Mudzuri guns for Tsvangirai post

HARARE - Elias Mudzuri, the Warren Park MDC MP, is gunning for the MDC presidency where he is angling to fight for the opposition’s top post with former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mudzuri confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that if the people decide he should be the next MDC leader, he will gladly accept.

The former Harare mayor’s admission that he wants Tsvangirai’s post resonates with reports that Mudzuri has been co-ordinating meetings in Harare to drum up support for his ascendancy to the top post in MDC.

Officials have been surreptitiously approached to endorse the credentials of the Harvard-educated engineer, who has previously served as Harare’s mayor and MDC’s organising secretary before suffering a crushing defeat to Nelson Chamisa at the 2011 MDC congress held in Bulawayo.

It was said to be a “well-organised’’ campaign by individuals concerned about the party’s prospects of romping back to office amid poor opinion poll ratings and grim electoral prospects.

But the ex-prime minister’s popular promise to call an extraordinary congress to decide the need for leadership renewal appears to have fuelled speculation that there is an intensifying plot to oust the 61-year-old MDC leader before the 2016 MDC congress.

Mudzuri told the Daily News yesterday that leadership of the MDC was not limited to Tsvangirai, who suffered his heaviest electoral defeat at the July 31 presidential elections.

Pressed to state categorically if he intends to challenge Tsvangirai at the party’s next congress, a scenario he proffered as a possibility in a recent controversial opinion piece, Mudzuri said he would not turn down the call to lead if the opportunity arises.

“Do you intend to become the editor of your paper one day?” Mudzuri asked.

“If you do, then that is what applies to everyone. When that position is vacant, then it is a possibility but at the moment there is no vacancy.”

Several top MDC officials have publicly called for Tsvangirai to step down and last week Mudzuri took it a gear up as he suggested five ways he thinks would serve the beleaguered party from demise.

One of the scenarios he proffered was that Tsvangirai steps down and becomes the godfather of the party and become the “Nelson Mandela” of the labour-backed party.

Mudzuri seemed to favour putting the issue to an elective congress where people would determine their preferred candidates.

“We go by what the people demand. If they demand that there be a new leadership, then so it will be,” he said.

Mudzuri accused the media of “killing our leadership renewal debate by personalising the issue”.

He complained that when he proffered his five scenarios, one of which he believes can shape the destiny or demise of the party, he wanted party members to choose their preferred scenario not him.

In a thinly veiled admission that he was ready to wrestle power from the veteran opposition leader, Mudzuri said the purpose of discussing leadership renewal was meant to prepare the party to be able to figure out who takes what post ahead of the next election.

“I was only challenging my society to look at what we need to do in preparation for 2018, but now I am being treated like an enemy,” Mudzuri complained.

“The media has also been harassing me saying Mudzuri this, Biti that, as if it’s a crime to discuss these things in the public. The idea of discussing these things is so that we can see how to place each other for leadership and then we go along with what the people say. Anyone who the people choose will be accepted."

“You media guys are killing our debate on the need for re-invention of the party because you have chosen to make this discussion personal. Leadership in any democracy is not about individuals, it is not about Mudzuri because even you journalists can also be the party’s president.

“If we want Zimbabwe to be a real democracy, we must desist from this thing of saying when leadership renewal is talked about in Zanu PF, people point to (vice president Joice) Mujuru and (Justice minister Emmerson) Mnangagwa; or Mudzuri and Biti in the MDC, yet it could be anyone else, even from outside.

“When I proffered the five scenarios that could obtain in the MDC, I soon realised that the media chose one of the scenarios I gave and they presented it as my preferred choice.

“Now I am being harassed in newspapers which are writing all sorts of stories as if I committed a crime.”
Mudzuri has been fingered internally by Tsvangirai loyalists as part of a group led by party treasurer Roy Bennett which has been advocating for leadership change in the party.

The former Energy minister, who was removed from the post by Tsvangirai after a Cabinet reshuffle, warned that without introspection and debate the MDC would fade into insignificance and allow the continued dominance of political space by Zanu PF.

Despite gunning for the top job, observers say Mudzuri lacks a critical mass to mount a serious campaign against the charismatic MDC leader.

