Mpofu insists on urban tollgates

HARARE - Government is adamant with plans to introduce urban tollgates despite fierce resistance from motorists.

Obert Mpofu, the Transport minister, reiterated his desire for urban tolls yesterday when the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) handed over 40 graders to rural district councils.

“Encouraged by the growing interest from urban councils and towns on the urban tolling initiative and the warm cooperation we are receiving from our sister ministry of Local Government, my ministry is strongly pursuing the introduction of urban tolling as one major source of funding road transport infrastructural development in urban areas,” Mpofu said.

Mpofu announced in September that government was considering the introduction of tollgates in urban centres to raise money to finance infrastructural development, decongest the city centres and reduce carbon emissions.

The proposal was met with fierce resistance from labour organisations and urban dwellers in general but Mpofu is determined.

“To that end my ministry is taking this consultative process a step further with great vigour and purpose with the view of expediting the discussion and finalisation of the issue,” he said.

London, Stockholm and Oslo have become model cities of the system with South Africa being the latest regional addition following President Jacob Zuma’s recent approval.

Currently Zinara’s revenue comes from highway toll fees, vehicle licensing, loans and grants, abnormal load fees, road transit fees and fuel levy.

Mpofu argued the country needed a cocktail of revenue sources to fund the rehabilitation of the run-down road surface network.

“Zimbabwe has a total road network of just over 88 000km, for which a minimum of $2 billion is required to rehabilitate the road infrastructure to good condition and clear the 10-year maintenance backlog,” he said.

Ignatius Chombo, the Local Government minister, concurred with Mpofu, saying  local authorities stand to benefit from fresh potential local revenue streams.

Manicaland, Mashonaland West, Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, Masvingo and Department of National Roads received four graders each.

Midlands and Mashonaland Central got five each while Mashonaland East is entitled to six.

Since January Zinara handed over another 40 graders.

Abdullah Kassim, Zinara chairperson, said the organisation was driven by its understanding of the centrality of a viable road network to economic development.

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kungobuda kuenda ku toilet toll fee $1 kuenda kuchikoro,kubasa kunotenga chingwa,kukwidza hama kumbare toll gate mari maida nomutoo usiriwo problem iyemwi ma minster ne ma mp hamubadhari mari idzi hanzi tiri ma vip apa ndimi ma cash monger ndimi musingadi kuburitsa so moisa mitemo yokurwadzisa asina mari coz you know kut you are protected.anything for us without us is totally against us.

maisvokwadzo - 14 November 2013

Wabva ku'ngoda' wave kuda 'urban toll gate' apa povho haina chekubata ...BORN FREE, TAXED TO DEATH.

Dumbuguru Gutawo - 14 November 2013

You are very correct, Maisvokwadzo. These diamond thieves want to terrorise and inconvenience motorists and ordinary commuters at every level. Of course they don't care because they will always get their votes from NIKUV!

Boorangoma - 14 November 2013

What an idiot. Why do our policy makers resort to comparisons with London every time when they want to justify stupidity and yet they don't want such comparisons when it comes to their inability to provide water, electricity, sewerage mgt. public transport systems etc at the same levels as London? Why is it that black policy makers have no clue about generating revenue other than through direct taxation? All councils in Zimbabwe have been given farms just as one example---an asset from which to generate money, but these lie idle or are underutilised or corruptly used. I challenge Mpofu to explain to Zimbabweans what the congestion charge in London means exactly. All our newspapers are equally useless because no reporter has researche this and told the people the real facts. Inwards thinking bureaucrats who have only visited or passed through London, but have never lived there to understand what makes London tick, just go the easy route and overtax the already suffering citizens. Woe betide!!!!!!!!!!

Mtonhodza - 14 November 2013

Now I really believe those who said ZanuPf is a terrorist organisation all they do is terrorism.

Maita Manyuka - 14 November 2013

Obert Mpofu needs to consult a phychiatrist as some as possible or if he has children they must take him to maprofita or N'anga. Vanhu vari kugara naye havasi kuona here kuti avekupenga. Obesity hamupinga muropa haachafunga zvakanaka. This is a stupid idea, how can introduce tollgates when the unemployment level is at 85%, how then do you expect people to pay. Most of the cars in Zim are being bought by people overseas for their relatives who are in most cases not working in Zimbabwe. It boggles my mind why we have ministers like Obert Mpofu, why cannot we have temba mliswa as the minister instead of this idiot.

asekuru - 14 November 2013

People don't let this corrupt Mpofu fool you. The easiest way to make tons of money in his portfolio is through the construction of tolls as happened in SA. Remember how Marc Maharaj benefited from the construction of tolls when he was the SA Minister of Transport . Mpofu wants to emulate. Make a quick 10 million and buy another bank. That's the deal.

connie - 14 November 2013

Well done Minister we need urban toll gates that is the way to de-congest our city harare those who cannot afford should stay indoors

Colonel - 14 November 2013

land tax, cow tax ............. then chimurenga, that is what they want !!!!!

Talkmore Chareva - 14 November 2013

This Ndebele guy is dull, uneducated and is insane. Mpofu is a criminal. Beware Zimbabweans, ZANU-PF is just trying to provoke peace loving people for nothing. ZANU-PF's reasons for starting a war against Zimbabweans are stupid. You have just forgotten what happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Lybia, People are not stupids. Watch out. History will repeat itself in this country.

