Battle to succeed Mugabe

HARARE - Factional fights in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF are exploding amid claims from different camps that senior officials are plotting to rig provincial polls in order to strategically position their cronies.

With Zanu PF going for an elective congress next year, insiders say the chaotic scenes which derailed polls in Mashonaland West and Midlands last weekend were just a tip of the iceberg as the battle to succeed Mugabe hots up.

Battle lines have been drawn between vice president Joice Mujuru’s camp and the other one led by Justice and Legal Affairs minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, the two Zanu PF heavyweights tipped to succeed Mugabe once he relinquishes office.

The wars to succeed Mugabe — hitherto played in Zanu PF corridors of power — have now found space in the State media which yesterday attacked the party’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa for jumping the gun when he suspended Munyaradzi Kereke from the party.

Mutasa reportedly sympathises with the Mujuru camp and at one point publicly said it will be abnormal for Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe saying as Zanu PF secretary for Legal Affairs, he was far down in the liberation war movement’s perking order.

Fireworks are expected at the party’s Politburo meeting tomorrow.

Zanu PF’s secretary for Information Rugare Gumbo declined to comment yesterday, saying “wait until the politburo meeting on Wednesday.”

Insiders say the state media has just ignited a war that might have a nasty end.

“Once the politburo sits, then that is final, Kereke was expelled by the politburo chaired by the president and thus he was expelled by the party,” said a source.

The attempts to whitewash Kereke’s expulsion has been interpreted as a declaration of war by the Mujuru camp.

“It’s going to be bad and you don’t argue with the bigwigs because it is suicidal to fight them, worse still using the state media,” said another Mujuru ally. “That Tsholotsho thing is now back and we will deal with it pound for pound.”

Insiders say the ongoing polls were critical as they are likely to determine power dynamics in Zanu PF since chairpersons who will be elected to lead provincial structures will determine the party’s presidium come congress in December next year.

Currently, the presidium is led by Mugabe as first secretary, Mujuru as the second secretary, Simon Khaya-Moyo as the chairperson and Didymus Mutasa as the secretary for administration.

But the positions, save for that of Mugabe, are by no means guaranteed come congress, raising the stakes in the ongoing provincial elections which are seen as the start of a race to take over the leadership of Zanu PF.

Monica Mutsvangwa had to withdraw from the Manicaland race against John Mvundura claiming that the provincial elections to choose a new chairperson were fraught with irregularities.

Mvundura reportedly belongs to the Mujuru faction while Mutsvangwa belongs to the Mnangagwa faction.

Efforts to speak with Mutsvangwa yesterday were fruitless but she was quoted in the state media demanding a rerun, citing several irregularities.

“Returning officers were impartial. In all districts which I had an upper hand; they were starved of ballot papers. Remedial action should be taken. A rerun is important because we want our electoral processes to have integrity,” fumed Mutsvangwa.

In Mashonaland West, Mugabe’s own backyard, a war is sizzling as the two leading factions seek to outsmart each other in the battle for control of the region.

MP and former fitness trainer Temba Mliswa, is up against businessman Philip Chiyangwa and Nimrod Chiminya for the Mash West provincial chair.

Mliswa belongs to the Mujuru faction.

Nationwide tensions are simmering in the guerrilla war movement with indications that battle lines for a potentially bruising combat have been drawn and that factionalism was rearing its ugly head, even through the state media.

State media columnist Nathaniel Manheru recently attacked the Mujuru camp and on Saturday revealed that some heavies within the party threatened him, but said he was unfazed by the threats.

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Can the editor get rid of this idiot calling him/herself murimi diridza his ways of advertising are really sickening

Ngwena - 29 October 2013

My wish is to see Zimbabwe's first Woman President. Hopefully nikuv will not be called in to do what they know best..!

mammoth castle - 29 October 2013

Now Monica Mutsvangwa you see why MDC is claiming foul. If you can rig your own internal elections I don't know how you can run a credible national election.

