I will be president: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, smarting from a devastating electoral defeat, says he is not ready to give up and will be Zimbabwe’s head of State.

“I am determined to be the president of the country and I will be,” Tsvangirai said in a BBC interview in the UK.

He brushed aside pressure from within and outside his party calling for him to step down.

Tsvangirai has been in United Kingdom where he took part in a seminar at Oxford University on Thursday which dealt with how Africa can benefit from its own minerals.

The opposition leader is using vote-rigging claims to bolster his campaign.

And in fact, his mass support on the capital’s streets had him professing confidence that victory — in this country sitting atop one of the world’s largest proven diamond reserves — was within reach.

With the re-election of President Robert Mugabe endorsed by the African Union and regional bloc Sadc, Tsvangirai maintains the July 31 vote was by no means an election but “a military operation” funded from clandestine diamond dealings involving Zanu PF officials and the military’s top brass.

With some top officials in his MDC publicly calling for the 61-year-old to step down, Tsvangirai said: “Individuals have their own individual opinion there is no division in the MDC, there are some individuals but you don’t express that through the press.

“You cannot accept that I have become the biggest liability when Zanu PF knows I have been the biggest threat in the past years.”

The former trade unionist said leadership renewal should be debated openly in the right forums.

Two top MDC officials, including exiled treasurer-general Roy Bennet, have publicly stated that Tsvangirai should go.

“You are supposed to address that (leadership renewal) to the right structures. If you say Tsvangirai should go, you are actually falling into a Zanu PF trap of saying remove Morgan Tsvangirai,” he said.

Having lost three elections, Tsvangirai maintains he has the mettle to end Mugabe’s 33-year rule.

The country goes to the next elections in 2018. By then, Tsvangirai would have been at the helm of the MDC for 17 years.

If he stands as the MDC candidate come elections, Tsvangirai would join the likes of former Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade, who spend more than 20 years bidding and failing to get into the highest public office before finally overcoming in 2000.

But critics say the odds are stacked against the opposition leader.

They say he has lost any levers of power he had when he served in a tenuous coalition government with Mugabe and thus does not have the means to influence reform.

But the MDC leader insists that he has the capacity to end what he termed a military operation that saw Mugabe winning by an unassailable landslide.

Asked whether he should step down because of his run over the past decade against Mugabe, Tsvangirai said, “I don’t think so.”

“I beat Mugabe in 2008 and he refused to go, did I lose the election, no. This time, it was not an election, it was a military operation.”

During his lecture at Oxford last week, Tsvangirai alleged that the military and top Zanu PF officials secretly sold diamonds in Angola and used the proceeds to rig the disputed July 31 elections.

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ndiyoyo Save, we are fully behind you. Chinja kusvika kare

cake of the nation - 31 October 2013

That's the spirit Morgan. We will keep on supporting you until you fulfil your destiny....

Suarez - 31 October 2013

I like your determination Save, tinemi come 2018. Vana nhingi varikuda hukuru avo, hativaverengi. You went thru thick and thin therefore you should be president umwe musi. God is always there for us.

tinotenda - 31 October 2013

save bvumai kukundwa imi endai mofudza mbombe,madhongwi nehwai BUHERA makanyarara

nhatsve - 31 October 2013

We are fully behind you, change must come inour life time. Nobody is immortal. Hezvo uko. Unfortunately tine vekunze varikutsigira kuti shanduko isaveko.

James - 31 October 2013

What else was he going to say in front of his handlers? A movement that crafts ZIDERA so that EU and USA impose sanctions on us so that people turn against the leadership kuti Morgan atonge. Munonyepa imi.

sandie - 31 October 2013

No, not again. You played your part and we thank you for that. Now is the time to pass the button to another. If you run again for presidency, then you will not be different from Pres Mugabe,

jurist - 31 October 2013

this dull brained save is a day dreamer

kurai - 31 October 2013

Save ndizvo vanhu veZANU PF vanosvotwa nemi ndosaka varikutenga vanhu kuti vakupandukirei.

