Tsvangirai goes back to the people

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has hit Zimbabwe’s campaign trail again amid rising domestic tension and mounting economic problems.

Tsvangirai, whose movement has withdrawn a challenge to the July 31 election results and push for the government to hold a new presidential ballot, is due to address rallies  in Harare Central, Harare North, Harare West and Mt Pleasant constituencies this coming week.

He has said the opposition would not participate in the audit of the vote because the Electoral Commission did not meet his demand for an examination of voter registers.

He has produced a voluminous dossier detailing electoral fraud.

On Wednesday, Tsvangirai visited Glen View and Budiriro and on Thursday he was in Highfield  and Glen Norah.

“The (MDC) president has already visited 16 districts in Masvingo and now he is visiting Harare,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said. “He will travel to every district nationwide, engaging the people of Zimbabwe on the way forward.

“There is an overwhelming national concern that this election was stolen. People are updating the president on how it actually happened.

“In Gutu East, Chin’ai Village, the villagers said they did not find all their names on the voters’ register on the day of voting.”

Tsvangirai mounted in the July poll the strongest challenge Mugabe has faced since taking power from Britain in 1980.

He accuses the president of rigging the vote, criticisms echoed by the United States and European Union, which have tightened personal sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle.

Tamborinyoka said there was a crisis of legitimacy which he said can only be resolved by a free, fair and credible election.

And the MDC leader predicted tougher times ahead for mineral-rich Zimbabwe saying Mugabe’s Zanu PF’s was incapable of governing this polarised nation and said its wealth of economic problems ultimately would force him out.

“People’s faith remains in the MDC, and their faith remains in the party leadership of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai,” Tamborinyoka said.

While Tsvangirai lost by a wide margin to Mugabe, he is again criss-crossing the country to rally supporters.

The campaign has been marked by personal insults as Tsvangirai insists Mugabe stole the vote, stealing the hope of millions of Zimbabweans.

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varume, let us move on with life. There is never a chance for election re-run even if we go to all the supposed MDC-T voters. What we want to hear is the way forward as a nation: asseting our ownership as blacks and improving our economic being. Zvekuramba tichingoungudza kuti takabigwa hazviti betseri.

wagara wadonono - 16 November 2013

We should return to GNU now before the situation becomes worse , otherwise we women are going to walk without panties inside due to poverty which will make us very prone to rapecases

amai chisamba show - 16 November 2013

I am a MDC supporter I,d like to advise the MDC leadership not keep talking about the rigged elections whose results can never be reversed. The time to go back to the drawing board is now. The time to strategise for the 2018 is now. The time to engage the youth and convince them to vote in the next election is now. Failing to strategise like they did last time will result in them crying foul once again as ZANU wins once more come 2018

Chamangwiza - 16 November 2013

Amai naBaba musandicheme kana ndafa nehondo ndini ngakazvida kufira nyika -nyika yangu yezimbabwe korinda ratsvangirai riri papi musandibvunze bvuzai biti nachamisa

Colonel - 16 November 2013

@chamagwzawith this situation tinenge tapera kufa by year 2018. Time to act is now.

TODZVO - 16 November 2013

Morgan is still the solution but he should step up his campaign and consult with the people next time before he makes decisions.WE were supposed to boycot this election because the polical ground was not level.Reforms were not done in four years and now he expected to have reforms to be done in two weeks and hoped that would work in our favour.

Negomo Mupunzagutu (Maokomavi Shiri Yedenga) - 16 November 2013

amai ava prophet of doom ,imi moga ne mhuri yenyu muchafamba makashama.zvamatenda ngazviitike kwamuri kusvikira matenda kuti God is faithfull.

evidence - 16 November 2013

uchi act chii nhai Todzvo?inga ndati rinda rachamatama bvunzai biti na chamisa pariri uchada kumutsa munhu akafa sei uneshura iwe

Colonel - 16 November 2013

please morgan is not the solution for zimbabwe neither is it the president r mugabe,but GOD has a better plan best plan for that matter.its unfortunate people put their trust in men.nothing is impossible with God.if He wanted tsvangirai to rule no one could have blocked HIM.ALL those who trust in individuals will not cease to cry or complain in their lifetime.

evidence - 16 November 2013

Nhai iwe negomo mupunzagutu (maokomavi shiri yedenga) chamatama isolution to what???? as you rightfully said that he does not consult his village as a stupid herd boy anoendesa kunomwisa mombe mvura kurukova rwakazara makarwe wenyu chero akanamatiwa like Lazarus naJesu haamuke chero TB Joshua zvakamunda please bvunzai biti nachamisa pane rinda ratsvangirai,chamatama akafirepe chamatama akafira muzimbabwe asi rinda rake harionekwi toriona sei ha ha ha bvunzai mwonzora mbavha yekunyora macheque kumasvingo barclays bank achibouncer

Colonel - 16 November 2013

Go Morgan go. Together we will enter a new Zimbabwe. The believers were persecuted and held on to their faith. We believe in MDC and Save as leader.

