MP lavishes praise on Mugabe

HARARE - Justice Mayor Wadyajena, the Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Gokwe Nembudziya has lavished praises on President Robert Mugabe describing him as a great leader.

The businessman-cum-politician has already fitted much into his 32 years and was one of those who came forward to join Zanu PF candidates’ list in the last poll. 

He was elected at the general election, which is why he was moved to break convention and deliver a maiden speech in Parliament on Tuesday lavishing praise on Mugabe’s re-election to a seventh presidential term.

Wadyajena, a player in the fuel-distribution business, congratulated the Zanu PF leader on his successful re-election, praising the 89-year-old’s “extraordinary leadership.”

The youthful MP, said to be linked to the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction, heaped praise on Mugabe’s moral authority and wisdom, in comments seen as flattering the president’s re-election campaign.

“Mr Speaker Sir, I rise to congratulate His Excellency the President, on his thunderous and resounding victory in the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections which were endorsed as free, fair and credible by Sadc, the African Union, and indeed by the UN itself in the wake of congratulatory message sent to his Excellency by UN secretary-general Ban Ki Moon on the occasion of his swearing in and other members of the progressive world,” Wadyajena said.

Although the main local monitoring team, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn), said balloting in the July 31 vote was “seriously compromised”, the AU and Sadc, which sent the biggest international observer teams, endorsed the elections as largely free and fair, while the US called them “a deeply flawed process.”

Wadyajena said “even those who were contesting the conduct and outcome of the elections ended up withdrawing their cases from the courts and conceding that they were free, fair and credible.”

He was referring to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s charge to use the courts to force a fresh election, which the MDC subsequently withdrew after casting aspersions on the integrity of the judiciary.

Zanu PF won 160 of the 210 seats in Parliament, compared with 49 for the MDC and one seat for an independent candidate, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) said.

Wadyajena also congratulated the opposition MDC MPs, in remarks seen sledging the opposition ranks.

“I also congratulate them for making it to this august house and remind them that elections are not zero sum games,” Wadyajena said. “You win some, you lose some but the mark of a true democrat is the realisation electoral contests yield one of three possible outcomes a win, a loss or a stalemate.

“In this particular case, accept that Zanu PF won resoundingly in the harmonised election and help us put our shoulders to the wheel to ensure the full implementation of the progressive economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation (Zim asset) for Zimbabwe is indeed our asset together.

“His Excellency implored us to turn our swords into ploughshares. Indeed if the world is for us like this who can be against us?

“However, they must understand that while the minority will have their say, the majority will have their way.”

Tsvangirai has maintained that his MDC party did not lose the election, which he insists was stolen with help from Israeli and Chinese experts and the local intelligence.

Debating the motion in reply to the Presidential Speech, Wadyajena, who in the new chairperson of the parliamentary committee on Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, said he would like to “congratulate Gushungo on an articulate, comprehensive and results-oriented speech that he was pleased to give, outlining his expectations of this august house and the key deliverables honourable members should make to the heroic people of this great country.”

“I applaud His Excellency the President for cogently articulating the ‘bread’ and ‘butter’ issues affecting the ordinary person without losing sight of the vision we must achieve and become as a nation,” Wadyajena said.

“I laud the call to implement the country’s Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment laws with greater tenacity and vigour in order to ensure that our people become significant stakeholders and not mere bystanders in the running of the national economy and our God-given natural resources and endowments.

“To that end and for the benefit of people at the grassroots, I look forward to the introduction of a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to ensure the proper management of Community Share Ownership Trusts.”

He said Zimbabwe continues to outpace other countries in literacy, “in spite of the depredations occasioned by the illegal and debilitating economic sanctions on all levels of our education system from pre-school and zero (0) grade to higher and tertiary levels.”

He congratulated Mugabe for correctly identifying recurrent droughts, erratic rainfall patterns and a lack of adequate funding as the three-headed “Hydra” weighing down the performance of our agricultural sector.

“My constituency, Gokwe Nembudziya lies in Agricultural Regions four and five and is prone to recurrent droughts because of the low and erratic rainfall pattern,” he said.

