Chihuri fights police mafia

HARARE - Police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri has stepped in to rein in corrupt top police officers who had created Mafia-style operations to dupe people of their money and property, a high-level source told the Daily News yesterday.

The move comes after a police commissioner, Oliver Chibage, was fired last week amid a litany of allegations levelled against him by different people.

Reports reaching the Daily News are that at least three other commissioners could be forced to resign amid shocking details that they were using Chihuri’s name to conduct corrupt activities, including protecting criminals.

Dozens others  below the rank of commissioner like chief superintendents could also be netted in Chihuri’s probe. The Daily News has also been told that the targeted officers are hatching a plan to soil Chihuri’s name in a desperate bid to stop him from moving in on the corrupt officers.

Said the police source: “The nation pins its hopes on the man whose name was being soiled behind his back.  He has shown courage to deal with corruption in his own office. However, there is growing fear from within that the rogue elements in the police force will try and besmirch their boss’ name by trying to implicate him here and there as a strategy to distract society from the real culprits and police and society must not buy into that.”

“Why would the culprits now want to drag the police chief only after they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar? We say no to such cheap politicking.”

Chibage was one of the few security details seconded by government to sit on the board of Anjin — one of the mining firms exploiting the country’s diamonds in Chiadzwa.

In the wake of Chibage’s forced resignation, sources claim Chihuri has ordered the investigation of a litany of corrupt deals involving senior officers using the commissioner-general’s name to fleece people and companies of their money.

This comes as a Harare man, Mugove Kufa, has also taken aim at Chibage, demanding over $400 000 in loss of business after the ex-top cop allegedly sanctioned an “illegal seizure” of his business truck.

According to court papers filed at the High Court, Kufa, who operates a transport company in Harare, says Chibage ordered his subordinates to impound and unlawfully detain his Nissan UD truck for seven days.

Court documents seen by the Daily News show that two drivers employed by Kufa were stopped at a roadblock along Mutare Road.

Five defects were detected on their vehicle and upon being questioned, they claimed that the vehicle belonged to Chibage, a fact which later turned out to be false.

Chibage filed a $50 000 defamation law suit against the drivers (Edward Tirivafi and Louis Kufa) and the owner of the business.

In his response to Kufa’s demands, Chibage said the use of his name by the two drivers was “a threat to national security, hence police officers were correct to impound the truck for further investigations”.

Before this latest development, Chibage’s case took a dramatic turn after a Harare couple last week sensationally claimed that the he abused office together with his top lieutenants in what they alleged was a relentless drive to illegally seize their investments.

The couple claims Chibage, chief superintendent Joel Tenderere and a retired army major Chademana waged a battle to ensure their removal from Outdoor Living Centre, a stone and slate miners and purveyors in Msasa.

Shekede, through her company Prisgate Trading, operated Outdoor Living Centre in Msasa, at premises she had been leasing from a white couple, Terry and Lorna Rhodes.

In a detailed October 4, 2013 report to Chihuri, Shekede claimed that the police officers were harassing her to the extent of setting up criminal gangs to harass her.

“Chibage, Tenderere and their gang have deployed several criminals who are illegally occupying my residence, thus making it impossible and unsafe to live there for me and the children,” Shekede claims in the detailed report to Chihuri.

A close source told the Daily News that Chihuri had to step in after several abuses were reported, with claims that some of his subordinates were using his name in conducting corrupt activities.

“It’s kind of this tough love that he recognised his officers and praised them when they did a good job but also punished them when they did not,” said another  top police source, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The commissioner-general is actually delivering, in his efforts to root out corruption.

“He has recently been giving these sort of motivational kind of evangelical speeches to them, telling everyone that you have to be an honest policeman and your life will be easier.”  

One of the cases said to be under probe involves large quantities of cement purchased at concessionary rates in Chihuri’s name but it turned out that the consignment was for one  of his subordinates.

The racket was reportedly busted by Chihuri himself when one of the truckloads of cement was “mistakenly” delivered at his house, only to emerge that it belonged to another police officer.

