Dudu is also human

EDITOR — I was happy that finally the High Court granted bail to jazz musician Duduzile Tracey Manhenga pending appeal of her sentence over culpable homicide.

Dudu is not the first person to drive without a licence in Zimbabwe.

Most people are driving without licences on our roads leading to many accidents and loss of lives.

Many unlicensed drivers lie to traffic police that they would have left their licences at home and then proceed with their journeys after paying spot fines or bribes.

My query is, is it because Dudu is a celebrity that she has to go through all this?

Dudu had to spend close to two weeks in jail when in most cases culprits never even set their foot in jail.

I have seen a number of incidences when unlicensed drivers knock down people but are walking scot-free.
No measures are taken against them.

This is also a wake up call for the traffic police that they should desist from taking bribes to save lives.

Most unlicensed drivers pay bribes to drive on the road which is  a threat to other people.

I think the fact that she showed remorse for her actions she deserves a second chance.

We are all susceptible to making errors.


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Ane mhosva ane mhosva whether a celebrity or not - period

Hazvie - 25 October 2013

The writer of this story is very stupid. How would you feel if you were a relative, son or daughter to the victim of this accident. It shows how shallow minded you are and the judiciary system of this country. It is quite clear that corruption is at its highest level in this country. How come a prosecutor who called for Dudu's strong sentence did not bother to contest and or oppose her bail application pending appeal. All this shows how corrupt our justice system is, for Dudu it is good but its bad for those seeking justice. Her actions are not justifiable at all, the rules of the road are very clear. 'never turn right infront of an oncoming traffic' and you know what? she did .that without a valid licence and her car did not bear any sign of Learner driver. it is wrong to drive without a licence simple

chivhu - 25 October 2013

@editor i share the same sentiments over this issue with Dudu ,she has been serialised because she is a celebrity while the reality is the carnage on the road is due to many unlicensed drivers . A life was lost but Dudu is also human and surely deserves to be forgiven

kayz - 25 October 2013

Dudu should go to jail period. So all the people who are languisshing in prisons are not human? Editor give us an example of those who never set foot on prison once they are sentenced if it is not because of corruption. She appealed against sentence, so whilst they steal hearing the bail she was supposed to be in prison. What about the psn who died? Vakomana musada kunzwira vanhu tsitsi nekuti movaziva, zvakashata. Akapara mhosva ngayendewo kunoenda vamwe vake. Justice shld be equal in application

faffy - 25 October 2013

she committed an offence for which she is getting her due correction!!!!

t-man - 25 October 2013

please let her be given second chance.we are all human..she did not do that delibereately

bt - 25 October 2013

haa editor dont be biased mhani asi wakapiwa mari yekunyora nyaya naDUDU here coz she is guilty period after all she deserves it how can she say music yake haitererwe nevarombo

MUPOSTORI - 25 October 2013

no one is above the law-driving without a licence is an offence then killing someone is also an offence add the two surely this Dudu girl must face the music-pliz EDITOR do not mislead people just becoz many of our drivers on the road are not licenced does not make your Dudu innocent-musadaro vakuru.

bla sonaz - 25 October 2013

Dudu is human! My foot! Humans do not not segregate each other on the basis of where they live...remember she she once her music is not for the poor. Eish!

hii - 25 October 2013

In any country if you break the law and get caught you face the music, period. In sympathise with Dudu but broke the law and got caught she has to ace the music. We forgive her but it does not rub away the law taking its course

muzimbo - 25 October 2013

She is guilty period............she broke the law period..........whether there are a number of unlicenced drivers on the road is not an issue

lolo - 25 October 2013

Dudu anodada fani, she thinks she is all that, regai agare mujeri imomo nevarombo vasingakodzere kunzwa music yake awone kuti naivo vanhuwo. dai atopiwa makore akati ooh. she shd rot in jail, ........kuti amame!

Ndini - 25 October 2013

Some people cannot tell the difference between a letter to the editor (which is the one above bing discussed here) and a story.

spraga - 25 October 2013

This is a letter written by a person like you and I to the editor, by a person expressing his or her own opinion.

spraga - 25 October 2013

Dudu is also human yep.And who she killed is a dog ?

oskido - 26 October 2013

Ahh-h ko iye anombonzi Dudu ndianiko ? hanzi i celebrety ? ! Maybe but isu vamwe hatiizive celebrety yenyu inofamba ichityora mitemo yenyika nekuuraisa vanhu . celebreties act honourably iyi yerudzi urwu uuuuuu. She is only going to jail but the victim went 6 feet down and was a family man. Editor uchikwana iwe .Tipoo ma serious.

Gunmanmumunda - 26 October 2013

Do you guys understand the law? http://www.sundaymail.co.zw/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=39037:unlicensed-kombi-driver-jailed&catid=38:local-news&Itemid=131#.UmzVIlI4np4 its a standard sentence of driving wthout a licence.

sid - 27 October 2013

ko anonzi Dudu asi i new opposition party here? Regai aende kwaanokodzera isu varombo shuwa hatina mari yekutenga music yake. Kunevakarsikirwa nehama ndineurombo.

shepherd - 27 October 2013

I fail to understand what the author is trying to say here. That , just because so many peope are driving without licenses that makes it ok for Dudu to do so? The restoration of law and order has to start with someone. Wait till someone kills your child and see if you will waffle about ...so many drivers are doing it...nonsense!!!!!!!

mel - 28 October 2013

After reading most of your comments I came to the conclusion that most of you do not understand how the law works. Dudu was found guilty of culpable homicide and driving with a learner's licence without supervision. For the former crime, he was slapped with 3yrs in jail of which 6 months were suspended and for the latter she was fined us$300. Were are here: she is out of the prison while the court reconsiders the sentence imposed on her. The court can still confirm the sentence and she will serve her jail term or it can impose a lighter sentence. This is how it works-its called the due process. Of course its unfortunate the victim is no more and we are all sorry and sad. However at the same time Dudu did not kill the victim, she only made an error. They say ''to err is human..'' We all make mistakes don't we? But does that mean we should not exercise our rights because we erred? Even murder perpetrators are extended these rights. What about those who ''kill'' because of error? yu be the judge.

jurist - 31 October 2013

Guys lets be factual here. A wrong cvant be justified because so many pple are doing it. Thats why our country is not going forward. She didnt err coz she broke the rules of the road. You do not turn right in front of oncoming traffic. And one thing I realised, many motorists think they are the only one with the right to use the road, they normally do not consider the motor cyclist or bicyclists. I got hit by a car one day when I was cycling and the motorist drove away without even apologising even though he is the one who had crossed the cycle track. The PP I am convinced was bribed so that she could be granted a bail unopposed... The innocent soul that was hit, breadwinner of the family, hw is he gonna be compensated for. The family has lost their family pillar and the causer is out of jail. Regardless of her being Dudu, I feel she was suppose to have been given a stiffer penalty. Otherwise we are saying, kill, drive without a licence and nothing will be fall you.

chana chatete - 4 November 2013

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