Eric Knight joins Zanu PF?

HARARE - Eric Knight, an aspiring Mbare MDC MP,  has reportedly joined President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF.

The former ZBC radio and TV presenter and MDC candidate lost the Mbare poll to Zanu PF’s Tendai Savanhu.

Rugare Gumbo, the Zanu PF spokesperson, confirmed that Knight was joining the former liberation movement.

“We have always wanted people like Eric, people with experience in broadcasting and the media so we are naturally excited at having him back home if indeed he has eventually made the decision to join us,” Gumbo said.

“Young people like him are valuable to the party and as such we openly welcome him. We hope he will be an asset to the party so we wait as he undergoes the party procedure to officially become a member.”

Knight yesterday said he was driving when the Daily News reached him for comment, but promised to respond to a text message sent to him which he did not do. He was later not picking his phone.

An sms from his phone read: “I received your message but I am driving out of Harare now, so I will call you later.”

Knight did not make contact after that.

Officials close to Knight told the Daily News that the former DJ had been persuaded to join the ruling party by Leo Mugabe. 

Knight’s switch has angered the opposition MDC, which fielded him as its parliamentary candidate but made a volte face after losing the poll.

Obert Gutu, the MDC Harare Province spokesperson, said while his  party had no good reason to believe that Knight was not genuine in his parliamentary bid, there were some in the province who doubted if he was indeed a bona fide member.

He said the party had learnt a lesson to value its tried and tested cadres to avoid accommodating chancers.

“As MDC Harare province, we had no reason to believe that Eric Knight was not a genuine and dedicated party cadre,” Gutu told the Daily News.

“We are advised that he was an active MDC member in the UK where he is ordinarily based.

“The truth is some party cadres in Harare province were not entirely convinced about Eric Knight’s qualification to contest the Mbare constituency primary elections.

“Going forward as Harare Province, we have learnt a hard lesson, that is, it is better for the party to stick to genuine, long-standing cadres instead of accommodating  chancers and opportunists.”

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Eric, Eric, Eric come 2018 you will rejoin MDC.

Hazvie - 30 October 2013

This is a non issue Mr. Gutu..your next press conference should be just to wish this clown the best going forward and leave it at that..otherswise you give your friends political capital which they will nauseate us to the death. Please ignore this non-event, you have already given comment now move on to more important issues and they are plenty! As for the reporter, congratulations for this scoop!!!

gutter poet - 30 October 2013

This is just one manifestation of the tactical errors of the MDC-T. People like Eric and Ezra Tshisa Sibanda were just catapulted to contest as MPs though their membership and status in the party is quite dubious. MDC-T leaders must open their eyes and keep their ears to the ground. The party has been massively infiltrated!

Mbuzvambuzva - 30 October 2013

It is nikuv who rigged him to join zanu, or maybe it is the voter registration which was not given to him otherwise it may be assisted voters or militarisation of the elections, is it elections or erection by the way . Seka zvako jaweti. kutyei muzim yakadai kusununguka.

jaweti - 30 October 2013

people like Eric Knight are political prostitute forgive him he will see what Zanu pf is like

mr honest - 30 October 2013

Eric and Ezra where quoted saying they no longer want to be fulltime politicians and where going to were they belong. Broadcasting. And BAZ has just invited applications for radio licences. So does eric stand a better chance of getting a licence while in MDC or ZanuPf. I rest my case

crocodile squad - 30 October 2013

Shame on you Eric Night you are one political flipflopper like Jonathan Moyo.Come 2018 you will never win at all,go well my have always been a Zanupf and do you still remember fighting Jonathan Moyo while you were in Britain,writing all sorts of things undermining Robert Mugabe and his henchmen,shame on you Eric.We will never miss you.

josefa chinotimba - 30 October 2013

Like what he saw in MDCT kuti its a party of fools people who need help.Hokoyo zvatanga uchasarawega

jm kanhu kako - 30 October 2013

Eric Knight is desperate for a job. Here in UK he was a career, looking after old people. He doesn't have any experience of anything because that part-time online radio station he was running here in UK was a garage studio which can be done by anyone. The only experience he has is of washing old people's bottoms and I am sure he will be best washing Robert Mugabe's bottoms at State House since he was recruited by Leo Mugabe, nephew to Robert Mugabe. When he left UK he did not even have a cent after swindling £3000 from a joint account he held with Sibanda. If he had a good job here in UK and if he was a genuine MDC member, then he could have come back to UK to continue with his party activities as well as his job. Now without any job or money or even think of continuing with his job of washing old people in UK, he is like a lost and confused child, seeking the protection of anyone even strangers. Only if he had taken my advise here in UK to go to University and study, he wouldn't be in his situation today. Shame on you man.