Ndebele - 14 November 2013

Mpofu idiot , your mind is full of money and mo0ney only patch all the potholes in Harare , repair bridges and then talk of potholes

shelz - 14 November 2013

Obert Mpofu is a disgrace to Ndebele people as well as Christians. Will the greed ever stop?

jetsetter - 14 November 2013

To the Zimbos in the country brace yourself for more misery after misery. Its now tax left, right and centre. Tax on your salary, Vat on the groceries, toll fees when you drive locally and when you go out of town and now tax at church. No electricity, no water and no network. Zvakadzvanya. Zvakaoma kuita muZimbo especially the one staying in Zimbabwe

Gwenaz - 14 November 2013

This is very nauseating to say the least. Please provide evidence you ZANU(Political Fools) that you have used the highway tollagate fees efficiently and honestly, then we can give you more money you want. You are a disgrace! Why is it that regardless of the Harare-Beitbridge road raking in at least $36000 USD per day you still cannot rehabilitate the road as you are supposed to do. Murikudya mari dzematoll gate manakirwa nadzo, moda dzimwe apa hamuna kugadzira road yacho. Can someone tell these guys politely to please shut up

charles charingeno - 14 November 2013

I dont see the rationale of toll fees for a road that shall be made later. first provide infrastucture then charge toll fees. in all those cities SA ickuded roads were built first then tolls came later., ko yamakatora kubva kumahighway tolls makarehabilitator chiiko

Mari Manyemba - 14 November 2013

I dont see the rationale of toll fees for a road that shall be made later. first provide infrastucture then charge toll fees. in all those cities SA ickuded roads were built first then tolls came later., ko yamakatora kubva kumahighway tolls makarehabilitator chiiko

Mari Manyemba - 14 November 2013


Yahweh rulez - 14 November 2013

Who says Obert Mpofu is Ndebele. Lets not be tribalists but critique a policy that he is coming up with. We are Ndebeles and proud of it.

CHinx - 14 November 2013

Who says Obert Mpofu is Ndebele. Lets not be tribalists but critique a policy that he is coming up with. We are Ndebeles and proud of it.

CHinx - 14 November 2013

Who says Obert Mpofu is Ndebele. Lets not be tribalists but critique a policy that he is coming up with. We are Ndebeles and proud of it.

CHinx - 14 November 2013

Now that the "lootable" Ministry of Mines has gone to someone else, Obert is creating another source of easy pickings for himself!

David Kasiyamhuka - 15 November 2013

Veduwe hupenyu hurikuenda mberi huchioma. Ko mari yeparking yemutown iri kuenda kupi. Woti uku tollgaye, uku police uku kanzuru vese ava vari kuita makwikwi ekubira varombo. Zanu haiguti mari chokwadi, madii kuti pamamillions amakalooter kungoda mubvisewo imwe muise towards road mainatenance. Gore rino tichachiona. Tsitsi hamuna kana maMP pliz mirai mirai tione nokuti handingati kupinda mutown $ kudzoka $ ini ndagara ndionoisa fuel ye$3 kupinda mutown ndosiya mota kusingabhadharwe. Ko vemakombi vachaitawo sei. Asi zvatova zvekukaurisa vanhu vemunatowns here?

Kusvotwa - 15 November 2013

This is a good idea, motorists should look after roads.

manda k - 15 November 2013

Obert, why don't you put your proposal to the referendum to stoke the stakeholders' opinion on the issue. You own banks, Vic Falls and Bulawayo. With your ministerial salary, can you explain to the people how you managed to perform such a miracle and dispel the notion that this has nothing to do with diamonds. It is suggested that you use proceeds from your business empire to do what you are proposing. By the way are you paying full taxes from your enterprises? We are suffering already so please stop adding another burden on our heads.

tomasi tohwi - 15 November 2013

i just think we are not yet independent, zvino kana tichiti takasununguka tirikuzvitonga isu tichizviitira life very difficult for ourselves, then we are doomed. kuti ndivake pa stand hanzi iri illegal, kuti nditengemota vanoda mari yema toll gates, ne mamwe ma mobile toolgates eZRP, ZIMRA, VID, EMA and others, nditite chipi nechipi vanongoda mari, ikoavono vanoda "tax" kumachurch very soon they will want tax even yegugara pamshana ..../ GOD forbid.....ndarwadziwa

muda - 15 November 2013

Comrade Minister remember the toll gate agenda is a borrowed project from other nations. I am sure being a minister you are well traveled. Where in the world have you seen toll gates. This idea does not show the minister knows what he is doing despite the fact that he needs to raise money. My advice honourable minister is, don't milk the cow until it produces blood. Another question is do you as a minister pay the toll fees or you want others to pay and then you spend it?

Frederick Shumba - 15 November 2013

Jetsetter, you seem to suffer from an incurable disease of looking at people from the regions they hail from. There is no Ndebele or Shona in Zimbabwe. Look at the recent July 31 election results from Bulawayo and it will confirm what I mean. Zimbabwe is one beautiful country which is praying to God The Almighty for divine intervention.

tomasi tohwi - 15 November 2013

what about the police tollgates already in operation guys.wy wy wy obert uchidaro

pagan - 15 November 2013

All you urban dwellers shut up, so you thot we were stupid when we cancelled all your outstanding bills? We give with one hand but take with the other and trample on you with both feet nxaaa mani!!!

BONjovi - 15 November 2013

if u do that u will drain the last blood drops in the peoples veins. please reconsider your decision

chimusoro - 16 November 2013

Zviripapi mbavha mbiri idzi conniving to still from the little people are struggling to raise in order to make ends meet. It is tempting to thing the govt can raise money albeit against the suffering of yo people. Don't forget Mpofu owns a large number of buildings in Byo and also his counterpart Chombo owns more than 71 houses.

G M - 28 February 2017

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