kurojimhosva - 31 October 2013

What else was he going to say in fron of his handlers? He and MDC crafted ZIDERA so that EU and USA impose sanctions on ZIm kuitira kuti mhomho iite turn against leadership yenyika implying that people with all the hardships will then turn to Morgan. Never ever, forget Morgan. Hausisina relevancy in this country as far as leadership is concerned wotonga vako veMDC ivavo.

sandie - 31 October 2013

before 2018 tsvangira will be the president of Zimbabwe haapengi anoramba achitaura save uyo akaudzwa kuti siya zvakadaro uchaona maperereo azvo

limit-x - 31 October 2013

hmmm hmm kupiko hapana hapana apa varume

mdara wechinja - 31 October 2013

HANDI YENDI, NDI NOGARIRA MUKADZI WANGU........ Kikikikkk kooo ma iti Mugabe must goooo waniiii Tsvangi-Lies

NANSI LENDODA - 31 October 2013

Save tinemwi kusvika tatora masimba zvimwe mungaunzawo budiriro kuMberengwa nekuti ZANU PF yakoniwa chainogona kutipa MUTUVI ivo vachiisa MAGE neRURAZA kwaZvimba . Save huya mutinunure majoko arema kuMberengwa Zhara neChikutumeno ndohama dzedu .Ndimwi tariro yedu ticharamba takagonyera pamuri zvimwe tingavakigwawo zvipatara tanya nekukumura Murumanyama.

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 31 October 2013

who is fooling who? a person claiming to be a Champion of Democracy, then voices from within saying we need leadership renewal, then he says no. Atove dambudziko kuMDC manje!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 31 October 2013

Maybe Zuma was right when he said we should stop thinking like Africans. The sound of this is very absurd by implying that African is bad, but I think he was thinking like a zulu and translated his Zulu thinking in English. I still think he meant Africans, when presented with an opportunity to lead, start thinking they were born to lead and will do anything to stay in power. And what willing tools there are to bolster this thinking other than hero worshippers who betray a lack of confidence in change, even when failed leaders still stare them in the face. Tsvangirai has sacrificed a lot just like Mugabe, but that's no guarantee not to pass on the button. This kind of action is how despots are born. Cant we learn from history?

top heavy - 31 October 2013

Save 2018 ndeya Teurai Ropa asi vakaisa Ngwenya hahaaa 2018 ndeyako

mukazisikana - 31 October 2013

Why do ZANU PF people so much want Tsvangirayi to go when they dont talk about sekuru to go??? Who is older, who is a dictator of the two, who killed people of the two, who is stealing our diamonds, gold, platinum, land and who stole elections since 1980? Believe me, even the 1980 elections were RIGGED! Even Sekuru himself admitted during his campaign for the 2013 election. I quote " Kana zvisikana zvakanga zvati kureiwo, zvine 15-16 years, zvakango bereka vana kuti zviite sezvakura kuti zvibvumirwe kuvhota. Ndiko kukunda kwatakaita muna 1980"

Chips - 31 October 2013

Im amazed by MDCT supporters, yo mourn bitterly, come election time yu dont register nor vote, we saw yu driving off to yo rural areas in yo new (old) little cars to show off kumatownships ekumusha, once back yu start mourning hee Save....hee Save...In a democracy yo vote counts.,inonzi bhora mughedhe..bvunzai Mathenghwani supporters.

Don Wezhira - 31 October 2013

every1 has the right 2 their opinions bt wat i deeply understand is that Zimbabwe is being exploited by these so-called liberators and their Chinese freyndz.................hondo yakarwiwa ende isu vechidiki tinotenda kwazvo magamba akatifira bt let us move forward kwete zvekuramba tichingoti vapambepfumi right now vapambepfumi is our African leaders specifically thoz in Zanu Pf.......................... tel us kuti mari yemadiamonds ekuChiadzwa iri kuenda kupi..................Zanu Pf is using the sanctions implemented by the waste as a political Gimmick kana iye Ian Smith akatombopihwawo wani masanctions naQueen of England bt luk how the then Rhodesia economy was thriving.........THIS TYM THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE DESERVE BETTER GOVERNANCE Zanu Pf...................EHE HATIRAMBE KUTIN NYIKA YAKAUYA NEROPA...................wat r we doing as a nation??????????????????????? imagine if u were the 1 who died fighting for liberation of ur motherland u wuld b spinning in ur grave right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the truth shall set us free

arlee - 31 October 2013

I will never support ngochani at all. He should just go and die. He is finished, he is nomore dead and buried.

