Tsvangirai in UK to speak on diamond woes

HARARE - MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is today expected to make a presentation on Zimbabwe’s experience with diamonds at the Oxford University Centre for Africa Studies in the United Kingdom.

Tsvangirai will participate in the dialogue together with former Botswana president Festus Mogae and Donald Kaberuka, president of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB).

Zimbabwean diamonds have been at the centre of controversy from the imposition of sanctions on companies mining them to missing revenues.

“President Tsvangirai will speak on the inter-connectedness of diamonds and politics, in particular how diamonds played a part in the sham July 31 elections and how the diamonds have only benefited those connected whilst the rest of Zimbabweans are suffering including people who live around the diamonds in Marange,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said.

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chovha save usatye, we conquer in adversity gandagobvu.

Madhunduru wepagatsi pamastera - 24 October 2013

WHO is Tsvangirai in the current government of Zimbabwe,to give a presentation on the current status of our precious diamond mineral he was supposed to do that during the time when he was the prime minister of Zimbabwe not this hour when he is just an ordinary citizen that is the duty of our current government

mike nyamutaka - 24 October 2013

Mike sorry hako but the invitation to speak at this important forum was not extended to the NIKUV government. SHAME SHAME SHAME ZANU-PF SHIT LUCIFER. Not every one is blind to your shenanigans.

vongai - 24 October 2013

@Mike Nyamutaka,you are just one of the dunderheads.Look,Mr Tsvangirai is a democratic champion.He is recognised world wide because of his openness and his hands are clean.He has no blood in his hands like Mugabe and his henchman.So Mr Tsvangirai will be the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

josefa chinotimba - 24 October 2013

mike open yuor mind and your brains,tsvangirai is a zimbabwean and that alone gives him the right to talk about his country's resources idzodzo pfungwa dzeku zanu dzekufunga kuti some people are more equal than others to talk about zimbabwe ndodzakaora

same zhuwao - 24 October 2013

Wasted effort, he was rejected by the people, yu can cry as much as yu want but he is one man who is not fit to represent us at Oxford, chikoro hapana, achakunyadzisai

Don Wezhira - 24 October 2013

i question Tswangirai's stands on these precious stones. On this issue of diamonds, i agree with everyone that transparency is needed but the qsn is can the west do justice while they are resource hungry? In my opinion i think solution should not be west driven.

king anold - 24 October 2013

save musacheuka muridzo ukooo we know zimbabwe is being destroyed because of poor governance tell other countries not to induldge into such shameless activities

sosowaire3 - 24 October 2013

Its not surprising because they chose Tsvangirayi who is stupid enough to go to the West and read from their script calling for more sanctions on our precious diamonds

mbatatisi - 24 October 2013

the mdc leader can say whatever he thinks -can do whatever he wants.God is in control of our country and cannot be changed by individuals(psalm 75;6,7)people are free to express their anger on the internet but God is GOD.THEY can place their hope in anyone in vain.

evidence - 24 October 2013

Mugabe haafe akakutsika Ngirande. Europe yake will be Eastern Europe. America yaake will be impoverished South America. Harrods haitambe shasha, wototenga ku Hallods fale ye Ma China. Uchadya madiamonds kusvika waita manyoka but haarape old age.

Bob - 24 October 2013

tsvangson ita basa rako never mind bwt thoz haters aMugabe ...sando ndedzako anaBobo vatoriwo neshungu dzekutsikawoo UK coz mari yeDiamond hainakiri kuChina kuvanhu vakawandisa .One da Save u shall face victory ramba wakadaro ....hanzi naBigman ndosaka ndichifamba ndine rear view mirror ndikuitira maZanu asingade kuoona ndichibudirira

ba`chido - 24 October 2013

@Don how funny are things Tsvangison anochemera kutonga Zimbabwe ukuwo Gushungo vanochemera kuenda Ngirandi. zvoitwa sei ?

Mari Manyemba - 24 October 2013

Morgan Tsvangirai - waste of space, waste of oxygen. What is the point of addressing meetings in England about diamonds? What does he expect to gain?

Musona - 24 October 2013

The former Prime Minister Tsvangirai, as a private Zimbebwe citizen, has the right to address Oxford or any forum on diamonds or any topic concerning his country. However his problem is that the majority of in the audience attended out of cureousity . Some were there for for their academic theses on Zimbabwean politics. Whatever the reasons were for them to at the event, the fact is that the thoroughly former premier's political future is bleak. He will be lucky to be leader of his party long. As for the vast majority of Zimbabweans, Tsvangirai is a political yesterday man.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 24 October 2013

Tsvangirayi will always be embedded in zimbabwe's history for good or bad reasons depending on your point of view. We can redicule him as much as we want and insult him but it doesnt change the fact that he gave the old man some sort of competition which this country badly needed. So his not as eloquent and handsome and educated as our all conquering president, but does that mean he does not have the right, as a zimbabwean, to be part of the political process? Well, i say to him well done, good effort. Maybe be someone else will continue the fight because its not everyone who has to vote or agree with the zanu way. Isnt that democracy?

gondo - 25 October 2013

Ex Prime Minister of Zim is going to make the important presentation alongside Botswanas ex president.It means that the Botswana guy is no longer in government also!so without taking sides with Tsvangs does Mike, who ever the idiot is, stil think that its only the guys in govt who can talk about national wealth,.

Ngwenayasvinura - 25 October 2013

Have the current government been banned there,did Tsvangirai endorse the sanctions Zimbabwe is facing in the first place?Leave him alone,u won ur elections tongai ka and stop making noise

big show - 25 October 2013

mugabe uchazviona kugehena nevanhu waunoshungurudza uchipisa dzimba dzawo

TIZORA RS - 25 October 2013

@ mike nyamutaka, like it or not Tsvangi is going to make a presentation. Go on Tsvangi and tell the world whilst the likes of mike [with a small "m" signifying how small his brains are, if ever he has any" are asking who you are in the current government. Moron.

Zvichapera Chete - 25 October 2013

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