Tough time for Misihairabwi-Mushonga

HARARE - There are times when silence speaks louder and clearer than words.

Such silence when used deliberately as a strategic tool by an organisation or leader can be a double-edged sword, the difference between organisational life and death.

Much has been said about Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga by many voices, some sounding authoritative, others threatening, high sounding, bombastic, shrill and at times a touch desperate and yet not a word in defence of self has been heard from the subject of these many voices.

This has been a difficult time for the iron lady of the MDC; of that one can be certain, but why the robust silence?

After everything that has been said and done, it is fair expectation that by now the political leadership of the MDC would have acted on the demands by many of the voices which have harkened Priscilla to depart from Matebeleland South because she is not of authentic local stock.

That she has not opened her mouth to point out that she was born and part-raised in uMzingwane by a daughter of the Sodindo Banana family must annoy many still.

It is akin to a silent, forgive them for they know not what they talk about prayer.

It is great wonder that some in the MDC seemingly under the effect of the illusion of knowledge would want Zimbabweans to believe that the party’s secretary general clandestinely inserted her name on the PR list without consultation or anyone noticing way back then before the elections happened, the so-called abuse of office.

Clearly this is preposterous and points at grapes gone sour somewhere in the green garden.

That she exudes confidence of the moon which continues to shine despite the howling foxes, crying hyenas, barking dogs and hooting owls is a challenge to those who are fighting her from behind the bushes to come out in the open and take aim at their real target and not to use her for target practice.

Many who have been following the Priscilla debate wonder why she has been persecuted so gravely.

Her prosecutors hiding behind a constricted definition of devolution so vulgarised that anyone who does not know better would misconstrue devolution as some ugly form of ethnic segregation instead of the framework for the equitable distribution of scarce national resources, according locals within a defined geographical zone priority in accessing opportunities for jobs, deciding development agenda and utilisation of resources among many of its equalizing variables.

The legitimate question though is who amongst her aggressive accusers are being puppet-strung and what colour is the piper’s tunic, indeed who benefits from this fight against a leading proponent of devolution of power, an unwavering voice for equality amongst Zimbabweans regardless of tribe, creed, geographical location, gender, language, political party membership or religion.

This is a woman who speaks unequivocally for Matebeleland, a region that suffered lack of real development because of the sad reality of the politics of the early 1980s and later economic gluttony and over-centralization as epitomised by bambazonke.

Could the fact that she is seen as a “mutengesi” by those who believe that she has no right to challenge the lopsided nature of our national development paradigms be the reason she faces incessant persecution and attempts at political annihilation?

Indeed, telling might be the shrill voices of mockery which point at how she has been hounded and hung out to dry by those for whom she forsook the comfort of the majority, those with whom she thought a just and principled stand against all manner of injustice would be confronted head on.

The mind doth boggle at the reason why a political party with such a talented woman for its secretary general, a champion of the struggle for national equality and fighter for women’s emancipation would want to hide her talent under a table like the biblical lantern.

There is no doubt that within the Zimbabwean context she stands up there with the best that this nation has produced and many would count themselves privileged to have her in their corner.

Clearly whatever the reason for her persecution, there is more to it than meets the eye.

A party so badly mauled in the recent election should close ranks and rebuild, understand that the “Priscilla must go” pettiness is now a side show, a fight over the carcass of a mouse after failing to down the priced buffalo bull.

Much has been achieved by the stoic yet strategic silence of Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

She has averted an orgy of internal political cannibalism which threatened to disembowel the entire MDC, side-stepped political booby traps and land mines to chart a path for the party’s reconstruction agenda.

While we may never know why there has been so much obsessive rancour and brouhaha about her deployment and persona, she has exhibited mature leadership by avoiding the temptation of burning down the whole house to flush out a rat.

Maybe, just maybe men are from Mars and women indeed do come from Venus.

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Reverse tribalism is painful Prior to July 31 elections she was very tribalistic now taste how it feels she deserves whats coming to her

francis - 10 November 2013

How can you write an article as if you want to show everyone that you are good @ English vocabulary Its pathetic!!!!

Pathetic reporting - 10 November 2013

I am sick and tired of reading articles written by people who think they can impress, by writing using impressionist English and big words. This article, leaves one too tired to read, after the first two paragraphs. Give us a break. Just use simple English, man. Rubbish.

arne - 10 November 2013

A nation afraid if information is detrimental to itself @poor reporting and @arne. That English is basic in all it's simplicity and is one of th prides that make us the highest literate African country. As for Priscilla's silenc I guess it really prices that "vengeance is mine switch The Lord "

Level minded - 11 November 2013

The writer studied English literature at A level and just wanted to grab attention from his former classmates.

chimuti - 11 November 2013

This level of erudition by the writer makes me feel proud to be Zimbabwean and to have been to school. There are no fancy words or the futility of verbose as some may want to allege-s/he only elevated the diction a higher, albeit not newer pedestal. As for the subject matter; Priscilla, wow, aptly captured without gushingly ulogizing!! Ndizvo chaizvo.