Farai Mhute - 31 October 2013

Pamberi ne ZANU PF pasi ne MDC T, He will the president of MDC period not Zimbabwe.

Farai Mhute - 31 October 2013

Its true power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Tsvangirai has tasted the sweetness of power and does not want to relinquish it because power is sweet.Its inevitable that Mugabe wont contest in 2018 and if the opposition is serious should come up with an untainted leader to face Ngwena or Amai Mujuru.Yes its undeniable that Tsvangirai did a lot for the opposition politics in this country and surely after failing to win three consecutive elections there is need to pass on the button stick.Unfortunately that was the greatest undoing of the opposition as factionalism especially in Manicaland cost the party.Instead of concentrating on the elections some party memebers after losing primary elections continued fighting the winning candidates. Thats a manifestation of Tsvangirai's weakness.He should make his party members toll the line always. Hence need for leadreship renewal.

Aluta continua - 31 October 2013

All the way MT

Richard - 31 October 2013

Chamatama ndizvo. We will not be persuaded by the Zanu propaganda. We won, we will win, Tsvangirai for statehouse. Svotwayi.

Mavara Azarevhu - 31 October 2013

save what is the difference between you and Mugabe. Mugabe won't leave the hot seat because he has unfinished business and you are not prepared to leave because you have unfinished business! Lord have mercy on us.

Cherry - 31 October 2013


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 31 October 2013

Save vose ava vanoziva kuti makadhafuka, u have support from the mass not those individuals vanoda kutsvaga publicity. makarobwa mukaitwa zvose asi makatora magwadzo on behalf of the oppressed Zimbabweans. Vose vanaSinyoro vavakutaura voga izvezvi kwahi takaresva kuvhota. Vasingakudei ndedziya mbavha dzeZANU (pf). You are our President Save. In Mozambique, they tell that they are the Tsvangirais of that country. Your courage and sacrifice says it "ALL"

Codza - 31 October 2013

This chap should not be taken seriously: he is a failed politician. How does he propose to deal with the military? Absolutely mad.

Musona - 31 October 2013

Tsvangirai tinewe. Uchatonga chete. ZANU yaora. Come 2018 we will vote for you. Gwendo guno hazvikoni. Ngochani vanhu veZANU. The late Banana was ZANU ngochani huru. Navamwe veZanu vatinoziva ngochani. We do not support ngochani isu machinja. Hatibi zvinhu zvoruzhinji semi. Kutanga ne Willovale scandal na Nyagumbo, nhasi pane the diamond scandal nana Masimirembwa nana mpofu. Mbavha dzinosemesa

valour museyamwa - 31 October 2013

Of course the possibility of Tsvangirayi becoming president is quite real but the question is to the detriment of democracy in his party this becomes a poisoned chalice. If he loves Zimbabwe like all the other Zim politicians claim to do, he must bring the congress forward from 2016 to 2014 and get reaffirmation from the grassroot or allow a fresh face to image..The real issue is Zimbabwe need REAL DEMOCRACY than heroes, he could carve a niche for himself in history in weighty gold if he brings this to the fore of his party and that of the country, this is the stuff that legennds are made of..So yah, bring the congress forward get reaffirmation or take a lesser post and continue to drive the agenda from the crowd rather than at the head of it..the end as they say justify the means...You are democrat, this we have seen, now show that you are just one among equals..get reaffirmation or let a fresh face run the race! Remember the Cameroon and Hague (UK foreign minister, he with a voice that comes from the cenre of the earth!) who swopped posts and took Labour to the cleaners! This will set the template for all future internal party democracy in all parties in Zimbabwe.

gutter poet - 31 October 2013

tsvangirai yu doing a good job by pleasing your handlers cos if yu say the truth they wont take yu seriously but let me give you some advice my boy, you are fast falling into political oblivion and the dustbin of Zimbabwean political history. ungange usina kudyiwa asi yu aint clever. wen zanu was selling diamonds, secretly as yu pupprt, wre were yu as the prime minister. its shows that yu not worth to rule Zimbabwe. instead of playing the game yu were busy opening your zip and using state money to pregnant teenage girls and widows. shame on you useless burger. unonyadzisa mhani.

hawidho - 31 October 2013

Morgan Tsvangirai jumped without a parachute. His Anglo-Saxon handlers should find an old, faded Union Jack to use as a shroud to cover his over-sized but lifeless body .

