MDC Joburg endorses Tsvangirai

HARARE - The Johannesburg district of Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has rallied behind its party leader, rejecting a push for the 61-year-old ex-premier’s ouster.

Dlayila Omuhle, the newly-elected MDC Johannesburg chairperson, said in a press release that it was premature to remove Tsvangirai.

“Leadership renewal is choreographed in the corridors and offices of the enemy of the people of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF,” Omuhle said.

“We refuse to stand by and watch the derailment of the people’s project by moles who are pushing the agenda of our enemy.”

He urged people like Ian Kay, exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennet and other top MDC officials who have called Tsvangirai to step down, to either apologise or resign from the party.

“MDC Johannesburg district has observed the deplorable attacks on the person and the leader of our struggle Dr Morgan Tsvangirai,” Omuhle said.

“As Johannesburg district, we want to place it on record that we condemn these attacks veiled as the so-called “leadership renewal”.

“We call upon these “smart Alecks” who have disgraced the party by running to the media to push this self-destructive agenda to immediately withdraw and apologise publicly of their opportunistic posturing.”

This comes after Warren Park legislator, Elias Mudzuri, openly admitted he was gunning for Tsvangirai’s post.

The former Harare mayor said if the people want him to take over, he was ready.

Omuhle said no-one must be fooled to think that Tsvangirai was the problem in all that Zimbabwe finds herself in, rather the opposite is true.

“Dr Tsvangirai is very much the solution to Zimbabwe’s predatory State,” reads the statement.

The Johannesburg branch said the situation in which Zimbabwe is in does not require issues that demotivate and derail the focus of the labour-backed party.

“The so-called leadership renewal neither benefits our people nor our party but rather it diverts attention from the real issues of the day; the inability of this illegitimate government to table a National Budget,” he said.

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Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 20 November 2013

What is going to happen is that all those poeple talking of removoing him will find themselves out of the party come 2016 concress noone has the capacity to remove him as of now because the grassroots want him.

DAVID - 20 November 2013

The MDC leadership in Jozi did not consult the membership when they made these irresponsible statements of supporting tsvangirai. Tsvangirai has become a liability to the party and that is a fact to most MDC members here. He had his time and he failed the basic test when he failed to fight for the diaspora vote so why do we in the diaspora need him for. Some of these leaders here are employed by Morgen to hunt, house and pay for his local concubines.

Mbavha dze Joni - 20 November 2013

The leadership in Mzansi is not the kind you would trust with any government business. It boggles the mind why MDC cannot attract true professionals into its ranks. The ignorance of most of these officials on basics of governance has always made me wonder whether these guys can efficiently run a government. And kuhura kunoita Morgen, he doesnt hide it making the majority of us married and christian women angry each time he visits us.

Madhlovu - 20 November 2013

Madhlovu you sound like wakarambwa nebhuru redu. Pamwe wakasangana naro rakaguta richangofura otherwise raikuzhambisa. What you say though is true haa ku maleaders uku hakuna hope. The party is loaded with vendors, hawkers, street kids and so on. Ukazviona zvivanhu zvinenge zvakagara mberi achinzi ndiwo we provence kuno you just loose hope. Its the kind of people vane chibhoyi chiya chokuti see, hear, smell no evil of your leadership not seeing kuti Tsvangirai atoita sa Mugabe kudhara. We are about to slip on the same banana peel for the second time.

Madhlovu wakarambwa - 20 November 2013

Dont look that far. Even in the MDC leadership kuno, there is very little substance that is why on every turn they are outsmarted ne Zanu pf. Looking at their Mps I have always laughed at the callibre of most of them. In the last election we had one very ambitious candidate James Mushonga contesting in Zaka central. The guy during campaign times was always dirty (clothing and kusageza chaiko), drunk and ukanzwa achitaura the ignorance of day to day issues was alarming. ANd there are more of the same in MDC. Vangatonge nyika sure vanhu ivava. Is it not time to head hunt and get repectable people in the party

mandlovu is right - 20 November 2013

Kwanzi vanhu ve MDC ndaana Masvinu mumusoro KKKKKKK. Vese vachitungamirwa na Dr (wokukwira tsvangirai)

vana Masvinu mumusoro - 20 November 2013

All those who want Tsvangs to step down want the party to disappear into oblivion. Tsvangirai must continue to lead MDC T. If a new leader is chosen will he be able to dislodge ZANU PF from power? The answer is no, he will not be able to because this time, ZANU PF has surrounded itself with a very very high and impenetrable wall, that has a very big gate which is guarded by strong gate keepers, and these gate keepers are the army, the police, the judiciary, CIO, ZEC, NIKUV, and the Chinese government. Only In 2008 did MDC T manage to get through this strong gate because the economy of the country had nose dived, so MDC T was lured inside this ZANU PF high wall, to form GNU in order to rescue the economy from collapsing. But, when MDC T members of parliament joined GNU, they forgot to keep an eye on the ball (meaning they went for 2013 elections without pushing for reforms and getting ZEC to include party members of other parties to monitor elections so that elections do not get rigged). The MDC T MPs and their leader Tsvangs forgot to keep an eye on the ball because they were enjoying seats of power and the privileges that went with these seats of power, they got goodies like luxury cars, big houses, travel allowances, etc. So when elections came on 31st July , the MDCT leadership was caught unawares and they should have refused to go for elections without reforms. So when elections were done, ZANU PF was able to cheat in elections with impunity, because elections were run by ZEC which was full of ZANU PF operatives like the CIO , NIKUV and the partisan judiciary. So when ZANU PF won , they booted out MDC T from sharing power with them and now ZANU PF are running the show without MDC T. It is MDC T'S fault for joining GNU and going for elections without reforms, but now that they have learnt a lesson from their mistakes, and being cheated by ZANU PF, they should now work on ways on how to win elections without being fooled by ZANU PF.

