Uebert Angel creating waves in Kenya

HARARE - Popular Zimbabwean preacher, Uebert Angel is creating waves in Kenya and around the world after apparently having foretold the country’s deadly terrorist attack in which a terror gang entered the upmarket Westgate Mall in Nairobi killing 68 people.

Video footage released by Spirit Embassy Church claims that Angel, who commands a large following in Zimbabwe, foretold the Kenyan Mall massacre on three different occasions last year and this year.

The church claims that the first prophecy was made in September last year, exactly a year before the deadly incident.

The Daily News was told yesterday that after the prophecies were repeated on his television channel, Kenyans and viewers across the world have been taking an interest in Angel’s work.

The church yesterday said they have been receiving countless inquiries on Angel’s prophesies from Kenyans and the rest of the world.

In last year’s prophecy shown on the church’s DVD, he is heard saying: “This is an open space… like you can go there and do your market there, and this is a bomb coming up there ...we can’t stop it”.

This year on June 30 Angel repeated the same prophecy with some details.

“We need to really pray for Kenya. There’s a lot of progress happening in Kenya, but this is a small group that decided the Christian community is going up too much, let’s kill some people. I saw even police, an authority where even guards are there, and they’re bombing.”

Angel, then followed the prophecy with a final prophecy on  July 21, in which he appears on video seemingly predicting the carnage that happened in Kenya two weeks ago.

He is heard saying: “Remember the Kenya prophecy? These are days closing, they’re coming close, and coming close.

“It is very open, it’s like in the open like that. It’s not even something that is far away from the people, it’s just there. To say how did they get in there, no-one knows. Some of them even using home-made material, not nice ones.

“You know a situation where people make these small things and they have got spikes, but it’s explosive.  We’re starting to pray Wednesday going forward, then we end on the 21st.”

Angel’s church yesterday also denied media reports that he had bragged that he was worth $60 million.

“Prophet Angel told the gathering in Gweru that on his way from Harare a magazine reporter had called him wanting confirmation that he was worth $60 million but he said he had told the reporter that those were lies. We are shocked that the media is misleading the people,” reads a statement from the church.

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A Real man of God doing special miracles. Thank you for being in this nation. Continue with your philanthropic work.

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye - 21 October 2013

If someone comes to me saying,you own this and that, which i dont even know,i will receive it right there.

77 millione - 21 October 2013

The Kenya Prophecy is very True I was there. Muporofita anoshandiswa namwari zvake uyu

Masvingo - 21 October 2013

Thats real miracles of our time. we believe in GOD who sends you man of God.

MUCHAIWA - 21 October 2013

Major Prophet

Kwechenera - 21 October 2013

Someone who purpots to prophesy terror & doom definitely has links with the said terrorists. Remember , well funded, well known terrorist organisations are linked to religious organisations. Maybe he is the new Joseph Kony , Lord Resistance Army.

Yawn - 21 October 2013

hey! hey! this man is doing great works across the globe and is doing mighty works . His prophecies are sharp and to the point

Emmanuel C - 21 October 2013

My father my father Prophet Angel

Peter - 21 October 2013

Emeritus, Major Prophet Angel ndizvo

MOE - 21 October 2013

Ngatipei muporofita uyu SANDO dzake

Raymond - 21 October 2013

chiporofita chakataurwa, chikabuda sezvachiri, pangava nekukakavara here apa. zvemari izvo pane asingaite mari here, husimbe hwedu vana vevhu.

Gogodera - 21 October 2013

Eish my father is now on TOP BECAUSE of TOPICS in newspapers. Bhoro mberi munhu wamwari, ane bhoro ndiye anomakwa.

Grace - 21 October 2013

More than 10thousand people were there when the prophet droped the prophecy. we cant stop GOD from doing his will. the man of GOD said it. we can only pray to minimise the attack. all the thousands of people prayed,ndopaunonzwa mumwe achiti akadini kutiudza, waivepi, kuudzirwa kumba kwako.

Nhopi - 21 October 2013

We are rich and we become the TOPIC Kweduuuuu tinezvese MARI, MOTA dzakanaka, plus Muporofita

Tatenda - 21 October 2013

Major ndimi muneyese

Tapiwa - 21 October 2013

Mari muna christ haina kuipa. chakaipa kufungira anayo kuti aiwana kupi, uye kufungira kuti aiwana nenzira dzakaipa. ngatisiirei mwari ipapo. ndomutongi.zveKinya takakuudzai kare. that was an open prophecy. no kululu no kalala.

