Dead robber's lavish lifestyle

HARARE - TO his friends, he lived a fast and lavish life, splashing cash, but Boris Mushonga’s family believes he was just another young man with nothing to show for his notoriety.

Living fast and dying young at 23, Boris Mushonga loved swag, and was always dressed in the latest labels.

But his uncle Dereck Mushonga said yesterday his nephew had nothing to his name.

Mourners rally behind the hearse carrying Boris Mushonga's coffin.

His friends said the father-of-one, popularly known as “King Fox” by his peers, loved the finer things in life, which they all adored.

Boris was a reckless spendthrift, enjoyed cruises and holidays in Malaysia and didn’t have a bank account.
His money came from robberies targeted at vulnerable victims, and lived a life mired in fear, violence, dishonesty and muggings.

Police confirmed Boris and his gang were on their wanted list for allegedly robbing passengers they would have offered transport.

He always kept wads of cash. It would appear there were dozens of victims in total, with some speaking strongly against the gang.

“He used to buy us beer at beer halls and could splash money without hesitation,” one of his friends who declined to be named fearing victimisation, said.

King Fox, as his friends would call him, or just Boris, was one of five people killed in a horror crash on Thursday after their Toyota Raum was involved in a head-on collision with a Muzeya Bus near Zindoga Shopping Centre in Harare last week.

He grew up in Harare’s populous suburb of Mbare with his grandparents and his single mother, Yvonne, his uncle Dereck says.

“He went to George Stark Secondary School here in Mbare, lived here with his grandmother and grandfather.

He was not employed,” Dereck told the Daily News crew at the family quarters yesterday.

Named after Boris Becker, a German tennis champion who was a role model to Mushonga’s mum, according to family sources, Boris was an average student who did not excel in school.

At 23, he already had a family and was dad to a two-year-old daughter with a girl from the vicinity of his Rusike Street in Mbare National.

Two pregnant women invaded the family home on Monday claiming to be mistresses of the late Boris.

There were at least four women linked to him.

“We are reading a lot of stories about Boris, but as far as the family is concerned, he had one wife and a child,” Dereck said.

“I only saw it in papers that they were other women who came to his funeral yesterday, but I did not see them.”

His funeral wake was drama-filled.

As people gathered to bid farewell to Mushonga in Rusike Street, mourners had to scurry for cover after police detectives fired warning shots as they tried to apprehend the alleged robber’s fleeing friends, who are also on the force’s wanted list for various crimes.

Moments before the police’s arrival, friends and associates of the now deceased “robber”, had snatched the coffin to go for a spin, and parade their fallen comrade” in a gangster-style farewell around the populous suburb.

Police, who had staked out the wake to pounce on their targets,  arrested nine suspected robbers at the funeral wake, believed to be Boris’ “workmates”. The nine were said to be on the police “wanted list.”

Boris’ family maintained yesterday that their son was not a “hardcore criminal.”

“Boris, as a family, we never knew that he was a hardcore criminal like the late Gift Tyres and Norman Karimanzira. He was just a simple man who lived his life in the ghetto with many friends,” Dereck said.

With the family springing  to the young “robber’s” defence, his peers said he was “smart robber” and conman.

“The last time police tried to arrest him, he ran away from them handcuffed,” his friend who declined to be named told the Daily News.

“He was a smart robber who never held any gun or killed anyone in his business,” another friend said.

Amid tales that the robber and conman was loaded, his family yesterday said he only bought food and a few perishables home, with no major assets credited to his name.

According to friends, at one time, he flew to Malaysia to spend his loot,  a suggestion refuted by his family.

His accomplices insist that on the day Boris met his death, he had over $20 000 on him and he had left part of the loot at the family house.

His  uncle says there was nothing of that sort left in the house.

Comments (25)

Uncle vakabatwa neDikaz zviribho vanotaura kune ka 20 thaza karikutaurwa ako

Ngwena - 23 October 2013

I didn't see the 'lavish lifestyle' part of the story that justifies the headline. Surely staying in Mbare with grandparents is not a good example of 'fast' living. Panenge pasina nyaya apa....

steady - 23 October 2013

even akasiya mari mumba mati uncle vangataura, ndipo pane ziso, vanga vajaira

Hazvie - 23 October 2013

true hw cn it be a lavish lifestyle wthout any form of evidence of livin that kind of lifestyle and h wz livin in mbare....majokes here aya

pabloc - 23 October 2013

Mupfana uyu akabira vasingabirwe and he received instant punishment. Shamu yacho yakamurova yakapenga. There is nothing generous or heroic about a man who steals from people. It is a crime to commit robbery even if you donate the proceeds to poor people.