“As a result, the constituency is only suitable for small grains, short season maize varieties, cotton and livestock production. People in my constituency await with bated breath the realisation of government’s initiative to intensify and expand the Zimbabwe Livestock Drought Mitigation Programme under which farmers in drought prone areas are being assisted to save their livestock.”

He called for enhanced prevention measures to promote awareness campaigns in bovine diseases and quickly respond to emergencies, as and when they occur.

“Recently, the constituency had the misfortune of losing 26 herd of cattle due to red water disease as a result of a lack of dipping facilities in Nembudziya ‘B’,” he said.

He said people in his constituency were concerned with the low cotton prices to the extent that some are abandoning this vital crop.

The road network in Gokwe Nembudziya, he said, was in deplorable state which is a serious indictment on the development endeavours of the constituency.

“The state of roads in the constituency requires urgent intervention, for example, the section from Patchway to Sanyati was once a tarred strip and is now in a very bad condition,” Wadyajena said.

“Even District Development Fund (DDF) and council roads are in a sorry state.

“The Munyati Bridge, which separates Mashonaland West and Midlands, has been under construction since the 1990’s but is not complete up to now.

“Likewise, there is an urgent need to tar the road from Chinyenyetu to Nembudziya Growth Point. People in my constituency do not understand why the responsible ministry decided to construct a three-kilometre tarred road, now commonly referred to as ‘Bhuka Strip’ which leads from nowhere and goes nowhere”
He said his constituency has a dire shortage of schools with some pupils waking up as early as 3 am to access the nearest school.

He however, thanked the authorities for the Basic Education Assistance Module (Beam) programme which is really helping the indigent pupils and orphans, among others, to access basic education.

“At a more general level, the majority of schools in the constituency do not even have boreholes or some other reliable sources of water supply, for example, Nyamazengwe Secondary School and Copper Queen Primary and Secondary Schools,” he said.

“Nyamazengwe Primary school has more than 1 000 pupils but there is no borehole or some other source of safe drinking water. At Chinyenyetu School, for example, animals, pupils and the surrounding community get water from the same borehole. The shortage of water is particularly acute at this time of the year.”

He said his constituency require electricity.

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These are young and energetic mps who honor the authority and air their views and aspirations in detail without fear.

mk - 21 November 2013

Here is a classic example of everything that has gone wrong in Zimbabwe. You don't need a rocket scientist to know that this guy is in parliament not because of some genius political sense. If this is not some serious ass licking, then I don't know what is. I am certain, that even Mugabe and Munangwa "the supposed sponsor" of such shame, will attest privately that this was an act on the MP's part. I wonder why people in Zimbabwe feel so compelled to use big words just so they can prove how smart they are. An MP from Gokwe, one of the poorest regions in Zimbabwe, praising Mugabe for doing a good job! Really, what has Mugabe done in the past 30+ years to better the lives of the common person in Gokwe? except of course to create the environment in which corruption and ass licking which led to this guy's "election" to parliament. Can you imagine such a man, sitting across from a Chinese investor who is interested in squandering the resources of his region, do you think this man is capable or even willing to think about his constituents or himself and him bottom line? ZIMBABWE we need to wake up and stand up to this nonsense

tino - 21 November 2013

Talk of singing for one's supper. Its a shame when a political party revolves to become a religious movement where the leader is some kind of God and everyone else of the followers, fall on each other to worship the all supreme leader

Gasani - 21 November 2013

system is broken. Country is not going nowhere soon or fast with such political leadership. Beauty of the information age is all these utterances will be saved for posterity. At some point everyone will have to give account...he is only 32yrs old others are much closer to calling it a day. There will much to attone for.

