Death fears in Zanu PF

HARARE - Top Zanu PF officials have tightened their security following threats spawned by a nasty succession row.

The Daily News understands there have been escalating threats to party officials from rival factions vying to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

Officials have reported receiving multiple death threats over disputed ongoing provincial elections that have seen the party being forced to convene an ad-hoc committee led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and key members of her faction to handle the remaining seven provincial elections after polls in Mashonaland Central, Manicaland and Midlands were sullied by accusations of ballot fraud.

Officials say the threats are coming in menacing phone calls and this has left some gravely disturbed.

The situation remains tense, and sporadic violence remains a possibility.

The controversial and often chaotic provincial elections have been characterised by allegations and counter accusations of vote-rigging, triggering a war between rival camps that has since spilled into the public sphere.

Publicly, those defeated are washing their party’s dirty linen in public, revealing in startling detail the levels of deceit and mistrust within Zanu PF.

Mujuru reportedly leads a faction that has so far won elections in three provinces of Mashonaland Central, Manicaland and Midlands while the other faction said to be led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa is crying foul.

“I have since beefed up my security because of the threats that I am receiving from people I don’t know,” said a top Zanu PF official in Mashonaland Central.

“These people claim that we rigged the elections in Mashonaland Central.”

The vanquished are taking every conceivable measure to reclaim lost ground.

Public manifestations of Zanu PF factionalism have rattled senior officials who have since beefed up their security as they fear retribution from opponents who are not happy with the way the elections are being held.

The stalemate over the outcome of the Mashonaland Central elections has created yet another battlefront between Mujuru’s backers and those who fight in Mnangagwa’s corner.

There are now fears from both camps that the already tense atmosphere may degenerate into assassinations.

A senior official from Mashonaland Central claimed that there is a $20 000 bounty on his head.

The threats of violence have not spared journalists, who find themselves embedded in the ongoing raucous factional fights.

A senior journalist with the State media yesterday posted on his Facebook page that he had received a death threat.

“Some coward with a hidden ID just gave me a call and gave me a death threat... Hanzi (He said) I will be dead by 3pm tomorrow (today). Well I intend to live to be at least a 100. Go hang,” posted the senior journalist, seemingly unfazed.

Apart from death threats, senior Zanu PF officials also face jail as corruption evidence was reportedly being compiled to nail officials from the rival faction.

Sources claim one faction controls the judiciary levers.

“People are going to be arrested very soon,” vowed a senior official.

“We want the president to see the true colours of those who want to lead the party yet they are corrupt.”

Mysterious deaths and arrests of individuals are by no means new in Zanu PF.

Several top officials in the party have died in inexplicable accidents notably from Mashonaland Central.

Just before the July 31 elections, Edward Chindori-Chininga, an outspoken Zanu PF legislator, died in a mysterious car crash, fuelling speculation that it was an inside job.

Perhaps more disturbing is the sequence of events prior to the death of Chindori-Chininga.

A week before the fatal accident that claimed Chininga’s life, Mashonaland Central minister of State for Provincial Affairs Martin Dinha escaped death by a whisker, after submitting his name to stand as a candidate for Bindura South on June 15.

The advocate, a fierce loyalist and praise singer of Mugabe, is also regarded as a moderate linked to the Mujuru camp.

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Ah,well, let the games begin, courtesy of the evergreen Baba wa Chatunga.

mascara - 19 November 2013

All this for the love of Bob's throne?

Boorangoma - 19 November 2013

This is just but the begginning,kkkkkkkk,the worse is coming,regai muone mdara ati kikiridhii.

munhumutema - 19 November 2013


JACK - 19 November 2013

ruthless to themselves, merciless to none, shame

garwe - 19 November 2013

Pakatanga nyaya iyi yekuti kune Faction yaMujuru neya Munangagwa ndaifunga kuti kwakuri kutengesa manewspaper asi ndakuchiona kuti chaive chokwadi. Regai timboone hedu

chitundumuseremusere - 19 November 2013

Ndochigara seiko, ndochigara seiko. Chigaro chamambo, chinoyera(Singing). Tongogara uripiko, pachigaro chamambo, pachigaro chamambo, chinoyera.

chaporomoka chamukwenjere - 19 November 2013

bhora mugedhi mazezuru monofunga kuti zimbabwe ndeyenyu.