Mazviona - 23 October 2013

mapurisa basa sebasa thats a job well done thank you ZRP

deeds - 23 October 2013

It is an oxymoron to say a robber was generous. Just like saying 'muroyi ane tsitsi' or a humble prostitute, or even a kind rapist. The major will instantly cancel the minor.

Samaita - 23 October 2013

imbwa yemunhu

reason - 23 October 2013

mapurisa haasi kuita basa nemazvo aya, I was at one of these robbers funeral, ma1 chaiwo zvaitwa nembavha idzi and no police officer came to apprehend them, mapurisa rudziyi anojairirwa nembavha kudaro, asi imbavha dzavo here?

hhh - 23 October 2013

Munyori kana muchiti aita lavish lyf style uchigara kuMbare imba isi yake iro raiva rombe pengo ndinoda kukutendai Musiki nekusheedza mwana kwamuri ikoko kanga kachida tisadhla tumashereni twedu zvakana . Vakomana garai makarinda paGuva rake hatidi tihwe akamuka . Zvaita zvaenda kusvibisa zita remhuri nehutunu hwake .Pfutseki Bori enda dnt dzoka futi we meet ikoko tavekuita zvekereke

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 23 October 2013

Lavish lifestyle uchifrira MuRaum . He was a just a useless loafer who at 23 was still leaving nambuya a spoiled brat . Ngatirege kupembedza zvisina basazimbavha iri raibira

Mutumwa - 23 October 2013

handiti anga arimukaradhi ko baba vake murungu wacho aripi?

Miss Lily - 23 October 2013

see more pictures here, click the link below:

wacpop - 24 October 2013

Shame on parents who shamelessly receive stolen cash from a robber. Zimbabwe is utterly a corrupt country. When some parents receive money from a robber, they clap their hands and say, 'Waita mwanangu, ngazvirambe zvakadaro'.(Thank you son, continue successfully with this endeavour). Why can't they warn the child and order him to return the money in order to live honestly. All this thievery starts at the top. Ministers and businessmen/women steal openly and their relatives and citizens call them 'shefu wedu.'

Chenjerai Hove - 24 October 2013

Chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa, asi apa chaka era apa. ndakasvika pa axident iyi, varume ka, vanhu ava vaka ita kupwanywa sema zai, i think this time vaka bira , munhu weku gokwe. Mhondi inoba, ikakutangira inoku uraya, saka Boris, go go go pliz go and go for ever, dont come back, god had wipped you from the map.

Bra Berto - 24 October 2013

should have been buried at sea adyiwe nehove,sprocket

madhunduru - 24 October 2013

samaita une yese

johannes majada - 24 October 2013

ere are alwayz variuos definition of lavish life. ere z one for those who stay in places lyk borrowdale brook, as those fancy, low density surbubs and ere z another definiton for lavish life fr e majority of ghetto youths lyk ths deceased boy , e life he ws e ghetto pple tht ws a lavish life

gweja - 25 October 2013

Mbavha Imbavha Chete Hakuna Iri Nani.mwari Arikubatsira Mapurisa Basa Regai Aende Munhu Uyu Itsvina Panyika

Richard Chigumbu - 28 October 2013

Good riddance. This zanoid has a job now. Helping the devil his master stoking hells fires for kaukonde chiyangwa mliswa etc

big boss - 29 October 2013

"friends and associates of the now deceased “robber”, had snatched the coffin to go for a spin, and parade their fallen comrade” in a gangster-style farewell" hell. sad but true.

re-a-list - 29 October 2013

akabira vasingabirwe.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

misheck gwatida - 29 October 2013


kisha - 29 October 2013

Asi kugara kumbare kutsvina tingati lavish life here imo mumabin imomo

kisha - 29 October 2013

the kapentas get caught and get the bad press but the mega million sharks dont get arrested or exposed by the press

wordwriter - 29 October 2013

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