sense and not on personalities.Shame on you Daily News. You are juss like the HERALD.

Albert - 21 November 2013


valour museyamwa - 21 November 2013

I think its only fair to call Save all names u want after 2016 alooser obva aramba aripo before that vharai mazikanwa enyu anonhuwa. MDC ndeye vanhu veMDC veZANU musada kutiudza zvekuita, ko Mudzuri naBennet vanetswa nei kana zvavari kutaura zvirizvo zvatinoda isu tovhota ngavamusiye Tsvangirai neMDC yake vaite yavo party togozoona vamwe tozovashaya kuti vavepi sezva takaona pane mavillage politician (Prof Ncube), Job Sikhala list is endless. Politics world over is about loyalty to the voters. Let me remind you the reason why Tsvangirai is MDC is in 2000 election musakanganwe kuti vose vakaenda kuparliament taisavaziva asi they went there riding on Tsvangirai's name. SAVE tongai we still want u and will vote for u

Chimhosva - 21 November 2013

Tsvangirai - Waste of space. Waste of oxygen. Hapana kwazvinosvika. This man is not a politician. Akakotsira zvisingaite. Before elections Tsvangirai akati iye Mugabe amutaurira kuti aneta haachadi kutonga zvirizvekunyepa zvega zvega.

Musona - 21 November 2013

Daily news and Bulawayo 24 newspapers are contributing to Tsvaingray's downfall. These papers have decided to be Tsvangiray's PR champions not MDC-T. They have never have never found anything wrong about Tswangiray that needs to be improved.He is not an angel. The papers should do him a favour and high his strength and weaknesses.Thay will help him to improve on his shortcomings or he will not beat ZANU with this partisan media.It does not matter that Herald is pro ZANU but these 2 papers need to help him by pointing his short comings and he will improve from that.

mabonakudala - 21 November 2013

handei mberi save we ar solidily behind you

happymore chidziva - 22 November 2013

Like Mugabe in ZANU PF,TSVANGIRAI IS SO IN MDC.He is a revolutionary.You cannot remove Mugabe in ZANU PF and it survives,TSVANGIRAI cannot be removed and MDC survives.The party has to breed and train vana MUDZURI,BITI ,CHAMISA,AND ANY OTHER POTENTIAL INCUMBENT,NOT TO HURRY AS IF TSVANGIRA IS DISABLED.HE IS STILL FIT TO SERVE,BUT MUST GO IF PEOPLE WISH.TAKE CAUTION.

Jikinya - 22 November 2013

True,all MDC-T structures singing from the same hyme book.Tsvangirai remains leader of the party until we go to the next congress,where we are going to give him another term to lead us into the land of milk and honey.Mudzuri Bennett Kay your Zpf project my foot.

jacob tavengwa - 22 November 2013

I will not vote for this Tsvangirai IGNORAMUS.

jurist - 22 November 2013

marebels mese murivana masvikezuro tibvirei apa imbwa dzevanhu unoti kuita upresident ndiko kudii ichochinzvimbo chatakakupa ichocho shanda uri ipapo kwete kuda kuunza madivision muparty passi na elias mudzuri muconstitunce mangu handichamudi takamuisa paumeya haana zvaakatiitira izvezvi ndi mp hapana zvaarikuita ndiri kuuya ikoko kumusha nhamo Musekewa akafa pamusana pemusangano iwe wawe kuda kuraya musangano , GUYS LETS CALL FOR REPLACEMENT OF MHUKA INOZI ELIAS MUDZURI IZVOZVI-FUCK

dofo - 22 November 2013

MDC - T, The struggle must not be disturbed.

Reason Shoko - 22 November 2013

Pamberi nehutungamiriri hwekupihwa nedenga, pamberi navaRichard Tsvangirai.Munosvika chete Baba.Musateerera zvidhidhii zvesango

fatso - 22 November 2013

If those supporting Tsvangirai are telling us Tsvangirai started the revolution and shud continue because there is no one serious or vibrant to tek over.And some1 commented here that Tsvangirai shud continue until he dethrones the old man, then it means MDC wll have nothing new to offer as its the same with wat they are opposing.In Zanu Pf they also say old man cant go one serious, vibrant enuf has come up. Old man wll tell cant leave until imperialists are defeated. So MDC will just be imitating the mighty Zanu pf, only that they are a cluesless lot, coz of that idiot at the helm. Ho can some1 seriously campaign wen they have lost

carter - 22 November 2013

All those saying Tsvangirai must go are Zanu PF spies. All of them, and I mean all of them. If they deny it, then they are unconsciously advancing the wishes of ZPF.

Funga Futi - 22 November 2013

Baba Morgan tinemi kusvika maitonga nyika ino.Zvakatadzwa naVa Ndabaningi Sithole,Edgar Tekere,uye Joshua Nkomo.Kutonga kunotora nguva asi Mr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai munotonga chete.Vose vanoda kutonga mukana vanouwana imi mambotonga ZIMBABWE CHETE.100% behind you SAVE.NDIMI MATADZISA VAMUGABE KUSHAYA HOPE UYE ZANU PF.TRUE OPPOSITION LEADER. Chinja Maitiro,Maitiro Chinja,Izenzo Guqula,Guqula` Izenzo.ONE TIME!!!

True Democracy - 22 November 2013

and for your building information www.mybuildlink.com

builder - 22 November 2013

this article is sounds like some articles that we have read and heard from a certain party. while i respect Morgan Tsvangirai and can never overstate his immense contribution and importance to the struggle it is my view that the time has come for him to handover the baton. I think we need a fresh face to the leadership of the party, who of course has the full and unequivocal endorsement of Tsvangirai. If he however feels differently which I'm getting a sense that he does, i think he should allow people to publicly challenge him. He has always preached the gospel of tolerance and it would be hypocritical of him or his lap dog to incite people by talking about "supporters wanting blood" and all that rubbish. What

Mafungirewo Angu - 28 November 2013

Save woyeeeeee! Chinja iwe!!!! Maitiro ayo!!!!Mungagwauta seyi zvenyu ana Jimmy Carter, Jurist and Musona asi chokwadi ndechokuti Tsvangirayi arikukurarisayi pamusoro pemagumbezi. Hope chaidzo hamudziwanipamusaka pomuchinda uyu. He is your achilles heel whether you like it or not. Otherwise how do oyu justify employing Mossad, the oppresors of your Palestinian friends, to rig elections on ypour behalf?And pay them $10million in the process?

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 28 November 2013

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