Ziziharinanyanga - 30 October 2013

Ah that's the way foward for some clever not so clever people he left the for the UK on an MDC Letter Heard saying he was fearing for his life now he is now on a ZANU PF Letter heard that he once to work for them now opprtunists lol

Fear of the Unknown - 30 October 2013

Eric and his former frien-turned-enemy Ezra sholuld not have been allowed to contest on the MDC-T ticket in the first place. When they worked at ZBC they were zanu supporters and when Prof Moyo retrenched them they immediately jumped ship and joined MDC. They should both be fired.

themba - 30 October 2013

taka gara tamuona ndosaka akaruza aive mupanduki

mafira kureva - 30 October 2013

Eric knight joined MDC for personal benefits , because he was thinking the party was going to win.Now that MDC lost , his true colours are coming out very clearly.MDC should do a thorough vetting when ever people come forward claiming to be active members.They should not allow each and every Jack and Jill to try and use MDC as their ticket to personal fortune.He is a completely useless cadre who is going to fail even at Zanu-PF.He is probably fancing Supa Mandiwandzira and Makhosini Hlongwani who are in parliament using a Zanu-PF ticket, what a fool he is.Eric is led by fortune seeking rather conviction driven.MDC will do well to get rid of such people.Let him go and sink with Zanu-PF.

Sydney - 30 October 2013

Zimbabwe is a very rich country;rich in clowns like Eric Knight. There is no light in him. Its all knight.

Stanley - 30 October 2013

whatever we xhausted of these endless frustrating stories. dont even broadcast them

DANNY - 30 October 2013

I think we live in a free country where everyone can do what they want so please do not waste your time raving and ranting but its best to wish him well in his endeavors for no one knows what the future hold for us. To all those MDC T lets us move on with the struggle one day zvichanaka. This is a journey and a lot will happen I think its best for us to keep cool heads. tatenda hangu neguve yamandipa

Gwenaz - 30 October 2013

ini zvangu i am after pple`s comments.chirungu chinonyorwa pano unombobvisa strees kikiki

jamwanda - 30 October 2013

Hahahaaa Heee haa hiii ziyasha kwa-MDC-Tsvangi-Lies,

NANSI LE NDODA - 30 October 2013

More to follow...Eric is not the last political flip -floper.

magwaza eceleni - 30 October 2013

if this is true then i,m expecting more chancers to defact to the ngoda boys only for personal benefits (cash and mining rights) but one thing for sure zanu pf is clever and has seen more than this they know well how to handle flip flops .look at mutambara hez is nowhere to be seen but he was man of the match during the GNU so to eric i say go well my brother infact it was long over due and remember if you duped the mdc t you can not dupe zanu pf again.maybe thats the end of you pouplarity in Zim

maisvokwadzo - 30 October 2013

kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzinomhanyira! siyayi zvakadaro. Paachdyiwa twumari twaakabva natwo Londoz(ie kana ainatwo) ndopaachasvinura

Mari Manyemba - 30 October 2013

What an embarassement for you Eric . You have soiled yo reputation by joining a party of murambaswina , gukurahundis ,thugs ,rapists and thieves ,We all knew that you were a gold digger .Politics can change like weather we mighty have elections particularly presidesitial one b4 2018 as we all know predictions made by doctors 2013 or 2014 zanu pf president would be history. Its good you have left our party pliz go with yo bad luck and it will follow you where ever you go ibhadi lingucripler madoda.

Dibulaanyika - 30 October 2013

What an embarassement for you Eric . You have soiled yo reputation by joining a party of murambaswina , gukurahundis ,thugs ,rapists and thieves ,We all knew that you were a gold digger .Politics can change like weather we mighty have elections particularly presidesitial one b4 2018 as we all know predictions made by doctors 2013 or 2014 zanu pf president would be history. Its good you have left our party pliz go with yo bad luck and it will follow you where ever you go ibhadi lingucripler madoda.

