Nurses flee clinic

MZINGWANE - Terror-stricken clinic staff have abandoned a clinic in Irisvale resettlement area of rural  Umzingwane district after a series of paranormal incidents that have left locals confused on who to turn to for relief.

Irisvale Clinic is located 85 kilometres from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city, off the main Gwanda highway in Matabeleland South province.

The clinic, situated a stone’s throw from Zuka Business Centre, under Chief Mabhena, caters for about five of the 13 wards in the constituency and has of late been imperilled by a resurgent spate of scary and traumatising happenings each night female nurses go to bed.

The abandoned hospital.

Sometime last year, it was forced to close for months following similar mysterious attacks.

When the Daily News crew visited the affected area last week, the clinic was shut, with only one of the remaining nurses identified as Sibanda busy packing his belongings ready to leave.

Sibanda however preferred not to speak to the media citing bureaucracy.
“We are not allowed to say anything about anything here. You can contact the district nursing officer who has the authority to speak to the press. She might help you.”

It also emerged that one of the two senior nurses who were manning the clinic had left a week before complaining of abuse from the creatures of the underworld.

The unidentified female nurse who had reportedly stayed for two months at the clinic allegedly lost a three months old baby as a result.

Villagers in ward eight expressed concern over the presence of the creatures which have taken over the only nearest primary health care facility in the vicinity, leaving them with the task of having to walk not less than ten kilometres to either Mbalabala or Esigodini health care centres for medical attention.

Milton Khumalo, 40, a member of the Irisvale neighbourhood watch community said villagers have had this problem for a while and it was something that worries them.

“As you can see, the clinic has been closed for a week now and we do not even know until when. I do not have a first account of what is really happening but from all the stories I have heard it appears the goblins do exist,” Khumalo said.

He said he had spoken to both male and female nurses who left and their stories seemed to tally.

“Females complain of sexual abuse while they sleep and wake up with blood-stained genitalia the morning. They say they hardly sleep because of strange noises emanating from the houses. There is also a talk of a human hand that strangles them,” he said.

“Sometimes we hear the nurses wake up only to find  themselves wearing undergarments from the opposite sex and many other paranormal incidents.”

Asked about the possible source of the problem, Khumalo said most locals attributed strange events to a contest over the location of the business centre which encompasses a school and the clinic.

“There has been a war over why these facilities were situated in ward eight. People in other surrounding villages had initially wanted these facilities to be constructed in their area.  This is a belief widely held here,” he explained.

Khumalo’s sentiments were echoed by fellow villagers who vouched that the clinic was haunted by goblins who are wreaking havoc.

“The complaints by the nurses are genuine. I have personally experienced the torment.  It is just unbearable no one can stay under those circumstances,” said an elderly woman who claimed to have been a maid to one of the affected nurses.

“I have lost my job now that my employer has gone.  Besides, we are now saddled with lacking an accessible health facility. I suffer from high blood pressure, so it is more costly for me as I have to travel all the way to Mbalabala or Esigodini to get my medication,” she said.

It also emerged that the previous week when alarm bells rang, villagers met at the clinic and resolved to seek either traditional or divine intervention to the problem.

“We agreed that we hire Tsikamutandas to come and cleanse this area but I am surprised they have not shown up probably they are still beefing up their strength as these things are said to be powerful.

“A certain church has also been asked to come but we have not seen anyone so far,” said one villager.

William Busuman, Matabeleland South provincial medical director, confirmed the existence of the goblins when contacted by this paper.

“I have not received the latest report so far but the issue of goblins is true. Even last year, we had a similar situation at the same clinic with some employees complaining about these goblins,” Busumani said.

He said they have since engaged traditional leaders to exorcise the clinic of goblins.

“I feel the chief and the traditional leaders need to sit down and conduct a traditional ceremony.  Maybe this may come to an end,” Busumani added.

Levison Tanyanyiwa, a local businessman, said only divine intervention could solve the problem.

“I have heard of women being the most affected as these goblins reportedly turn them into wives. This has affected not only the nurses but even the teachers too. I feel the community needs to unite and exorcise this in the name of Jesus,” Tanyanyiwa said.

A tour of the area revealed an unusually tense atmosphere with teachers from Irisvale Secondary School, less than 100 meters away from the clinic, shying away from the media.

Likewise, fear was conspicuous on the faces of the students as they could not open up on the widespread issue.

It became apparent that many people in the area, mostly government workers, were not at liberty to discuss the subject with strangers.