At the MDC congress, Chamisa handed Mudzuri a humiliating defeat at a vote held at the  party’s congress in Bulawayo in 2011.

Chamisa, a populist Tsvangirai loyalist whose political career is rising at an incredible  pace, is also being touted as a strong contender for the MDC presidency, together with former Finance minister Tendai Biti.

Just to underline voter preferences, Chamisa at the last MDC congress received 2 700 votes, ahead of Mudzuri’s  700 votes for the organising secretary post.

Those who back Mudzuri say he guided the MDC to electoral victories only two years  after taking the hot organising secretary’s seat in 2006 following a damaging MDC split.

But critics say Mudzuri was ousted from the organising secretary’s post after accusations that he was moving too slowly to rejuvenate the party  structures, end Zanu PF rule and lift millions out of poverty.

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It will be a very sad day to see our beloved Mudzuri fighting with Save. First and foremost he ought to undrstand that outside MdcT he is nothing politically. All these so calld educated guys seem to miss the point always. Check Gwisai, Sikhala, Ncube. The party is MDCT and Save is its face. Let the people decide. Dont commit political suicide. We love u.

nkomo - 12 November 2013

Elias Mudzuri clearly lacks political astuteness in particular and intelligence in general. He is now complaining that the press is highlighting his political ambition but at the same time he says every journalist aspires to be an editor. He is self-contradicting. Even people in possession of little knowledge in psychology realized that Elias was after the MDC-T presidency just by reading his opinion piece in The Standard newspaper. The article was so full of "I" giving the impression that Mudzuri was in fact campaigning for himself rather than being driven by his "love" for the country as he asserted. The fact that Elias is an MP makes him a leader of sorts in the party and he should be wary of his public utterances. What he said is quite in order had it been said by an ordinary cardholder. It's unfortunate that Elias Mudzuri has now exposed himself as being arrogant, backstabbing, undiplomatic, self-centered and therefore unworthy to be trusted with any leadership post in the party. Goodbye, Elias, you shall suffer the fate of Munyaradzi Gwisai? Remember, Gwisai?

Dhobha Maonde - 12 November 2013


TONGAI - 12 November 2013

Mudzuri has gone the Dzikamai Mavhaire way .You can not tell tell your leader to go and expect to survive under the same banner.The best was to keep your ambitions a secret.Have you ever heard Ngwena and Joyce admitting that they harbour ambitions to succeed the old man.Though your suggestion that Tsvangirai should be the God father of the party is quite notable it shall be used by other people who also harbour the same ambitions as yours against you.Wadenha mago wotosunga dzisimbe politics is very dirty.

Aluta continua - 12 November 2013

Kokorigooooo kwaedza, the sun is up wake up .open your eyes and smell the coffee

kokorigo - 12 November 2013

What is wrong with aspiring to be leader? Are Mugabe or Tsvangirai ordained to rule forever? So dictatorship is dictatorship when perpetrated by Mugabe only. Personality cults and hero worshiping are the albatross around a black mans neck, for we always believe that he who proffers an idea , should be his and his alone, no challenge. Despite his perceived lack of charisma as opposed to Tsvangirai, Mudzuri like every other like minded individual deserves a shot at the MDC leadership for we were made to believe it's a people's party and no one is holier that the Almighty.

top heavy - 12 November 2013

Mudzuri,yes has an axe to grind with my president.When he was recalled at his ministerial position he became sour,also the organising secretary issue.But let me hasten to say sorry VaMudziri hamungalumi especially considering the manner in which you have introduced it.

jacob tavengwa - 12 November 2013

The party was joined and is full of sharks and hungry people. Greedy folks who are associated with indiscipline and hungry for power. MDC is falling apart. Imagine being led by Engineer Elias Mudzuri. What the hell is that. If ZANU PF wins again, you start to complain yet its the MDC -T which is confused. Shame shame and shame to you the MDC confused leaders and its supporters. Again we say shame, shame and shame to you as MDC hungry leaders