Egness - 21 October 2013

i see a brainwashed generation , a people who are following AFTER MIRACLES , PROPHESY AND FREE HANDOUTS . i dont stand to be corrected here but let me correct some few things , first if it is of God then there is really nothing to say Sando kuna Prophet Angel , Sando kuna Mwari Baba kwete munhu ashandiswa. secondly i do not have anything against Prophet Angel but i think its correct to say " we are now doing miraculous things" it sounds as if its your power , i dont know but i suppose that wasnt your intention.

shelz - 21 October 2013

..... CORRECTION ....its incorrect to say " we are now doing miraculous things" don't you say he was referring to himself ,the church and God in his three persons because we cant put ourselves in plural with God as if we are GOD.

shelz - 21 October 2013

I predict a car bombing in Bhagdad.... I wont tell you when, but it is coming soon... They will use weapons they manufactured themselves... horrible ones. There will be women and children hurt. I also predict a shooting in Somalia, sometime soon. They will be wearing rags on their head and shouting in a lamguage that is foreign. I also predict a mass shooting in the United States. A troubled man, between the ages of 17 and 34 is going to use a legally purchased fire arm to commit this atrocity. I see men in uniforms, driving cars with illuminated beacons, flashing and lighting up the sky. They will be there too... The time is coming, I cant tell you exactly when, or I cant tell you how to stop it and save lives, I just need to prove to you that I can see things that will happen in the future...

Bhola - 21 October 2013

Israeli intelligence had warned Kenya of the attack way before this Angel guy talked about it.Let us simply accept that some of these prophets are linked to intelligence agencies like CIA and Mosad. In the video, the commentary is made by an American. Mr Angel should tell the nation who that American is. We should also know clearly that a lot of these get-rich churches are linked to intelligence agencies whose sole purpose is to exploit economic and political crises in order to diffuse political power in a country. Zimbabweans will one day realize that poverty is expensive. Any opportunist with charismatic skills can promise heaven in order to suck wealth from the already empty pockets of the poor.

Chenjerai Hove - 21 October 2013

In the fullness of time God shall reveal all things.The problem with this generation is they seek after a sign,after prophecies,after miracles,rather than seeking God.The bible clealry talks of false prophets in the last days that shall lead many astray,such that if it were possible they would deceive the very elect.Muchenjere kusara makabata pasi nevanhu venyu vamunovimba navo ava,namatai Mwari kwete vanhu.

chidochashe - 21 October 2013

Pride – The boastful exalting of oneself. It's the attitude that says, “Look at me, see what I have done. No one is a good or as great as I am.” This is an overbearing attitude that is the opposite of humility. Satan ane ma profitawo futi. Kuoneswa does not make one Godly, when a gift is abused it becomes a curse, watch this space.

maita - 21 October 2013

Matthew 21:13 Jesus said to them, 'God says, "My house is to be a house of prayer". You are making it a "place for thieves".' (See Isaiah 56:7) Jesus called these men 'thieves' because they were not honest. This behaviour was terrible. These men worked in a holy place. But, even there, they were cheating other people. . Isaiah and the *prophets spoke about this. Jesus is very angry about it. We think today that Jesus is full of love for people. Here we learn about another part of his character. He was also holy and perfect. He did nothing wrong. He hated *sin. There could be nothing good for people at the Temple when bad things happened there. Jesus was very angry three times. Twice it was when bad people used the Temple in the wrong way. What the *prophet Malachi had said now came true

maita - 21 October 2013

@chidochashe, I agree with u. I do not know why I have a cold feeling about these prophets coming in their numbers especially in Africa. Could it be that God has remembered Africa? From the bible times prohets would foretell future events with a solution that would be aimed at safeguarding the elect ones of God. I urge people to pray to God that the holy spirit enables us to discern spirits because I tell you people the devil can also foretell future events accurately because in many cases he will be there when demons are planning to do bad things. Let us be careful..........ngatinamatei Mwari.

munhuwashe - 21 October 2013

To the simple minded "note I use that word loosely" a financial graduate will have spent hours upon hours learning how to invest and make money make sense and there is the evidence there in the Prophet Zimbabweans let us learn to celebrate our own, Bishop Jakes has a show on BET, writes books upon books, gets appearence money to mention but a few things he does, Rev Dollar, Prophet Manaseh, to mention but a few all have business interests that make them vast amounts of money why because they invest their time in God's work and God in turn looks after theirs and blesses them. I PROPHESY 60 Million more to the man of God

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye - 21 October 2013

Yah this is deep, the details are too much and the Prophetic is amazing. Prophet Angel keep up the good work for God's glory those that don't believe its not your fault u shall be saved one day. If you were there when it was said waizoti kudii?