DAVID - 19 November 2013

nyaya dzekutonga ndedzeropa varume. kana ukada zvokutonga wotoziva kuti unotodarika nepamusoro peropa revazhinji chero muVatican chaimo zvirikuitika izvozvo. ndine urombo nehama dzangu dzinodzingirirana nemhepo zanu chino mdc chii chii hakuna zvazvokupa kusara kwenhamo yoga.

Beast From The Bottomless - 19 November 2013

Read more on this issue on Zimbabweans For Prosperity facebook page

Chipoto - 19 November 2013

if only andy brown was alive, ndiye aiziva kuti chinogarwa sei chigaro chamambo.asi iyezvino regai vamboita isu timboona semazuva ose


zanu pf eats its own children. chitepo, tongogara, nhongo, ndangana, chris ushewokunze, mhlaba, elliot manyika, border gezi, gunda nleya, all these died under very mysterious circumstances, eaten by their own. very soon body bags shall be rolling on at the heroes acre, watch this space for details.

CDE Churucheminzwa - 19 November 2013

Ebhola mugedheni!

Hondo - 19 November 2013

pedzanai zvenyu..... Ndizvo zvamakarwira kuti nyika ino isununguke, muite zvese svese. Handiti gore riya makazviita kunaMabika, Chiminya, Pfebve etc? Endererai mberi.... Ndakupai mvumo, pedzanai...........!

Pidigu - 19 November 2013

ukatamba nenyika unofa nezvenyika,watamba nedemo unofanedemo, watamba nepfumo unofa nepfumo:Sang Mukanya.

mashotopiyana - 19 November 2013

vultures cycling in the skies....i smell death!

winston rodney - 19 November 2013

It's said what goes around comes around. Now Zanu-pf is tasting its own medicine of vote rigging, murder threats, terror, political intolerance, harassment of intra-and inter-party opponents and of course burying their heads in the sand on Mugabe succession thinking they were being loyal to the geriatric dictator. With a platinum table for ten going for US$100 000 at the Gushungo big bash, the circus goes on in the land of shortages of nearly everything from water, electricity to jobs. What is visibly present is a scorched earth policy - of looting for the road before Mugabe dies as if he personifies the country. What a shame!

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri - 19 November 2013

Please wipe each other out,the sooner the better hahaha

Pondanai - 20 November 2013

Let the match begin, isu tiri kuma terrace. Tichaona kuti bhora racho richapinda mugedhi ripi this time.

madhunamutuna - 20 November 2013

Moda kuti vitewo sei, time yaoera mudhara uyu achingoramba aripo vamwe vachidawo zvino vakutoona kuti aizve time is gone vakutya wa Zvobgo akangozofa asina kuita president ava vangoripo. Rekai vatakane mahwani.

Maita Manyuka - 20 November 2013

yambiro imwe yandingangokupaiwo zvangu nezvenyaya yehushefu, nyaya yehushefu itori bhora rembabvu....huya uone rave bhora rembabvu......

MAI T - 20 November 2013

That's what happens if you score an own goal. For sure it was a goal, but in the wrong gate. this shows that there is in-house rigging of elections, what happens if it is inter-party? ZANU PF's Provincial Elections were free and fair KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

zvazviri - 20 November 2013

Pedzanai. Thats the way to go. The sooner the better so that Zimbabwe can be free indeed. Merciless evil party. Bhora mughedhi. Yave own goal gore rino tichanakirwa. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki kumakuwerere

vongai - 20 November 2013

Zvakanaka zvakadaro imi maiti zvinoenda nepi. Uku kutanga chete, there will be bloodletting in this country. Its a question of time.