Clemence Tashaya - 12 November 2013

Engineer or not, from Harvard or not this guy is either a zanu impostor or glotified idiot. anyone who claims to have gone to school and compares the Mugabe succession (a national right for every zimbo) to the mdc leadership renewal (a party prerogative with goal attainment imperative) should ask to get their tuition money back. This guy has taken the high road to nowhere

galante1 - 12 November 2013

Leadership change is very welcome because it enhances democratic process and introduces much needed fresh strategic thinking in any political party. Tsvangirai must step down but Mudzuri is not the right person to take over the reins of leadership. MDC T needs a dynamic, brave and inspirational leader not a dull, and self centered person like Mudzuri.

connie - 12 November 2013

why now

Tonde - 12 November 2013

Mudzuri is very right there is need to debate the issue of leadership in the MDC. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any politician aspiring to lead their party. Its not a crime. tsvangirai had his time, 3 times veduwe and 3 times giving the same excuse 'Zanu Pf rigged' Yes everybody can see that and Tsvangirai lead his troops into battle knowing clearly that Zanu PF will 'cheat' and what did he do about it "NOTHING". We Zimbos are sick and tired of this calibre of politician who blames everybody else except themselves. Mudzuri 'warns' kuti if the same tired leadership continues at the held then 'Zanu Pf will rule kusvika mbongoro dzabuda nyanga" this is very true because is Zanu PF managed to outsmart MDC whilst they had some measure of power in the inclusive government what can prevent them from inflicting an even more humiliating defeat this time around. As I see it the question should not be if Tsvangirai leaves but how soon he should go. Yes he has to go eraly enough to give time to the new leadership to mobilise for the next election. Mudzuri shows that he is a democrat by saying lets call for a Congress at which the leadership issue should be debated. He is not saying he wants to wake up to find he has landed the highest post. ebate and discussion should be encouraged kwete zvava kutwa na Chamisa na Tsvangirai moving round the country causing confusion among the voters

Tito - 12 November 2013

MDC is big party cannot be lead by Mudzuri who is even failing to deliver in his constituency.Since he was elected has never come back to the people.He is too ambitious he will be thrown in a dustbin.We will not allow him to misbehave like that.People needs wisdom before they talk.Beside even Tsvangirai happen to resign,he will never win the Presidency .

Tonde - 12 November 2013

Congress of 2011:CHAMISA 2700 VOTES:MUDZURI 700.In percentage 20% for Mudzuri,Chamisa 80% so who the better candidate.

Tonde - 12 November 2013


TONGAI - 12 November 2013

What Mudzuri is saying deserves the respect of every democrat in this country. Going fowards the MDC needs self introspection at every level and needs consultation by all stake holders. The crushing defeat by Zanu PF though widely unexpected was a wakeup call to the MDC to restrategise and as a first there is need to evaluate the tactics used in fighting the election.I am sure every unbiased Zimbo will by now have seen kuti Tsvangirai is no match for RG having been outmanouvred for the duration of the inclusive government. It is a sure sign for maturity for one to recognise and accept one's handicap. The actions by Tsvangirai and his close leutenants like Musundire, Chamisa, makoni is very worrying to say the least. Why are they afraid of going back to the people. In fact there is need to restructure from the branches because some of the people who were pushed in at the last congress were not genuine democtrats. There is also need to assess the role of the organising department in the defeat. Chamisa may have resoundingly have beaten Mudzuri at the last Congress, but the party is clearly very poorly organised ever since and the results are there for everybody to see. Its not only Tsvangirai who should go, but other party leaders at branch, district and provincial levels should also be given the boot.

HARUZIVI - 12 November 2013

Performance at Constituency level depends on resources allocated at national level so for you Tonde to say Mudzuri is not performing at constituency level is really trying to blame the man for Chinamasa's problem. is there any other constituency in this land where there is development? If you were old enough Mbiri ye MDC started only when Mudzuri was elected Ezecutive Mayor and performed wonders in council in terms of service delivery and the 2008 crushing defeat of Zanu PF by MDC was during the period when Mudzuri was organising secretary of the MDC. Let me tell you also that Mudzuri was largely responsible for MDC taking over all traditional Zanupf strongholds in Masvingo in 2008 which have now all been lost during Chamisa's reign so Tonde please we need constructive criticism if we need this country to move foward and constructive criticism is based on hard facts.

tapera - 12 November 2013

Everyone is an organizer in MDC.Mudzuri will not lead MDC in his lifetime.We will not allow that to happen.Even Tsvangirai happen to resign Mudzuri will not prevail .Chamisa did his best in his tenure but 2008 victory was not brought by Mudzuri my friend.He became organizer in 2006 then 2008 we had elections.2008 election people needed change chete paye ini ndakavhota in his constituency l did not vote him but for the party.