Help - 20 November 2013

For those people who are talking about leadership change give us an alternative to President Tsvangirai. For those who don' t know; President Tsvangirai is the face of the struggle against all forms of oppression in Zimbabwe. People all over the Zimbabwe identify him with the struggle. We are in war and you can not change a commander in the middle of a battle. Its being delusional to think that Tsvangirai was defeated by Mugabe. He has never been defeated. So to argue that he has to go because he was defeated is being irrational. Zanu knows that no one can stand against the man, hence, are sponsoring the move to remove him. No true MDC supporter can go with this type of thinking. JHB district is correct to back Tsvangirai. EMatebeleland sithi uTsvangirai ngenkani ongafuniyo kayekele.

Mzwazwakakoviyo - 20 November 2013

I concur with the last two comments .Of course Tsvangirai has his shortcomings as a person but the fact of the matter remains he is the faceof the struggle.With the ZANUPF house on fire the CIO wants to infiltrate MDCso that both parties are weakened by internal strives.Gunuine MDC cadres should know that the besty chance is in 2018 when Bob is out of the game.Without Ferguson surely their Moyes will find it very difficult in the first season so we rather keep our Jose for the time being to take advantage of the inexperienced new comer. The ZANUPF candidate be it Teurai or Ngwena needs time to settle and endear himself or herself with the elctorate.This would mean the battle hardened Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai will be at an advantage.Moreso with the internal struggles in ZANUPF currently i can forsee another bhora musango because of frustrations. Gunuine party cadres should rally behind Tsvangirai .

Aluta continua - 20 November 2013

Rabson Nyundo une manyoka iwe. We love Tsvangirai whether you like it or not and Tsvangison achatonga chete and muchamama. Ziva zveZANU yako yaora. This year you will be butchering each other for the top post.

valour museyamwa - 20 November 2013

Winston Churchill was dumped after he won the war. Save fight the war perhaps after liberation we can afford to 'dump' you. Tsvangirai for 2016.

Mavara Azarevhu - 20 November 2013

Thank you leader for the words of wisdom! Mandela remained the face of the ANC for the 27 years that he was in jail because the enemy they were fighting was a formidable one. Zanu-PF is a more formidable adversary than the Apartheid Rgime and we cannot chase away the founding fathers of the struggle for democracy until Zanu-PF has been defeated!

Alois Matongo - 20 November 2013

we do not need support from anywhere outside of zimbabwe ,we are the voters who voted for MDC none of these people london and SA came to vote ,the bottom line Morgan is a man of the people the face of struggle ,the face of mdc i urge mudzuri and his supporters to form there own party like what welshman did ,job sikhala toona kuti vanosvika kupi ,support yauinayo mudzuri its coz vakapfeka face ya margan ,margan akakufuratira vabaya hama ,dzikama warren park haikude kana usiri mu mdc t

Dipo - 21 November 2013

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Irrigation vs Climate change - 21 November 2013

Guys I may agree that Tsvangirai may have his weaknesses here and there,his mistakes here and there but the test of proportionality proves that he is 91% strong.He is the main commander behind the struggle and to say he must go,is great disillusionment on the part of overzealours MDC T supporters.Please take note that it is of great concern that if we boot out Tsvangirai we have to seek REAL alternative.Then where is the real alternative?Who is the real alternative?Mudzuri?Biti?Chamisa?..................Please if there is no alternative let the commander do his work lest he is tired,as we search for the successor or as we train possible successors.

Mukomana - 21 November 2013

Even here @ home Tsvangirai will not go.but water & zesa may go. He is the to not the party only but Zimbabwe.Jozi branch thumps up the same to women`s assembly! Zanu pf tried to have its machinations through greed pple like Mudzuri who was once in Zanu pf when appointed deputy city of Hre engineer.Let us wait and see,soon he will be like Ncube and Sikhala.Everyone here need Morgan as the LEADER!!!!!

Zanu Yaora - 21 November 2013

morgan is more popular than Mdc it self so how on earth can u delete such a person.this is not SA were we tok of zuma, mbeki, mostante wo became relevent becoz of the ANC party.morgan was and is popular becoz of his personality wch is soley directed to the pple.he is known as the pple's man not jst a soweto or mbare musika taliban. losing tsvangirai is as good as losing legitimacy.the Man started the war let him be......... he is our zimbabwean washington

mhirizhonga - 21 November 2013

President Morgan Tsvangirai will go nowhere,who ever is saying he must be removed surely must be checked their senses by doctors if they are still okay in thier minds. I said it before that Dr Tsvangirai will not be removed,the youth will support him and even die for him.And we the youth will be there at the congress to support him and those who will try to remove him will regret the day they were born.It will be a bloody bath at the Congress. You must recall that this man was beaten and close to die in the hands of the notorius robert mugabe and his henchmen,and now you say he must go just like that,panofiwa chete.Don't dare try to remove him from his God given position,okay.

josefa chinotimba - 21 November 2013

What is sure like sunset is that he will lose in 2018!

Godfrey Gudo - 21 November 2013

The objective of opposition politics is to remove the ruling part. I agree Tsvangirai is still popular but will he rule?

kesh madamombe - 21 November 2013

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