“The truckload went to the commissioner-general’s home and it was his name which was on the invoice but the people at the house raised the police boss inquiring if he had ordered any cement.

“This was when the case exploded because Chihuri reportedly expressed ignorance on the origins of the cement and immediately became curious to investigate because he suspected there was a scam brewing,” said a senior police source.

However, well-placed sources in the police force yesterday told the Daily News that Chihuri has vowed to leave no stone unturned in combating these corrupt activities.

The source said Chihuri was furious that his subordinates were using his name to conduct corrupt activities.

With claims that huge sums of money exchanged hands, well-placed sources told the Daily News that the move to root out these corrupt activities was also necessitated by allegations of a stolen car that ended up in the hands of a police commissioner.

“Chihuri also got wind of it and has directed his deputies to investigate. The other case involves a company which supplied sub-standard uniforms to the police which a senior police officer reportedly influenced to have it awarded the tender. There are other cases which will come out in the open soon,” the source added.

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Totenda maruva tadya chakata.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 14 October 2013

if he is serious about fighting corruption then he must deal with the traffic branch that has seen very junior officers refusing to take orders from superiors. if its gloves off, let it be in the entire organization. right now traffic officers are just uncontrollable.

black Crow - 14 October 2013

Well done Commissioner General Chihuri. I think your next stop is the highways where your subordinates are claiming that they are setting aside at least 10% of the fines they charge for your " Commissioner's Pool Fund" whatever that means.Your guys on the road need to start by being honest and pay for Kombies when they are not on duty. Better still , arrange transport for them lest they be compromised on the highways.

Nyikadzino Shumba - 14 October 2013

Have you noticed that there is a concerted effort to fight corruption? I note to my amusement that it is a cabal of corrupt officials that are trying to fight corruption. Mugabe has let off corrupt officials and relatives, now he is after Masiimirembwa who has not been arrested yet, Chihuri believes has created a Mafia, thanks to his activities that they are exploiting. The greatest corruption that is facing the nation is the one perpetrated by ZEC and a learned judge. Please do not try to distract the populace from the real issues of governance and democracy.

Mavara Azarevhu - 14 October 2013

corruption corruption corruption in the society. corruption in ZRP is rife the CG must start by investigating junior and senior officers lifestyles especially males some have two wives each and rent out expensive residents and drive good cars so much for the low salaries. create a whistle blowers platform tikuudzeyi isu

vhavho - 14 October 2013

Ngatibvire apa Chihuri unoda kuzviidza anogwisanisa nehuori hapana apa ngaatenge naLevy Sibanda arikushungurudza mapurisa for issuing traffic fines kumaKombi ake akatekeshera nenyika . Makombi aLevy ukamabata unodzingwa basa go to route yeMasvingo to Nemamwe makombi akanzi L Sibanda haabatwi unodzigwa basa . We kno some of the police officers who wr persecuted for issuing a ticket kumaKombi aLevy Sibanda . Tibvire udza Levy Sibanda asashungurudze mapurisa edu unodhla naye mundiro imwe asi haumuudzi . Musada kumufadza daily news Chihuri hapana apa mhahle duku ndodzooneswa moto Levy Sibanda agere naye . If u think am lying pliz contact some Junior officers in Masvingo they can tell unoda ndidzingwe basa naLevy regai kombi yake iyende dzavashinji dzinomiswa dzopiwa matickets asi dzake kwete chero ikaita overload haibatwi .

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 14 October 2013

At least zvinotaurikawo!!! Even iye achiba hake kana kutyi akaba akaguta kare. macombi achibage aisasungwa paroad apa. Uyuwo matibiri anofudzisa mapurisa mombe kupurazi kwake...............helele inongova njake njake munyika yavaMugabe!

