Govt back tracks on MPs vehicles

HARARE - The government has backtracked and is considering buying 100 new vehicles from ailing Zimbabwean automaker Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries.

Initially, the Ford Ranger vehicles were earmarked to be purchased from two private companies owned by one person.

Government, through CMED, which procures and services government vehicles, had floated a tender which had caused consternation in the car trading industry amid concerns  the tender was going to benefit only one person.

The story was broken by the Daily News, which also highlighted the appalling state of Willowvale Motor Industries which is government-owned through the Industrial Development Corporation.

The corporation has a 75 percent stake in the car dealer through Motec Holdings Private Limited.

On the local market, the Ford Ranger double cabs cost anything between $50 000 to $60 000. 

Parliament’s committee on Industry and Commerce extensively debated the matter last week at the pre-budget seminar in Victoria Falls, with chairman Ray Kaukonde confirming that his committee was advocating that the deal be awarded to Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries.

The country’s largest car assembly plant is currently  stuttering under the weight of crippling debt and declining sales volumes caused by a spectacular meltdown in its diversified motor industry, putting 210 jobs at risk.

The Daily News understands that the committee has engaged  Mike Bimha, the minister of Industry and Commerce to help push the deal since Willowvale was offering the same value and conditions  for the tender.

Willowvale executives who attended the Victoria Falls seminar indicated that they had the capacity to procure the vehicles from  South African company, SAMCO.

The Daily News has seen a letter from CMED and State Procurement Board to Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries on the special formal tender for the supply and delivery of 100 Ford Ranger double cab vehicles.

Government would spend about $6 million in funds approved by Parliament to buy the 100 commercially available vehicles.

“The committee tackled the issue and we agreed that we support the local motoring industry in particular Willowvale Mazda Industries,” Kaukonde said.

Temba Mliswa, the Zanu PF MP for Hurungwe West, and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions made a strong case last month against  buying Western-made vehicles such as the Ford Rangers.

The Zimbabwe Confederation of Trade Unions says the purchase of the foreign vehicles is not in the national interest at a time of unprecedented job losses in the local automotive industry.

Mliswa said the country was suffering from economic sanctions imposed by the West, but was doing business with some of these countries at the expense of local industries.

Contributing to the presidential speech, Mliswa said government was empowering Western countries indirectly by doing business with them through importing vehicles from countries such as Germany at a time local industry was dying.

“With or without sanctions we must be supporting our industries, and not spend money doing business with them,” Mliswa said.

“Why we should buy tractors and vehicles like Ford vehicles from these European countries that have imposed sanctions on us?”

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A clear case of new brooms sweeping clean. Young Mliswa should go straight ahead and pat himself on the back. Instead of Willowvale buying the cars why dont they assemble the car since they have licence to import the kits? And perhaps might this not be the best time to wean this company off the filthy breast of this extractive animal called IDC whose only brief other than causing unnecessary to increase costs? Mliswa should continue making noise about this till government sees sense..this IDC animal should be put on a DIET!

gutter poet - 5 November 2013

good question Mliswa, can we get some answers please!

chipo - 5 November 2013

i agree with hon temba muliswa wilovale madza nedds that money and we would have done a good job to inject gvnt funds back in the economy its policy why buy from one person go to wilovale and save jobs and let tht money seculate here in zimbabwe please

zimbo at heart - 5 November 2013

We are talking about 100 cars here. Where inthe world can a company be capitalised and weaned by such a tender? The problem of Willowvale lies somewhere, somewhere else. Besides, someone must get a car of their choice. And decidedly, the mazda brand is not the best inthe cemetry.

munjanja, m - 5 November 2013

100 cars at how much ($) whilst we can not pay for maize for fellow Zim to feed.

Hazvie - 5 November 2013

Hey Get Those Epsum From Japan. Very Reliable And Safe

soso - 5 November 2013


BABA MISHY - 5 November 2013

@munjanja m- I am inclined to agree the rot at Willowvale lies IDC, nowhere else. I think 6 million is a shot in the arm though, it can go a long way in at least keeping a few fellows employed assembling the yah, instead of buying new cars lets get the kits..! In any case MPs are public servants why dont we get them those vehicles which are already in stock at Willowvale irregardless of make!!!! This marks the beginning of the "Buy Zimbabwe" campaign..if MPs can not set the agenda for this noble project, who should??? They can split this between Willowvale and Quest..yah, why not???

gutter poet - 5 November 2013

We all know they wont pay if they take them locally.Thats what they do.They owe money all round.Its through back handers etc thats why they want the Fords!

cloud - 5 November 2013

tikaita vamwe vanhu vaviri vakaita saMliswa muZANU PF Zimbabwe inobudirira but its unfortunate that we have Mliswa only. others like him are not in ZANU PF they are somewhere like MDC. ndarwadziwa zvikuru kuti mwana mudiki akaita saMliswa anotofunga nyika yake isu tiina vana sorojena vasingaperi muZANU.

tese tese - 5 November 2013

No politician in Washington drives a foreign car, they all drive GMC's and Fords. No police force in USA drives a foreign car, thats what we call patriotism, its not shown by your big mouth Mr President but by your actions. Next no son or daughter of a politician should attend a foreign university.