Tonde - 12 November 2013

pidigu dhii nekuseka zvangu kwaaaaa hee mdc party of democrats democracy iyoyi? i think zimbos now know the dangers associated nekuravidza dofo huleadership. haripabve futi. all scenarios you try to show him iye haazvione anongoona a threat to his continued leadership. anyone who dare challenge his post is a sellout a zanu pf imposter or worse still a rebel. Thats what Mudzuri will be labelled soon. Engineer here in Zanu Pf we value people with ideas like you. we gave them influencial posts in line with their areas of expertise. now you will be nailed for telling the truth. imagine if the Freedom house which foretold tsvangirai and mdct's demise was a zimbabwean organisation, it could hev been labeled a Nikuv agent. kkkk. they want to rule but they dont want to face the truth. they want to get there but they dont want to face the path. the want a trarred road that is not in existence. woda kuenda kwachiendambuya netara hauzvikeka. pinda mudust imomo tyhats reality and you will get there where u want. Mudzuri is 100% correct and he is rather a better contender than Chamisa and the emotional Biti. there is need for a stedy brillisnt leader who can take the party to a better level. aleader who is innovative in ideas nt emotional. I salute Engineer, but for now MDCT bye bye i regret wasting my vote on stoogees. vanhu vasina kurongeka surrend???? ndaenda ini kunosurrender party regalia and all party material. tozama zvimwe.

pidigu dhii - 12 November 2013

mudzuri is an organic leader who is the right heir to the throne of mdc and he is the only complete politician n the party followed by biti who needs political maturity to be in the mould of mudzuri. politics is not about mocking mugabe which made chamisa popular with the zompified masses but rather a more complicated matter which needs maturity and understanding to predict the future and be aggresive and able to challenge your opponent all hands down which mudzuri can do.

media gainor - 12 November 2013

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mudzuri taking a shot at the top job..If anything it gives the MDC party to reassert itself and for Mr. Tsvangirayi this is the best opportunity to silence his critics and prove to all and sundry that he is a democrat..Imagine how strong he will become if he were to be reconfirmed by his colleagues at the congress! If on the other hand he is not, he still walks with his head high as one of those rare breed of politicians in Zimbabwe who is truly democratic! He can still serve his party in a different capacity if this eventuality were to I say go for it brother Morgan!

gutter poet - 12 November 2013

Haruzivi you speak lots of sense. There is need to reorganise from branches to the very top. MDC should learn to let the people make their choices because the last Congress in Bulawayo was not done properly. Lots of people left Bulawayo disapponited because most executives were imposed and that is what caused lots of traditional campaigners of the party to take a back seat resulting in the MDC loosing the election. Even the win by Nelson Chamisa was staged. Most Mudzuri supporters from Masvingo, Midlands N&S, Harare, Mash E& West were excluded from the Congress, resulting in Chamisa winning the election.

Mudzuri ndizvo - 12 November 2013

Go to Mazowe Central and see what we call development.What developments do you talk in warren Park.Tendai Biti is a better candidate than Mudzuri.

Tonde - 12 November 2013

l do not hate Mudzuri and l also dont admire Tsvangson.There is nothing absolutely wrong for Mudzuri to call for leadership renewal and if the MDC really wants to stay in the political radar,they must listen to what the voters say.Whether Mudzuri is learned or Tsvangison is not ,that is not a problem.ln politics it is the confidence people bestow on an individual.lf the majority say they want him, so be it.My only problem is with the current crop of Tsvangi's executive which is bent on destroying the party from within and abandoning their supporters.Most of them are power hungry to the extent that they completely forgot to campaign for their leader during the past elections hoping that they would sail through easily.Most of them are busy making noise about leadership renewal when in fact they are the ones supposed to be offloaded.They must go back to the grassroots and then take it from there.Tsvangirayi knows that too well after the 2005 split.