Takaz - 14 October 2013

Ari saChibage it was a matter of time coz he had become a real thug in a suit & commissioner's badge .To many stories of shady deals a& protecting of criminals who used to pay him protection fees i think PCG Chihuri should investigate & have him brought to book pamwe image yePolice ingachene

chamunorwa chokwadi - 14 October 2013

at least makushanda boss. muongorore maboss anoshandisa maofficer kuvakirwa dzimba dzawo achipihwa nothing from mutare to bulawayo vashaya vanovaka here ikoko. huori hwakanyanya mumapurisa mukatarisa uniform dzawo dzakabvaruka asi maboss ane 10 pairs dzeuniform. gadzirisa tiri kuona hedu munamato vangu mukuru mwari ngaaite kuti vese boss ari kuita huori zvibude pachena. maofficer anodzi tengai stationary nepay yenyu, macomputer nepay mari dzekuyedzwa, netumwe twumari twunodiwa papay yake unosara nei ndosati vachizoita huori paroad. mari dzema load block dzinoendepi imimi vakuru ndimi m uri kudya mari. regai muone zvichabuda chete.

cowpeas - 14 October 2013

Sare vanoshandaisa zita ra Mugabe vachiba. Vanoti tatumwa na Bob vachibira vamwe ngavabatwewo futi. Iye Chihuri o tsanangura kuti pane inonze pool money inonzi vepa road vakasauya nayo havachaenda pa road vobviswa koiswa vamwe vanodzoka ne commission. Iyezvino chero mupurisa asina license anenge ari paroad asingatomboziva kuti hand brake inoita sei kana iri on.

Maita Manyuka - 14 October 2013

I remember one morning when i was in a Kombi going to work in Harare coming from Chitungwiza & Chief Supt Tenderere ,driving a black mercedes benz & following behind our kombi dangerously chased the kombi that we were in just after Harare airport & caught up with it near Chinhamo car breakers bridge. He shouted to the kombi driver asking him why he did not stop at a Police roadblock mounted near Harare airport & the driver replied saying the officers had not signalled him to stop. He did the right thing of reducing speed but proceeded when he was not made to stop. Tenderere then ordered the driver to reverse the kombi from Chinhamo back to Harare airport police roadblock in the highway , against the flow of traffic coming from Chitungwiza. We as passengers fearing for our safety pleaded with Tenderere that this would put us at risk of traffic & suggested the driver cross over to the one way lanes going to the airport roadblock but Tenderere would have none of it. Tenderere then drove across to the other one way lanes from Harare to Chitungwiza where he drove his merc parallel to the dangerously reversing kombi back to the Police roadblock .We were made to endure horns of traffic avoiding colliding with us coming from behind . At one point a haulage truck nearly smothered the kombi. When we reached the roadblock he ordered the senior officer there to give the driver a $20 ticket, impressing the female passenger sitting in the front passenger seat in his merc & he drove off. He did not say what the ticket was for. I asked the officer who was made to issue the ticket the name of the smartly dressed merc driver & he told me it was Tenderere. The officer concurred with the kombi driver that indeed , no officer had signalled the kombi to stop & so he let the kombi go without issuing out the said ticket.

King - 14 October 2013

Magumo avepedo Tenderere. Uchatenderera nemarayini basa ragasa mupfanhami. Unototi umame chete.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 14 October 2013

Magumo avepedo Tenderere. Uchatenderera nemarayini basa ragasa mupfanhami. Unototi umame chete.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 14 October 2013

@King You have given a chilling account. Is there any recourse if an aggrijeved citizen is unjustly treated in the manner alleged by King? Somebody out there, please help us.

N. Sithole - 14 October 2013

Imi! Musanyeperwe. Chihuri akambodya nevanhu ava. Saka iye zvino zvamuipira. Just last year he was sticking out his long tongue, declaring without shame that ZRP was not corrupt. Nhasi zvaipa nekuti zvabata iye? Dai iri yemumwe aiibata sei?