Maita Manyuka - 29 October 2013

Chakabaya chikatyokera zvokwadi. Thieves are now picking their own pockets.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 29 October 2013

regai chibvondoke ndopolitics dzacho

mhofu - 29 October 2013

Shame shame shame on zanu pf.Mugabe just go he has grown old.The zanu pf leadership must change its leader and put a new guy there.

josefa chinotimba - 29 October 2013

I am not sure what to say about the situation in ZANU PF except " If you teach your children to steal and cheat, why would you be surprised when they start stealing from you and their own siblings?" The more important issues for me is how all of a sudden things have started to go from bad to worse in terms of the economy and social fabric. Can we seriously say this rot is due to sanctions? Its ridiculous to anyone with brains to think that ZANU-PF ha any interest in progress of the country but their own. Its a out and out wasr right now while they try to position their own factions in positions of power to take over from the Commander in chief who surely has run the last leg of his race... we will see

tino - 29 October 2013

This plays well into Mugabe's strategy because the focus is diverted from him to the fighting factions. Mugabe is not willing to go till he dies. so why are these people bothering themselves now. Is he dying tomorrow. Opposition parties should never read much from this, they should continue to strategise their own way forward with or without whatever is said to be happening in ZANU PF.

Ziziharinanyanga - 29 October 2013

Takambozvitaura wani kuti ZANU(PF) ichatanga kuzvidya mukati kusvikira yaparara. The implosion is fast coming. Mark my words. VaMugabe vanhu venyu kubvira kuronga nhaka yenyu imwi muchiri mupenyu. Zvakaoma kwazvo zvikati kutyisa!

Nehanda Nyakasikana - 29 October 2013

That is wishful thinking inonzi chiwororo dont read much about what this paper is saying that part is still intact we are fed up of being told about these factions within a week kapaper ikaka kanenge kachinja nyaya

jm kanhu kako - 29 October 2013

Divisions and infighting are rife in MDC which will soon disintergrate. Zanu PF always finds a way. It is MDC which is crumbling.

Lizi Nkala - 30 October 2013

Divisions and infighting are rife in MDC which will soon disintergrate. Zanu PF always finds a way. It is MDC which is crumbling.

Lizi Nkala - 30 October 2013

Divisions and infighting are rife in MDC which will soon disintergrate. Zanu PF always finds a way. It is MDC which is crumbling.

Lizi Nkala - 30 October 2013

I would love to see Mr Mnangagwa succeeding Pres. Mugabe because he is a man and also because he is firm. It would be bad if Mrs. Mujuru becomes president.

juris - 30 October 2013

Stupid Zanu pf!! Thus what you are good at. This time it would be good if you kill each other. You created the confusion & killing culture from Gukurahundi, farm invasions, election killings, River Range & Marange dimonds. When the MDC was telling you that you are rotten, you said he belonged to the West. Zanu pf you invited problems for yourselves. Let those guns that you bought with the Marange diamonds shot this time. Now Zanu pf, does the copy and paste politics from Angola's Dos Santos work for you? Start the shooting now and take over the powers from your godfather Matibiri of Malawi!!!

Matibiri Malawi - 30 October 2013

Mai Mujuru for president.

Fan-a-tic - 30 October 2013

Expect to have more fatal road accidents as the two camps try to eliminate each other. The MDC will emerge the victor in all this ZPF in-house fighting. Mai Mujuru will make a better president and it sounds just right: President Joyce Mujuru. Mnangangwa scares the shit out of most people. He is not user friendly. He should work on this image.

chipolopolo - 30 October 2013

I now believe that MDC will never rule this country. I am against a woman becoming president. Between the two front runners I will chose Mnangagwa because no.1 he is a man no 2 he is from my tribe.

jurist - 30 October 2013

The Lord we serve is a faithful God, for how long can the people of Zimbabwe remain in Egypt under the captivity of Pharaoh, only time will tell. Hanzi kurwa ndekwangu, hondo iyi yose ndeyake Mwari.

shepherd - 31 October 2013

Zimbabwe will implode, disintegrate and explode into bloody violence as soon as Mogabe drops out of the picture. He should set down the Rules because Zimbabwe is his very own Baby. We must respect him because he is the Greatest Patriot that has ever lived. All other African Leaders have turned out to be Avaricious, brutal, and stupid failures who enriched their Western handlers.

Dharma APPAVOO - 1 November 2013

please Note ,,,the world is SICK,,, so no change in Zim . all I say is Try being honest;;;;; =truthful;;;;; sincere,,,,,, PLEASE I love my Zimbabwe,,, I miss it...

Mr Alan Dunbar - 1 November 2013

So George Charamba aka Nathanial Manheru thinks that he can challenge Mai Mujuru? If this guy continues like this. He will soon be history. Remember the most dangerous Zanu-PF politician is Didymus Mutasa and not Emerson Mnangagwa


A dog will always give birth to a puppy and same applies to a goat , one cannot expect intergrity , honest , uprightness and loyality from ZANU PF , the least we expect from them, is less inhouse fighting .

Tinos Magura - 16 December 2013

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