MDC youths rally behind Tsvangirai

HARARE - The Youth Assembly for Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC have leapt to the defence of their party leader saying anybody who is not content with his leadership should “ship out”.

Solomon Madzore, MDC youth assembly leader, told the Daily News that there was no presidential vacancy at the party.

There have been increasing calls for the former premier to pass the baton following his devastating loss in the July polls to long-time rival President Robert Mugabe.

On Monday this week, Elias Mudzuri, the Warren Park MDC MP, openly admitted that he is gunning for Tsvangirai’s post.

The former Harare mayor said if the people want him to take over, he was ready.

“Let me be clear on this, we sit on the national executive council and Mudzuri has never raised this issue and yet he knows how the party operates,” Madzore told the Daily News.

“The debate on leadership renewal is healthy but it should be done within the party. As of now, there is no presidential vacancy available. Anybody who is not happy with Tsvangirai’s leadership is free to quit. In our party its either you shape up or ship out. We never forced anybody to join and as such anyone is allowed to quit at any time.”

The outspoken Dzivaresekwa MP said the youth assembly was firmly behind Tsvangirai and will endorse him at the 2016 elective congress.

“We are very much happy with the leadership of Tsvangirai,” Madzore said. “It is not only leadership, but able leadership.

“As youths, what we are saying is that Tsvangirai must be our presidential candidate in 2023. We are no longer talking about 2018.

“Those who are supposed to take over from him are still young to do so but after 2023, they will be mature enough to do so.”

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Surely the MDC-T must have recruited Solomon Madzore straight from the intensive care wing of Ingutsheni Mental Hospital. People like Madzore are dangerous to the democratic movement. Guys like him create political monsters out of otherwise normal political leaders. Solo is lying that the youths want Tsvangirai as a candidate in both 2018 and 2013. No such resolution exists and it is the figment of Solo's fertile imagination. Madzore is also suggesting that all MDC-T members are still immature to assume the party's presidency and the most promising of them are only maturing after 2023. The guy is crazy and he must be monitored to check if he is not a marijuana abuser!

Boorangoma - 14 November 2013

This sounds like ZanuPF language.

Vladimir - 14 November 2013

ZANU PF Number 2, Morgan and Mugabe are the same!

Worried - 14 November 2013

personally i think tsvangirai is able leader the fact that he failed to win the elections does not mean that he needs to be outset by mudzuri this is mere cheap zanu pf propaganda to destroy our beloved mdc through the so called leadership renewal ...............tsvangirai for life he is such a charismatic leader

ble - 14 November 2013

Save should start mentoring his successor now but not to quit office coz save should sell this person to the pple for the next 8 yrs when this candidate is fully acquainted with th system and people acknowledge him without any friction then we say this is democracy coz these power hungry mongers surely its either vakatengwa or varikuda ukuru kupinda zvavakainga ku party.whatever we do lets consider the party position and future there of anything against the party automatically its for self interest.lets not destroy a progressive party coz of individualism egocentric and selfishness.tsvang akarohwa akasunga zvikaoma aripo chete ,now the road is clear woti tucha tucha uchiendepi

maisvokwadzo - 14 November 2013

Wha't the difference between this stupid madzore, julius malema and kunaka? idiots

Immature - 14 November 2013

Solo you are spot on young man. I tried to close my eyes and imagine the dull Mudzuri addressing our star rallies and felt like crying. The guy never forgave Morgan for pulling him out of government as a minister in that reshuffle. Instead he needs to thank Tsvangirai for allowing him to test the comfort of a ministerial office. I see him joining the likes of Gwisai, Sikala, Chaibva etc. I said it and I shall say it again, MDC and Tsvangirai are inseparable at this juncture. If anything allow Tsvangirai to put you in government and then start the changes the buffoon Mudzuri is clammering for. save basa ngarifambe. Ko ringago mirireiko? How can sensible senior party members make so much fuss about electoral losses they clearly know were rigged? They know who rigged. Instead of confronting the thief they turn to the person who the thief has stolen from. Madzore I agree with you. They should shape up or ship out in time to allow us to reorganize our party. Save grassroots belong to you.

Ndini MDC - 14 November 2013

I can't believe what I have just read! These guys are repeating the same mistake Zanu PF made. Solo is beginning to sound like Jim like one writer alluded to earlier. We cannot afford another dictator, especially of the nature of Tsvangirai.

jurist - 14 November 2013

'you either shape up or ship out' shows there is no room for democracy. Totizirepiko ku Zpf ndizvozvo aah VASIKHALA tionereivo

mk - 14 November 2013

This is a very crucial moment for MDC T. They must stick to each other as Zanu PF is going the drain. They over promised people but they cannot deliver so if the MDC T can stay focused this is only their time to regroup and refocus for the 2018 elections. Although Tsvangison may not be intelligent we need some one who is appealling to investors and i am sorry to say that Mudzuri is not and will never be one of them. I agree that Save for now must lead the ship and start to mentor Chamisa for a possible takeover. Save should lead the country from 2018 and passon the button to Chamisa after 5 years. Chamisa will then passon the busson to Biti after 10 years. The reason why I think Chamisa should be the next leader is that we need someone who can control our finances better, someone who is appealling to the investors as well and I think for now Biti will be the man.