Wenyu - 14 October 2013

Thus good, fight day and night. Then end up killing each other. Thus what you did during election time - hunting your opponents day and night to intimidate them. Get on it within yourselves night riders!! Why not plot to kill the commander coz he taught you to be corrupt and ruthless. More fire!!!

gushungo matibiri - 14 October 2013

A funny ministry introduced by this old guy - pychomotor or pychomhata. Even the minister in charge does understand it. funny ministries at old age!!!!

gushungo matibiri - 14 October 2013

Bassop zrp. Do u criminals think our snake pit at our new chikurubi is only for the common thief mugabe?!?!?!

big boss - 14 October 2013

As a single mother trying to make ends meet, saved money to buy a combi to empower myself not knowing I sved money to empower the police. Please mr commisioner help us by curbing corruption on our roads. My kombi has all the papers, driver has all the papers, the kombi is road worthy but unotsvakirwa mhosva. zvanyanya

liz - 15 October 2013

Chihuri knows what was happening, right now he wants to protect his image. Pasi ne corruption mumigwagwa.

Hazvie - 15 October 2013

Zvipi zvacho dai Chibage abuda pachena. Chihuri is merely purging the force of politically incorrect cops suspected to be anti ZANUPF. Imi vana daily news mavekungonyora munonyadzisa mave kuita kunge pfambi dzinongodzungaira makanyanya kuita kunge MDC mouth piece now you are again too apologetic. Munosemesa

zvipiwo - 15 October 2013

A kingdom divided in itself or by itself shall not stand. I look forward to roadblocks being history..!

mammoth castle - 16 October 2013

A kingdom divided in itself or by itself shall not stand. I look forward to roadblocks being history..!

mammoth castle - 16 October 2013

Senior cop Mufandaidza should come out open on Buyanga

jobi mugadzahweta - 17 October 2013

Comm Gen. kana muri serious nekupedza huwori endai ku Traffic department renyu. Kuno kuchitungwiza pa C junction pane mukomana wemapurisa anonzi Ocean anotora ma $20 every night from every Kombi for safe passage in Seke Road. He will distribute the funds as follows: BM 7, Makoni 5, Hartfield 5, Cocacola/Acadia block 3

Cde Nhamodzenyika - 17 October 2013

Vanhu havadi kutongwa. Munoda zvaiitika mazuva eGNU ekuti umwe noumwe was doing zvaaida here. Maporisa arikuita basa chaizvo. Mangamajaira kuita zvamunoda. Maporisa batai vanhu. Vachanyarara chete ndinozviziva. Kusvika vanyarara muchingovabata. Pamunovagamuchidza mari dzacho munenge muchiti muri kuitei? Batai vanhu. Kana zvako zviribhoo rambaka kubhadhara. Muri kurevera mapurisa nhema imi vanhu. Munongogona kutaurisa nepasina nyaya.

Chinoz - 17 October 2013


maSiziva - 17 October 2013


maSiziva - 17 October 2013

Commissioner Chihuri zvinhu izvi zvakatanga kare and we were telling you but you gave eveybody a blind ear nghasi hezvo zvakura and we doubt very much kuti you will eradicate this cancer . Can you explain to us kuti a junior constable in the traffic section owns a fleet of cars where did he get the mo9ney ? SAKA NHASI ZVAKUROVESAI HANA HERE ?

solomon chisoni - 17 October 2013

The Police Supremo should send an even clearer message that the policing arm is not above the law. for many a year, we have been yearning for this move but for unknown reasons the Police chief remained mute and defiant.To harmer the last nail to the coffin, Chihuri should also descend on the Traffic Unit with a huge sledge. At least sanity can again prevail in the former British Colony whose image is tattered within and witthout its frontiers. I hope the Police Commissioner is cracking the whip unsparingly. In conclusion, the responsible minister should not stand akimbo whilst the unpalatable state of affairs unfolds right under his nose. Forward ever backward never Aluta continua

Joseph - 19 October 2013

For the first time AC(The Police Commisioner) has stamped his authority. i hope the move is not cosmetic or some form of window dressing. On numerous occassions the police boss has swept pertinent issues under the carpet.On numerous occassions, there has a public outcry that he should be relieved of his duties. He is not charismatic but self-aggrandised. The action he has taken has been long overdue.I hope it signals a tip of an iceberg Adios

Joseph - 19 October 2013

Chihuri anenge atigonera tapera nekubirwa nembavha dzake idzi

49 styles - 21 October 2013

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