kasenya l - 20 November 2013

Sign of a disintegrating and collapsing house. ZANU PF needs serious intra and introspection if it is to survive the test of succession. There is need to clip the wings of all those vying for power using unorthodox machinations. This ugly factional fight does not only scare aware would be members, but has also an effect of scaring away potential investors for them (ZANU PF people) to fulfill their 2.5 million jobs for the nation. Tipeiwo maserious

Mukorekore Mukuru - 20 November 2013

You people steal everything from diamonds and other minerals, companies, elephant tasks, land, natural resources, other peoples' wives and children, innocent lives you name it. When are you going to say, 'its enough.' Now some of you are now crying foul because your party elections have been rigged. Zimbabweans have still not recovered from the rigging which took place on July 31, 2013.

tomasi tohwi - 20 November 2013

for the benefit of all Zimbabweans the President should just appoint a successor whilst hz still alive and save ZANU PF NOW.all these provincial elections will bring more divisions and chaos to the party

zita renhema - 20 November 2013

Regai dzipedzane mhondi dzeZanu pf!.All this bloodletting has been formented by Matinjili Matibili ,the murderous despot who is obsessed with Power.Matibili will do anything to perpertuate his stay at State/Zimbabwe houses.The evil Zanu pf Merchants of death/Vultures are indeed circling around the seat of the Gravy train .However Matibili continues to violently &fraudulently clinging to Power since 1990 polls ,behaving like a Constitutional Monarchy ,treating Zimbabwe like his fiefdom.I dedicate Dr Thomas Mapfumo`s "Chinombururuka Chinomhara" to Matinjili Matibili.

Dr ZVICHAPERACHETE - 22 November 2013

vanotsigira nhondi idzi muchasara musia bato vauryn vose. Pasi nemhondi dzeANU (PF) DAi vapedzna tidzok kumusha

sabhuku - 23 November 2013

Yasuka yahlala bulala abathakathi

Dibulaanyika - 24 November 2013

Yasuka yahlala bulala abathakathi

Dibulaanyika - 24 November 2013

Imi respect the Men of God, even the writers of this paper know that. These are our own Men of God within Zimbabwe, if they were witches would you do this?

Masvingo - 25 November 2013

Hey leave men of God alone

Muchena - 25 November 2013

I have never seen a country like ours that kill their own Heros!!! in the meantime the same people run to them for help

xala - 25 November 2013

It is good to see a lot of support from Zimbabweans, please love Men of God they pray for you and for Zimbabwe.

mushonga - 25 November 2013

If it was a President would you say the nonsense that some of you are saying about men of God?

chiedza - 25 November 2013

These are the Prophets sent to us for this season, the devil is not happy and hence this fight and the devil uses people but one should know that death is at your door.

KALALA - 25 November 2013

He is a Man of God so you need to be careful ab out what you say

Tatenda - 25 November 2013

The Lord does not like people who speak against his anointed.

clara - 25 November 2013

all of you who are not happy about this go to hell

chipanga - 25 November 2013

Hey why is it that we don't see Moslems saying all sorts of things about their Leaders but Christians

Nyari - 25 November 2013

Moslems have a lot of respect for each other you are right, Christians kill each other shame!!!!!!!

somailia - 25 November 2013

Lets pray for Zimbabwe, leave the Men of God alone

chapata - 25 November 2013

would you say that about your own father? some of you should be careful about what you say

Grace - 25 November 2013

would you say that about your own father? some of you should be careful about what you say

Grace - 25 November 2013

He is my father, I don't care about all these negative people, I was down to nothing when God sent this Man.

mushosho - 25 November 2013

it is easy to say all these things but some of you cannot see even a frog. leave my father alone

Gari - 25 November 2013

My father my father, you are on top that is why you are the topic

zodwa - 25 November 2013

Munhu wa Mwari is always correct in his hearing from God, leave the rest to God

tampy - 25 November 2013

I wonder if some people who a Prophet is? please go back to the Bible

Ruwanda - 25 November 2013

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