Furore over CIS exams

HARARE - Chartered Institute of Secretaries (CIS) 2013 examination candidates have accused the examination body of not furnishing them with all the necessary material before their examinations.

The candidates, who spoke to the Daily News on condition of anonymity allege that last week they started their examinations without having had access to the “Integrative Case Study Pre-seen material” as per examination requirements.

They accuse the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe (Icsaz) of deliberately concealing the information from them in order to ensure that they fail and re-write the exams, thereby bringing in more cash to the institution.

The pre-seen material, allegedly sent to about 90 out of over 150 candidates, is supposed to be seen by candidates at least 30 days before the examination but they only got it 20 days before.

Other candidates only got the material, a revised version-four days before the examinations on November 4, 2013.

Contacted for comment Icsaz examinations director Edgar Mushore said he was not authorised to speak to the press but said management had met to discuss the allegations with a view to make an informed response.

Farai Musamba, the institute’s chief executive officer and secretary however, declined to comment suggesting that the Daily News’ source contact them for clarification.

“Thank you for your inquiry based on information given to you by your source,” Musamba said in an e-mail.

“Unfortunately we have no comment (s) to make.  We suggest that your source contacts the institute if he or she has issues to raise.”

A November 4, 2013 e-mail to about 90 candidates copied to the Daily News, shows that Mushore sent another version of the pre-seen material as an erratum with seven corrections.

Candidates queried the wisdom of giving them the erratum just four days before the examination saying it was as good as not giving them because there was no time to study it.

“Important information for the examination was concealed from some of us,” said a candidate.

“We only got the information that many of our colleagues had been furnished with the material from those who had received it and forwarded it to us. It is a strategy that the institution employs every year to make people fail so they pay fees again. Only those that are connected were furnished with the information on time while some did not even get it,” complained another candidate.

CIS candidates began their examinations on Friday last week.

Comments (21)

some time back, my friend discontinued studies with ICSAZ alleging that they deliberately fail candidates so that they make more money. even if these claims are not substantiated, ICSAZ please dispel the rumours.....

snowden - 11 November 2013

Its time u join ACCA guys. if this is true,them the trust we had in cis ios compromised. come get ACCA video lectures 0772104011

Bambo - 11 November 2013

I am not surprised by such allegations, the institute has endured such attacks since man sliced bread. CIS is not for losers, its never for the quitters , its not for sluggards , if you have failed to prepare for the exam don't go around preaching heresy. we wrote the same exam and there was absolutely nothing wrong to point at about the exams losers shut up and jerk off .

shelz - 11 November 2013

@ Shelz u said it all. i was writting the same exam there was nothing to blame the pre seen case study for! people thought CIS can be done by tome and jerry, its for real men. those who are actually serious. we approach exams without necessarily prepared for it and later on try to pick some bits and pieces of some irregularities as excuses for your failure. i was well read if you new your GSM and gorvenance you had nothing to coomplain about but everything to take home. i reppeat CIS is for people with real and original thinking processes. they have an open admission criteria but its not password to run thru their exams. u need to be serious. those who were prepared harvested a lot. the source of infor is a total Loser to hell

chitovah nedzevamwe - 11 November 2013

Your source is a loser. he /she should prepare well for exams rather than cry foul whey you fail. he should try doing SAAA maybe thats where he can pass coz CIS is not for mediocre candidates

masinya nyathi - 11 November 2013

Our media should desist from preaching and inciting rumours that damage the reputation of professional examination bodies. i am a student still in the first part and what i can say is that CIS is run professionally but people tend to associate their open selection criteria for cheap bargain. please guys, research well and interview your sources thoroughly before you put such headlines on to the public domain. i am embarrassed for you to write such news. I have no doubt that even our own state run institutions cannot match the quality of CIS.

Josiah - 11 November 2013

CIS holders not allowed near figures paJoza apo. this is not an accounting profession

babamunini - 11 November 2013

This is a scandal and a criminal act. The relevant authorities should seriously investigate this issue if ever we are serious about restoring order in our Education system.

Ziziharinanyanga - 11 November 2013

CIS is recognised as an accounting profession only in Zimbabwe. Elsewhere yu are a company secretary full stop. So if yu wanna do accounting outside the borders try other professional bodies such as ACCA, CIMA, ICAZ, CPA, ICAEW, etc

chaporomoka chamukwenjere - 11 November 2013

CIS is not an accounting qualification. I also discovered that their recycled questions and answers have a lot of mistakes.

mbatatisi - 12 November 2013

CIS is not an accounting qualification. I also discovered that their recycled questions and answers have a lot of mistakes.

mbatatisi - 12 November 2013

ICSAZ and IACZim have this tendency of making their exams tough unnecessarily. Especially IAC do not have decision makers they copy whatever is introduced by ICSAZ. To prove this as from next year they are going to introduce Integrative Case Study like what ICSAZ did.

Ashton Banda - 12 November 2013

ICSAZ and IACZim have this tendency of making their exams tough unnecessarily. Especially IAC do not have decision makers they copy whatever is introduced by ICSAZ. To prove this as from next year they are going to introduce Integrative Case Study like what ICSAZ did.

Ashton Banda - 12 November 2013

Hey guys ICSAZ is a course for real man.You can not pass it .I did not gain academic knowledge only from this course but life its self,gained endurance ,patience etc

tkzee - 13 November 2013

Tipps for ICSAZ exams: 1.Read extensively 2.Be practical 3.Be open minded 4.Be serious 5.Do not be over confident 6.Do not be too coward 7.Face Reality 8.Be prepared to meet practical situations ICSAZ ,is a multitalented body which caters for all specialities in an organisations such as Company Secretary(traditional role),the Board member(Traditional role),The accountant/Finance manger(Current empowerment iniatiative even I other countries-Please refer to the curriculum as well as detailed contents.At Part C you are as equal to Bacc Graduates.) Please be informed mbatatisi and partners.

dj - 13 November 2013

chisiyanai nana cis wakabuda mustaira kare

yapara - 14 November 2013

CIS is for serious and deligent students only. if you want an easy overnight qualifications then quit now and try saaa, career management centre, etc. Saw someone recommending ACCA. Is that recommender aware that less than 80 students graduate with full acca every year despite it having fewer subjects?.

sarah chemhuru - 14 November 2013

Hapana nyaya apa- save for the self evident fact that munhu ane hama/ shamwari journalist akavharwa nezama akatanga kuita zvirehwa rehwa..... study hard next time mate

Tigere - 14 November 2013

Interesting comments, zimbos are naturally open-minded

Hardlife - 17 June 2014

Until students stop behaving like politicians, visiting newspapers with the aim of discrediting or smear campain, they will never pass CIS. I will not join the politics regarding the four main qualifications; CIS, ACCA, CIMA or CA but would say that those carrying such politiking will move from qualification to qualification without any success until they are grandmothers and fathers. The simple manner for a student was to raise the issue with the Institute

MAPINGIRE - 21 July 2014

Gentleguys, do you know that CIS is above an accounting qualification. Its a qualification destined for Boardroom serving.so a company secretary is there to attest the rigorous reporting an FD will have made.Therefore, he should be above the Financial reporting platforms. This is why the PP11 is above the requirements of being an FD. PP1 is the one equivalent to other levels of accounting qualifications.Don`t look down at this Golden qualification.Study and pass and you will know that qualifying is not an easy way ,but a hard way. Regards. Chartered Secretary.

finmodpartner - 15 December 2014

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