Dibulaanyika - 30 October 2013

aaaa hure iro rikutsvaga kupfuma iro anoshoresa amai vake hatizozivve kty akatanga nechihure ndiani?

ba`chido - 30 October 2013

It takes a madman to invest trust in a party led by a deteriorating centurian.. Zpf is not the future of Zim. Wrong move Eric.

Huzvu - 30 October 2013

Mhuri ye Zimbabwe ngatiregei zvekutukana izvi. Inga varimudzimba various kusiyana vanity Kong kuzoti much party. Regai Eric aende kwaanofunga kuti kwakanaka. To those who think MDC is serious, I want to challenge you to try to officially join the party and get a party card. I have tried to join the MDC since 2010 and up to now I am not yet a member and they want to win elections. Forget it.

nhamodzenyika - 30 October 2013


toda nyika - 31 October 2013


toda nyika - 31 October 2013

u Madla Ngundwane ngeke vele antshintshe uzohlala ewdla

Mfana Ka Sobhuku... - 31 October 2013

There are too many chancers in MDC. They jump out at 1st opportunity. Says a lot about existing screening proceedures

fokolo - 31 October 2013


dhonza guru - 31 October 2013

Sources who refused to be named for fear of being victimised also said the MDC-T president Mr Morgan is also contemplating rejoining ZANU-PF as the future of his party is very bleak

mbatatisi - 31 October 2013

Think future mbatatisi usavharwe kumeso nekuregwa uchiba, ofungakuti zvakanaka, ndiyo corruption yacho yaurikuita. Think about the generation to come after you. Now that you are on a payrol of a company you dont work for you, and think that the future. That is nonsense.

Babasviri - 31 October 2013


GONO - 31 October 2013

hure chairo!

rombe - 31 October 2013

Political prostitute.

Eric Husiku - 31 October 2013

Well come home Eric,ZANUPF ndiwo musha wakanaka wekugara kwete kumapuruvheya

KAZIRO - 31 October 2013

Gumbo kuzonti young brains kubvira Eric. What young brains are needed by gaetrics in zanupf?They want the old tired and tattered brains they have upstairs not young brains.

Maita Manyuka - 1 November 2013

this is a democratic country erric welcome

Nyikadeyedu - 1 November 2013

wish you the best Mr Eric in your future political endeavours

shadreck chifokoyo - 3 November 2013

A car accident will be following u Eric in Zanu pf yeropa. never make a mistake u will wish u stay as an MDC member

ROBERT - 3 November 2013

Eric wakaenda ku UK uchiti urikuda kuurayiwava ne Zanu PF, ko nhasi zvawajoinha party yacho haicha kuuraya here? Please do not tarnish the name of our good party Zanu PF.

Sekuru Willo - 3 November 2013

If its true then Eric you are not leadership material,change is coming it needs patience and princepald people,flipflopping will take you no where and to MDC its a lesson some of these people are not genuine lets have grassroots structures and those people will never cross the line.One day we will witness a new Zimbabwe.

FOREVER - 4 November 2013

what a nice decision

peach - 4 November 2013

if you cant beat them,join them.destroy them from within(j.moyo)

nyoka - 4 November 2013

these are the very people whom we do not want in our party. its in the bilbe. 'vanotya dzokerai kumba'. ndokutyaka uku. isu vepatience tomira takashinga sezvatakaita pana 2008 tikapinda muma USD vamwe vaenda kundokwangwaya

robinsen - 5 November 2013

Eric mutengesi. Mutengesi unorangwa neshamhu.

Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo - 5 November 2013

Eric is simply moving to where it is easy to get to the food trough so he too can put his nose in it and fill his boots. Every man for himself when it comes to lining ones pockets.

Ndaneta ne mapoliticians - 5 November 2013

Eric has always been a clown since ZBC and he will always be, ZANU (PF ) is a party for clowns . I don't know what MDC was thinking in the first place by admitting him as a contestant for Mbare. Is it because of the proximity to Mbare studios?

Dziva - 5 November 2013

Surely I see no reason why the people's party is crying for loosing a capenta fish to polluted water.Eric Night has no future in corrupt & mederous Zanu PF.Just mark my words.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 5 November 2013

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