Mavara Azarevhu - 16 November 2013

As long as I am alive I will keep on voting for Tsvangirai because he is the only humble and credible leader.Only life matters in this case.

chimwango - 16 November 2013

What a fool! When he joinned the coalition with ZanuPF in 2008 he never went to the people to ask whether it was right to join ZanuPF in a coalition he now wants to join him in condemning ZanuPF for vote rigging. He should get lost. ZanuPF payai ita rig wakange urikupi?

Musona - 16 November 2013

There is merit in what Tsvangirayi is doing, going back to people to show that there is still faith in the people even if we know the election results will never be reversed. Talking to people especially in the rural areas will give them hope and allay their fears that the MDC has abandoned them. There is a tremendous amount of intimidation in these areas, and people can lose hope and faith in the future if there is no outreach by the opposition leadership. Dare I say that although ZANU-PF and RGM are stubborn and in some respects willfully ignorant, they are having a tough time with the optics of an economy going south by the day. Pretty soon, it will become abundantly clear for all that the past four years of stability were brought about by the same opposition party that ZANU PF now claims is to blame for the economic hardships. You can only blame economic sanctions so much, and then you have to face reality.... Go Morgan go.. And to the rest of us, yes Morgan is flawed and imperfect but who is not flawed... we are all human we fumble and make mistakes but we pick ourselves up, dust off and keep going. The measure of a true champion is not how many times you win but how many times you get up after a knock down.

tino - 16 November 2013

Tino you are brillient. Thank you. We actually want that man who after making a mistake he appologizes and ask for direction. It shows he is human like us ko vemadegree 50 ava vazotiitereiko??? Morgen is MORE!!!

Fatima - 16 November 2013

Musabvume ku batsira kusayirira motokari ine ma driveshafts akadimbuka karekare. MDC-T inenge motokari ine ma driveshafts akadimbuka kare kare - Morgan arikukubatai maziso kuti musayirore motokari (MDC-T) ine ma driveshafts akadimbuka kare kare. Haimbomuka motokari iyoyo. MDCs are wasting political space. Basa rekuenda ku mhiri kwe makungwa kunoti bvisayi ma sanctions amakaisira vanhu ve ZanuPF. Ndochiyi ichocho?

Musona - 16 November 2013

nhai veduwe ko pane akambodyiwa akasarwadziwa here,ko zvawange wamboti zii,wainge uchimbofunga kuti wowata kutii nhai chamatama

kutsvaka uta nemugate - 17 November 2013

Tsvangison shuld just vacate the political arena!how on earth do you expect to have a sustainable party depending on "foreign funding"??We are in this mess becoz of his ineptitude and failure to take advise from those meant to advise him...for a party that has failed to abide by its own constitution, why on earth are Zimbabweans supposed to think they will follow that of the country? IF HE HAS ANY DIGNITY AT ALL MAY HE LEAVE ZIMBABWEAN TO FIND A BETTER SOLUTION FOR 2018!

igy - 17 November 2013

morgan better leave politics and try form a church like a gentleman if you want to be a leader. take example from makandiwa and urbert havadi zvinovapa stress but still they are recognised great leaders of their own .kutonga unotonga kwete Zimbabwe asi mumba mako ndomaune status.zvimba oneeee.

itayi chinyanganya - 17 November 2013

It surprising that some people are still dreaming of he July elections and claim for another electoral analysis.Where are these people? Zimbabwe or Hell? What really are youpeople forsee in Tsvangisto? He is dead and forgotten.Why waste time coming together to discuss useless things? You are like football fans who are watching a team that plays alone in the ground without a refree,no goal posts and no seats in he stadium but heavy rains on one half and too hot on the other side.GET OUT OF THAT DREAM NOW AND NOW!

toriro - 17 November 2013

Morgan shows political maturity by going back to the people even when he didn't make it. ZANU PF won the election now they are coming up with policies to make everyone suffer eg Tollgates in Urban Areas.

