Party infighting frightens Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe, on a working visit to the Far East, is reportedly alarmed by escalating infighting and mudslinging over divisive provincial elections, officials in the 50-year-old liberation movement said yesterday.

The 89-year-old leader has been forced to call for an unprecedented emergency politburo meeting on Saturday to settle the chaos.

“There will be a politburo meeting on Saturday, 23 November, 2013 at party headquarters,” Simon Khaya-Moyo, the national chairman told the media on Monday.

“This has necessitated the postponement of the provincial elections in the remaining seven provinces to a later date.

“All teams must continue with the necessary (election) preparations including certification of registers and candidates. Once the exact date is announced, the elections will be held in one day from 7am-7pm."

“In the meantime, the ad-hoc committee appeals to all party leaders to refrain from conducting party affairs though the media. The revolutionary party has a clear constitution and explicit structures to be respected in its daily operations.”

The meeting is being convened as top Zanu PF officials have  tightened security following threats spawned by the intensifying succession row, which has spilled into the State media.

Officials have reported receiving multiple death threats over disputed ongoing provincial elections, that have seen the party forced to convene an ad-hoc committee led by Joice Mujuru and key members of her faction to handle the remaining seven provincial elections after polls in Mashonaland Central, Manicaland and Midlands were sullied by accusations of ballot fraud.

One high-ranking member of the party is said to be moving around with a convoy of three cars and seven bodyguards.

The elections, due in seven provinces, have since been postponed to make way for the Zanu PF emergency meeting.

Fireworks are expected at Saturday’s emergency politburo meeting, with losing candidates in all the three provinces campaigning for nullification of the results.

Officials said the meeting will be “frank and open to the truth”.

The meeting will also tackle accusations of insubordination among senior party officials, mainly government and party spin-doctors.

Senior Zanu PF officials told the Daily News that besides the controversial elections, the party will also deal with the public outbursts over the past week between politburo members and senior government officials on the status of Mashonaland Central polls.

“We are going into the meeting with one voice, let us nullify the results in all the three provinces and start afresh nationwide on the same day,” said a senior party official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“According to the party constitution, polls should be held in one day and not this staggering which we are seeing.

“We want people to exercise their democratic right of voting without prejudice, not what is happening at the moment,” said another senior official.

“The issue is very clear, if we are to redeem ourselves, we must be able to conduct internal polls in a transparent manner where everyone is satisfied.

“It is folly to claim democracy without practising it, we want every member of the party to feel free and vote,” the politburo member said.

While the call by the faction believed to be led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa for a re-run was loud and clear, members of the winning team, said to be led by Mujuru, are adamant that unless tangible evidence of vote manipulation is presented, results in the three provinces should stand.

“Why should we have a re-run without evidence of rigging which is compelling?” asked a senior party member aligned to the Mujuru faction.

“We are going to the politburo very clear, stating that the party cannot be run like a tuck-shop.

“We have rules and regulations that govern elections in Zanu PF, those people who feel cheated should learn to accept defeat. MDC takaidya wani saka chii chinoshamisira pakudyiwa,” ( we defeated the MDC so what’s the fuss about losing?) he said.

A highly-placed source told the Daily News that losing candidates had been lobbying members of the politburo to have the election result nullified.

“They are blaming Didymus Mutasa for their loss because he failed to avail the voter register beforehand for their inspection,” said another source, who preferred anonymity.

Mutasa, who is administrative secretary of Zanu PF, is believed to be a close ally of Mujuru.

Voting, which was supposed to take place in one day, is said to have run for three days.

While some failed to cast their vote, the results were announced nonetheless.

The battle of the provinces is increasingly becoming acrimonious as party heavyweights pull out all the stops to outwit each other, including seeking reprieve from the courts.

Mnangagwa’s wife Auxillia has filed a $50 million criminal defamation suit against Jason Machaya after his election agent petitioned the party to take disciplinary measures against her and four others for electoral fraud.

Khaya-Moyo on Monday urged party officials to refrain from conducting Zanu PF business through the media.

The State media yesterday also uncharacteristically slammed Zanu PF in an unrestrained front-page editorial, with its venom aimed at key members of the Mujuru faction.

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Gore rino tichaonerera. Pedzanai the sooner the better. When Tsvangirai withdrew his court petition because the courts refused to avail the voter's register for inspection and has no done that to date ZANU-PF stooges and the compromised judiciary vana Chidyausiku called him all sorts of names. Now we hear it is the same strategy being used naDidymus Mutasa against the Ngwena faction thru withholding of the voter's register and you say there is cheating. Cheating my foot. Nonsense uyayanai kani. Makamirirei? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Pedzanai runzhinji that have suffered under the yoke of bondage of ZANU-PF SHIT LUCIFER rusununguke. It is about time. We pray for supernatural acceleration of the demise of this evil party.

vongai - 20 November 2013

Is it really necessary to say in this news report "...officials in the 50-year-old liberation movement said yesterday..."? What has Zanu's longevity in politics got to do with anything here? ZanuPF is not a "liberation movement" because it did not "liberate" any country. Majority rule was negotiated by the likes of Muzorewa, James Chikerema, George Nyandoro, Ndabaningi Sithole, Zamchiya, Silas Mundawara, Ernest Bule, Simpson Mtambanengwe, Nelson Samkange (former ZanuPF Governor who died last month), Olivia Muchena (now minister in ZanuPF), Prof Stanlake Samkange, Kesiwe Malindi, Enock Dumbutshena (former Chief Justice), Noel Mukono, David Zamchiya, Dennis Nyamutsva, Chief Chirawu, Chief Ndiweni and others from 1978 to 1979. The two reporters, Thelma Chikwanha and Xolisani Ncube are sucking up to ZanuPF. ZanuPF is just another political party. These 2 reporters are distorting history - bigging up ZanuPF for something which they didn't do.