Broken Systems - 21 November 2013

I happen to hail from the same area as this mp. Nyamazengwe school does not have enrolment of 1000 pupils. Roads are bad as Mayor correctly said, but my worry is, he is just giving reference to areas just adjacent to where he comes from, Nembudziya centre. He ignores areas like Mutehwe, Nyamhara, Dindimutihwi etc where even safe drinking water has been a nightmare since the Smith regime. Very little if any, change has taken place since the late stone age. So Mr. Mayor stop singing praises and develop the constituency. Otherwise its about Christmas time and people from your remote constituency will not be able to visit their beloved ones due to inaccessibility of the area.

king - 22 November 2013

Nembudziya is blessed to have an MP like this first time in Parly kutaura issues like this handioni asslicking apa only facts affecting his rural community. Lets support the young man leaders of tomorrow. You will see that after 5yrs Gokwe Nembudziya will not be the same and have you seen what he has done already as Chairperson of Youth indigenization & economic empowerment. Keep up the good work maybe corruption ichapera kuministry with people like u.

Mike - 22 November 2013

King you are lying Nyamhara, Mutehwe areas don't fall under Cde Mayor Nembudziya constituency so why would he mention other MPs area? The great leader His Excellency RG Mugabe has done a lot for the country, sanctions are not even targeted but they are destroying the whole country just to effect regime change this failed and relegated MDCs to the dustbin of political oblivion forever.Look at them now theyare busy fighting to replace confused Tsvangson while ZANU PF is nurturing young energetic cadres like Cde Mayor and others which I am sure MDCs never thought there will be excellent youths in ZANU PF. With young leaders like these our future is secure, thank you Baba Chatunga for not imposing candidates u let the people choose whoever they wanted & this is now the result a new breed of Mugabe die hards.

Dee - 23 November 2013

Hon Mayor is a young and energetic leader. He has identified problem areas in his constituency which he has taken upon his shoulders. Give him the chance to carry his weight and the opportune time to rate him will certainly come. Lets not be people who see everything wrong about everybody.

fatso - 23 November 2013

Its about time we look at the right things as patriotic Zimbabweans. Just because this young man heaped praise on President Mugabe which he duly deserves anyway, we have ignored everything else. Its a fact that Gokwe needs roads and a blessing that someone has identified it. The people of Nembudziya have spoken and in criticising their choice we are not leaving them out either.

KB - 23 November 2013

honestly I dont see anything wrong with Hon Mayor praising a national hero cde Mugabe for wat he has done for the country and raising correct issues. lets suport such individuals with peoples needs at heart

john wepa gokwe - 23 November 2013

this guy has brought real developmnt to our constituency he has built schools, dip tanks and so many projects for ladies using his own funds and he has benefited from president mugabe's indigenisation policies. so why shouldnt he praise the president? we need more people like him these are the future leaders of this country. pamberi nemi cde Mayor

chamu - 23 November 2013

First I would like to congratulate the reporter for publishing this article. if King really lives in gokwe you should know who built the school block at Nyatso, toilets at Bande, gardens at Chinyenyetu jus to mention a few.

mkanya - 23 November 2013

nangu uMp okhanya ezimisele ukuletha ingqubekela phambili elizweni ,ngifisa ukuthi ngabe sile10 ama MP anjengaye Siyabonga.

mak - 23 November 2013

mukomana akapenga zvake uyu. isu tomuda hedu isu nokuti zvaakatiitira kwedu kuno zvakaoma. kurumbidza kwaari kuita vaMugabe uku tokukudza nokuti baba vedu vanoisa zvido zvedu vana vevhu kunyanya

mwana wevhu - 23 November 2013

Bravo to this youthful honorable. For years we've not a had any young persong as long cited as Wadyajena. As young as he is and choosing to support Baba Mugabe's vision is on its own great success for our country. We are confident his fresh ideas, combined with policies already set by the government will improve our lives as a country. Wadyajena's personal success has already proven his leadership qualities and the youth are confident in him.

Cde Ziso - 24 November 2013

Isu vagari vekwaNembudziya tirikufara nemunhu watakaisa kuti atimirirre mudare reparamende. Tine zvakawanda, kusanganisira zvivakwa, zvaitwa naMp vedu. Tine ruvimbo rwukuru mavari nekuti munhu anomhanya mhanya zvakanyanya kuti hupenyu hwedu huvanduke. Ndakatyamadzwa zvikuru necomment yaTino, aratidza kuti haana kana ruzivo rwezvatikuitirwa naMp vedu kuno kwaNembudziya. Pamberi nemi Mp Mayor, rambai maksimba pabasa ramurikutiitira. Nesu tinoramba takamira nemi nemukuru wedu wenyika VaMugabe vakatirwira nyika.