Haiwawo - 12 November 2013

l wonder Mudzuri was the organizing secretary so can he leave his supporters for a congress its very fine.Talking about democracy let him wait for the Congress where we will teach him a lesson.This time if he happen to lose he will not be saved to come to the executive but he will go to the dustbin.Congress will be 2016

Tonde - 12 November 2013

How do you say Chamisa's star is fast rising? Last I checked, he scrapped through on July 31 and everyone knows that his amateurish approach as organising secretary has cost this pathetic party.

Tony Blair - 12 November 2013

Dear Engineer you have done yourself a disservice. If you were an astute politician, you should have realised that this is not the time to dabble in MDC leadership. You have given your opponents an opportunity to bash you. You will battle with denials and counter arguments up to the next congress.

Mavara Azarevhu - 12 November 2013

Mudzuri u are free to form your own political party,leave Tsvangirai alone and,by the way,u'll never lead the party

RAT - 12 November 2013

i think mdc is now smelling the coffee god has answered its problems its high time mdc should c exactly the the true mdc this clearly shows that mudzuri was a sellout all along who a u to lead MDC T find yuor own party or u a commiting political suicide whoever wants to remove tsvangirai from leadership does not have the party and the followers at heart save ndizvo asi kuti i now get to kw that some of his party exucutive like mudzuri betrayed him during the ham election fo this confusion to take place

jacob - 12 November 2013

Mudzuri is quite capable to take over and he has fewer scandals however he needs Save to anoint him

Booker T - 12 November 2013

Save has people behind him, so who ever think will automatically become leader of MDC before the intended takeover from Zanu Pf must revisit his dream becoz people this labour party has a background.

pfumo - 12 November 2013

Excellent income opportunity, follow this link.

Tim - 12 November 2013

Taking over from WHO? Hezvo zvava zvinhu! muchamuona mwana wokwa SAVE, chatobvondoka. Parties easily disintergrate.

Don Wezhira - 12 November 2013

For us to vote for you Mudzuri, its Tsvangirai otherwise without him we would not have voted for you.

Hazvie - 12 November 2013

There is a brand name to every durable product. Mudzuri is certainly not that name. Tsvangirai is definitely that name. Bira re MDC T ndere kwa Save. Midzimu yekwa Mudzuri yakurumidzisa kubuda. Itsiurei.

Chimuti - 12 November 2013

Mudzuri cannot win even the provincial chairman chaiwo zvakapera usanyeperwe kuti une vanhu unosara munzira.

Tonde - 12 November 2013

Vamudzuri hamusati maziva kuty MDC-T ndeyaTsvangirai,if u have aspirations to be president,please form your foeva!

taps - 12 November 2013

kuti save ndiko kuti MDC-T

tichawona zinhumwe - 12 November 2013

Tell him haazive kuti mavotes ake kuwarren park ndee party.Ane nharo tisati tamuita recall azvionere

Tonde - 12 November 2013

Can somebody help us urgently by stopping this man called Mudzuri. He is up to no good. Elias Mudzuri has always been a ZANU PF man. He was sent to Sierra Leone by ZANU PF to study engineering. He was a ZANU PF youth and now he is on a mission to destroy what ever is left of MDCT. He works for ZANU PF .When Save, Biti and Chamisa were clobbered by ZANU PF Mudzuri was never touched. Because he was doing a fine job of spying. The same with Makoni he is still ZANU PF and spied for them in July. Mudzuri should go and form his own political party. For Mudzuri I would like to say " Over a long distance, you learn about the strength of your horse, over a long time, you learn about the character of your friend" Ladies and gentlemen beware of Elias Mudzuri. Arikuda kudzura MDCT

SHAVA - 12 November 2013

I think these guys that clamouring for MDC don't have any political clout at all. Do you think a voter out there in Matebeleland will vote for Mudzuri? The simple answer is NO, a big NO for that matter. These guys are riding on Tsvangirai's political clout and now that they are known here and there they think they're MDC presidential material. NO they are not, they don't have the kind of charisma that MT has got. Charisma is something that one is born with and you don't acquire it by going to Harvard etc. My gut feeling is that since guys are calling for a congress let them go ahead and they will see how hard they are going to fall. Remember some of them have failed to retain lesser positions such Orgainising Secretary etc. What makes them think that they can now get the presidency? Food for thought

Gondo - 12 November 2013

Apa Mudzuri wazvikanyira wega. Kwava kutodzokera kuZaka kundorima mbambaira so soon? Hindava usingagoni kuzvibata pese pese. Unozviidza maningindava but uchaona kuti uri bête chairo !