Musona - 20 November 2013

True Musona, who signed the ceasefire? It appears as if ZanuPf matched into Harare yet we all know that Machel, Nyerere and Kaunda had seen that it is not possible for Zanla or Zipra to match into Harare. We see by reburials taking place up to this day that the war was never won but ceased. Zvekupisa ma tank e petrol zvakafanana nekuita bomb the Westgate in kenya it did not result in the 'liberation' of Kenya.

Maita Manyuka - 20 November 2013

Zanu or Zapu did not “liberate” any country on earth. Their fighting outside the country has no connection whatsoever with the attainment of majority rule in Zimbabwe. My vote in 1980 was one of those votes which got Zanu into power in 1980. Without our votes Zanu would have disappeared into oblivion. I voted in 1980 and I know exactly what happened leading to us voting in that election. I know better because I was inside the country, in Salisbury, following events by the minute. Those in Zanu and Zapu were outside and we who were inside know more than them what was happening. Besides, Zanu or Zapu would never say they never won anything would they? Why should reporters say something happened when it didn't happen or something didn't happen when it happened? When reporters say “liberation movement” in reference to ZanuPF what exactly do they mean? “Liberated” which country? When? Some of the reporting is very unhelpful and inaccurate. I rest my case.

Musona - 20 November 2013

Ndiyo chaos iri muZimbabwe. Zvino mukabirana pachenyu kuzoti vamwe.

JJ - 20 November 2013

Jah Rule......Icho!!!

Onyonyoo - 20 November 2013

Yave nyama yekugocha. Baya wabaya!

Boorangoma - 20 November 2013

We did not see Mugabe fright in your essay the writer. Is it a marketing strategy for your newspaper

mk - 20 November 2013

Frightened, frightened by what? do u think mugabe can be frightened by kutungana kwembudzi kwaRuneida (joice) na emmerson (Dambudzo). mugabe has presided over serious crises than this kutungana kwe mbudzi. remember he toppled sithole while in detention at gonakudzingwa, he sidelined ,vanquished and annihilated pretenders to the zanu throne, the list is long. 1977 it was ZIPA or vashandi under Dzino and company, they were simply silenced, ask harry tangeneropa(muchechetere), nyarambi(taitezvi), thondhlana, chipoera, sam geza and other vashandi and they will tell you that mugabe is bad news. 1978, rugare gumbo, hamadziripi, zivavarwi muparuri(dr taderera),steven chocha(augustine chihuri), gora(alexander kanengoni, cletus chigowe, mandizvidza, joseph chimurenga all these were dealt with ruthlessly after they became ambitious . vakaiswa muchikarabotso vakagara mugomba mavaidya rice mixed with river sand. mugabe is actually enjoying the whole circus going on between the so called factions and in one swoop like an eagle he shall descend on them. watch this space for details

cde churucheminzwa - 20 November 2013

I'm just thinking aloud......bastards, looters, impis, confused, ngozi, chamadya chapfuka, hypocrites, taste of own lethal medicine, varambidzi venhaka yemusiyiranwa, varoyi vehama.....oh yes, ndirikurota zvinonzwika. And of course I don't need to pay a bribe to anyone to dream.

Daylightdream - 20 November 2013


ndokwedu - 21 November 2013

Rg and his advisors cld ve seen this one coming.Is this guy a real Zimbabwean from Zvimba? KwaZvimba, Kwa Masuhwa,Kwa Kutama, Masiyarwa, Matsvitsi, Up to Chirau, etc baba vanogadzira munhu wekusiira tsvimbo dzavo when he is aging.

Ngwenayasvinura - 21 November 2013

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Irrigation vs Climate change - 21 November 2013

What is happening in Zanu pf is a clear indication that the just ended harmonised elections were rigged.Why there is no unity when the party is enjoying 2/3 majority.Broad day robbers,Good you are crafting your downfall.

Zanu Yaora - 21 November 2013


bibi - 21 November 2013

Strategic positioning for 2014 comes at a cost. That's the nature of the game. But try to win smart, don't cheat.

Chamaz - 21 November 2013

Vana Churucheminzwa tibvirei apa. U think kuti all that u wrote about Mugabe is something to celebrate about. U are far from reality. nhasi uno ukanzi idya tsvina yabob unoidya iwe coz u dont think and have a corrupted mind. shame.

ndini uya - 21 November 2013

Beware of the ides of March in the evil ,callous Zanu pf party.Typical divide & rule by the evil,heinous ,corrupt Matibili!.Cry my beloved Zimbabwe ,the land of shortages,the heroic pple of Zimbabwe have suffered enough from Zanu pf subjudication & oppression/brutality.We yearn 4 a prosperous ,democratic post Zanu pf govt.

Dr ZVICHAPERACHETE - 22 November 2013

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