Thomas - 24 November 2013

ndokumiririra constituency yake kauku. Grt speech. This is a new breed of Mp's who knw how to delivery and act on the mandate of the pple that put them in office. Kudos Mr MP

MP - 25 November 2013

Tinotenda chikomana nebasa rachatiitira kumusha uku. Cde Mayor takakusarudzai taona kuti mune tariro nekuvandudza dunhu redu reGokwe. Handione chakanganiswa kana muchiti munoda kugadzira migwagwa nekutipa mvura muzvukoro. Pamberi nebudiriro.

Pee Kay - 25 November 2013

Greet speech from the young man . Nice to know that people still see some positive aspects from our leader especially the younger generation. All what we have heard are negative publicity about our leaders especially for the past decades .

tendai - 25 November 2013

Aiwa chikomana chita zvakanaka kunyanya kutenda kune mukuru wenyika vaC.D.E Robert Mugabe nemakukurukota ematongerwe enyika mukuita basa rakanaka rekutungamira nyika.

fadzai - 25 November 2013

Haters will always be haters. Who said Gokwe is poor? What measurement is being used? Whatever the answers, can one no longer praise his own president? Lets be real, this is our country together and the more energy we waste pointing figures the less energy we will have to develop it.

zimboy - 25 November 2013

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Even we the young generation are now standing up as assurance to our President that indeed the country is in safe hands and will continue to be forever.

Ivhu Kuvanhu - 25 November 2013

Tinokutendai Cde Mayor nekusvitsa matambudziko edu kuparamendi. Vamwe vanotakura vosvika avamaoko asi maratidza hushingi nekuvimbika. Kovedu baba Mugabe havachapihwa simbi dzavo here? Musabvume kudzoswa shure nemuvengi. Rambai makashinga.

Mai Kundie - 25 November 2013

Blessed is Zimbabwe to have such young generation who acknowledge the qualities in their leadership .

mapnda s - 25 November 2013

Mabasa enyu ayo Gushungo . Vana vava kuteeddza matsimba enyu. Gwara ramunogara makataura.

joramu - 25 November 2013

all I can say is greet speech .....

pamhayi - 25 November 2013

True sons of Zimbabwean

rugare - 25 November 2013

Cde Mayor is a youthful leader and we as the youth a privilaged to have him as our leader. The President addresses situations brought before the house by our MPs. If MPs are going into parliament to make numbers and warm chairs who is going to blame the President? We as youth have confidence in our representation in the house by youthful MPs like Cde Mayor. We salute you.

memory - 25 November 2013

Welldone to Cde Mayor. The headline says it all. Where would we be without president Mugabe. Ndakagara hangu paBench munaFirst street reading the news on the internet. Ndokunonzi kugarika zve uku. And to the Gokwe people, you are Blessed to have an energetic MP like Mayor, zvenyu zvabhadhara

Mdara Sean - 26 November 2013

hahahaha, Mdara Sean mandispaka. First street yaisafambika wangu. Let's leave it to brave sons like Hon. Wadyajena to develop places like Gokwe naana Kwekwe. This is the land that our fathers fought for.

Cde Ziso - 26 November 2013

We are just stating facts here Mdara Sean. Inga mukungoonawo wani wat these white monkeys are doing with things like sanctions and interfering into our internal affairs kuita kuti takambokumbira sadza kumba kwavo. Now takutonga and ngavatisiye tiite yatinoita

Mdara Sean - 26 November 2013

And I quote "His Excellency implored us to turn our swords into ploughshares. Indeed if the world is for us like this who can be against us?" Regai tipinde mumunda tirime. Zvaana Tsvangirai vanofunga kuti mari inobva paNewspaper hazvina njere. Very well spoken Cde Mayor.

Sekuru P - 26 November 2013

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