Peter Magezi - 12 November 2013

yasvika nyaya yandanga ndakamirira iwe Mudzuri ndiwe wakaona zunu pf ichitibira ukaramba wakanyarara urimhata yemunhu manje tinoda kukudzinga mumusangano wofoma yakoparty zvakaita madhuku urimbwa yemunhu patakakupinza umeya you were new to the party pane vari more senior than you dai usina kutengesa musangano uchida kushoeresa SAVE NAChamisa kuti vakatadza basa asi iwe waiwe kupi waisa we munational council here basa rako raiwe rei usina kuonachitsotsi chairongwa nezanu pf nhasi uno wawe kuda kunyonganisa musangano wedu guys lets expel elias mudzuru from the party and creat waren park constituence vacant and call for new elections we people from waren park we do not need this power hungry idiot called mudzuri.Tell this idiot to go and form his own party alone leave our party alone before we make harvest house and waren park constituence a no go area for you fuck

DOFO - 12 November 2013

yasvika nyaya yandanga ndakamirira iwe Mudzuri ndiwe wakaona zunu pf ichitibira ukaramba wakanyarara urimhata yemunhu manje tinoda kukudzinga mumusangano wofoma yakoparty zvakaita madhuku urimbwa yemunhu patakakupinza umeya you were new to the party pane vari more senior than you dai usina kutengesa musangano uchida kushoeresa SAVE NAChamisa kuti vakatadza basa asi iwe waiwe kupi waisa we munational council here basa rako raiwe rei usina kuonachitsotsi chairongwa nezanu pf nhasi uno wawe kuda kunyonganisa musangano wedu guys lets expel elias mudzuru from the party and creat waren park constituence vacant and call for new elections we people from waren park we do not need this power hungry idiot called mudzuri.Tell this idiot to go and form his own party alone leave our party alone before we make harvest house and waren park constituence a no go area for you fuck

DOFO - 12 November 2013

Don't let these things happen. This will be the demise of MDC and they will be no other opposition leader like Save. We need Morgan. He is the pioneer of this party and he should be there contesting for the next elections. If an guy take MDC leadership we will all pack our bags to ZANU PF which is engineering or pointing fingers to change MDCs leadership. Mudzuri is a used by ZANU. He is a sellout.

Movement4DC - 12 November 2013

HEHEHEe Mudzuri unotiona. waona kuti MDC yabudirira ukati ndoda kuita president . Morgan akarohwa nemadanditi ezanu iwe ukaseka ikozvino wave kuda kutora humambo. Kwete isu tiripo hazviiti.

Mass - 12 November 2013


Munhu - 12 November 2013

A fool. Ben Minashe aripi munhu uyu anoda kubvisa president wedu. Maiwee unotiona. This guy is crazy. Start your own party like W. Ncube who surrendered.

Machine - 12 November 2013

Well done Mudzuri for taking a bold position. If MDC stands for democracy surely there is nothing wrong with Mudzuri's position. We need to understand that this is not about personalities or political parties; it's about creating a democratic dispensation at national national and party level too. Zimbos appear to have an insatiable appetite for creating monsters. Why should The next MDC leader be annoited by Morgan? This is madness and I am putting it mildly. If The people want Morgan to continue indefinitely be my guest but that will be a sad day for democracy. Zimbos let's not lose sight of what we are trying to achieve and that is to define our own democratic process. Morgan has done his lot and hats off to him but he must accept that there is no shortage of leaders in MDC. Save leave zvichiri kunakidza don't be become what you have been fighting for almost two decades. If you do that history will remember you with profound respect. Zimbos please join me in urging Save to retire with dignity, please.

Jose - 12 November 2013

tsvangirai is the face of mdc period.

net - 12 November 2013

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