Dharma APPAVOO - 1 November 2013

tsvangirai you are useless, u say u love zim but you let your handlers impose sanctions on us so that we suffer and then we turn to you, manje mazimbo takavhurika hatina kunyanya kutsva.

konga - 1 November 2013

one prophet wepa kenya apa said you will rule by december

prophet - 1 November 2013

tb joshua and the kenyan prophet cannot be liars

jonso - 1 November 2013

We do not need these two anymore. We want a different leader who unites all peoples of all tribes, religious persuasions, cultures and sex. Someone who is not tainted with the political dirt which started 10 years ago. Guys lets have someone from the fringe-someone not Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Biti, Ncube, Mnangagwa, Mujuru, and this current crop. We need someone like Strive Masiyiwa who belongs to neither of the two groups. There are many potential leaders within or without the country.

jurist - 1 November 2013

Dream on dreamer! If you are so dumb to be cheated by a 90-year old ko kuzoti tufana twekuEurope twaunoita ana Mwari?

realist - 1 November 2013

hehehe laugh laugh cripled dead-Seka hurema wafa

rubvu rubvu - 1 November 2013

Stop dreaming Tsvangirayi, matiro arikutosekawo . Zimbabwe doesn't need your kind.

Nhewa Simboti - 1 November 2013

You will surely persue and you recover all.

james - 1 November 2013

save rambai makashinga, 2018 haisviki musati mavakutonga nyika ino, gadzirirai kutonga

kekule - 1 November 2013

After all that has happened,if this cheek man gets into power who'll ever remove him from there.People are not fools Mr Zipman.Dream on,it's allowed in this democracy!

Billie - 1 November 2013

Teaboy usanyepere vanhu kuti uchatonga Zim,leader chaiye achauya kana kuzvarwa not you a western puppet

cobra - 1 November 2013

Let the uneducated pro-gay womaniser dream on.

Sikhosana - 1 November 2013

moti eyende kupi ivo vagarisa vachiramba kuenda ,ramba wakashinga tsvangson

ndini - 1 November 2013

Morgy Dick, just get this through your impervious skull. You have never been a threat to ZANU PF. Your handlers, the western capitalists have been and still are the threat to ZANU PF and Zimbabwe. You Richie, are just an inert tool, a poker that they are using to achieve their satanic objectives. Just watch, once they are very certain you after useless they will spew you out like hot water. They know your false claims about rigged elections are all hogwash, the people of Zimbabwe rejected you. Unless you can still prove that you are worth their investment in you, you are in for a rude shock with these heartless imperialists. I once dreamt flying my own aeroplane, I don't see why you cant dream being a president. A lot of my friends have had the same dream too even if they have no such ambitions. Enjoy your dreams samusha!

aggrey gumisai - 1 November 2013

I think it's within every right of a Zimbabwean to fulfil his or her ambitions in life ,like what Tsvangirai is doing. I therefore find it unfair to attack his personality on his desire to become the president. Avoid creating a culture of demeaning other people. Zimbabwe is in its current state not because of Tsvangirai , reflect properly on who is responsible for our woes .

Kidwell - 2 November 2013

ndozvonetsa izvozvo kwatiri vanhu vatema hudyire ,ndozvikungoitawo mugabe izvozvi zvikuita Tsvangirai zvekuti ndichazoenda kana zvazodai,heee ndakabva zvosara zvakadai,BULLSHIT,KO VAMWE HAVADI KUTONGAWO HERE

warship - 2 November 2013

Tsvangirai ndizvo -Zim wil burn again then they wil bug him rambai save this time.....

isaac - 2 November 2013

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