Mutengesimukuru - 5 November 2013

@Mutengesimukuru - you made me laugh. Don't you know that Mugabe ndi blab mouth? Mugabe is a hypocrite who tells others to do what he doesn't do; and you take that person as your own president.

Exiled - 5 November 2013

hahaha well inonzi Zanu pf wanuwoye......all we gta do is watch n learn.....mota dzotengwa but pipo are dying kumaruzevha............matuzvi evanhu Zanu

wateva - 5 November 2013

Isn't the latest Mazda BT-50 almost as good as the new Ford Ranger? Why not buy the BT-50 from Willowvale instead of the Ford Ranger?

Matanhike - 5 November 2013

you are all blind.these cars were sourced to deliver the stuffed ballot boxes,the aspiring mps were told they will keep these if they succeed in planting these boxes.

nyoka - 5 November 2013

Was wondering whether or not MP Mliswa is aware that all ministers and the president drive in German cars. a comment from him and all those who think like him please respond to this oversight on their thinking please and suggest alternative make/s

sandanga - 5 November 2013

Folks, if you go shit and fail to clean your behind flies will follow you other than the next person. The rot lies with Willowvale and I do not think all of us here are clamouring for the MPs to buy sub-standard cars from this Willowvale company. Are we suggesting that cars should be bought to rescue Willowvale or Willowvale sale cars of equivalent quality? Zvekunzwirana tsitsi ndomaitorwo anoitwa corruption. The other time the government important fertilizer suitable for rice (slow release in flooded areas) instead of maize-the catch word was tirikupuromota makambani emuno.

TM - 6 November 2013

I agree with Hon.Mliswa.Lets support the local industry in particular Willowvale

lovemore - 6 November 2013

keep it up youngman Muliswa. Show them the way forward. Many of our leaders lack reasoning. MP`s are gvt workers, as such they get what the gvt is providing. if he/she wants a better car she/he is free to buy one using her/his money. To be an MP is voluntary work,because u are chosen by people to represent them in parliament. Not to get rich, remove from your head such mentality. For you are there to serve the people.they can remove you when they feel like doing so.

Damian MUTURURO - 6 November 2013

Again the government's priorities are being questioned. The MP should lead by example, instead of fighting for the cars they should be thinking about paying for the maize from Zambia for the benefit of the majority, or rather the money should be injected into those companies which makes fertilizers and seeds. Year in year out we here problems about imputs and the question is what is being done to avoid it next time. MP's know that the government is almost broke but still they insist on getting cars, what is that. They are crazy and they just want to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority. The Zanu government must learn to prioritize things, first it is food, medication, education, shelter etc not cars. Most of these MPs have more than 2 cars yet they need these cars for what. If my mini cooper can travel to rural Mutare why cannot they travel in their cars. They should also feel the pinch of the humps so that when they meet next time they have got the right issues on their agenda's.

Asekuru - 6 November 2013

All these parliamentarians have vehicles of that they can use, either wholly privately owned or given them to use by the last Government. Let the MP's be seen to be putting the country ahead of themselves by foregoing the luxury of brand new vehicles. Instead let them use their own and be compensared for usethereof, in terms of mileage used (at AA rates), and fuel. Ndoo kurakudza kuti nyika iri patight. Kudos to the Kwekwe Mayor who refused a brand new vehicle, insisting instead that the mney should be used to buy e refuse collection truck ! This is the kind of thinking we need in these hard times.

Selectah Vakuru - 6 November 2013

Tibvigwe kumhepo. Murikuchemera motokari vamwe vanhu vachirara nezhara. Pfutseke. Vanhu ava vanonzi mapolitician havana nyadzi zvachose. Pfutseke mhani!!!

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 6 November 2013

common sense is slowly becoming common again

patriot - 7 November 2013

I dont have a problem with gvt buying Ford Ranger double cabs. However I am not happy with the prices that are mentioned in thois article. The entry level Ford Double Cab is R284,200 and the top of the range is R437,300 (USD28000-USD43700). If CMED could buy directly from South Africa, one hundred vihecles, they can get a discount. In addition, the price will be 14% less, which is VAT deducted when the cars are exported from South Africa. Surely there is no justification for reaping the taxi payers. Lastly I support that you buy from China then...

Stanford - 8 November 2013

Why dont we change management at IDC and Willowvale. Why is it that Davison Mareya(Willowvale) and Mike Ndudzo(IDC) are only employable at these two organisations? Thats what killing the two institutions - brain dead management! There is an existing cabinet directive- Cabinet Circular No. 16 of 2011 which clearly spells out that Government and Public Institutions can only procure vehicles from local vehicle assembly plants. Mareya nad team are failing to utelise this opportunity due to their failure to assemble vehicles. Surely, Banks would have an appetite to fund purchase of assembly kits for vehicles that have a ready market. There is something seriously wrong with how the Willowvale car assembly is run. Mareya cannot keep complaining, he has a ready market, a plant; why is he failing to procure kits. The best is for him to resign rather than waiting to be fired!

murehwa - 8 November 2013

Temba you are a true forward player like you once did in rugby. If you continue being so reasonable our country will definitely prosper. Keep it up my brother lead from the front. Our economic turn around needs rational people like you.

slomo - 8 November 2013

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