Mzwangendaba - 17 November 2013

There is a song that goes , "You can get it if you really want, you can get it if you really want, but you must try, try and try , try and try again and you'll succeed at last !!!! " So Tsvangirayi you must hang on in there at the helm of the party and try and try again to win elections, and you will succeed at last. Change of leadership will destroy the party big time and ZANU PF will celebrate big time. Tsvangirayi and MDC T must try and try again and again to win elections ! ! !

Sekuru VaNhunzi - 17 November 2013


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 17 November 2013

Iwe Hammer Nyundo does change of leadership stop ZANU PF from rigging elections again? Will a new leader stop ZANU PF from using Nikuv, CIO, ARMY GENERALS to run ZEC and elections, (ZEC is full of CIO and ZANU PF opperatives), and will a new MDC T leader remove ZANU PF militia and Chipangano from beating up opposition members? Will a new MDC T leader stop ma chiefs ekumaruzevha from intimidating villagers for supporting MDC T? Will a new MDC Tleader stop ma traditional chiefs from being partisan (supporting ZANU PF) because the chiefs were given cars and money by Mugabe ? Will a new leader be able to remove the partisan ZANU PF securocrats from dabbling in politics as they strongly support ZANU PF? Try let's see if you can change ZANU PF's old, die hard habits, that of rigging elections , intimidating, arresting, and jailing of MDC T party members on trumped up charges, and beating up MDC T party members and going for elections without reforms. So, Hammer try and change MDC T leadership and we will wait and see if this new leader will be better than dear old Tsvangs and if this new leader fails to dislodge ZANU PF from power , we will sveveredza all of you who are baying for change of leadership of the MDC T party.

Down To Earth - 17 November 2013

What Mr Tsvangirai is doing is very right to meet the pple in each and every corner of the nation.All the elections that took place in Zimbabwe were rigged by Zanu pf.In 1990 they in intimidated Tekere &Sithole`s supporters.Zanu pf swallowed ZUM,PF ZAPU,and ZANU NDONGA; the same is what the are in need of MDC-T - the pampered Welshman in the press claiming him to be the first black law graduates from the University of Zim.He was fooled and broke away from the party over differences on Senators. He claimed to be very democratic and now his party is torn apart.

True Democracy - 18 November 2013

Mdc-t should stop hidding with rigging the trueth of the matter is thr is a problem internal and last election the standing committe did blanders by imposition /reservation of candidates,Mdc-t leadership was ever busy to listern to structure plights,rigging in the primarries and preffered peoples candidates were elbowed wich resulted bhora musanga eg Mutare and Masvingo.Chamisa & Lovemore Moyo never attempted to address districts and provicial echoes.Mdc-t should lead by example if we r say national election were rigged wht about internal rigged elections

trueth shold be told - 18 November 2013

This man is irrelevant in ZIMBABWE's political landscape. He must first sort out his harlot rather than trying to politically con the few idiots who still believe in him.

reason - 18 November 2013

Tsvangirai is being mislead by his lieutanats and thre strategies r like people who r chassing winds.Zanu pf discovered thr mistaskes in 2008 of imposing candidates which resulted bhora musango whichbthy corrected in 2013 and won resoundly to say or blame Zanu pf for thr loss its now old fashion and failure to know the root cause of inefficiency.Trueth should be told Tsvangirai is still the best leader in Mdc-t but he seams to know the diet works which is being perpetrated by Khupe,Chamisa & Biti but he is confused on how to hangle them becoz this 3 l have mantioned r the trouble causeres of the last defiet.Propotional represantation the whole line up has got friends or loyalist of Thokozani Khupe no youths were even engaged.Solomon Madzorere stop claiming tht u stand for youths yet u r persuing yo own interest where were u when women were declared thet thy r reservered for seats yet real youths and men who r foot soldiers were denied thr democratic rights.If Mdc-t is democratic it must stop descrimination and start treating everyone as equal.The struggle has been womenised to the exteme.

ANSWEAR - 18 November 2013

the curse of 2005 will never allow tsvangirai to rule this country.he went against the wishes of the national council to participation in senate elections.the lying to the media that the vote was 50-50 n that he used his casting vote to decide the vote where -as the result was 33-31 in favour to participate in senate elections.tsvangirai declared mdc will not participate gainst his will n suggesting that beyond him there is no mdc.he deliberately defied the resolution of the national council.tsvangirai caused the split of mdc.his loyalists were afraid of a ndebele ascendency to presidency.the later ws the principle reason of the split of mdc.tsvangirai will never win elections cum what may becoz of what he did in 2005 to suppress the rise of the ndebeles

isaiah kamanga - 20 November 2013

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