'Zec refusing to avail material to prove rigging'

HARARE - Thokozani Khupe, deputy president for the mainstream MDC, has accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) of scuttling efforts to prove that the July 31 elections were rigged.

Khupe thanked Gweru residents for voting for MDC MPs and councillors at a rally held in the Midlands capital last weekend.

The MDC vice president, who was accompanied by the deputy treasurer general, Elton Mangoma, national spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora and Mkoba MP, Amos Chibaya paid tribute to the people of Mkoba for voting for the MDC but said it was unfortunate that the people’s vote was “massively stolen” on July 31.

“Everyone was shocked by the July 31 elections and I know most of us are still mourning. As the party leadership, we have been to all provinces and we have been told ‘chilling stories’ of how Zanu PF stole the election,” she said.

“We are yet to get any substantive information to provide to the world. We wanted Zec to avail us with the material that was used during the voting process, but they refused.

“We also wanted an electronic voters’ roll but they also refused to release it and there is, therefore, nothing we can do.”

Mangoma alleged that Zanu PF depopulated some areas, overpopulated others, took massive tracts of land under the guise of cooperatives and ordered the land owners to vote for Zanu PF or face dire consequences, accusations strenuously rejected by Zanu PF.

“But we ask ourselves, do the people of Zimbabwe deserve fraudsters at the helm of their government?”

Mangoma asked. “That is why the MDC remains united to see to it that Zimbabwe works again.”

Khupe claimed on July 31, the people of Zimbabwe voted overwhelmingly for MDC but insists their will was “stolen by Zanu PF.”

“They voted knowing that MDC is the only party that is able to show its competence and love for the people and its major aim is to see the economy working, the people living better lives, children going to school, hospitals and clinics functioning again,” Khupe said.

“We thank the people of Zimbabwe for voting for the people’s party — MDC. Sadly, the July 31 elections where massively stolen to the point that those in Zanu PF are still wondering how it achieved this and the clueless party is now failing to run or turn around the economy for the better of the people of Zimbabwe.”

Tsvangirai told people at a recent rally in Mutare that he would furnish African leaders with evidence of Zanu PF rigging.

“I shall be engaging Sadc and the AU because they simply do not have the information of how the people’s verdict was stolen. So I shall visit them and update them on what happened during the July 31 theft,” he said.

Khupe said that there was rampant corruption in Zanu PF that has cascaded to the national parks where she alleged wild animals were being killed by Zanu PF cartels.

“They are stealing the people’s natural resources such as diamonds and now their penchant for ill-gotten money has led them to killing elephants and rhinos at our national parks,” she said.

“It is clear that Zanu PF is on a path to raze this nation to the ground, but, because of God, who is fighting our battles and is on our side, we are going to win this battle to have a truly democratic and God fearing Zimbabwe.

“We remain focused as the people’s party to see to it that Zimbabwe is kept from ruin and that the people’s livelihoods are back to normalcy,” she said.

Khupe urged supporters to rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai.

“I know everyone here is still mourning this defeat, I have come here to give you hope,” she said.

“We should not continue mourning. We should be hopeful like the biblical David and prepare for another fight come next elections. As it is, Zanu PF believes they have dealt us a heavy blow. My advice to you is let’s focus for another fight. We will stand by our president, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. In Matabeleland we say Tsvangirai ngenkani, ongafuniyo khayekele (If you don’t like Tsvangirai leave us alone).”


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zvichabatsirei? u were caught napping.nxaa.useless

emperor - 16 October 2013

@ emperor The people must continue to be conscientised that crime does not pay. That rigging does not provide the much needed legitimacy that will in turn translate into economic prosperity. Leadership is a game of trust and since nobody trusts the ZANU PF govt, it will fail dismally. MDC-T is doing well to continue hammering on what is wrong with Zimbabwe at the moment!

Peter Gift Mugabe - 16 October 2013

we weren't caught napping but the evil one did what he knew best to do and thought he will get away with it. but he will certainly know that rigging like crime never pays. yes the elections are over, but the case against them will never close. the truth will come back to haunt them

atz - 16 October 2013

Perhaps as our eyes and ears Daily News could tell us the reason why Zec is refusing with the electronic voters roll if what Ms. Khupe is anything to go by..

gutter poet - 16 October 2013

Stupid Mdc doesnot realise the election was stolen through massive voter underregistration in all wards and constituencies perceived to be Mdc whilst all those areas seen as Zanu were awashed with fake reg. slips. There is nothing really to explain a sudden 1million surge in Zpf support given the advanced age of the oldman whilst that of mdc remained stagnant.

Pudding - 16 October 2013

Whilst they celebrate to be the 'legitimate' rulers, the whole nation is bitter and in shock at the extend and abuse of state machinery and puppetry courts to maintain the status quo and claim a fake landslide. The extent of last election rigging was a true eye opener and a revelation of past election thefts. But truth is nothing artificial lasts the test of time.

Keyman - 16 October 2013

If they had guts to withhold 2008 election results for a good month until results were doctored to push for run off, what motivation do you think Zec has to give you the real 'smoking gun'. Its clear they are still doctoring the past election voters roll to make it appear legitimate.

Olyvant - 16 October 2013

Pudding why do you say MDC was stupid, did they have control over the registration. ZanuPf had fake registration slips, 16 year olds had 45 year old zvitupa, and they voted. This is the reason why ZEC is refusing with the electornic voters roll, they are buying time by the time they release it ZanuPF will have already dug trenches. Now they are back to vitriol sanctions he sanction come on go to work. Smith built this country under sanctions for 14 years but we have not moved an inch for 33 years from Smith's infrastructure.

Maita Manyuka - 17 October 2013

Asingazivi kuti elections were massively rigged does not live in Zim. Iyezvino they are failing to move the country forward. Since the appointment of a new cabinet we have not moved an inch. They seem confused. Havachazivi pokutangira. Vanhu vakavavhotera vavekupazirwa dzimba. Shame! shame! shame!

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 17 October 2013

Fellow opposition members, do not continue morning and pile hopes on postmotum. Elections are like a soccer match the referee"s whistle is final. The best thing to do is to plan for another round in 2018. ZANU PF has already done half of the preparation.

dungas - 17 October 2013

The honest truth is we all know that the voter's rule is at the heart of any election. ZEC knows that by releasing that role then all and sundry will see what they did. They take Zimbabweans for idiots. All systems at ZEC aer going trying to doctor that roll before handing it over so that they can tell the world that MDC-T has no case. As for Makarawu Rita just know the demise of ZANU-PF SHIT LUCIFER will be your own demise professionally as well. Hapana chisingaperi. Tell me one thing that has a beginning and does not have an end. ZEC under Makarawu you are insulting out intelligence and God will not continue watching. Bask in your evil glory but one day you stand before your creator and answer. By the way Mugabe will not be there to rescue you.

vongai - 17 October 2013

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