The Democrat - 21 October 2013

Does this man preach Christ YES. Does this man help the poor YES. Does this man spend hours upon hours doing the work of God YES. Is he a man of God YES. Does he have a masters in Finance YES. SO THEN ALL YOU JELOUS "Christians" yes I said. We do have some jealous brothers and sisters in the church too. Put one and one together the bible says it clearly that the blessing of The Lord maketh one Rich and it goes on to say and addeth no sorrow. I absolutely see nothing wrong with one that celebrates the blessing that The Lord has given him. To the simple minded "note I use that word loosely" a financial graduate will have spent hours upon hours learning how to invest and make money make sense and there is the evidence there in the Prophet Zimbabweans let us learn to celebrate our own

Cde Chinodhuukadhuuka Zoraunye - 21 October 2013

l respect the man of God prophet Uebert Angel my only problem with him is that he is full of pride. l hav heard hm sayin '' can l prophesy l am doing the best that l can'' Now man of God is it u who doing all these mighty works or its the Allmighty God. The way this guy does his things is full of pride check the difference with Makandiwa. Not judging lol

justice - 21 October 2013

Did you hear his speech at MSU? What if this is a mere fabrication by the press?If he said it like the press claims then someone upload the video on you tube. Enough people recorded this on their phones. People should not hate for the sake of hating until they lie about some people.

Swerakuenda Chanz - 21 October 2013

GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself. Don't waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabawean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling cheap artificial diamonds to young people in cities. Very interesting. Go to ARTIFDIAMONDS.COM to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. ARTIFDIAMONDS.COM . Wake up Africans

Vada - 21 October 2013

its high time the governments should start listening to the Prophets and listen to what God is saying. this could save Africa if we do like in the old days were kings used to work with prophets and these days the government should work with Prophets. God bless you Prophet Uebert Angel

lee - 21 October 2013

Thank you very much people of Zim for your ideas people can take this from the other and that from another.Taking from the Bible stand point God's prophets were not rich in flesh but in spirit and they were humble and some not even educated .If one was educated like Moses or St. Paul,God would rub the education and train the prophet with simple faith to carry out His work until he reaches a stage to give hisself to God and then rely upon God for everything.Even people with gifts of prophecy(not messengers like Paul or Moses)are not proud because the Holy Spirit does not have pride.Read Mathew 24:24.

Believest thou this - 21 October 2013

I hate this man.. He is creating a society full of lunatics and brain-dead people. It is so sad to see people believing that money can just appear in their pockets. That you can easily have a baby in just 2 weeks! This is nonsense if not illegal. I hate these pentecostal churches. They teach nothing, they are creating a greedy society. To them wealth is the utmost important thing. God, I know, will judge them harshly.

Baba angu iwe-e - 21 October 2013

Zimbabwe will be a better place without these prophets. They have destroyed our society. Some people can nolonger function by themselves. They are being controlled by these rogue prophets.

FBI - 21 October 2013

Did this prophet ever stayed in America? Why is this prophet not interested in being known and called by his true Shona name? What is he hiding and why is he looking down his Karanga/Shona surname which is Mudzanhire?

mapungubwe dundilabazwele - 21 October 2013

If I predict that there will be a fatal car crash durind this year's Christmass in South Sfrica, does that makes me a prophet? If I predict that there will be a bomb blast in Somalia befor the end of the year does it mean that I am a prophet? People of Kenya please wake up to the reality. With or without "Propet" Engel; your country is a target of Al Shabab, full stop. Just accept rational reasoning that one day you shall be subjected to more than you endured at Westigate!

mapungubwe dundilabazwele - 21 October 2013

Acts 5 vs 35-39 we don't we have 2 spend much of our precious tym quarrelling,confronting n hurling insults @ each other wat i want 2 urge u 2day BRETHREN(brothaz in Christ)............................BE WISE BE CONSCIOUS ...........the tym is near !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arlee - 21 October 2013

The man of dog or the tithe merchant has found a new hunting ground to fleece the poor of their hard earned peanuts.

Mweni Tafara - 22 October 2013

''Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.'' 2 Tim 2:8 Makandiwa and Angel represent those old men of the bible.

jurist - 22 October 2013

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Farming Testimony - 22 October 2013

a real man of God,may the mighty countinue to use you

mwanawehumambo - 25 October 2013

the bble sys humble yoslf and god will exalt you bt its vice vessa wth current pphts. they are jst tradng their names. so its trade and nt christianity

nat@ - 31 October 2013

the bble sys humble yoslf and god will exalt you bt its vice vessa wth current pphts. they are jst tradng their names. so its trade and nt christianity

nat@ - 31 October 2013

i would like to advertise the waves in form of posters

Lensa - 14 May 2014

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