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William Busuman you make me laugh. As a medical director you should be the last person to confirm the existence of goblins. Have you ever done a thorough research to validate the existence of goblins? My own humble assessment is that there is need to make a thorough investigation by well-trained and competent psychologists to get to the bottom of the issue. You may be surprised that all the noise may have emanated from a terrible rumour monger taking advantage of the superstitious nature of most Zimbabweans. If you add "mob psychology" to the whole scenario then a scary outcome as the Irisvale one is understandable.

Makudo Mumunda - 28 October 2013

This story is in the wrong paper. It should be in Kwayedza

Norest - 28 October 2013

It is very surprising things that happens is Zim. Is it true that thesethings exist? It is for whose benefit? Instead of tormenting people why not use these things for sustainable development? Or on the other side the place is not inhabitable so staff deployed to the place come up with these unbelievable excuses for them to leave the area. Zimbos minds and thinking which is not progressive. So just go to Makandiwa and Engel i hope they can help.

Gwenaz - 28 October 2013

Makudo Mumunda you are the one who needs competent psychologists to examine your mind.This is the plain truth told as it is.These occurances are not new to our country and what is needed is a holistic approach and fast because we can't afford to have a white elephant in the form of that clinic because of some misguided elements in our society who thrive on creating disharmony amongst us.

Visions Foretold - 28 October 2013

Imagine one clinic serving 5 wards 33 years into independence.That is more scary than this goblin issue.Our leaders rush to foreign lands for treatment whilst the majority die of curable diseases.Now that the medical staff is leaving,what will happen to the patients and expecting mothers?Responsible authorities must rush with lightning speed to avert the looming disaster that is if ever they will.Please bring Makandiwa and Angel to remove those evil spirits.if they refuse,you can call Walter Magaya.He can do that easily.

Varombo Kuvarombo - 28 October 2013

Makudo Mumunda not everything can be explained in the context of the current body of scientific knowledge. this scenario is obviously spiritual and these things do exist what people sometimes misinterpret is the true identity of these things..these are the spiritual wickedness, and powers of darkness described by apostle Paul and with prayer these things can be banished from this area all we lack is faith and belief in God's abilty to protect us.

mina - 28 October 2013

ParikuKWIGWA munhu zvemhando yepamusoro netukomana tweunderworld. Africa, that's the only development here. What do you expect from tribal cavesmen

wati - 28 October 2013

Makudo if you are really serious just go and spend one night ,just one night and you will see what those things will turn you into.

jah b - 28 October 2013

@makudo mumunda. Nhaiwe urikumboverengawo here mapaper nhau akudhara, azvino nedzimwe nhaurwa pa TV and radio. I think you are one of those who spend their time in labs trying to solve these equations, dilutions, the digestive system, copulation, atoms and molecules etc. These things exist my learned friend. Do you know the two Gokwe women who mistakenly landed in Budiriro. Ask your friends they will tell you about the story. maybe fuel yekudzokeresa kuGokwe yerusero yakanga yapera...... I wonder

The Analyst - 28 October 2013

Makudo mumunda your name does not tally with what you wrote.......your head needs urgent examination

gandangagurumusaga - 28 October 2013

When you deny the existence such evil then you will deny that hell exists thereby denying even the existence of God

Jimmy - 29 October 2013

some are stupid enough to think that psychologists can solve spritual problems.

mbatatisi - 29 October 2013

I do not understand the rant over makudo mumunda's assertions. Ethically as a medical doctor he can not and should not express his opinions on superstition as those of the Medical fraternity he represents, that is the point. An urgent investigation should be done to get to the bottom of the matter, if possible the investigators need to leave at the clinic until they finish. I see a lot of permutations as to what is exactly happening. Do not be exploited by the tsikamutandas who enrich themselves from our gullibility, let us wake up!

Gutsie - 29 October 2013

To all those castigating Makudo Mumunda I think its your heads that needs examining. Surely on this day and age Zimbos still believe in goblins, tsikamutandas to solve unsubstantiated claims. Now wonder why the country is lagging behind. I say blatantly there is nothings like goblins and I ask you to bring them on. Wake up Zimbos do not waste time believing in non existent things.

Gwenaz - 29 October 2013

wthr u like it or not goblins exist,wthr u believe or u dont those things are there

KARTER - 2 November 2013

The article is a true reflection of how community squabbles can thwart development. Am a development worker and l have come across such cases. There is need for stakeholders to come together and solve such issues once and for all.

Marowero PF @ Bambazonke - 2 November 2013

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