Asekuru - 14 November 2013

Talking of hypocrites.They are full in MDC.Solo things that he can fool us with that ZPF talk.Who doesn"t know that he is working with Psychology Chamisa in destroying the movement,watch out sellouts we are coming for you.

Beyond - 14 November 2013

Talking of hypocrites.They are full in MDC.Solo things that he can fool us with that ZPF talk.Who doesn"t know that he is working with Psychology Chamisa in destroying the movement,watch out sellouts we are coming for you.

Beyond - 14 November 2013

MDC T,ndiyo inonzi tsoro/draft yakafa manje,RONGAYI IMWE PLIZ! hapana zviripo apa MAKUMBO ENYOKA!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 14 November 2013

M D C -T yapera whoever you field against Zanu (pf) baba vachatunga will be defeated,wheather its Tsvangirai,Biti,Chamisa,Madzore the murderer,Mudzuri,etc makasara

Colonel - 14 November 2013

You don't change leadership during a struggle.What these interlectuals need to do is to share with Tsvangirayi their ideas if they have got a secret plan to topple the dictator. Don't be too individualistic on issues of the nation.Mudzuri you are a man but need to share.

Chedumba - 14 November 2013

Solomon is psychiatric case. He has ruled out that Tsvangirai will not win in 2018 elections and still wants him to contest in 2023. So he is Tsvangirai is LIFE PRESIDENT of MDC.

mucha - 14 November 2013

Guyz don't wrestle with the borne leaving the meat. The issue to discuss is NIKUV and the ZANU PF rigging machinery and save 2018 election from being stolen Chete. MDC Guyz don't be sweid by ZANU infiltrations. MDC T shall never die, backward never forward ever. SAVE muOffice

shingi - 14 November 2013

If Tsvangirai stays as President I will vote for Zanu PF.

Jechetere - 14 November 2013

If Tsvangirai stays as President I will vote for Zanu PF.

Jechetere - 14 November 2013

If Tsvangirai stays as President I will vote for Zanu PF.

Jechetere - 14 November 2013

If Tsvangirai stays as President I will vote for Zanu PF.

Jechetere - 14 November 2013

Thumps up Solomon now zanu supporters misquardering like mdc supporters Jechetere included can go and vomite with anger yo evil intetions have failed. MDC supporters are not thatekilez they know what they want to keep their president until he becomes president this country finish and klaa.

Dibulaanyika - 14 November 2013

Morgan Tsvangirayi has been a thorn in the flesh of ZanuPf and his demise will see ZanuPf ruling kusvika madhongi amera nyanga. He did not fail alone. His MPs were non exisistent in their constituencies, their election observer were too afraid to question the autheniticity of ballot boxes which were delivered to counting centres at midnight, e.g at Silveira in Bikita there was a suspicious ballto box which was brought in and when questioned the person was told to get into the car if he wants to know where the box came from, what do you expect then.

Maita Manyuka - 15 November 2013

@Jecherere. Its your right to vote for whoever you want so you don't have to bother yourself

Bruno - 15 November 2013

As Zimbabwean we love blame shifting. MT did not fall to President Mugabe. All we who desired change did not do enough to get the change we desire. We can blame MT all we want, but the truth is we as Zimbabweans have our own lives, and each our destiny. The day we realise that is the day we shall be truly free. MT can only lead by the people's mandate, or rather, should lead by the people's mandate. We all, who laugh at him, saying he was too busy over the last four years doing nothing may not realise that the failure of MT might as well be the failure of many a people's hope, dream, economic prosperity, access to affordable healthcare and employment. So, before we all laught at the MDC-T, what have any of us done to ensure that we shape the political future of our country? About MT, the day he is forced out of MDC-T is the day I look for a new political party to support. As long as MT is allowed a dignified exit, its ok. My desire is that he rules Zimbabwe for at least one term before he retires. These Mudzuri's, Biti and so forth have no grassroot support, BUT, especially appeal that can win them any votes. I tell you, appoint Biti or Mudzuri, and I will vote Zanu PF again!!!!!

DB Cooper - 15 November 2013 have always voted Zanu PF. You hate the Zimbabwean face of change so you are obviously Zanu PF. And stop spamming the comments column.

DB Cooper - 15 November 2013

Mr. Madzore could simply have said he wants Mr. Tsvangirayi to continue without unnecessary embellishments. ".........after 2023 they will be mature enough to do so." Is Mr. Madzore cleverly referring to himself..who is this young person?

gutter poet - 15 November 2013

Very foolish statements from Madzore as usual. Does the party not have better youths. No wonder the MDC was thumped.

Pretty - 15 November 2013

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