Sikhala disbands MDC 99, joins NCA

HARARE - Job Sikhala has disbanded his MDC 99 party and merged with Lovemore Madhuku’s National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) to form “one large political party.”

Addressing a press briefing in the capital yesterday, Sikhala said in the interim, the “large party” will operate under the flagship of NCA and top leadership of the two parties will collaborate until congress scheduled for March next year.

The NCA, formerly a constitutional pressure group advocating for a people-driven governing charter, was transformed into a political outfit after the July 31 polls in which Zanu PF won by a two-thirds majority.
It is led by Madhuku, a law professor at the University of Zimbabwe.

“We have been working together on several modalities to see how we can proceed and we have agreed that the MDC 99 merges with the NCA to come out with one political movement that will contest for political power against the current political set up,” Sikhala said.

The former St Marys’ lawmaker said his party will cease to exist as they try to fight for political space with MDC and Zanu PF.

Madock Chivasa, the NCA spokesperson, said: “Other issues will be discussed at the congress.”

Asked about what position he will hold in the new political party, Sikhala said: “We are not worried about the scramble for positions and every individual will be in the national taskforce with equal power”.

MDC 99 was formed in 2010 after Sikhala fell out with the smaller MDC formation.

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"one large party..." ..? mmmm. I thought Sikala was smarter than this but then when have I ever got it right with these politicians? Of all the blunders on his sojourn for politcal relevance, this has to be the DUMBEST of them all! That NCA project is dead, in fact it 'died before it was born.'The NCA leader whose leadership was born in a house "he built with his onw hands"..Put simply, this thing does not exisit in the minds of most Zimbabweans. Sikala could have done a lot better than Ncube even, one wonders what the rage and speed is all about.

gutter poet - 7 November 2013

I thought this small party had disbanded already. What on earth were they waiting for? Cabinet posts in another coalition? Madhuku is going nowhere as well. Might as well join ZanuPF Sikhala. You cannot be moving from one party to the other - time to settle down.

Musona - 7 November 2013

Job we know you kubva kare you are waste of space Jongwe ndiye aikupa direction wega you cant stand now its a whole of good confused ones panobubei manje

taipei - 7 November 2013

The statement should read: "The JOBLESS former St Marys' lawmaker said his party LONG ceased to exist as they tried to fight for political space BLA-BLA-BLA-BLA..." AND I WILL AGREE WITH HIM. KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKI

Chirima - 7 November 2013

Sikhala is confused, he choses to abandon his party and join the mafikizolos. kkkkkk

Mpinjira X - 7 November 2013


Innocent Chokureva - 7 November 2013

I personally have nothing wrong with this. We really need political alternatives to zanu pf and MDCT. Zimbabwe is bigger than these two parties.

..... - 7 November 2013

MDC-99 membership, Sikhala, MDC-99 leadership, Sikhala, NCA leadership, Madhuku, NCA membeship, Madhuku. At least they are now to in that party. Two fools are better than one.

Shamisika - 7 November 2013

Kikikikikiki..... Chiparty chisina direction. Zanu PF is there for life.

Sekuru Chakuchichi Bota Remhunga - 7 November 2013

drunkers paradise,former sunningdale mp Gabriel Chaibva will soon follow suit

bhizoz vekrango - 8 November 2013

ladies and gentlemen lets be frank to our own cause and we could see ourselves transforming zimbabwe to greater heights. First of all, let it be known that elections were not rigged but ZANU-PF won freely and fairly. So from this point we can go back to the drawing board and say ,so what went wrong. We need to face the problem as it present itself than to ignore it, relax and spend much time blaming ZANU-PF for rigging elections. If we continue to do that we will even fall out of favour with our friends in the region and consider us idealess. What i dont personally agree with is that Tsvangirai is the only person who can remove ZANU-PF from power when he has lost several times against it and the recent election figures indicate that Tsvangirai has actually lost his support base so which support do you think he has when records speaks volumes. Secondly, to believe that emerging political parties are useless is not correct but it depends on what you consider to be important in your percieved change. For example, some believe that change is Tsvangirai as much as some also believe that Mugabe is Zimbabwe. I think we should look at idiology rather than at individual characteristics and Tsvangirai's idiology has proven unfavourable to zimbabwean. If MDC-T fails to change its leadership you are going to see the rising of Madhuku because he has indicated a change of character by proclaiming that he is a pan-africanist and that he will not solicit funding from any external forces which most probable position him as a better candidate considering that those who will not like the leadership of either Mujuru or Mnangagwa(whoever will succeed Mugabe) will find comfort in Madhuku and those in MDC-T who are fed up with the MDC-T's cry baby style will see NCA is an alternative.

truezimbo - 8 November 2013

emerging political parties have no problems at all but re -emerging political players don't add value.sikhala, madhuku and company ngavarove pasi sambiri fore-ever

madhunduru vepagatsi - 8 November 2013

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