chris - 11 November 2013

This level of erudition by the writer makes me feel proud to be Zimbabwean and to have been to school. There are no fancy words or the futility of verbose as some may want to allege-s/he only elevated the diction a higher, albeit not newer pedestal. As for the subject matter; Priscilla, wow, aptly captured without gushingly ulogizing!! Ndizvo chaizvo.

chris - 11 November 2013

Zethule, your name, in Nguni can easily mean 'humble yourself'. But then the way you wrote this article you did directly the opposite; you were so arrogant. Journalists/columnists like you should understand that one can put his/her point acroos without using deep incomprehensible English. The article has substance and all the ingredients of being a good interesting article but you blew it up by relying heavily on your Sussex Varsity English. Hence am saying wehlulekile ukuZethula instead uZiphakamisile.

themba - 11 November 2013

Get your facts right, Priscilla is from Dewure, Gutu Masvingo and yes she is a hodgepodge of contradictions, she thrives in conflict, is never far from it and has a rabid toungue.That Mukanya trusts her??????????????

Don Wezhira - 11 November 2013

Zethule is not a journalist but rather a sorry apologist for Priscilla who is obviously eyeing filling one of the positions left by those fed up with Priscilla's dictatorship. Apart from saying nonsense throughout, Zethule also tries to be complicated but in the process gets tangled up in the English language, which he/she obviously has a very shallow understanding of. The attempt to use heavy and often meaningless words also shows that Zethule is the type of writer who keeps dictionary on the lap while writing. But after all, this vitriolic diatribe against those who are against allowing Priscilla to change base from Harare-Masvingo to Mzingwane will not make her a native of Mat South. Zethule is just another desperado, probably Nhlanhla Dube because he is the only one in this country who still thinks having a Politics and Administration degree makes him lighter that the charcoal colour he is. Or that Samkeliso Ndlovu, a so-called information officer who also doubles up as his concubine, who has never been employed as a journalist but falsely claims to be one. Both of them are dull enough to be responsible for the crap they sent here under the name of Zethule. Or it could be that other one from Mzingwane with a big head who has never won an election and is wanted in South Africa for murder But either way, Zethule is a hopeless day-dreamer and what use to be called the Green Machine is falling to pieces because of Priscila and company. RIP Welsh, may your followers regret the support they gave you for ever and we pray that next time they will support progressive forces likes MDC-T

Gambu Kambu - 11 November 2013

This business of reporters taking sides does not help the nation move forward. If the truth be said, Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga does not hail from Matabeleland South province. The reason why we devolved representation in the new constitution is to make sure that the local people are represented by their own. Yes, devolution is not "some ugly form of ethnic segregation" but there are equally competent people in Mzingwane who can ably represent their kith and kin. For your own information, Priscilla does not believe in the concept of decentralization let alone devolution of power. Provincial Chairpersons have been reduced into spectators in their own game. Everything is run from her office; including the selection (in the just ended general election) of candidates. Machairmen angove ezita chete. No influence; no power; no control of resources. She is destroying that only promising party and why Welsh does not have the power to harness her, its a mystery. It's unfortunate when you reporters then write your stories, you just look at the surface; you no longer carry out investigative journalism. Did you know that Priscilla handpicked her friends and gave them jobs; starting from COPAC, JOMIC, Anti Corruption Commission and many other GNU related deployments? And today she has given herself a job against not only the party and Zimbabwean constitutions, but the will of the people as well. So when you write your stories Mr Journalist Sir, understand the underlying facts and factors.

MDC Sympathizer - 11 November 2013

This article is pure puffery.i gave up on it on the second paragraph when it downed on me the writer was merely messaging Priscilla's oversized political ego.

tafamutekwe - 11 November 2013

The lady is just too smart to answer to calls especially made here on social network.I want to sound warning bells to the smart woman,her name very soon will be missed from the political names of Zimbabwe.Swallow her pride,try to be a little bit serious about her political carrier,people in a struggle are not very pleased with the smart ones.

jacob tavengwa - 12 November 2013

Zethule is Nhlanhla Dube a fly by night politician,one of the worst and careless spokespersons.He is priscilla misihairabwi bootlicker for favours.This is the most stupid article from a political fool.

Democrat - 12 November 2013

I didn't like Shakespear at High School.

jurist - 14 November 2013

Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube stop behaving like an uncircumcised monkey. You are a monkey.

Conrad Lupahla - 14 November 2013

mese tibvireipo, why spend time kunyomba anyora muchitadza kutiudza masolutions paissue ya misihairambi-mushonga, so its tru that pple are what their leader is, always saying bad things abt rivals instead of dealing with actual problems, u see this in both zpf and mdc-t or n. mazimbo we have a lot of problems, critics, am yet to see love filled pple and solutions filled pple mizimbo muno

mafia - 14 November 2013

Well, after all is said and done, may I reveal to you that Zethule Nkengane is actually Nhlanhla Dube. Go to the facebook page of a so-called compan called Zethule Feedlots and you will find he happens to call himself a director there. If the spokesman is so afraid of coming out under his own name on papers, what else is the party hiding and why does he expect us to believe his lies

Gambu Kambu - 15 November 2013

Just a point of correction. To see who Zethule is, just search for an FB profile for Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube, and there it will be staring back at you

Gambu Kambu - 15 November 2013

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